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Title of the Article: Wanted: Mars… Dead or Alive

Author(s): Geoffrey A. Landis

Explain in two or three sentences why you have chosen this article.

I choose this article because it is so interesting to know about the other living in
different planet. Especially mars, the scientist things that mars has same condition
as earth but in the reality there is no living in there.

Explain briefly in four or five sentences what the article is about.

This article is tells us about Mars, the planet near the earth that the scientists thing
there is another living in there. But after the first close up view, the scientists
changing their opinion that there is no living activity in mars because a lot of
condition in there are not supporting for live.

what is the writer’s message or purpose in writing this article?

The writer purpose with writing this article is to tell us the real condition of Mars
that a lot of people thing that there are other living activity outside the earth. Its
impossible because many condition in there such water, air, ant the oxygen does
not support for living activity.

Give your personal comment on the article as a conclusion of your article review.

In my opinion, the fact which tell in the article have tell us about the real condition
in mars. But, it is not the end, if the scientist know how to makes mars in next
century maybe we can still have a wishes to live there.