Newton's 3rd law

A slow tip on top of a crunch, skin full to brim with tingling fuel. (The chimp evolved (reborn) ((skull heavy enough to tip))) A quick deal with the devil, fear and overconfidence (a tangy mix). Gravity: my mother and murderer. The path in mind, the mind in heart, the heart in mouth:

focus comes... Breath and -

((The Chimp) simultaneously frozen and powered by fear)

in chaos

until adjustment and reach

and wait... for weight... [maximum extension for [maximum contraction for [maximum absorption for [maximum balance] power] control] tower, a chain, each decision leading to the next. Position and posture answered, posing further questions, further possibilities. Spectacle in the colossal
beauty in the miniscule

A million yes/no questions in sequence fluid binary. Binding us to our chosen path, not our given path.

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