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The Second Amendment

“Regulated" rights are not rights. They are niceties and platitudes intended to keep
the populace thinking their individual autonomy is respected by their government.”
– A.E. Samaan
There is an old saying, the origin of which escapes me, though this makes it
no less true: “There is no First Amendment without the Second”. There is a bit of
misunderstanding when it comes to some Leftists who read this quote. They seem
to think it means that the First is reliant on the Second to exist at all, when in fact it
is the Second that ensures the continued existence of the First. Our right to keep
and bear arms ensures that, should one day our government turn on the People, the
People will have a means of defending themselves. Make no mistake, it has
happened in virtually every nation of the world since the ideas of nations and
governance were first implemented. The Founders knew this, and they also knew
that eventually, all governments take issue with what its constituents say in the
public sphere. The First Amendment leads to dissent, and to a grand assembly of
like-minded dissenters, i.e. opposition of the powers-that-be and in America’s case,
armed opposition. With how the government-loving Left approaches the gun debate,
one is hard pressed to come to any other conclusion than the Left wanting the
People disarmed so they may pass even more freedom-encroaching legislation, and
then violently enforcing it (which government, by its very nature, is wont to do).
Think about it: the Left knows that handguns are the primary gun of choice for all
weapon-related violent crimes, and yet they still insist they only want take away our
“military-like assault weapons”. They know the removal of said weapons will not
lower crime or the likelihood of mass-shootings being successful, as criminals have
no qualms with obtaining illegal arms, given they have no qualms with murdering
random, innocent people. So what is the point of this legislation?
Total voluntary disarmament. Give the government an inch and they’ll take a
mile. Give them your evil, single-shot AR-15, and they’ll come for your hunting knife
in the end.