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Subject : English Language

Class : 3 Mawar

Enrolment : 37 students

Level : Low

Date/Day : 12th April 2013/ Friday

Time : 11.00a.m. 12.00p.m.

Theme : World of knowledge

Topic : Topic 7- From the Sea

Focused skill : Reading

Content Standards Learning Standards

2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary
schooling, pupils will be able to demonstrate 2.2.2. Able to read and understand
phrases and sentences in linear and
understanding of a variety of linear and non-
non-linear texts.
linear texts in the form of print and non-print
Lesson objectives: By the
materials using a range of strategies to
end of the lesson, pupils
construct meaning.
2.3 By the end of the 6-year primary 2.3.1 Able to read for information and should be able to:

schooling, pupils will be able to read enjoyment with guidance:

independently for information and enjoyment. (b) non- fiction
i. Read aloud the text with correct pronunciation
ii. rearrange the sentence strips into correct order.

Educational Emphases:

i. Thinking skills: Reorganizing skill when pupils are required to rearrange the words in sentence.
ii. Moral values: Cooperation, teamwork

Language content:

Nouns : shark, fin, gills

Teaching aids: display sheet of passage about sharks, picture puzzle of sharks, sentence strips.

Previous knowledge: The pupils have previous knowledge about sea animals in their previous lessons.

Anticipated problem: Some pupils are unable to rearrange the sentences in correct order.

Stage Content Teaching-learning Activity Rationale Remarks

Set Picture puzzle 1) Teacher gets pupils to complete the picture i. To introduce
induction puzzle given in groups of six. the topic of
2) Pupils form the pictures of shark.
(5 minutes) 3) Teacher introduce topic for the day. the day.

Pre- Oral response 2. Teacher writes the title Shark i. To develop their Mind mapping
reading 3. Teacher requires pupils to answer orally what confidence by
(10minutes 1. Mind they know about sharks. letting them
) mappin 4. Teacher discusses their answer as a whole answer questions

g class.
5. Teacher puts their answers in a mind map.
Reading the 1) Teacher displays the text entitled The i.To enhance pupils
understanding Text
While- passage. Shark using manila card on whiteboard.
2) Teacher reads aloud the text and followed on the new
by the pupils. Teacher corrects pupils vocabulary by
pronunciation if needed. teaching in
3) Teacher requires pupils to ask questions context.
about the text to strengthen their ii.To teach the
understanding. proper way to
4) Pupils answer five true false questions. read aloud
5) Teacher discusses the answers.
with correct

Post- 1) Teacher gets pupils to rearrange the words into i. To reinforce

reading Rearranging correct sentences. the subject-

(15 jumbled words 2) Teacher goes through the answers with pupils. matter learned

minutes) 3) Teacher calls pupils to read aloud their answers. ii. To check on
Closure Teacher 1) Teacher asks questions regarding the i. To
(5 minutes) concludes the lesson consolidate
1. Facts about sharks
lesson by what they
asking a few 2. Where do they live? have learnt.
3. Features of shark.