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Name of Student: Dheeraj Dawar

Enrollment: 02280301714

BBA Semester II
{Evening Shift}

Batch: 2014 – 2017

Subject Code: BBA 102

Subject: Business Organisation

New Delhi for imparting us very valuable professional training in BBA. I am thankful to her as he has been a constant source of advice. Shikha Dua “my project guide for giving me the cream of her knowledge. I am also thankful to my family for constantly motivating me to complete the project and providing me an environment which enhanced my knowledge. Dheeraj Dawar BBA 2nd Evening . ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I offer my sincere thanks and humble regard to Rukmini Devi Institute of advance studies . I take the opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to our computer Lab staff and library staff for providing me opportunity to utilize their resource for completion of the project. motivation and inspiration.GGSIP University . I am also thankful to her for giving his suggestion and encouragement throughout the project work. I pay my sincere regard to “Ms.

QUESTION “The concept of social responsibility is ultimately in the interest of business community itself”. . Do you agree? Give reasons in context of Infosys limited.

be it an organization or individual. by performing activities that directly advance social goals. or active. According to some experts. which threatens profit maximization and therefore the well-being of the shareholder and that if there is not outcry there often will be limited regulation. is responsibility can be passive.Social responsibility Social responsibility is an ethical frame suggests that an entity. however. For instance if a company follows the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for emissions on dangerous pollutants and even goes an extra step to get involved in the community and address those concerns that the public might have. others argue that it is an attempt to pre-empt the role of governments as a watchdog over powerful corporations though there is no systematic evidence to support these criticisms. others argue that it is nothing more than superficial window-dressing. Businesses can use ethical decision making to secure their businesses by making decisions that allow for government agencies to minimize their involvement with the corporation. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems. A trade-off may [citation needed] exist between economic development. It pertains not only to business organizations but also to everyone who’s any action impacts the environment. they would be less likely to have the EPA investigate them for environmental concerns. most rules and regulatioare formed due to public outcry. by avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts. and the welfare of the society and environment. Benefit of Social Responsibility to Business A Significant number of studies have shown nonnegative influence on shareholder results forms but rather a slightly negative correlation with improved shareholder returns. has an obligation toast for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility means sustaining the equilibrium between the two. in the material sense. Critics argue that Corporate social responsibility (CSR) distracts from the fundamental economic role of businesses. Corporate social responsibility Main article: Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR has-been defined by Lord Holmes and Richard Watts in The World . "A significant element of current thinking about privacy. [Clarification needed. stresses "self-regulation" rather than market or government mechanisms for protecting personal information".

investors will be more willing to finance you. Every company has differences objectives though the main motive is the same. Other benefits include complying with regulatory requirements.Business Council for Sustainable Development's publication 'Making Good Business Sense' as "…the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well asthlocal community and society at large". These activities are transformed into loyalty. pays dividends for all of a company's stakeholders. All companies have a two-point agenda—to improve qualitatively (the management of people and processes) and quantitatively (the impact on society). corporate social responsibility becomes less a cost of doing business than a way of operating that. strengthening the company's relationship with regulatory authorities and the communities in which it operates. Being Participating and encouraging employee involvement in charitable and community activities initiate employers to promote pride in their company. The second is as important as the first and stake holders of every Company are increasingly taking an interest in "the outer circle"-the activities of the company and how these are impacting the environment and society. Socially responsible makes the company to achieve competitive advantage and reduces the risk of sudden damage to your reputation of sales. ultimately. And finally. . Evidence suggests that CSR taken involuntarily by companies will be much more effective than CSR mandated by governments. A company's reputation is enhanced on being social responsible and builds its brand appeal. Therefore. There is no clear-cut definition of what’s comprises. CSR is one of the newest management strategies where companies try to create a positive impact on society while doing business. the companies make great deal in positioning themselves attracted to investors. involvement in local community are ideal opportunities to generate positive press coverage. commitment and productivity. The wider impact of your business can profit in introducing new products and services. Viewed in this light. Customers choose to conduct business with highest ethical standard corporate citizens. It fosters better relationships with local authorities make doing business easier. Practicing social responsibility helps to ensure regulatory compliance.

the distribution of wealth is as important as its legal and ethical creation. We would like frothier continued support . Catch Them Young and Train the Trainer.Additionally.Community service through our Computers @ Classrooms initiative launched in January 1999.Reasons in context of Infosys limited At Infosys. . we donated 2. the mentally challenged. The Foundation also helps preserve certain cultural forms and dying arts of India . Learn more about our commitment to society and the environment.Infosys Foundation We are committed to contributing to the society and established the Infosys Foundation in 1996 as a not -for -profit trust to support our social initiatives . we have applied to the relevant authorities for permission to donate computers to educational institutions on an ongoing basis in the future. the rural poor.Social commitment in education Infosys 'Education & Research group has the pride of anchoring the Infosys Extension Program (IEP). Strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system . which consists of the Infosys Fellowship Program. 567computers to various institutions across India . Rural Reach program. The Foundation supports programs and organizations devoted to the cause of the destitute. and the economically disadvantaged sections of the society. Microsoft Corporation continues participate in this initiative by donating relevant software.