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Scottish Energy News is the unique, fast, free, focused and daily, business

OIL to business media channel and website entirely devoted to the Scottish
energy sector.
Scottish Energy News uniquely covers the entire energy industry spectrum in Scotland – oil,
gas, wind, wave, bio-energy, coal, and nuclear, as well as significant regulatory and industry
WIND news, events and conferences on a pan-UK and EU basis.

With the energy sector employing more than 200,000 people in Scotland – from Dumfries-
shire to the Shetland Islands – the industry is a vital part of Scotland’s growing economy.

RENEWABLE Sent daily to a (growing) schedule of more than 2,500 individually-named subscribers, the
Scottish Energy News e-zine numbers MSPs, MP, MEPs, industry leaders, central and local
government energy and economy officers, regulators, consumer groups and supply chain
company chief executives and senior directors across the UK amongst its readers.

LEGAL While the bulk of our readers are naturally based in the UK and Ireland, some 10% of
readers are based in the USA, EU, China and Japan.

HEALTH & The editorial policy at Scottish Energy News is to be:
SAFETY • Independent • Non-political • Non-partisan

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t 0141 204 2042
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