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Computer Hardware Servicing NC II


Personal Computer (PC is an electronic device that can receive a set of
instructions, or program and then carry out this program by performing
calculations on numerical data or by manipulating other forms of
instructions), Lap Top , and networking, one of the most important tools,
opened a new era in manufacturing and consumer-product development. In
factories, computer-assisted programs help people plan complex production
schedules, keep track of inventories and accounts, run automated assembly
lines, In government agencies, the largest users of computers, as one of the
essential tools for compiling census data, handling tax records, maintaining
records, and other administrative tasks.

As a trend in the demand for computer servicing the school has opted
to offer computer hardware servicing to meet the demand of the high school
graduates who which to be a computer hardware technician. This new
program has open the path for a brighter future for those who could not
pursuit tertiary level at the city proper.

Highlights of 2008 Accomplishment

Assessment, Graduates, Enrollment

No. of Type of
Passing Rate Remarks
student Assessment
xxx xxx xxx

Graduates and Enrollment
First Second Graduate
School Year OJT Drop out
Year Year s
2007-2008 xx xx xx xx xx
2008-2009 (1st
37 0
29 0 8

The student of Computer Hardware Servicing Pioneering program focused more on competencies that posses to diagnose and troubleshoot The unserviceable computers were of great help problems (includes hardware in practical application for assembling computer and software related problem). The students of this program will focus more on skills development in four core competencies as a standard found in the training regulation set by Technical Education Skills . and networking. replace parts and get the systems back to normal operation. The Pioneer. as what the student of Computer Hardware Servicing NC II called themselves. effectively trained on computers repair and maintenance techniques using The unserviceable computers that were acquired from GSO are of great help in developing the all the available resources. fifteen (15) unserviceable CPU cases. there are twenty (20) unserviceable computer monitors. thus they are efficiently. This program is designed to meet such demand to cater home service. skills of a computer technician to be. envision to be a computer technicians or entrepreneurs of Networking games cafe . and industry both local and international. components and test for consistency. including the unserviceable computer acquired from the General Services Office. community. and sixteen (16) unserviceable keyboards. These unserviceable units are of great help in upgrading the student skills.Activities: This is another milestone in history in this institution to produce another course globally competitive in repair and maintenance of personal computer or simply PC.

This is to orient students on the computer operation and applications. . and History of computers). and lastly. Basic Electrical and Electronics. National Science Training Program I (more on community service). Technical Drawing 101. and maintain computers systems and networks. Physical education 1. configure computers system and networks. were forty (40) percent are lectures and sixty (60) percent hands-on. both computer major students and students of other courses are using in their basic computer subject. Related subjects such as on the first semester are Fundamentals of Computer (includes practical exams on typing. English 101. With the existing units of computers that the school has. this includes prepare and interpret technical drawing. such as the dimensions of the key features of the objects depicted in the drawing are correctly identified .Development Authority (TESDA) as their major subject. and lastly. The core subjects under these programs are: Install computer systems and networks. applied Mathematics. This subject are designed in modular form. Prepare/make changes to electrical/electronic schematics and drawings. diagnose and troubleshoot computers systems.

accessories and computer tables  Lightings ventilations and Internet subscription. Students are task to examine and familiarize the different hardware found in a functional computer and its connections.  Purchasing of additional Computers.  Increase of enrollment by 10% for the SY 2009-2010.  Tools  Computer book. PC Magazines and journals as a learning resource.  Placement for On-the-job training (OJT) . PROGRAMS PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN 2009  High rating results in TESDA National Certificate (NC II) assessment for computer hardware servicing.