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Rama Builders OPER: M/S La
Zara Cons.
23.10.2 Deed of 1. Smt.K.H.Dhanalak Dr.Poornima.
008 Absolute shmi K
Sale 2. Sri.P.Manjunath
3. Sri.Venkatapathy
4. Sri.Venkataswamy

Property Details: 1st absolute 2nd absolute 3rd absolute
owner owner owner
1. Bearing Sri.Muniswamy @ Sri.A.Muniraj Smt.K.H.Dhanalak
No.48, M.R.Muniswamap gave it to Smt. shmi
situated at pa gave it to K.H.
Subbiahnapal Sri.A.Muniraj his Dhanalakshmi
ya, Banaswadi son in a will date under a
Dhakale, 09/03/1994. registered deed
K.R.Puram of gift dated
Hobli, 09/12/2005.
East Taluk, ** The property
measuring to came under the
the extent of BMP and was
1795 sq ft. assigned as 48
and PID 87-411-
2. Bearing Sri.Yerappa who Sri.Papanna came Sri.P.Majunatha &
no.49, made a will dated to get a portion Sri
Situated at 4/1/1973 giving of the property P.Venkatapathy.
Subbiahnapal the property to bearing no.49. He (2185 sq.ft)
ya, Banaswadi his children. made a
Dhakale, registered Deed **The property
K.R.Puram of gift dated came under the
Hobli, 09/12/2005 in BMP and was
Bangalore favour of assigned as 49 &
East Taluk. P.Manjunatha and PID 87-411-49.

3. Bearing Sri.Narayanappa. Sri.S.N.Venkatasw
No.50, After his death, amy
situated at there was
Subbiahnapal partition among
ya, Banaswadi his legal heirs. **The property
Dhakale, came under the
K.R.Puram BMP and was
Hobli, assigned as 50. &

Rama Builders.48. measuring to the extent of 3932 sq. they have further merged the property Bearing no. Bangalore PID 87-411-50.48 & PID number as 87-411-48 (Schedule A property) . The three absolute owners have formed a partnership firm – M/S Sree. The BMP has assigned the No.ft. 49 and 50. East Taluk.