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SCEB Session 4 Reflection Sheet

Group C5

The session started off with the discussion of the usage of a lady in a full-
page newspaper advertisement of Spice Jet. There were various views that
emerged. One was a feministic perspective, appreciating this Spice Jet’s
action as a move promoting the modern businesswoman traveler. Majority
was of the view that men, being the customers and the main readers of
the newspaper, were more likely to view the advertisement if a female
model was shown in it. Another was of the view that probably a male pilot
assuring a safe flight would’ve been more apt given that the lady shown
wasn’t in formals and hence was likely to just be a traveler.

Thus, the topic of ‘knowledge production’ was introduced. It was noted
that the total CSR spend of all the companies in India put together was
just a fraction of the expense incurred by the government in just one of its
many social programs. Main issue highlighted was that the government
doesn’t strictly monitor the policy of minimum CSR spend of 2%.

The video on Dholera, the Special Investment Region (SIR) around 130
kms from Ahmedabad, revealed some of the darker sides of the mega
project of the Gujarat Government. Though it could be argued that only
the villagers’ points of view were shown, there is merit in their reasoning
about how it interferes with their primary source of income, agriculture
and also how difficult it is to be asked to move away from their homeland.

William Lazonick argues about the increase in the percentage of profits
that is being used to buy back shares. Companies are wanting to portray
themselves to be successful by doing this, as buybacks increase the
earnings per share (EPS). This in turn leads to lesser money being
reinvested for improving labour, processes, wages etc. Wealth being
passed on to the lower section of workers have decreased. But we can’t
argue this to be illegal as a company has full rights over the decisions it
takes on its capital. But companies do not necessarily have the right to
seek public funds for their activities.

Oscar-winning ‘Inside Job’ director’s video shown at the end of the class
introduced us to the frauds committed by people in the academia. It is a
sad situation when University and research papers provide wrong
information, and due to bribes accepted by professors and researchers. It
brings us to notice the importance of transparency when it comes to
disclosure of funding by people holding high positions in the academia.
Hence, the learning is that it is prudent to ascertain the sources of funding
before trusting the results of an academic paper.