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Lesson Plan 2/7/17

On Board




Content Objective: MU:Pr5.3.E.Iia - Students will play with correct rhythms and

Review Objective: Students will identify and mark parts we have already talked
about and rehearsed.

Warm up: D melodic minor scale, suzuki rhythms. Demand perfect intonation.

New Concepts:

Set: warm up Time: 5-10 min.

Rehearsal Techniques: slow it down. Take it one note at a time. Only 1 or 2

parts play at a time. Chunk it down. Time: 15-20

Guided Practice: Chunk it down. Give them a specific practice goal.

Questions to ask: What did you do differently to be more in tune?

Closure Activity: Talk about specific practice goals and how to chunk. Then give
them a chunk to learn for next time. Time: 5 min.

Assessments: listen, watch, practice goal

Reflection: It went better I think. At least as far as pacing goes. I tried not to talk
very much and I think I was successful. We kept a very fast pace, even when I was
working with sections. We did some tedious work, but we were successful in the
end. Intonation was better in specific spots and several rhythms got better. I think I
could have gotten the results I wanted sooner though if I had thought to show them
tricks about how to start together, like starting from the string instead of from the
air and did an exercise with them about that.

Suggestions from Mr. Hansen: He also thinks that my pacing on this lesson was
better than the last.

Reflection on artifact:
Planning lessons really helps me to prepare to teach students and not just lessons.
It makes me think about what the students need and how I can help them meet
those needs. I have really streamlined my lesson plans to a basic outline that helps
me plan, but is also practical to look at in the classroom while Im teaching.