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An Overview of Cosplay: Exploring the Subculture

To some, cosplaying is a hobby. To others, cosplaying is a lifestyle. Whether you
have participated in cosplay or not, cosplay has become prevalent in today’s
society. Ample time and labour is spent on creating these costumes, in order for
individuals to participate in events that allow them to embody their favourite
characters. To the uninformed, cosplay is the same as dressing up as a witch for
Halloween. But for those who practice the art, cosplay is more than just dressing
up – it is fully immersing oneself as a character and performing in front of
hundreds of fans.

How did this phenomenon start? When did cosplay grow from being ‘dress up for
adults’ into something which has been accepted as a sub culture and a
representation of one’s fandom?

The History of Cosplay

Forrest J. Ackerman in his “futuristicostume” in 1939.
Initially dubbed as ‘costuming’, cosplay began in the late 1930s in North America.
Back then, cosplay did not require participants to mimic a character’s appearance.
Rather, they simply needed to dress appropriately for the genre, which is what
Forrest J. Ackerman did in his futuristic costume when he attended a sci-fi
convention. He was the first attendee to show up in costume, so in the following
years, conventions began to look like masquerade balls, and prizes were given to
whoever had the ‘best costume.’

In Japan, the manga series, Urusei Yatsura, and television series, Mobile Suit
Gundam, helped launch the movement, as Japanese college students eagerly
dressed as their favourite characters for conventions. Borrowing the practice of
masquerading from North America, fans would re-enact their favourite scenes,
which added to the excitement, as they were able to display their adoration for the
It was not until 1984 that the term ‘cosplay’ was invented, combining the words
‘costume’ and ‘play’. This was coined by the Japanese reporter, Nobuyuki
Takahashi, after he attended Worldcon in Los Angeles. When translating the word
‘masquerade’ to the Japanese audience, he thought that the word sounded ‘too old-
fashioned’ and used ‘cosplay’ to describe the concept.

Nobuyuki Takahashi’s
cosplay article, which was released in 1983.
Fast forward to today, a time when cosplay has created a subculture of its own. In
North America, it is no longer odd to see people donned in costume at conventions.
Cosplay is no longer limited to just sci-fi or anime, but has branched into other
categories, such as superheroes, cartoon characters, video game characters, and
more. Similarly, Japan has embodied cosplay as part of their pop culture, especially
in districts such as Harajuku and Shibuya. Cosplayers in these areas dress up on a
daily basis, so it is not odd to see someone stand out amongst all the civilians.

Just as how it’s fun to dress up as a different person on Halloween. modeling. Within this subculture. or photography. For example. those who enjoy making costumes attend sewing parties to work on their . “Through cosplay. This type of roleplaying might be considered ‘odd’ to others. I could live vicariously with how cool they are. There is a sense of unity. maid cafes have become extremely popular. thought is put into high quality costumes and realistic roleplaying. two cosplayers share that being someone else gives them strength because it helps with their confidence. In BuzzFeedYellow’s video. and it’s thrilling to see another person cosplay as the same character or another character from the same series. cosplayers will get together for occasions other than conventions. in which a waitress is dressed as a maid and serves her ‘master’ (aka the customer). A couple of cosplayers walking around Harajuku. fans are able to interact with others who are in the same fandom. for participants must get into character and behave like them once they wear their costume. “Why I cosplay”. I can become these characters. cosplayers enjoy transforming themselves into a character. cosplaying is like acting. Why People Participate There are many reasons as to why participants dwell in the art of cosplay.” Since cosplay focuses on the likeness to the character. Group photos are taken. and ‘fan service’ is performed to get onlookers excited. As well. there is also a strong sense of community. Whether one enjoys sewing. One explains. which draws us to the question of why people choose to participate in cosplay in the first place. In a sense. In some cases.

and a subreddit dedicated to her. such as Connor Kenway (Assassin’s Creed III). it also . became popular when her ‘Sexy Pikachu‘ costume was posted on the Internet. Tumblrs. and the female version of Captain Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag). there are also cosplayers who charge money for their photos to be taken. It’s an opportunity to represent a fandom. she has appeared in conventions as the official cosplay model for numerous characters. as she has Facebook fan pages. Since then. Monetization Jessica Nigri – a cosplay celebrity. and can be practiced by anyone who’s willing to learn. Jessica also sells autographed posters of herself on the side and gets paid to create costumes for new video games that come out. After all. Although many cosplayers participate for fun. Jessica Nigri. the cosplay celebrity. Ultimately. Other than Jessica Nigri. Her fandom has grown exponentially. what all cosplayers have in common is that each person goes into this hobby because it’s fun. but it is also rewarding to see the results. For example.costumes with other cosplayers and share construction tips. Although monetization supports participants in the craft. there are some who do it to earn a living. It requires time and dedication. nobody spends hours making their costume just to begrudgingly put it on once it’s done. which give cosplayers opportunities to wear their costume in different locations. Vivienne Squall (KILLER IS DEAD). There are also cosplay beach parties and club events that are hosted by enthusiasts.

and it is unfortunate that those who put hard work into their craft are either ridiculed or not taken seriously. She was promised that her hotel and plane ticket would be covered. it is important to plan ahead and take one’s time with the costume. the Try Guys learned how much effort goes into a costume before a convention.creates complications. a Costa Rican cosplayer. Although on-lookers may not be able to tell the . but realized too late that she was being scammed. she was only able to return home because of the donations of her kind-hearted fans. as the person who was in charge of her accommodations was arrested. was stranded in a foreign country as a victim of fraud. In this series. or how someone models it? What makes a cosplay ‘good’ in the first place? What Makes a Good Cosplay? The costume that took 700 hours to make. But what makes a full-time cosplayer a ‘professional’ in their craft? Is it the costumes. They were baffled at how one costume could take 700 hours to complete. As a result. Attention to Detail When preparing for a cosplay convention. 1. Designed and modeled by Linda Le. Angelia Bermudez. These are the risks that professional cosplayers face. which leads others to think about the factors that go into making a good cosplay. The Buzzfeed’s Try Guys released a four-part series exploring the world of cosplay. On August 2015.

fans have creative freedom with their costumes. cosplayers should tailor the costume so that it fits their body proportions. hence multiple photos should be analyzed before making the costume.difference between two fabrics or wigs. 2. Creativity As long as the character can be recognized. A gender swap changes the gender of the character and modifies the costume accordingly. Cosplay is also about the overall appearance. However. they will notice if a costume does not look good. what catches the eye more than anything else is how the costume fits on the person. too many . Avid fans will also notice if details are missing (such as a wristband). elf ears. This not only exudes creativity. but putting their own ‘galactic rockstar’ twist. such as steampunk. One of the most popular ways to change a character’s design is to do a gender swap. Therefore. Makeup can help accentuate the look. etc. Victorian. as there might not be a photo to use as reference. lolita. For example. For example. such as whiskers. but requires imagination. Another popular choice is to modify the costume to fit a different theme. The Try Guys decided to do a gender swap by doing a male version of the Sailor Scouts. especially if a character has special features. The Try Guys cosplaying as Sailor Moon characters. so this is a detail a cosplayer should not miss if they decide to cosplay as Naruto’s Sage mode. etc. Naruto in sage mode has orange/red pigmentation around his eyes. However. regardless if they have the same body type as the character.

People can take photos of their progress and ask for advice on how to construct a certain item / piece of clothing. The way a person poses and interacts effects the experience. but when I am in costume I come alive. she says. a cosplayer. although it may initially feel awkward for first-time cosplayers.” Kristen Lanae cosplaying as Misty from Pokemon. Kristen Lanae. I would say it’s because of all the positive reactions I get in costume. is an example of a shy woman who thanks cosplay for helping her with her confidence. there are more risks than onlookers simply not understanding the cosplayer’s costume. There is an abundance of support in the community for those who want to get into cosplay. with any art form. Confidence Confidence helps a person stand out amongst those with the same costume. But because cosplay is a physical art form. In an interview with the Daily Mail. Sexual Harassment . there is always a risk. and it can be tiring to endlessly answer the question: “Who are you supposed to be?” 3. There are fans who encourage other cosplayers and comment on their social media to appreciate their work. But confidence can be built. The Risks of Cosplay 1.modifications risks onlookers to not recognize the character. However. as long as the person is willing to put themselves out in public. “I have always been very quiet and shy. as others may not see the beauty or find it confusing.

Women have been groped. In New York’s Comic Con. Yaya Han. and should not be body-shamed if they do not match the character’s body structure. Thus. without participants worrying about the risk of harassment. A large sign that says ‘Cosplay is not Consent. as she states: “There is no rule book. and men have been put down for not fitting a certain costume.’ This can be seen as you enter the convention. fans forget that there are individuals inside those costumes. organizers are bringing awareness to this issue by implementing anti-harassment policies. 2. attendees can see a large sign that says ‘Cosplay is Not Consent’. As a result. which is incorrect practice of this art form. judgement is passed onto cosplayers who do not look the part. This is a problem. As a result. It should be practiced freely. a popular cosplayer and a supporter of all cosplaying body types. Remember: cosplaying a character is not an invitation for lewd comments or sexual harassment. there are some fans that are caught up on how a character should look like if they appear in real-life. Judgement As previously stated. has spoken about this issue. People come in different shapes and sizes. or memo on HOW you should cosplay. some characters are designed to be provocative. as many sexual harassment cases have been reported by cosplayers who are trying to enjoy the conventions. and that everyone should be treated with respect. as they are swept up in the fantasy that their favourite character has come to life.Unfortunately. If you want to dress as a character that looks nothing like you. commandments. go for it! There is so much . and have spandex body suits or high school uniforms with short skirts.

What once was a hobby has allowed participants to make careers out of cosplaying. and get to know others with the same hobbies. because it’s an artistic expression that empowers individuals as they transform into different characters. height and other things that CAN NOT BE CHANGED in cosplay – it has never made sense to me. when do you ever get to see Naruto eat lunch with Superman? Cosplay has evolved from masquerading into an art form.) Cosplay should be an enjoyable experience for everyone. And just like all art forms. It has become part of subculture. Cosplaying is an opportunity to bond with those who have similar interests. Hence. (Photo Credit: Patrick Sun. Although it can be considered as mimicry. gender. people should not be discouraged to cosplay as their favourite character. and can no longer be considered ‘dress up for adults’. which demonstrates the prevalence of cosplay in society. Cosplay is considered an art form. After all. It is an opportunity to represent one’s fandom. weight. . there are individuals who put their own creative twist into their costumes and overall appearance. Although there are some negative aspects within the community.judgement on race. there are also ample amounts of positivity.” A group of women cosplaying as Wonder Woman – all equally beautiful. and a chance to be someone else for the day. size.

Don.” Nerdbastards. Web.” Know Your Meme News. Brian. Andrea. “Shy Cosplay Fanatic Reveals How Dressing up as Iconic Action and Fantasy Heroines Helped Her Overcome a Lifetime of Low Self- esteem. 14 July 2015. Mexican. Web.. Amanda Cheezburger Inc. BuzzFeedYellow. n.” Online video clip. Gallagher. 24 July 2015. . Youtube. Luke. 22 Oct. Youtube. BuzzFeedVideo. Web. “Why I Cosplay. 2013. N. “Why Manufactured Drama on Syfy’s ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ Is Ruining Cosplay. 21 Aug. Web.” The Geek Lyfe. 27 July 2015. Kondolojy.” Mashable. Romano.” Daily Mail. GhostPool. “Jessica Nigri.d. “Cosplay Crisis: Scammed And Left In Another Country. 2014..” Kotaku. Web. and Luke Plunkett. Web. Raymond. “The Try Guys Make Sailor Moon Costumes • Cosplay: Episode 2.” Online video clip. Adam K. and turns into something tangible the moment an individual decides to make it come to life. Web.cosplay starts with a passion. Web. “75 Years Of Capes and Face Paint: A History of Cosplay. Web. Maybelle. 2 Aug 2015. 2014. 9 Sept 2014. “Where The Word “Cosplay” Actually Comes From. Morgan. “Cosplay Is Not Consent: The People Fighting Sexual Harassment at Comic Con.p. Darth. “Playing Dress-Up for Adults: The History of Cosplay – Cheat Code Central. Web.” Cheat Code Central.” Yahoo.d. Associated Newspapers. 15 Oct. Works Cited Ashcraft.

Makati In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course ERESWRIT – Research Writing Kevin Ferrer .p. N. “Two Metro Phoenix Women Make Cosplay a THE BENEFITS OF COSPLAY TOWARDS THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the English Resource Center School of Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific College Magallanes. 4 June 2014.” Azcentral. Web. THE BENEFITS OF COSPLAY TOWARDS THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE ferrerkevin. Kaila.

“Even if you’re not a card-carrying psychologist or sociologist. Different countries have their representatives in International cosplay competitions that are being held in Japan. “Cosplay a form of Escapism or Self-Expression: Ways of a person when they escape from their Although cosplay originated in Japan. the cosplay community had been increasing in number due to the world wide trend of cosplaying. you can tell them roughly on the observations you made that cosplay is now a part of the modern escapism. Now. Joy Alari wrote an article about the origin of cosplay entitled. The cosplay in Japan expands until the other countries were influenced by it and then they imitated it. it is currently known as one of the most popular known sub-cultures even in other countries. In this article she discussed that cosplay is now become a part of modern escapism based on her observation. They used it as a mental diversion by means of entertaining or recreation. The researchers agree that cosplay is a form of Escapism or Self-Expression. Angela Berico wrote an article about the Escapism regarding in cosplaying entitled. There are a lot of Japanese that become popular cosplayers and are visiting in the Philippines during cosplay events. Because of the Japanese cosplay culture. April 2014 Chapter 1 . Background of the study Cosplaying is something that cosplayer does when they have problems in their life. In Japan.blogspot.” (http://angelaberico. Many of cosplayers used it to overcome their depression. . People of different countries have also learned to adapt and accept it. most of the Japanese cosplayers can be seen in the streets of Akihabari and Harujuku (The famous two districts in Tokyo known for its cosplaying community). as an escape from perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. “What is cosplay?” In this article she discussed that the cosplay in Japan become popular because more people have embraced it. She quoted.Introduction A. They are really into cosplaying that seems like it’s their trademark. their country had been widely known.

Florence Wong wrote an article about the benefit of cosplay entitled. depending on the materials that will be using. “They cosplay for creativity. “Investigating the Psychology of Cosplay. Like being educated by their selves. and cosplay parties that held in park and streets. “One can really get lost in cosplay world in Since cosplay is so expensive. The person earned a lot of money just to make customized costumes to the It requires a lot of hard work.” (http://www. One can’t pinpoint an abnormality on that. it can help improve one’s abilities that are something useful in his/her daily life. Lisa Granshaw wrote an article about psychology in cosplaying entitled. But on the other side. . Having this as a hobby will drain out a lot of money. cosplay is considered as a hobby. “Dress for success: enthusiast turn hobby into business. to be social and hang out with friends because the identify with the character and that’s meaningful to them. Just like other sports.She says.” In this article she discussed that dressing up as an anime or any character was a sign of mental illness. Because of that the person will also improve his/her knowledge in creativity. This will expand their imagination in creativity and it will also improve their social life. The reason why people cosplay is because it is fun.”(http://www.dailydot. one can spend a lot of money however they earn from it. She says. some of the cosplayers are utilizing their interest in cosplay in making up their own business. Don’t judge them on how they look because it’s no different than someone who plays in a band or play sports. But the survey that they made tells them that their theory was wrong.bellaonline. Some of the cosplayers buy cheap raw materials and make their costume out from it. as there are a lot of cosplay cafes.” In this article she discussed a person who makes interest into a career and shows to other people. Others buy and sell their costumes and even do rentals for a fee.asp) Nowadays. The result of this research paper will provide information regarding the effects of cosplay among the people. It can also help to avoid the risks or negative effects. To the audience and fans.cuhk. Significance of the Study To the cosplayers. “It’s not just about spending money but also it can make a lot of money if you come up with good ideas or plan from cosplaying. The researchers believe that cosplay can be helpful to a person to have a better life. .hk/varsity/0405/people_costume. The researchers also observe that people improve their creativity and social life when cosplaying. Statement of the Problem This study aims to answer this question: 1. Background info on cosplay: can help the readers to know the benefits of cosplay to help them decide whether is to cosplay or not. How does cosplay gives benefits towards the life of the people? To the parents and relatives.”(http://www. It will also be a source of information to help them understand the cosplayers situation. It will also serve as an evaluation of the impact of cosplay in their lives. The result of this research paper will improve their knowledge and attitude towards the effects of cosplaying. The purpose of this paper is to explain how the people benefits from cosplay towards their life. The result of this research paper will be able to increase the awareness of parents and relatives knowledge regarding the effects of cosplay.htm) The researchers observe that cosplay is one of the ways of a person when they escape from their problems. She quoted. It will also be a guide for preparing future plans of involving oneself in cosplay.

It can also help the reader to expand their knowledge about this research. Cosplay is also playing a part not only locally but also internationally that had become popular among people of different ages. So that the people will be familiar with the benefits of cosplay. Scope and Delimitations This study focuses on the benefits of cosplay towards the life of people. this study will no longer discuss about some other causes or reasons of the people in cosplaying. . The result of this research paper will serve as a reference or guide for the researchers that will be conducting similar studies. It consists of several information to make the reader learn more about the benefits of cosplay. E. It will also be a basis for comparison for the development of more improved results.To the future researchers. Materials and Planned Methods This research uses an online article since the researcher will discuss some information of cosplay. There were limited resources both local and international. the number of people cosplaying is getting bigger in number as time goes by. Therefore. It will also not include the Lolita fashion as a cosplay. Due to limitation of the study. It will focus on the fact that cosplays gives benefits to a person towards his/her life. Cosplay has been widely accepted since nowadays. this study would be essential to the increasing cosplay enthusiasts. D. therefore it will only give ideas on the benefits of cosplay among the people.

Those are the things that are unusual to other people. make your own accessories props and weapons: you can learn different In the quote it says that cosplay is not only about wearing costumes but it requires acting when imitating a character. While having an enjoyment in cosplaying it also improves your knowledge in creativity thus. It is a type of performance art in which participants dress in costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. short for "costume play". since it is a kind of a performance art. The early 90s saw the rising of cosplay into popular culture. and most things that are geeky in nature. II. People love it. The performers of this type of art are called "Cosplayers". although it probably originated initially in Japan. It is most widely associated with comic books. or merely accept it. If you tend to sew your own costumes. “It is of my own opinion that cosplay is not merely costuming. This will help a person to lived in a easy way and help confront problems. Molly quoted that. and as the years have gone by cosplay has gone from the few and the hardcore to a massive net of costume enthusiasts spreading across the globe. Bitter Bebang wrote an article entitled. Sometimes. It is the same as the event in convention. fix your own wig styles. currently a major representation of the misogyny that women encounter in the geek subculture. It has become such a massive subculture within the geek world at this point that is essentially synonymous with the idea of a convention or a gathering of individuals who subscribe to more “geeky” interests. Molly McIsaac wrote an article entitled. anime. letting your imaginations expand. If a person goes to a convention and not in a complex costume. Definition of Cosplay Cosplay is defined as. . Image sharing websites like tumbler explode with cosplay photos. “What is cosplay and why do people do it?” It is about the cosplay. video games. he/she is part of the minority.” (http://ifanboy. hate it. which cosplayers attend to their unusual interests. but a very unique form of performance art. It’s a fundamental part of conventions. Benefits of Cosplay The knowledge of sewing. It’s surrounded by controversy. “The benefits of cosplay” The article discussed that a person can learn several skills that can be used from a person’s life. The characters are usually based on comic books or anime. Chapter 2 – Discussion How does cosplay give benefits towards the life of the people? I. It is the practice of portraying a fictional character – at times completely identifying as that character while in costume. fabric and crafts netted a very coveted for cosplayers job. people who naturally look like or idolize someone who’s famous mostly either an anime character or a famous Asian Celebrity. It’s a word that’s been on the lips of almost every geek. live it and breathe it. and it has made its way so dominantly into pop culture that “cosplay” has even been trending on social websites.

Function of Cosplay A.” (http://www. “The face of cosplay” In this article he discussed about a certain person who made the cosplay become so famous in our country. Because of that bunch of people watching in competitions in cosplaying and also a lot of cosplayers goes by to compete with other amazing cosplayers. Thus it will make their life easier and comfortable.html) These benefits can help a person improve their life and gain more knowledge from themselves as a cosplayer. Some famous cosplayers did a very good job on inspiring other cosplayers of becoming good on it and also make a lot of people to do the same thing. He cosplay. Fame Cosplay is now becoming to be well known to several countries. Example they got problems in their life. and new aspects of yourself thus self-realization and identity comes more easily!" (http://bitterbebang. “What Alodia finds so fascinating about cosplay is that it fuses so many different art forms and allows people to be creative in imagination and her fascination with cosplay led so many inspired. Meaning that our cosplayers expand in our country. Boy Abunda wrote an article about the benefits of cosplay entitled.” But things have changed since cosplayers from our country became famous because of cosplaying. they are not confident on themselves but if they try cosplaying it will make their self overcome from being shy or Cosplay really did make an impact to the life of cosplayers and also to the people. They compete to get fame and to be recognized by people. . And also as a student it will make their grades good by having these benefits. Bebang quoted that. Cosplayers were labeled as “a bunch of people wearing silly costumes. Every country has different event in cosplay. Because of that. become more outgoing and less shy. "You may learn new skills in arts and crafts. They can use this advantage when encountering a problem. that they have a lot of misjudgments regarding how it is done. Furthermore. they entertain a lot of people and they also inspired them. Entertainment There was a time when people didn’t know much about cosplay. handle your own finances.blogspot. III. Because of her cosplay a lot of people was encourage also in cosplay. B. more people will enhance their skills and also will improve their social life and also cosplay helps them to achieve what they’re dreaming of.philstar.

. just to have fun. people do everything to support their expenses in their hobby. He/She are the one who designs. Chaka Cumberbatch wrote an article about the profit that a person can earned cosplay-fame/) People lived to survive to poverty and to have a better life. decides what color or style it will be. Therefore. We do everything to pursue our dreams. The cosplay gives a lot of benefits in a person. the cosplayer improves their knowledge and also earned a better life. “The Pursuit of Cosplay Fame” In this article she discussed about the profit that a person can received when being a famous cosplayers. Once a cosplayers won in a competitions will make him/her popular and also will received good prizes. to play cosplay more. and to make your relatives proud to you. singing. they might want to consider buying cheap raw materials to make your costume. IV.” (http://nerdcaliber. and modeling and they don’t care no matter what other people think about them. its more affordable. Well. Like for example. to receive incomes and to make a person happy. She quoted that. when making they own costumes. So if you want to try to cosplay and they’re a little short of budget. because of cosplay. It helps a person to become popular. in cosplay they can show your talent in acting. Therefore cosplay can develop their skills in imagination and creativity. Conclusions Being a cosplayer makes a person become creative. Also. She tells that cosplayers that cosplay can become famous and make a lot of fans or friends once they joined in competitions. “Receiving some profits in cosplaying will make you become known. One can apply their talent of creativity in cosplaying.

The research design used in this study is the observational research method where in . While having an enjoyment in cosplaying it also improves their knowledge in creativity thus. Cosplaying creates fun not only to the cosplayers but also to the people who sees them. Making friends. It really has a lot of benefits that a person needs.So that they will be guided on what they will see in those cosplay events. It is really full of excitement and discoveries. It is right to have a cosplay in the Philippines since the people have already accepted that kind of culture. Having a cosplay here in our country can also make more tourist and can be helpful in our economy. their own costumes. Seeing Cosplayers will get them entertain and also be amazed by them. letting their imaginations expand. Enriching other country's culture will also enhance harmony between the local and foreign cosplayers. And they will not have misconceptions on cosplay. and choosing to wear. choosing to imitate. Like uses it to have a good social life. Children that are cosplayers and are attending cosplay conventions must be accompanied by their parents. There are many benefits that a person will gain by just cosplaying.SUMMARY. CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS SUMMARY This paper attempted to know how does cosplay give benefits towards the life of the people. Even though you look weird’s to other people they still continue to cosplay because it is really fun. Chapter 3 .

the following conclusions are drawn: 1. CONCLUSIONS Based on the findings of the study. 3. Cosplay is a very unique form of performance art and becoming acceptable to most of the people. Cosplay can help you improve your life and gain more knowledge.the data from all the articles and documents that gathered were used to answer the questions that is posted. 2. Cosplay can make one popular. . Cosplay can help to earn money to have a better life. Cosplay can enhance creativity and social life. Cosplay can give entertainment and fame. 3. Cosplay can help escape from problems. 4. The research findings are the following: 1. 2.

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