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My Teaching

Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is
unique, not only capable of learning but also capable succeeding- Robert
John Meehan
Students come from a diverse background and circumstances, these
backgrounds and circumstances play a substantial role to determine
students readiness for leaning. It is not only the students that play a role in
their willingness to learn, but the role of the teachers and schools. All 3
aspects are make up a successful teacher along with a successful learning
environment. Within the classroom there are miracles, learning, healing,
laughter, sharing and love, but these qualities should be found not only
within the classroom but within the hall of every school.
The following aspects are the qualities that make a great teacher:

Teachers must understand that the students learning needs are

the most important
A great teacher should be someone who students look up to.
A great teacher should be a great listener and consoler.
A teacher should be an all-around good person.
Teachers must understand that each student has different
learning strategies and learning needs, and as a teacher I will
accommodate every students specific needs.
Teachers must understand that regardless of the circumstances
that may impact a students readiness to learn, I must instill in
the child the belief that they can learn, grow and strive to be
Teachers must believe that all students can learn.
Teachers must have high expectations for all students.
Teachers must develop relationships with students that allow the
students to take risks, grow, succeed, fail and lean from these
Teachers must differentiate learning in the classroom, to
challenge advanced students and accelerate students who need
to grow to catch up with their peers.
Teachers must focus not on things that they cannot change, but
on developing a classroom culture and high expectations for
students to help students meet the learning goals and standards.
As a teacher, I will have an in-depth knowledge of curriculum
standards and the level of rigor at which these standards should
be taught.
Teachers need to have the ability to scaffold instruction for
students facing difficulty and to stretch the standards to
challenge high achieving students.

The following are now aspects that make a well-rounded student:

Students are to develop positive relationships and

communication skills with each other.
Students need to develop a culture of understanding with
their peers.
Students need to develop 21st century thinking skills, and
interact. technology based blended learning strategies in
all classrooms and grade levels.
Students need to lean to communicate with each other
problem solving skills and collaboration.
The following are now the qualities that make up a great school:
Provide a learning environment in which all students give
their best effort.
Work collaboratively with parents to meet the best interest
of the student.
Offer curriculum and activities that appeal to all students
such as - STEM, and fine arts.