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Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Savage Worlds RPG

This fan-made supplement is intended for use with the Savage Worlds roleplaying game from
Pinnacle Press. It allows players to take on the roles of the colonial marines who deal
with different and deadly threats on the many worlds of the Aliens universe.

Why Savage Worlds?
The “Fast! Furious! Fun!” style of the Savage Worlds RPG is particularly well suited to the frenetic,
unpredictable style of adventure that is part of life in the United States Colonial Marine Corps, for a
number of reasons. For one thing, the rules make it easy for players to control multiple characters at
one time, akin to a squad of marines going into battle. For another, the game's combat rules allow for
quick and deadly combat, just as seen in the film.

“This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment
Group at Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights
of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or
warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.”


Smarts d8. Spirit d8. barring interactions that cause it injury or otherwise reveal its true nature. That restrictive programming is typical of all the more recent models. Toughness: d6 Edges: Remote Operator Hindrances: Behavioral Inhibition Special Abilities • Construct: See pages 140-1 of the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition for details. Vigor d8 Skills: Driving d8. They automatically receive the Construct and Electronic special abilities. It has internal mechanisms that imitate those of real humans.I. 2 . • Electronic: Androids suffer damage from EMP weapons as if they were normal weapons. Pace: 6”. Whether or not this is indeed possible is still being debated. it was not present is some older types. synthetic heroes can be created in much the same way as other characters. Repair d8 Charisma: 0. Gear: None. Notice d6. Persuasion d6. In game terms. Investigation d10. An example of an experienced android. this supplement also presents rules for synthetics. one that has served alongside colonial mariens for numerous missions and learned to integrate with their activities in an almost seamless manner. Bishop Attributes: Agility d8. In that way it can extrapolate from date acquired through experience and thus learn. is presented below. Strength d8. who make up the most common species throughout the galaxy. Piloting d10.Bibliography The following sources were used in research for creating this document. Parry: 4. Fighting d4 (for defensive purposes only). Knowledge d10. such as the Hyperdyne Systems model 341-B. including the Hyperdyne 120-A/2. • Alien and Aliens films and novelizations • Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual supplement • Alien: River of Pain novel New “Races” In addition to humans. unless assigned or acquired Independent A.? Some tech experts maintain that a synthetic person could upload its memory and personality into a computer network. It has a powerful computer processor “brain” that functions as a true AI. thereby becoming independent of its own body. Synthetics An “artificial person” (the preferred term) is a complicated piece of machinery. and must take the Behavioral Inhibition hindrance (a major one). along with an appearance that closely resembles an actual person. (It takes a Notice check opposed by the synthetic's Persuasion effort in order to recognize an unfamiliar android as being synthetic.

the tough get going. Nightmares (Major) Due to a traumatic experience. She no longer suffers the -1 penalty for doing so. Zero-G Combatant Such is this character's familiarity with fighting in zero gravity that she gains a +1 bonus to Fighting and Shooting checks under those conditions. ------------------------------------------------------Hindrances------------------------------------------------------ Behavioral Inhibition (Major) Requirements: Artificial person This character cannot harm. when the going gets tough. he must make a Guts check each night.New Edges and Hindrances Detailed below are new edges and hindrances that allow players and the GM to create characters like the ones seen in the movie Aliens and related materials. Smartgunner Requirements: Shooting d6+ This character has been trained to operate a smartgun. a human being. this character has bad dreams—worse than those of others. It is simply hardwired against doing so. ------------------------------------------------------------Edges------------------------------------------------------- Remote Operator Requirements: Piloting d6+ This character has been trained to operate a dropship by remote. and has even developed something of a taste for it. she can lose a bennie if she doesn't maintain a steady stream of worries. and cannot overcome such inhibition without a modification to its programming. To that end. At the GM's discretion. during a difficult situation.” For this character. The penalty for doing so (without this edge) is reduced from -4 to none. a chance to rest that day could allow the character to attempt another check. with failure indicating that he is fatigued for that day. 3 . Zero-G Specialist Requirements: Fighting d6+. The penalty for doing so (without this edge) is reduced from -4 to -2. she starts running at the mouth. Pessimist There's an old saying that “When the going gets tough. nor by omission of action allow to be harmed. Zero-G Combatant Requirements: Fighting d4+ This character has experience fighting in a zero-gravity environment. At the GM's discretion. complaints and similar negativity.

Colonial Marines don't buy their gear. RoF Wt. 2d10 1 6 12 d6 Ignores armor Shotgun 12/24/48 1-3d6 1 8 6 -. the situation is something in between those two options. they requisition it from the powers that be. -. must make due with what they have available (at the GM's discretion). This is done because keeping track of wealth is not in the spirit of adventures in the Aliens universe. some options for that are presented below. 3RB M42A Scope Rifle 50/100/200 2d10 1 10 15 d4 AP3. 50% chance vs. Type Range Dam. Semi-Auto M41 Pulse Rifle 24/48/96 2d8+1 3 8 99 d4 AP 2. Snapfire M56 Smart Gun 30/60/120 2d8+1 3 25 150 d8* AP2. Colonists. New Weapons Detailed below are some of the many options that Colonial Marines and other characters have for doing harm to their enemies. See notes *When used with a stabilizing mount and harness. also counts as a vehicle 4 . and the Snapfire penalty does not apply. Shots Str Notes Combat Knife 3/6/12 S+1d4 1 1 -. AP 1. Also a hand weapon H&K VP70 Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 1 3 18 -. Auto. on the other hand. For corporate agents. -------------------------Hand Weapons------------------------- Type Damage Weight Notes Combat Knife Str + d4 1 Can be thrown Hand Welder Str + d6 4 Can be used to weld materials (see below) ------------------------------------------Ranged Weapons------------------------------------------ Min. Snapfire* M240 Flame Thrower Cone temp. New Armor Just as important as causing damage to one's enemies is avoiding it oneself. After all. negates up to 4 points of AP P-5000 Powerloader +6 NA Only vs.Where is the money? Astute readers will notice that these equipment listing omit references to money. the minimum Strength for the M56 is reduced to d6. melee. --------------------------------New Armor-------------------------------- Type Armor Weight Notes M3 Combat Armor +3 15 Covers torso. Semi-Auto M4A Pistol 12/24/48 2d6+1 1 3 12 -. head shot. AP 1.

provide a +2 bonus to Vigor checks made against environmental effects such as cold. a few of the possibilities are detailed here.New Vehicles In order to move into and out of combat situations. Ghillie Suit A step above normal camouflage fatigues. Colonial Marines utilize a number of different vehicles. further breaking up the wearer's profile. and similar gear. jungle. some field rations. For this reason. insulated against heat and/or the cold. they provide a +2 bonus to Stealth checks made to avoid visual detection. Doing the latter requires a Repair check. Environmental Clothing This clothing. 5 . with modifiers as appropriate. Hand Welder In addition to functioning as an improvised weapon. IMP Pack This frame pack is designed to be worn comfortably with standard USCMC armor. an entrenching tool. forest. arctic. ----------------------------------------New Vehicles---------------------------------------- Type Acc/TS Toughness Crew Notes Dahotai Tractor 15/30 12 (2) 1+3 Details M577 APC 20/40 24 (4) 1 + 14 Details P-5000 Powerloader 5/10 2 (1) 1 Increases Str to d12+6 UD-4 Dropship 50/100 24 (2) 1 + 1* Climb 20 *The dropship has a cargo compartment that usually holds an APC with its own crew. urban and the like—provide a +1 bonus to Stealth checks made to avoid visual detection. It usually includes a canteen. New Equipment Detailed below are numerous mundane items that can make or break a character's chances of survival. these outfits add textured material that mimics the local plant life. this device can be used to weld shut doors and similar apertures when needed. Type Weight Type Weight Camouflage Fatigues 1 Medical Kit 5 Environmental Clothing 3 Motion Tracker 3 Ghillie Suit 6 Personal Locator ½ Hand Welder 5 Portable Computer 5 IMP Pack 20 Rifle Scope 1 Mark 35 Pressure Suit 15 Stabilizing Mount/Harness 1 Mark 50 Compression Suit 10 Tactical Headset 1 Camouflage Fatigues These uniforms. adapted to a variety of different terrain types—desert.

Medical Kit The items in this kit—especially antibiotics. and eliminates the Snapfire penalty that it usually suffers.Mark 35 Pressure Suit This suit negates the effects of decompression due to hard vacuum. as well as the negative effects of high-pressure environments. On some worlds. Portable Computer A compact but powerful workstation. In this way. while larger ones are easier to detect. Using the motion tracker requires a Smarts check. 6 . this device provides hands-free communication for combat situations. this incorporates a gyro-stabilizer attached to the harness worn by the gunner. this allows the user to detect movement within a range of 60 feet (in enclosed spaces) or as much as 1000 feet (out in the open). smaller creatures are harder to pick up with the device. Mark 50 Compression Suit This suit negates the effects of decompression due to hard vacuum. Note that the modifiers which are applied to a creature's Toughness due to its size should also be applied to the Smarts roll. Motion Tracker This handheld device detects micro-changes in air density. Stabilizing Mount/Harness An essential piece of equipment for smartgun operators. Rifle Scope Using this device on a rifle reduces the penalties suffered for shots at medium and long range by one. Personal Locator This small. as well as the negative effects of high-pressure environments. handheld tracking device is keyed in to the frequency of one or more wristband-mounted signal units. allowing the user to know the direction in which the wearer can be found. colonists even have them surgically implanted. it distributes the weapon's weight and recoil. adrenaline. even more information and activity becomes possible. When connected to a facility's network. this device can be used for programming robot sentry guns. that is. sterile wraps and the like—provide the user with a +1 bonus to healing checks. audio and life monitor feeds. making for a much more comfortable experience. allowing the user to pick up the motion of other people and things even if they are not visible. to -1 and -3 respectively. This reduces the minimum Strength for operating the weapon to d6. It is also commonly used to set up robot sentry guns. and even monitoring the information provided by a marine squad's visual. accessing the network in a facility. Computer terminals can also be used to locate the signal units on a grid map. Tactical Headset Designed so that it can be worn in conjunction with the Marine's M10 ballistic helmet. If successful.

High. In game terms. characters such as colonial marines are encouraged to add more personal touches to their gear in order to create a little distinction among themselves. a pack of Lucky Strikes strapped to a helmet. and weapon ranges are at least doubled. Zero Gravity Operating in the absence of gravity can be discomfiting for those who are accustomed to its usual embrace. Moreover. Storms While grunts on the ground can slog it out through nearly any kind of weather. as well as to Shooting attacks made with shipboard weapons. xenomorphs build new structures using a combination of locally scavenged material and a resin that they secrete themselves. It should also be noted that. These can be treated in the same manner as being exposed to extreme cold. Taken together. these elements create an environment into which the aliens blend very well. The same goes for high-pressure environments. a bandanna. which is pretty standardized. that is. New Situational Rules Duty often brings Colonial Marines into situations not experienced onplanet back home.and Low-Pressure Environments Being in locations that have too little air pressure. and thus too little breathable air. a cross. the bonus increases to +2 if they are stationary. These might include a notable tattoo. As always. the GM can apply appropriate modifiers to these checks to reflect more intense highs and lows.Distinguishing Characteristics In addition to basic equipment. 7 . storms have a much greater impact on pilots. For that reason. being exposed to hard vacuum is almost always lethal for flesh-and-blood characters. a slogan written on one's armor. this means that they receive a +2 bonus to all Stealth checks. detailed below are game rules for some of those unusual situations. those who lack the Zero-G Combatant advantage suffer a -1 penalty to Fighting. or something similar. electrically charged clouds cause -1 penalties to Knowledge or Smarts rolls made when using sensor systems. checks made for Climbing and similar tasks receive a +2 bonus. can be quite harmful to characters' health. On the other hand. without an appropriate pressure suit. High winds can cause -1 or even -2 penalties to Piloting checks. at the GM's discretion. characters must make Vigor every hours checks or suffer fatigue. Alien Construction Inside their lairs. Shooting and Throwing checks.

the people of earth have extended their reach throughout the known galaxy. and regulates salvage operations. when threats to human workers and colonists arise. In this way they have come to serve as galactic peacekeepers. whose jurisdiction is limited to settlements on non-Earth worlds.The Aliens Universe By the year 2179. the motivation for Weyland-Yutani (and similar companies) is profit. In the event that their laws are broken. When corporate interests and military strategy do not align with each other. provides regulations for the safety of workers. after all. the USCMC is called in to handle things. allowing them to respond to threats throughout space. Its members are extensively trained. monitoring and protecting these activities is handled by a triumvirate of organizations that work together more or less in harmony. For one thing. The Company While many other companies exist. there is more friction. Organizing. Typically one or more squads of marines are sent out to trouble spots to deal with any number of different situations. transporting people and cargo throughout space and creating colonies on other planets around different stars. “Building Better Worlds. and so there is sometimes friction. but in the event of war they can call upon much larger bodies of soldiers with heavier weapons at their disposal. The Military The United States Colonial Marine Corps is the elite military entity in the galaxy.” It can also make for a difficult relationship with the two aforementioned organizations. That. too. It works in tandem with Colonial Administration. transportation. Furthermore. sets tariff rates for such activities. well armed and highly mobile (and perhaps a little boastful. both of these groups turn to the Marines to deal with the problem. salvage and other such business is overseen by the Interstellar Commerce Commission. is the origin of the company motto. The rules and regulations of the Interstellar Commerce Commission make it harder to turn a sizable profit. The Government Trade. This government entity establishes laws regarding what materials may or may not be shipped. the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the biggest and most influential when it comes to doing business on other planets. 8 . never afraid to remind others of these facts).

Heroes are going to die. 4. or to devise unusual strategies in order to survive (such as using a powerloader in hand-to-hand combat. Given the more lethal nature of these scenarios. it can make for some real drama if and when it is revealed. bands of colonists. If one hero dies. 5 XP—and thus an Advance— for each session is recommended. 5. In other RPG's. the GM could even give one or two characters objectives different from. In the Aliens setting. for example). forcing them to make a fighting retreat and reassess a situation—and that's okay. perhaps. especially if the heroes encounter the dreaded xenomorphs. In this case.Capturing the Feel of the Aliens Universe W hen running adventures in the Aliens universe. Indeed. For an additional twist on that idea. 2. the GM may wish to award more experience points per session than is normal for Savage Worlds. or a combination of these characters). Typical Marine Squad Organization Lieutenant (in the APC) | Driver (in the APC—Android?) | __________________________|__________________________ | | | | Sergeant Smartgunner Rifleman Smartgunner | | | | Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman Rifleman (MedTech) (CommTech) 9 . It also helps offset the relative lack of importance for loot and personal wealth in the setting. and that's okay. it's sometimes the unexpected survivor who makes for the most interesting story. those characters can win the day. and perhaps even at odds with. there's always another who can step up and join the struggle. That's why groups of players should control squads of marines (or teams of corporate agents. and the expectation is that. horror. There will be conflict between the heroes. This only increases the drama when diverse characters are forced to work together in order to overcome a threat greater than what they can handle individually. players invest a good deal of time and interest into their characters. 1. it helps create a sense of drama and even. characters are going into battle and some of them won't come back from it. Groups of characters may include marines. This reflects the idea that survivors learn quickly how to adapt as the live to fight another day. In fact. lest the party become crippled by paranoia. with good strategy and a little bit of luck. all with their own different objectives. Not all fights are going to be fair. 3. it's important to remember that this setting differs from those of other roleplaying games in a number of important ways. While this shouldn't happen often. Sometimes the heroes are going to be overmatched. corporate types and colonists. those of other heroes.

Shooting d6. Pace: 6”.Archetypal Characters Presented below are stats for some of the character types commonly encountered in the Aliens universe. Toughness: 7 Edges: Brawny Hindrances: Loyal Gear: Fatigues. Pace: 6”. Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Guts d4. Notice d6. M41 pulse rifle Smartgunner Specialists in the field of delivering ammunition to targets. Note that these represent typical individuals. M41 pulse rifle. Parry: 5. Notice d6. Notice d6. combat knife. Smarts d6. Shooting d6 Charisma: --. M41 pulse rifle. Toughness: 6 Edges: Smartgunner Hindrances: Arrogant Gear: Fatigues. Smarts d6. M4A pistol. armor. Spirit d6. armor. Attributes: Agility d6. Attributes: Agility d6. M56 smartgun CommTech These Marines are trained to handle computer equipment and other electronic devices. Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d6. Parry: 5. Fighting d6. with all but the Marine sergeant being novices. M4A pistol. combat knife. Toughness: 5 Edges: Alertness Hindrances: Code of Honor Gear: Fatigues. Guts d4. portable computer MedTech Given the risks involved in battle. Knowledge (computers) d8. Attributes: Agility d6. Vigor d8 Skills: Climbing d4. Spirit d6. armor. Healing d8. smartgunners are all a little more gung ho than other Marines. combat knife. Strength d6. Parry: 5. combat knife. Spirit d6. Guts d4. Strength d6. those Marines who are trained as medics are invaluable members of their units. Stealth d4 Charisma: --. M4A pistol. --------------------------------------------------------Marines-------------------------------------------------------- Grunt The heart of the USCMC is made up of these tough. Repair d4. Smarts d6. Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Attributes: Agility d6. Parry: 5. Toughness: 5 Edges: Scholar Hindrances: Pessimist Gear: Fatigues. capable individuals. medkit 10 . Spirit d6. Shooting d6 Charisma: --. M4A pistol. Strength d6. Pace: 6”. Pace: 6”. Stealth d4 Charisma: --. Notice d6. Guts d4. Strength d6. Smarts d4. The GM and players should feel free to adjust stats as necessary to represent specific individuals. armor. Shooting d6.

Shooting d4 Charisma: --. Attributes: Agility d4. Strength d6. Toughness: 5 Edges: Command Hindrances: Loyal Gear: Fatigues. Vigor d8 Skills: Climbing d4. M4A pistol. Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d4. Shooting d6 Charisma: --. Notice d6. Knowledge (tactics) d4. combat knife. M4A pistol. tactical headset The Flexible Status of Wild Cards In most Savage Worlds games. Spirit d4. Parry: 5. Strength d6. the heroes and a select few NPCs are treated as Wild Cards. combat knife. Attributes: Agility d8. Pace: 6”. Fighting d4. Investigation d4. Spirit d6. Notice d6. M4A pistol. Guts d4. Stubborn Gear: Fatigues. Persuasion d4. ghillie suit. M41 pulse rifle. Pace: 6”. however. Attributes: Agility d6. Guts d4. Marine pilots relish the task. Pace: 6”. armor. Stealth d4. Toughness: 5 Edges: Ace Hindrances: Overconfident Gear: Fatigues. Parry: 5.Pilot Although handling a dropship is a challenging task. some are sent into action while still wet behind the hears. Spirit d6. armor. Because attrition in the Aliens setting might force players to take on new characters in order to replace casualties. helmet and headset Scout Something of a rarity in the USCMC is those Marines who are trained to operate in the wilderness areas of planets. Command Hindrances: Loyal. Pace: 6”. Strength d6. Notice d4. IMP pack Sergeant These experienced soldiers are chosen from among their fellows to lead squads in battle. Toughness: 7 Edges: Brawny. Attributes: Agility d6. Spirit d6. Stealth d4 Charisma: --. Survival d4. M4A pistol. 11 . Knowledge (tactics) d6. Piloting d8. Persuasiond6. Shooting d4. Fighting d6. Smarts d4. Parry: 4. Smarts d6. Strength d6. Smarts d4. lieutenants do not necessarily have experience in battle. Guts d4. Parry: 5. Tracking d4 Charisma: --. Smarts d8. Notice d6. M41 pulse rifle Lieutenant Unlike non-commissioned officers. Vigor d8 Skills: Climbing d4. Shooting d6. Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d6. Toughness: 6 Edges: Alertness Hindrances: Outsider Gear: Fatigues. the rest are just Extras. that status can change as necessary.

Spirit d6. Strength d6. Vigor d6 Skills: Driving d4. these youngsters often find themselves growing up on worlds that are newly deemed inhabitable. Smarts d4. Smarts d4. Vigor d8 Skills: Climbing d4. Spirit d6. Attributes: Agility d6. Attributes: Agility d4. Attributes: Agility d6. Stealth d4 Charisma: +2.----------------------------------------------------Colony People---------------------------------------------------- Supervisor In charge of every extraplanetary colony are these dedicated professionals. Luck. Young Gear: None 12 . people who balance the needs of the colonists with the goals of the Company that funds them. Charismatic. Survival d4 Charisma: --. Strength d4. Toughness: 4 Edges: Alertness. Spirit d6. Spirit d6. Notice d4. Investigation d6. Smarts d8. Parry: 2. Strength d6. Driving d6. Attributes: Agility d4. Great Luck Hindrances: Small. Smarts d8. various other items as appropriate Laborer These hardworking individuals share the enduring work ethic and sense of hope and adventure necessary for starting a new life on a new world. Notice d6. Parry: 4. Knowledge (various) d8. Fighting d4. Repair d4 Charisma: --. with the expectation of better opportunities and therefore better lives for themselves and their families. Parry: 2. but these specialists know how to run the equipment necessary for doing so. Toughness: 5 Edges: Scholar Hindrances: Bad Eyes (minor) Gear: Clothing. Toughness: 7 Edges: Brawny Hindrances: Curious Gear: Clothing. various other items as appropriate Technician The business of terraforming worlds is complicated. Repair d6. Knowledge (various) d6. various other items as appropriate Child Because corporate research shows that having their families with them makes colonist laborers happier and therefore more productive. Investigation d6. Piloting d4 Charisma: --. Toughness: 5 Edges: Command Hindrances: Bad Luck Gear: Clothing. Guts d4. Pace: 6”. Strength d6. Knowledge (various) d8. Vigor d6 Skills: Driving d4. Vigor d6 Skills: Climbing d4. Pace: 6”. Investigation d4. Pace: 6”. Notice d4. Parry: 2. Persuasion d6. Pace: 6”.

but their real motivation is the profit of their employers and. Notice d6. Smarts d10. these talented people are essential when it comes to handling that aspect of business on behalf of the company. baton Corporate Technician Given the rapidly developing nature of technology.---------------------------------------------------Company People--------------------------------------------------- Corporate Representative The individuals who do business on behalf of the Company—be it Weyland-Yutani. This is intended to reflect the natures of these individuals. Spirit d4. as such. Smarts d4. companies hire tough individuals who can follow orders without asking too many questions. Pace: 6”. H&K VP70 pistol. Toughness: 7 Edges: Brawny Hindrances: Mean Gear: Clothing. Persuasion d8 Charisma: +4. themselves. Attributes: Agility d6. Parry: 2. 13 . Spirit d6. Parry: 5. Fighting d6. Knolwedge (various) d8. Repair d8 Charisma: --. Cyberdine or other such firms—all share some common qualities. while some mean well but don't recognize see the true nature and full scope of their activities. Intimidation d6. various other items as appropriate A Note about Knowledge (various) The stat blocks for some of these characters include one or two Knowledge skills that do not have a specific focus listed. Vigor d4 Skills: Investigation d8. Attributes: Agility d4. Toughness: 4 Edges: Scholar Hindrances: Bad Eyes (minor) Gear: Clothing. thus. Vigor d8 Skills: Driving d6. Notice d6. Lockpicking d4. Notice d4. personal computer Corporate Security Big business can be cutthroat in nature. Parry: 2. Toughness: 4 Edges: Attractive. Pace: 6”. Knowledge (various) d8. Vigor d4 Skills: Investigation d6. Strength d6. Strength d8. portable computer. Smarts d8. Attributes: Agility d6. Some are just as cutthroat as their other associates. Strength d6. Charismatic Hindrances: Arrogant. They are go-getters who do well when it comes to personal interactions. Shooting d6 Charisma: -2. Greedy Gear: Clothing. Spirit d6. Pace: 6”. but also to let the GM modify the characters as needed based on the circumstances in which they are being used.