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Respectful and Merciful someone who is kind and thinks about others not himself. I see

myself as respectful and merciful because even though I can be very selfish I still think about

others and put their needs before my own. At times I can have a temper that runs rampant but

most of the time can be very forgiving, though it can be hard sometimes especially with my ego

feeling that I musten show any weaknesses. But all of this can lead up to faith which I am

pleased to be able to say I am faithful to the Lord.

With good at being respectful, merciful and faithful I am also very poor in another SLE

which is a responsible individual. In this the only expectation I can meet up to is being

accountable for words and actions, but everything else I am very poor at such as being well

prepared and organized and using time well. The reason I struggle with this is SLE is because I

always feel like I have more time than I actually have, another thing is that I usually start out

organized and all but then later down the road it's not so organized.

I have achieved SLEs this year and the previous year one of the SLEs got was faith

centered individual. I got this award for being faithful to God.