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Malala Yousafzai

By: Jake Schar

Table of Contents

1. Teen Activism

2. Malalas personal life

3. Malala/What shes doing

4. Girls Education

5. The Taliban

6. Being Shot
Teen Activism

Teen activism is a thing that you do in you area to help out like

malala she is doing things for women rights. It can be as small as

looking into an article to as big as being shot.

For example Alex Lin. Alex didnt get shot, none of his family got

hurt he just read an article about e-waste (electronic waste) and he

thought that was a big thing in our world so he did something about it

and he is making sure that e-waste is thrown away in the right place.
Malalas Personal Life/ Family

Malala isnt just a hero she is also a person. A person with a family.

Her family is her, her dad, her mom, her brother (Atal), and her other

brother (Khushul).

Her dad was born in 1969 in Pakistan.He attended Jahanzeb

college and he devoted his life to education. He obviously passed that

love of education to Malala.

Her mom is very religious she prays 5 times a day. She was not

educated as a child but is learning how to read and write in her adult

life. When malala got shot the first 2 things that her mother thought

about where, is Malala ok? and how are the parents of the Taliban

feeling right now?

Atal is Malalas brother. He is nine years old and he is attending


Khushal is Malalas other brother. He is 14 and he doesnt get

along with his sister very much. Which you wouldnt think because of

how close in age they are.

Malala/What shes doing

Malala is another teen activist. Unlike Alex Lin a big thing

happened in her life to jump start her being a teen activist. Malala was

shot in the head for going to school. So she thought, no boy gets

shot in the head for going to school why should I? So she just like

Alex Lin did something. She started her own website called The

Malala Fund. She didnt stop there she made a book called I Am

Malala. She even has a movie called He Named me Malala it is a

biography of her life. Her growth hasnt been quiet either she has won

many awards such as The Nobel Peace Prize, and the Mother Teresa

award. She has been an inspiration for over 32 million girls.

Girls Education
Girls education it has gotten a lot better over the years. But there are

still 65 million girls are out of school. Out of the 123 million people

from 15-24 that are out of school 61% are women. In India only 49% of

girls are in secondary school. of the 792 million illiterate people are

girls that's around 264 million girls! This isnt just that girls dont like

school they cant just not go to school they are forced to stay out of

school just because they are girls. I think thats crazy! Out of the 264

million about 9.9 million are out of school just in Nigeria, Pakistan,

and Ethiopia. Think about this, with just secondary and primary

school women can earn 70% what men earn compared to only 51%

with just primary school. What we should get out of this is we are very

lucky we are allowed to go to school.

The Taliban
The Taliban, the people that ruined many people's life, the people that

kicked so many people out of school, the people that try to remove all

foreign countrys beliefs. Taliban is plural for talib which means

student. The thing that makes them so dangerous is no one knows

how many people are in the Taliban. There objective is to remove all

foreign beliefs from their country.

A couple main events in the Taliban timeline is in 1994 the

Taliban started. In 1998 the Taliban controlled about 90% of

Afghanistan. In 2006 former Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad

Osmani was killed. And finally, in 2012 the Taliban shot Malala.
Malala was shot on October 9th, 2012. She was on her way back

from school and someone came on the bus and asked for Malala by

name. He walked up to her and in a single shot shot her in the head,

neck, and shoulder mind you all in one shot. Her 2 friends were also

injured in the attack.

Malala was rushed to a hospital in Birmingham in the United

Kingdom. Weeks after there was a 2 million person petition for her.

Malalas shooting didnt go unnoticed either 6 people were arrested.

This was the kickstart for her because she was already getting

attention for surviving being shot (in the head) so it was an even

better chance for advertising. Thankfully she is ok and still fighting

for girls education!

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