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OCE 3016

Home Work 7
Ports, Harbors and Marinas

1. Define the following:
a) deadweight tonnage
b) navigation channel
c) marina
d) dolphin
e) berth
t) ship draft
g) yaw
h) heave
i) trim
j) squat
k) harbor
I) port
m) wharf
n) pier

2. List the factors that govern the design of a navigation channel.

3. Discuss the problems associated with waves in a harbor.

4. Discuss the problems associated with currents in a harbor.

5. Describe the environmental factors to be considered in the
design of a port.

6. Describe the factors to be considered in marina design.

7. Consider the channel shown in the Figure 1a and the ship shown
in Figure 1b.

the ship cross-sectional area (As) = 2800 ft2 and. b. c. .44 ft/sec) and.51 ft/sec). d.) the ships velocity is 5 knots (8. the channel width (wc) = 200 ft. the width (beam) of the ship (ws) = 70 ft. the undisturbed channel depth (h1) = 45 ft.) the ships velocity is 8 knots (13. 2. 1.Determine the water depth at the location in the channel where the ship is located if: a.