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Jensen Gonzalves

MUED 273
JMUke Experience Design

What I want to accomplish with this 30 minute teaching section is
teaching students how to hold the ukulele and play four basic chords. I
want the students to be able to leave knowing some of the basic
chords where they can go and learn some of the songs that they really
want to learn. If time allows I will be able to teach them how to play
the song Cups if some people want to learn that song.

I believe that teaching these students the most common four chords
will be so beneficial for them because they will be able to take that
knowledge and apply it to other songs that they want to learn. Also It is
very important to be able to hold the Ukulele the correct.

Students will learn how to hold the Ukulele
Students will learn four basic chords (Am, CM, FM, and GM)
Students will learn how to strum on the Ukulele

MU:Pr4.1.2a Demonstrate and explain personal interest in,
knowledge about, and purpose of varied musical selections.
MU:Pr5.1.3a - Apply teacher provided and collaboratively
developed criteria and feedback to evaluate accuracy of
ensemble performances.

Visual Sheets of chords

1. I will show the students how to hold the Ukulele in the correct
way and make sure that they feel comfortable holding the
2. I will begin teaching the four most common chords.
a. I will first show the piece of paper that has the chord sheet
and give the name of the chord. I will begin with the CM
chord because it only involves one finger.
b. I will demonstrate it on my own Ukulele and then ask the
students to copy what I look like.
c. I will walk around and make sure that everyone is correctly
playing the chord correctly.
d. The last step I will do is have everyone play the chord after
showing them how to strum on the Ukulele.
3. For the next three chords I will use this technique over and over
making sure that they understand what they are able to play.
4. If time allows I will start to teach them how to play the song Cups
for whoever wants to stay and learn how too.

For this event I will be informally assessing the students by walking
around and making sure that they are able to play the chords that I am
asking them to do so. I will not be assessing for a grade because I
believe that this is not beneficial because the students will just be
beginning to learn how to play the instrument and they will need the
time to learn how to do this.

For this event I can make certain adaptions depending on the crowd
that is at this event. If people show up and they have already had
ukulele experience then I can skip the first beginning steps of this plan
and show them specifically how to play the song Cups. Also I will
maybe ask those who have already have had experience to ask
questions if they want to learn about something specific from me.