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E3 Civic High School

Georgia O'Keeffe Research Paper

Ana Garcia
Visual Art, Module 2 A
Professor John Sciarratta
January 23, 2017
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Georgia OKeefe Research Paper

You write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see of the flower-and I dont.
Georgia O'keeffe was born on November 15, 1887 in the wheat farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin U.S.A.
She was the second of seven children. She attended Town Hall School in 1892-1900, she took art lessons
at home , in the Fall she moved to Williamsburg, Virginia( In 1902 -1903,) she attended Madison High
School, on the Fall in 1903 she attended Chatham(Virginia) Episcopal Institute, on June 1905 she
graduates, on the fall of 1905 she attended the Art Institute of Chicago, fall spring: she attends Art
Student League in New York, on the summer she attended to a drawing class at University of Virginia,

Her parents grew up as neighbors and she was named after her maternal grandfather. She had an interest
as to becoming an artist and her mother encouraged her by planning her lesson of art. She studied art and
was known as a talented artist. She ranked on the top of her challenging class and it took years to
recuperate it. As she studied more about art her skills and ideas expand as to which lead her to visit

She wrote a book called, Georgia O'Keeffe which the best selling book. The local Navajo inspired her to
return to New Mexico and she called it, The faraway. She was inspired by Ghost Ranch and moved to
a house in 1940. When she returned to Virginia her parent had problems; her fathers business bankrupt
and her mother was bed-ridden. She was an artists to pure abstraction. She major achievement for female
artist was in male dominated art world. She is a white female that was seeking her art language to express
herself through art. She practiced with series of charcoal drawings.

An International photographer (Alfred Stieglitz)exhibited her work and he who became his husband. Her
husband organized annual exhibitions of her work then he was one of the Americas most important
artists. OKeefe was recognized for Americas important and successful artist. Stieglitz and Norman
had an affair. Then, some years past and he started to have health problems where he suffered a fatal
stroke in 1946. She was also known as American Modernist and she made trips to New Mexico where she
stayed permanent. She got inspired by The style of Adobe architecture and in 1949 Stieglitz died. As
she began to create more painting; she began to travel more.
Ana 2

The apprenticeships is Roxana Robinson. They acquired their skills in Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and the
art school she attended. The art Medium she used to create her work was with paint, watercolor, a pencil,
and clay. She may have also used oil painting. She had assistants which helped her make art.

Georgia O'Keeffe awards won are the Presidential Medal of Freedom(1977)and the National Medal of
Art(1985). Some famous artwork are: Sky above clouds IV.(1965), Jimson Weed(1936), Red
Canna(1923), Blue and Green Music(1921), Music Pink and Blue(1918), Black Iris(1926), Cows Skull
Red, white..(1931), The Black Place(1943), Black Cross, New Mexico(1929), Petunia No. 2 (1924),
Cows Skull with Calico(1931), Purple Petunias(1925), Calla Lily turned away(1923), Deers Skull
with pedernal(1936), Yellow Hickory Lea..(1928), Abstraction white rose(1927), Ladder to the
moon(1958). Most of her artwork is about nature like flowers. She is known for the big flowers,
skyscrapers, landscapes, animal skulls and landscapes.

A major company/ organization commission George O'Keeffe artwork called Opera Parallle that took
the challenge. Their work is about collaborating with American Opera Projects of Arts to produce major
work. One of George Okeefe quote is I found I could say things with colors and shape that I couldnt
say any other way-things I had no words for based on this there may be some stress she had were the
creation of an artwork helps her release it. No, the author does not create it for a specific reason as art

The work became part of an inner circle of American Modernist series. When she was 12 years old she
decided to become an artist and when she was little she saw the world different. Some interesting facts
about her artwork is that the flower paintings make up a small percentage of her body of work. She
married the man behind her first gallery show. She was on of the most photographed women of the 20

She quit painting three times. She got blind and she turned into sculpting. She burn new trails for women
artist. She wasnt fearless, but she rejected fear. When she got blind as she was growing her eyesight
worsen because she lost her central vision.

She made over 200 flower paintings. In 1928 she sold six of lily paintings on $25,000 and it was the
largest amount by a living American artist. She went deep on nature and she was not a native of the
american southwest. She began to make paintings of all sizes and on the centers of the flowers were the
Ana 3

ones she focused and continue on making artworks like that. Two artworks that speak to me is the white
rose and the Jimson weed.

The cropped flora portraits were an expression of womanhood meaning female sex organ. You hung all
your own associations with flowers on my flower. Associations didnt know and before they critic her
work. OKeefe died in 1986 and begged to differ. She had help from Juan Hamilton where she created
many items and watercolor paintings. He became her business manager and remained until her death.
Her most well known objects big and painted as if viewed through a magnifying glass. She is known for
landscapes of badlands of New Mexico. She died on March 6th when she was 98 years old.

One of my favorite painting is the called, Jimson Weed/White Flower. It was one of the most expensive
artwork from an American women. OKeeffe sold it for millions of dollars. It went to display as the
centerpiece of the quote See What I See. Her painting will be in the exhibition by the paintings of 2
other artist from the collection of the museum. They said, with this artworks they will provide museum
guest, and it was funded by Walmart.

Another interesting painting is called the, Grey lines with black, Blue and yellow. It was a creation of
an image that portrays a plant life and abstraction based on females. She painted also the dessert, soft
spots, trees, leaves, and shells. She was successful and most known for painting her artwork in her own
style which captured the attention of most people. She had become a legendary artist through hard times
and even though her parents were dairy farmers. Her artwork were worth a lot and that is how in
becoming an artist got her towards success.

One of the reasons why I chose her as my research paper is because when I saw her biography I thought it
was interesting. Although, it came the times where she had bad moments like when her husband died, but
what I admired is that it made her stronger. She did a lot even when she was little she already knew who
she was meant to be and she was successful until her 98 years old. This is why she was successful her
whole life: I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from
doing a single thing I wanted to do. I like nature too and that is what mostly captured me to do this
research paper about a famous artist I didn't know about.
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