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Game Over

You open your eyes, but there isn’t anything to see. It’s all blank- whether its white, or black, it doesn’t matter.
But then it does- a blinding light fills your eyes, and you squint away. When you open them again, you’re in a
building. No, not a building- a train. The windows show the scenery outside moving at such a speed that you can’t
even tell what you’re passing by. The interior is simple but sophisticated- mostly white, with a few booths set up
against the left wall.

There is a mirror leaning up against the opposite wall. It stands right in front of you, making it easy to admire
yourself. You look sharp in a black and white suit. You return to looking around.

As you’re looking around, another light flashes in front of you. It isn’t as blinding as the last one- its softer. Once
it disappears, there are words in its place. The strange thing is that they aren’t facing you- they’re backwards to
you. You can still read them. “Choose your character!” After a moment, several smaller lights appear and
disappear, leaving in their place several names. Next to you on both sides, the names say “Locked”. You have a
name floating in front of you, as well. Strangely enough, it’s your own.

Another few moments of eerie silence pass before a small pinging noise echoes in the train car. You can’t move
anymore. The train passes into a pitch-black tunnel, and you can’t see either; then, you can’t feel anything. Its as
if you’re floating.

When you can see and feel again, you’re in front of a wall. Your movements still aren’t your own, but it doesn’t
feel as though an outside force is influencing you, either- its more as though its all in your subconscious. There
are several other kids your age laughing near a gate. They hold a pair of chain cutters. Your mouth opens, and
you hear yourself say something.

“Guys, is this really such a good idea? They say this place is really dangerous at night.” Your voice is shaking.

“Aw, (y/n), don’t tell me you’re scared?” One of them, the one holding the cutters, sticks his tongue out at you.
He has white hair, and is much bulkier than you. He probably wouldn’t have any troubles dealing with any danger
that might lay in wait. “Its just a bunch of buildings full of mannequins.” You find yourself remembering that his
name is…

“Ryo, you know (he/she/they) have every right to be.” The other guy glances over at you sympathetically. He
seems much nicer, with longer black hair and a more delicate frame. You think his name is Jay. “You can stay
behind, if you’d like.”

A third voice butts in- you realize it comes from the right of you. This voice belongs to a tall girl with threateningly
pink hair, and an aura that you think would be quite intimidating to many people. “Yeah, (y/n). We’re coming
back tomorrow, right? Stay today, and we’ll scout it out and tell you if it’s really that dangerous when we get
back.” You remember her name to be Hyru.

You agree, still somewhat hesitantly, with them. Ryo gives you a grin and a thumbs up after he cuts the wire, as
the others enter- you think he must be much nicer than he acts. Then they disappear behind the previously locked
gate, into the park.

The next time you see them is in the pale of the morning, when their bodies- or what’s left of them- is being
brought out on a gurney.

She wears glasses. “You’re here about those kids. She barely noticed your presence at first. “Investigate. How strange. You’re sure of it. You think this must be the ticket house. It’s morning again. but it doesn’t matter. Out of the building. “You shouldn’t worry about it. You look around. They won’t let you pass. There are guards standing in front of the scene. There are more words. It’s large. You finally stop here. kid. If I were you.” . it feels forceful. You open the door and walk inside. “Query about the disappearance of your friends. You once again ponder the strangeness of this world. There are caution signs everywhere. You’ve heard about this place. You keep running. Everything goes dark again. No one ever actually told you what happened. You keep running.” Is that what you’re supposed to do? What ticket house? Why would you need to do that? None of these questions are answered.” She doesn’t notice them. There are more words. she doesn’t look surprised. but everything went black after the incident. This is information you want to know. You have shivers running down your spine. You find that you aren’t in control of your body again. who are checking through people’s bags.” That’s right. You decide not to think anything of it either. They think nothing of it. “Make your way to the ticket house. like there were on the train. and that you acted fairly normally during it. You run to a building. Unlike last time. or just fear of the memory. More words appear here. When she does. and has a large stack of papers in front of her. you think. You pass most of the buildings. You are already running away. You run until the end of the road. You feel like it’s watching you. you aren’t sure. “That’s what the manager told me when I asked. The only other person is a bored looking lady behind a desk. Everyone says it happened.The past week didn’t actually happen. It’s wearing a suit. “Make your way to the ticket house. This time. You want her to notice them. Like you’re a puppet. I’d heed the advice. but you can’t. It’s though some larger being is manipulating your actions. You stop. You are made to run through the crowd of people. since that was where the words directed you. None of them seem to find it odd. This world you woke up in is strange. You’re standing in front of the wall again. – You wake up in front of the park again. This time when the controlling force moves your body again. You see a pure white mannequin in one of the windows. More words appear above the lady’s head. you go with it gladly. right? Weren’t you the one that was there that morning?” She continues to look bored.” You don’t want to heed the advice. There are some things that you don’t want to know.that it’s the only building in this entire park empty of mannequins. You run past guards.” Now she looks frustrated. There’s a road that leads towards more buildings. however. it’s during the day. You walk up to her. although whether it’s from actual fear.

“Make your way to the ticket house.” You walk into the ticket house. You run to the ticket house. It’s morning again. so much red.” You walk into the ticket house. You look around. You look around. The guards let you pass. The guards won’t let you pass.The force controls your body again. – You wake up in front of the park again. – You wake up in front of the park again. You look around. “Query about the disappearance of your friends. She looks annoyed. You walk into the ticket house. Everything goes dark. It’s morning again. There are no words.” The force controls your body again. The same woman from before stands behind the desk. There’s red. She looks furious. Everything goes dark. The guards won’t let you pass. “Make your way to the ticket house. She looks like she expects you. and… Everything goes dark. There are more words.” . You run to the ticket house. It’s morning again. There are more words.” The force controls your body again.” You run to the end of the street again. “Investigate. – You wake up in front of the park again. “Query about the disappearance of your friends. “Investigate. The same woman from before sits behind the desk. You run to the ticket house. You run to the ticket house. The same woman from before sits behind the desk. “Query about the disappearance of your friends. She looks like she expects you. The same woman from before sits behind the desk.” You run to the end of the street again. She looks like she expects you. It’s morning again.” The force controls your body again. “Query about the disappearance of your friends. You look underneath a large blue tarp. You run to the ticket house. There are no more words. – You wake up in front of the park again. There are no words. Everything goes dark. The guards won’t let you pass. You run to the end of the street again. She looks furious. There are more words.” You run to the end of the street again. “Investigate. You look around. She looks like she expects you. The force controls your body again.” You walk into the ticket house. “Make your way to the ticket house.

The woman is gone. You look underneath the large blue tarp.” You run to the end of the street again. The guards are gone. “Investigate. – You wake up in the ticket house.” They? He simply nods.” Fix what? “I can’t tell you. All the windows are barred off. You ask what time it is.” Then how am I supposed to fix it? “You have to go outside. You want to question him further. There are more words. “The mannequins.” Upstairs? “That’s all I can say. Everything goes dark.” You investigate. “Upstairs. so scared.” The door is locked.” You must. fresh and old. “I mustn’t. “10 pm. some papers… And a mannequin hand. “Make your way upstairs.” Why are there so many people here so late? “They locked the gates.” With that she disappears.” The mannequins? “I can’t tell you. “Investigate. So. There’s red.” . There are so many other people there… They look so scared.” Then why pull me aside?” “Because you can fix it. “I-“ You must.” What way? “I can’t tell you. a pair of glasses. or I won’t do it. but it looks like he’d have no answers. He looks at his watch worriedly. There is an official looking man standing in front of the door. What kind of world is this? What’s happening to you? You look around. More words have appeared. Another woman pulls you aside. “There’s another way.” You must. You can’t see outside.You walk into the ticket house. You realize that you have lost control of your body again.

and red. You turn towards the only other building that doesn’t line the road. Before the words. and out of place amongst the clean environment. They ignore you. battered. They remain regular mannequins. The last time you woke up. You have reached the end of the room. There’s another door. Soon you are passing by the buildings on the road. You open it anyways. So many of them. and Jay. You want to go home. You begin walking up the staircase. not yesterday. like it normally would during the day time. There is nothing there but the faint light seeping outside from the ticket house. It takes forever. You go inside. are gone. Still. You remember your friends. It isn’t locked. Dirty with soil. She’s dead. How did you know where the light switch was? You aren’t sure. There’s a staircase on the opposite side. Perhaps this is a dream. Perhaps they aren’t dead. No. It starts moving along the wire. . You realize that this door must lead out onto the porch. All of them. It is locked now. mud. No one else is there. So dark. at the boarding station. You turn on the lights. It’s dark outside. Why do you keep moving forwards? You don’t want to move. Ryo. It’s unlocked. You want it to go back up. It seems to be waiting. The mannequins remain still. You are behind the desk. Why is this surprising? All is quiet.Hyru. You walk through it. At least you are far above the height of a human being or a mannequin. it’s eerily quiet. Just the train and its car. Why can’t you control yourself? What is controlling you? You jump to the ground below. None of them move. The ground seems like a dangerous place. You want to go back to that train. The mannequins.You look around the crowd of frightened people as you run through them. charring. You reach the top. They are regular mannequins. The lights are on inside. There’s another door. But they’re all broken. There’s a single harness. You can’t imagine why. Outside. It’s the control house of the park’s transportation system. The room behind it is pitch-black. And they weren’t there then… Not all of them. You walk through the room. You don’t want to open it. marker-marks. You don’t like it. You want to cry. How were they brought away so quickly? They were just there yesterday. The wire edges closer to the ground. swinging slightly. before the tunnel. before it exits the house and moves into the sky. Where is home? The first thing you remember is that train. Some of them are dirty. You try to open it again. The lady isn’t there. You look around. What porch? Someone forgot to lock it. That red. You wonder why your mind added mannequin to that sentence. You can’t move your body. You run to the other end of the building. the ones that usually line their interior. Why did you do this? You try to get out. There’s a door. Somehow you remain unbroken. Some of them were missing. It shouldn’t have needed to. You open it. What kind of world is this? You turn towards the back wall. The system is online. There are mannequins. You climb into the harness.beaten. Why did it lock? You regret your decision. none move. The suited mannequin that watched you the first day was missing. The door closes behind you. The same red.

” Save… the girl? Save what girl? You passed the words and could no longer see them. You wonder how it got there so fast. A lady stands there. Why do you need to find it? You realize you don’t want to find it. She is swallowed up by something white. and the papers. You want to help her. You’re scared. One of the guards is there. You can tell. She wears a typical waitress’ garb. Suddenly you are on the ground. There’s a mannequin there. So is the red. You failed to save her. It was the only thing that kept you safe. How did you get out of the harness? How did you fall so far without breaking? What kind of world is this? Did you even fall? You look around. you would have. More words appear above it.” The mannequin? It’s right in front of you. You want to be able to look inside the windows. There is a girl there now. You realize that the words must have been referring to her. She looks at you with frightened eyes. A bell sounds midnight. How did he get there? He looks fearful. You want to go back to the train. Find the mannequin. You can’t see where you’re walking. . He looks at you. “Save the waitress. As soon as you enter. You would have won. No one is there. You already know what happened. You stop running. It wasn’t there a split second ago. Her eyes are too blank. Suddenly she screams. “Save the guard. You realize your entrance would have given away her location. The mannequin stands in his place. Finding it is a horrible idea.You realize the end of the street is approaching. It’s lights are on. now. They could not answer your questions anyways. she looks both furious and tearful.” The waitress? You turn to the side. If you kept running. It’s looking at you. You realize it isn’t looking at you. It’s dark. You have to save him. What would you have won? Why did you stop? You blink. But you stopped running. Why did you stop running? You want to keep running. Something white swallows him. There is a mannequin in her place. he would be a white-skinned replica of the man. You apologize. She’s the mannequin now. and the glasses. The tarp is gone. You enter the closest building. It’s a perfect copy of the little girl. She wears a frilly dress. but from what? There is nothing around. You can feel it. Perhaps it’s talking about another mannequin. It’s dark. “Save the girl. Her skin is too white. You want to go back. but you know it isn’t her. You turn around. You have reached the end of the street. You don’t want to get off this contraption. You look back at the mannequin. Find the mannequin. What will happen if you don’t? It’s too late. It isn’t a mannequin anymore. She looks like she’s hiding from something. It does nothing. You don’t want to watch. You will save her. Kept you safe? From what? More words appeared. That’s the first task you have failed. and the white plastic hand. You have already found it. More words appear above it. If you looked back at the mannequin. You don’t want that to happen to anyone else. It wears the same outfit one of the guards wore. You feel yourself begin to run. You don’t want it to approach. It wears a frilly dress.

This time you can’t help but watch as it slowly changes. The words. It’s too late for you. If you had stopped them. The mannequin approaches. It’s too late for you. “Game over. A voice calls out to you. You suddenly have full control of your body. towards that one building. You are the mannequin now.But you don’t. you know it. He seems welcoming. you realize. It found you.” Why would you want to find the mannequin? Perhaps if you find it before it finds you. You arrive. More words appear. you realize. You didn’t know what to do. up the street. Out of the building. Pain. The suited mannequin stands there. You look around. and two words. you are you and only you. That one where you saw it. Not anymore. It’s there. For the first time since the train. none of any of this would have happened. This was no one’s fault but your own.” . This was their plan all along. The mannequin finds you both. but it isn’t a mannequin. They distracted you. So much of it. “Find the mannequin. It consumes her. If it could grin. It’s too late for them. then… You begin to run. That’s where it’ll be. She grins. A white skinned figure stands there. It’s too late for them. It was waiting. Why would a mannequin be looking for you? You realize that if each of these three people had a mannequin looking for them. You scream. Red is all you can see. That. Where it watched you from. it was all in the words. This is the third task you’ve failed. What is this world? Why were you in it? Could you really have stopped any of it? Soon the pain fades away. Save yourself. It looks at you. You don’t mind too much. You didn’t find it. The third has threatening pink hair. It’s too late for them. it would be. Two figures stand beside it. it’ll go away. You turn around. you realize. He wears a sarcastic smile. One of them has white hair. One of them has long black hair. You can still see the words. It’s too late for you. You whip around. It wants you to win.

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