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19 - 22 November 2008

Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base, Indonesia

I hope the exhibition would enable the 400 participants from

30 countries to further understand our country’s defense
needs. This will enhance and promote wider cooperation
in research and development, joint investment and
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
President of the Republic of Indonesia
Indo Defence and Indo Aerospace 2008 Expo & Forum is an Attention for all Armed Forces, Police, Government/Department, Security Services, Aerospace Professionals,
important platform for Indonesia to showcase its defence and Military Academy, Police Academy, Flying Academy, Distributors, Agents, Suppliers and Retailers. Make your
aerospace industries and to develop and build regional and plan to attend INDO DEFENCE AND AEROSPACE (IDA) 2008 EXPO & FORUM - Indonesia’s No. 1 Official
international military ties. In addition, it will give us an opportunity Tri-Service Defence and Aerospace, Aviation and Airport Technology Expo & Forum from 19 - 22 November
to review our technological requirements in land, air and sea
defence system. 2008 at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Forces Base, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The theme “Harnessing Defence Technology Capabilities & Over 400 companies from 37 countries and 11 pavilion countries from Singapore, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Improving the Role of National Air Transportation” has been Germany, Poland, Korea, USA, Netherlands, UK, Bulgary. More major companies including MBDA, Sukhoi, EADS,
chosen for the conference as it reflects our current needs. It Brahmos, Bumar Sp. z.o.o, Ultra TCS, Kazan Helicopters, Wahgo International Corporation, SAS Internasional,
will be a great opportunity for top-level speakers and delegates from the relevant
Ministries and Departments together with other relevant industry specialists who Kawan Lama, Victorinox, North Sea Boats, Helizona Group, Dirgantara Indonesia, PINDAD, Krakatau Steel, Fista
will gather to examine key issues and share experiences. Bahari, Cenzin Co. Ltd, Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd, Daewoo International, Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd, L3 Eotech,
ITT, Rheinmetall AG. Corporate Sector Defence, Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A, Radmor S.A, PZL Hydral S.A,WSK
My Ministry is delighted to host Indo Defence and Indo Aerospace 2008 Expo “PZL-Kalisz” S.A, PZL Swidnik S.A, “PZL- Wroclaw” Sp. Z.o.o, Algasco, Becker Avionics, Schelde Naval Shipbuilding,
& Forum as it is an important platform to support the growth of our strategic ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Thales, King’s Safetywear, Avia Ltd, Vectronix AG, Wahana Sarana Baladika, Aselsan
industries and promotion of closer regional and international defence cooperation. and many more. You may attend over 30 seminar product and live product demonstration free. Limited seats are
It will also allow our military personnel and policy makers to be exposed to the
latest advances in technologies available on ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. Please refer to inside page for detail programme.

Juwono Sudarsono You are invited to join over 20.000 delegates and visitors at the biggest defence and aerospace industry gathering
Minister of Defence of the year. This event will be prohibited for public excluding the last day (Saturday, 22 November 2008) visitor will
be charged IDR 100.000,- for each person.

So whether you are planning to make a purchasing decision, source for new suppliers and products, keeping in
PAMERAN INTERNASIONAL PERTAHANAN touch with the latest industry developments or just to network with industry members, you must attend INDO

DI INDONESIA Please find enclosed complimentary tickets for you and your colleagues and please bring the Photocopy of your
identity (Passport/ID Card/Driving License).
Departemen Pertahanan kembali menyelenggarakan Pameran Internasional
Industri Pertahanan yang ketiga dan kali ini akan digabung dengan Pameran
Industri Kedirgantaraan, Penerbangan dan Bandara terbesar di Indonesia
didukung oleh Departemen Perhubungan, diselenggarakan pada tanggal 19
- 22 Nopember 2008 di Bandara Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta. Lebih dari
IDA 2008 REGIONAL DEFENCE & Exhibition Hours
400 perusahaan dari 37 Negara termasuk diantaranya 11 paviliun Negara
yaitu; Singapura, Rusia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Jerman, Polandia, Korea,
Belanda, Amerika Serikat, Bulgaria dan Inggris. Over 300 top defence and 19 November 2008
aerospace’s experts 12.00 - 17.00 Professional
Beberapa perusahaan besar yang turut serta dalam pameran ini antara lain; personnel from the region are
MBDA, Sukhoi, EADS, Brahmos, Bumar Sp. z.o.o, Ultra TCS, Kazan Helicopters, expected to converge at IDA 20 - 21 November 2008
Wahgo International Corporation, SAS Internasional, Kawan Lama, Victorinox, 2008 Regional Defence and 10.00 - 17.00 Professional
North Sea Boats, Helizona Group, Dirgantara Indonesia, PINDAD, Krakatau Aerospace Forum to share
Steel, Fista Bahari, Cenzin Co. Ltd, Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd, Daewoo experiences and address key
International, Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd, L3 Eotech, ITT, Rheinmetall AG. issues facing the region. 22 November 2008
Focusing on the theme:
Corporate Sector Defence, Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A, Radmor S.A, PZL “Harnessing Defence 10.00 - 16.30 Public
Hydral S.A,WSK “PZL-Kalisz” S.A, PZL Swidnik S.A, “PZL- Wroclaw” Sp. Z.o.o,
Algasco, Becker Avionics, Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, ThyssenKrupp Marine
Technology Capabilities (Defence) & Improving The Role Fee IDR 100,000
of Current National Air Transportation (Aerospace)”, the
Systems, Thales, King’s Safetywear, Avia Ltd, Vectronix AG, Wahana Sarana forum will provide the perfect opportunity for defence and
Baladika, Aselsan dan lainnya akan menampilkan teknologi dan produk aerospace professionals practitioners to network with industry
terbaru dibidang pertahanan dan kedirgantaraan. leaders.

Anda diundang bersama 20.000 delegasi dan pengunjung dari berbagai

negara dan Indonesia untuk menghadiri pameran dan seminar produk secara Tanggal : 19 - 22 Nopember 2008
gratis. Para delegasi dan pengunjung dari Angkatan Bersenjata (TNI),
Kepolisian, Pemerintahan, Departemen, jasa keamanan, profesional bidang
FREE! TECHNICAL PRESENTATIONS Tempat : Bandara Halim Perdanakusuma Jakarta
- Indonesia
kedirgantaraan, Akademi Militer, Akademi POLRI, dan Akademi Penerbangan When you are at INDO Jam Buka : 12:00 - 17:00 (19 Nop 2008)
akan hadir di pameran yang berlangsung selama 4 hari. Pameran ini tertutup DEFENCE and AEROSPACE 10:00 - 17:00 (20 - 21 Nop 2008)
untuk umum kecuali pada hari keempat (Sabtu, 22 Nopember 2008) para 2008, why not also attend the 10:00 - 16:30 (22 Nop 2008)
pengunjung dikenakan biaya masuk Rp. 100.000,- /orang. many free technical Ketentuan Masuk : Khusus untuk angkatan bersenjata,
presentations on some of the
latest solutions and techniques polisi, pemerintah/departemen,
Bersama ini kami lampirkan tiket undangan untuk masuk ke area pameran. konsultan keamanan, distributor/agen
Tiket harap diisi dengan lengkap dan lampirkan fotokopi kartu identitas diri that are more efficient in solving
your needs. It is open for all dan profesional bidang Kedirgantaraan.
(KTP/SIM/KTA/PASSPORT) untuk diserahkan ke loket registrasi guna professional from Defence and Pengunjung dibawah umur 18 tahun
mendapatkan tanda pengenal pengunjung. Aerospace Sectors. dilarang masuk. Para pengunjung
diwajibkan mengisi data formulir
Rencanakan kunjungan Anda! Attendance is FREE but seats will be on ‘first-come-first-served’ registrasi, melampirkan fotokopi kartu
basis. You must register directly with the presenting companies identitas diri (KTP / SIM / KTA /
to ensure your seat.
PASSPORT) dan menyerahkannya ke
tempat registrasi untuk mendapatkan
tanda masuk.
Hosted by Supported by Conference Official Publications Online Publications In Co-operation with Pakaian : Berbusana sopan dan rapi. Pengunjung
yang memakai sandal, kaos tanpa
lengan dan celana pendek dilarang
Ministry of Armed Force of Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian Ministry of Ministry Ministry Provincial
Defence Indonesia Army Navy Air Force National Police Transportation of Industry of Trade Government of
DKI Jakarta

Supporting Publications Internet Service

Provider Partner by
Organised by PT. Napindo Media Ashatama
Jl. Kelapa Sawit XIV Blok M1 No.10, Kompleks Billy & Moon
Pondok Kelapa, Jakarta 13450 - Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 8650962, 8644756/85, Fax: (62-21) 865 0963
Teijin Aramid GmbH Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company Becker Avionic Systems / PT. ITT Helizona Group
SCAC’s major HCDR Overview:
project is Sukhoi - Backbone of the
SuperJet 100 Centaur tactical Will display “Lektro”
(SSJ 100), a new communications electric towbarless,
family of 100-seat system towing cort, Tecnam
regional aircraft - Intelligent, self- Aircraft, Robinson
designed and managing ad hoc Helicopters and
As a leading supplier of produced in network “Stahlwille” Aerospace
Aramid fibres, Teijin Aramid Russia with a solid Air Traffic, Communication Equipment/ Services, Ground - Mobile tactical communications using dynamic routing tools.
develops and produces one share of international cooperation. Control Systems, Radio Equipment, Transmitters/ Receiver. - Fully secure with AES 256 bit encryption
of the most versatile products of the present time. Under - Reduced susceptibility to jamming with low probability of
the Twaron® trade name, para-aramid products such as detection or intercept
PT. MultiIntegra
yarns, fibres, fabrics and laminates are supplied to customer MAN Diesel PT. King's Safetywear
- Excellent multipath interference immunity
all over the world. - ITT’s HCDR and its predecessors are deployed with 11
From the very beginning Twaron® changed the world of Diesel engines ranging
NATO countries
ballistic protection. Today Twaron CT Microfilament, Teijin - 4 MHz wide frequency occupancy Spread Spectrum
from 450 up to 21600 - Unicast or Multicast IP Capability
Aramid ‘s high performance para-aramid fiber and derivatives, kW per unit for
are used by professionals in various systems. It is designed propulsion and Safety Wear (Footwear and
to meet the highest requirements for ballistic end products,
such as helmets, bullet-resistant vests and in vehicle armor.
generating sets of all Personal Protective
PT. Cipta Taruna
kind of naval vessels,
including large patrol vessels,
Raytheon Anschuetz GmbH corvettes, frigates, logistic and
amphibious vessels and submarines.
Vessel Handling Simulator
Integrated Bridge
System for Naval
Vessels. PT. Kawan Lama Sejahtera Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia
The Raytheon
Anschuetz Kawan Lama Sejahtera, PT is a PT. Sioen Indonesia
Integrated Bridge Morolipi adalah sebuah prototipe mobil
company with more than 50 years of robot penjinak bom yang dikembangkan
System is based on experience and more than 60.000
a new generation of oleh Pusat Penelitian Tenaga Listrik dan
products marketed from more than Mekatronik (Telimek) LIPI. Morolipi dapat
leading edge technology, which sets new standards for 300 quality brands. Victorinox – dioperasikan dari jarak jauh memakai
functionality, operation and ergonomics. It is a customized We specialize in Military and Law Enforcement areas. Our
Switzerland is one of the products products include Protection Gears, Optical devices, kabel untuk menjinakkan bom dengan
approach focusing on functional rather than physical that represented by Kawan Lama, cara memotong kabel listrik rangkaian
integration and ranging from bridge sizes for small patrol Telecommunication and Surveillance devices, as well as
Victorinox carry the lines of quality Diver Propulsion Vehicle / Subskimmer. pemicu ledakan bom. Operator dapat
craft up to complex bridge systems for large naval vessels, products range from Pocket Knifes, mengoperasikan morolipi dari jarak jauh
typically of destroyer/frigate size. It integrates all navigation Professional Chefs Knife, Watches, menggunakan joystick dengan cara
and ship's control functions with a further option for integrating
the ship's platform management system as well.
Apparel, Travel Gear and Perfumes. PT. Rekayasa Teknologi Indonesia melihat citra pada monitor komputer
yang dikirim oleh video yang dipasang
In this exhibition we show series of Wear Protection
the Victorinox Pocket tools for the di morolipi.
Armed Forces. Engineering & Optronic Control Console (OCC) adalah
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Technology Products suatu sistem Kontrol tracking yang
PT. Pacific Aman Garda and Services : diimplementasikan sebagai Director
* ATC simulator Control Tracking pada sistem senjata
Katadyn * Military Vehicle (Alutsista), berfungsi sebagai
CMOV , VCP, pengarahan senjata meriam pada
Katadyn is a Swiss company and * MWR ( Mobile kendaraan tempur bergerak atau
the global Number One when it meriam anti pesawat terbang, agar
ThyssenKrupp Marine Weather Radar ) pembidikan senantiasa dapat mengikuti
Systems (TKMS) is one of comes to individualised water * Tower Set of Airport pada sasaran bergerak, meskipun
the largest shipyard groups purification systems and * Radar Simulataor platform - nya mengalami gangguan
in Europe owning six products. Katadyn have been * AWOS system Integrator dinamis.
shipyards in three countries. developing water filters, chlorine- * Military DART - firing target
and silver-based sterilisation Blast Inhibitors "Fountain" are * Pneumatic autocharging for TANK
The company is one of the leading system providers for: agents and mobile desalinators proved to neutralize or * Armoured Vehicle Electrical wires bundle system Korea Defence Industry Association
for various applications since minimize risks of a readily * Weapon Racks Security System
• Non-nuclear submarines 1928. Numerous armed forces calculated potential blast * Radar system maintenance
• Frigate and corvette size naval platforms and relief organisations around Its role is leading
impact and consequences. the participation
• Mine warfare vessels the world use Katadyn products
• Patrol boats and auxiliaries for survival and life-saving. For PT. Dahana (Persero) of Korean
• Specialised merchant ships water in the most demanding situations, Katadyn is the defense
• Large and complex yachts answer. companies in
1. Shaped Charges domestic and
which is known as overseas
TKMS serves its customers with a balanced mix of high- Drilling Explosive exhibitions, organizing overseas market exploring activities
quality civilian and military products and services. As prime Noptel Oy used by Oil and conducting international cooperation activities with
contractor, TKMS undertakes the entire technical and companies to make
commercial execution of orders, including subcontractor co- PT PANORAMA TIMUR JAYA was incorporated in 1976, foreign companies and organizations to represent the Korean
the main sector of our business is Electronic Systems, with holes on steel pipe defense industry.
ordination as well as the management of deliveries and (casing).
services supplied by the customers. an emphasis on Telecommunications. Our activities cover
systems engineering and integration. 2. DAYAGEL SEISMIC
is the new Daewoo International Corporation
generation of
Wellracom Group seismic explosive.
3. DABEX and ANFO Blend are waterproof Bulk Explosives
specially designed for application in wet blasting conditions In Korea, DAEWOO only has
Shooter Training Systems from Noptel. in open pit mining applications. trading division with
Noptel Oy specializes in the design and manufacture of user 4. DAYAGEL MAGNUM is a water resistant packaged organizational capabilities as
friendly shooter training systems for defense forces, police explosive designed to deliver high energy in both priming an international supplier of
and security. The company has supplied almost 10000 applications. defense-related commodities
systems to over 60 countries since 1982. The MilTrainer and its prowess is based on
Series is designed for marksmanship training and uses Vectronix AG PT. Industri Telekomunikasi 30 years of experience and
computer for the skill analysis. Field Training Series products trade expertise.
HF SSB 500W base
ASELSAN PRC-9651: are simple and robust battery operated devices for situational Indonesia (Persero) / INTI
Military multiband multimode 30- training with pop-up targets at the maneuver range.
station (data ready) 512 MHz handheld radio (C4ISR
Yeonhab Precision Co., Ltd.
At the stand Noptel presents some of their newest products
and the visitors have possibility to use them and test their Indo Defence 2008 marks
shooting skills. The weapons are equipped with an advanced the introduction of a new,
PT. Dymar Jaya Indonesia pneumatic recoil system which generates the automatic small, ultra light-weight, night
Inter communication
reloading and convincing recoil effect in a safe way. vision monocular system of This digitalized
As an increasing superior performance. vehicular
number of TARSIUS16 is the latest and intercommunication
lightest MIL-spec night vision
government and
Power Force Technologies Pte Ltd monocular. It can be used
Industri peralatan
telekomunikasi, servis
system can be
operated by
defense handheld, head or helmet engineering, dan maximum 6 users
organizations take advantage of flexible and cost-effective mounted. maintenance. for inter or intra 1 :
public IP networks to interconnect their operations, the 1 communication, and data interface(1200 ~ 19,200 BPS,
confidentiality and integrity of sensitive or classified Asynchronous) using 4 sets of radios and Tactical Switch
Supply, repair, servicing, overhaul
information is being increasingly threatened.
and modification of military & Saab Grintek Communications Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd Board or Private Branch Exchanger.
commercial Airport GSES. Supple Launched Built-In Test (BIT) is available.
Datacryptor AP (Advanced Performance) addresses this And especially this system is adapting DNR and VOX
risk using the latest high-speed packet encryption technology. of portable & fixed installation
Airport Lighting System. Servicing, functions, so the noise is reduced and the communication
Datacryptor AP protects your investment through its unique quality is very good.
flexibility, ease of deployment and field upgradeability, whilst repair and overhaul for all types
of Airport GSES and Aircraft And also the hands free function is available in communication
meeting the highest security standards such as FIPS and between the crews, so the military operation ability can be
CAPS. Arresting System.
Phoenix Family of HF radio products caters for manpack,
Mastsystem Int’l Oy Maesa vehicle, base station, airborne and shipboard military Korea Aerospace Industries. Ltd
applications Using oxygen as the sole propellant so operators can quietly
breach any material in seconds.
Mastsystem Int'l Oy designs, The military, tactical personnel, SWAT teams and emergency
manufactures and markets rescue personnel occasionally find the need for a breaching
mobile telescopic light weight
composite masts and mast PT. Aditech Matra system what will cut through any material in seconds. The
Single tank is newly designed for greater field durability and
systems. We have delivered deployment of tactical breaching packs. The back plate is
thousands of masts and Aditech Matra was strong aluminium and can be fitted for one tank or two
hundreds of different solutions founded by a group of depending upon the assignment. A small preset oxygen
worldwide - from plain masts to people that have a broad regulator cuts down on weight and with the guard, is safe
complete mast systems. experience in from snagging. Oxygen pressure and flame length is regulated
telecommunications and T-50 Advanced Jet Trainer
L3 Eotech via a small thumb valve on the torch. A single hose services
The carbon and glass fibre broadcast system. We the torch. The ignition is deliberately kept separate from the
composite masts have been are an equipment pack to cut down on weight and to ensure no voltage is near KIA Motors Corporation
proven to meet the The HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight (HWS) distributor and system the tank. Field igniters are also available which are lightweight
environmental requirements in accordance with the MIL- is the 1st electro-optic sighting system integrator for satellite and enable ignition with a match or sparker. The CGA 540
STD 810 and they operate efficiently in all extremes of to apply holographic technology to small communications, bottle valve ensures there will be no problems in getting The KM250, 2 1/2
environmental conditions. Our quality system fulfils the and medium sized weapon platforms. terrestrial and broadcast cylinders filled. ton Cargo truck is
requirements of ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 standards. When used is Close Quarter Battle system infrastructures. Ideal for emergency response, emergency rescue, forced the base model for
environments, this revolutionary We have been in this entry, extrication situations and much more. The system is Kia's 2 1/2 ton,
weapon optic delivers state-of-art industry since February 1990. Manufacturers ideal for SWAT, local police, emergency rescue personnel, 6x6 tactical
Ryca Pte Ltd amazing speed and which we represent are : Radyne Corp., PolarSat Inc., fire departments and border patrol personel vehicle series.
accuracy gains, un- Tiernan, Suman, Anacom, General Dynamics , Advantech Equipped with a
compromising use of SatNet, NSGDatacom, Screen Services. Our workshop. powerful 7.5-liter
peripheral vision, leaves no muzzle side operator signature Located at Jalan Danau Sunter Barat Block A1 No. 7, Sunter FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. 6-cylinder diesel
and is packaged in a compact, durable unit. Agung North of Jakarta, is our assurance that your system engine that drives
and equipment are serviced in professional environment. FNSS Savunma all three axles, it can carry heavy cargo loads or up to 20
Sistemleri A.S. is a fully armed troops over any road condition.
Pyser-SGI (Asia) Pte Ltd leading manufacturer
and supplier of
PT. SOG Indonesia armored combat Poongsan Corporation
Bringing their patented twin hemisphere cushioning vehicles and weapon
technology from the athletic field to the battlefield, SkyDex systems. FNSS is a
reduces the negative effects that impact, vibration and sound Turkish based joint
have on the human body. SkyDex materials has been proven PT. SOG Indonesia venture company Poongsan's munitions
to outperform and significantly outlast foams, gels and other between Nurol have higly competitive
products, while at the same time, requires less space than Group of Turkey and BAE Systems Land and Armaments. quality, price and delivery,
traditional methods. As a private company, FNSS continues the costumer service thanks to the Company's
SkyDex products include ballistic helmet upgrade kit, knee PNP-MT. The world’s smallest and lightest thermal imaging which gained its excellent reputation for affordable, medium fully integrated production
and elbow pads, seat cushions, boat decking systems, and monocular that can be handheld, head mounted and helmet weight, high quality tracked and wheeled Armored Combat line from raw materials to
many other applications. mounted that gives you a 7 hours continuous operation. Vehicles and Weapons Stations. finished goods.
LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd. PT. Wahgo International Corporation PT. Fajar Mas Murni Armstechno PT. INKA
PT. Wahgo International is a specialist in Military Hardware, PT. Fajar Mas Murni is selling Unmanned Aerial As one of the regions
Aviation Equipment, Military & Civillian Radars Systems and products manufactured by: Vehicle NITI UAV – leading car builder, INKA
Telecommunication Equipment to the Indonesian Armed • Stahlwille – Germany Sustenance of has accumulated a
Chiron is a Man-Portable Forces and the Indonesian wealth of industrial
Hand tools, Tools constant UAV
surface to air missile. With Police. Box/Cabinet, Torque transformations,
state-of-the art technology, altitude and
In addition to many products Wahgo Wrench, Impact Socket, airspeed, GPS experience and
Chiron will dramatically Special Automotive & expertise. This
enhance customers' close is the Sole Agent for Kenwood navigation along
Communications. Introducing the: Aircraft Tools, Aeronautical waypoints entered experience and
& low altitude air defense Tools. All with life time expertise in railway
against aircrafts and “New Digital Kenwood Nexedge in advance; 1000
Radio Telecommunication with warranty. programmable rolling stock combined
helicopters. • Ingersoll-Rand Company with overseas technical
the latest technology.” waypoints of command; complete integration: all airframe
Industrial Solutions – USA stabilization sensors are installed on the same printed circuit co operation, quality
In addition to many products Wahgo - Pneumatic Tools : Air board; available flight models: manual, automatic and management system, and intensive product development
is the Sole Agent for Barrett Motor, Air Starter, Air Nutrunners, Impact Tools. Grinder, is intended to meet the customer satisfaction. INKA is bringing
Hanwha Corporation Communications. Introducing the “ New
Fully Immersible Manpack PRC-2090
Drill, Screw Driver, Angle Wrench, Sump Pump, Paving a wide range of custom-designed as well as market-oriented
Breaker, Jack Hammer, Digger, Scaler, Chipping standard products into step with the demands of railway
with Full ECCM Features.” Hammer modernization.
- Material Handling Equipment : Manual Hoist, Electric PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero)
Hoist, Air hoist, Hydraulic Hoist, Electric Winch, Air
Winch, Hydraulic Winch, Gas Winch
PT. Barata Indonesia
PT. LEN Industri (Persero)
- Aro Pneumatic Pump: Diaphragm Pump, Lubrication
Pump (Persero) is a strategic
State Owned Company PT. LEN INDSUTRI
PT. Indopelita Aircraft Services with line of business in (Persero), commonly
Originally designed for PT. Lundin Industry Invest EPC Project (Port known as LEN,
standard of firepower support
for infantry regiment, the
(North Sea Boats) Handling Equipment,
Sugar Plant & Crude
specializing in
electronics for industry
70mm MLRS is mid-size with Palm Oil Plant, Airport and infrastructure,
light weight to perform higher Utilities, Power Plants), operates in lines of
mobility. Manufacturing of broadcasting,
Industrial Equipment (Oil information
& Gas Industry, Road technology, signaling,
Aircraft Maintenance & Overhaul Services. defence electronics,
Building Equipments,
SanCheong Co., Ltd. Hydro Mechanical, Agro energy, power electronics, and navigation system.
Bumar Sp. z o.o. Manufacturer of High Speed Military, Patrol, Policy and Search Industry, Process Industry, Steel Const & Foundry (Rolling
SanCheong has designed, and Rescue Craft. Built In High Tech Composite, and Stocks, Cement Industry, Mining Industry, Automotive Parts PT. PAL Indonesia
manufactured and supplied Incorporating Cutting Designs. & components, Chemical Industry, Shipping Industry). We
Observation and Warning have 7 workshop throughout Indonesia and holding ISO
specialised respirators. In Land Radar (OWL) is
addition to respirators for 9001 : 2000 / SIN 19-9001-2001 certificate & ASME – U Design and
the military, CBRN protective
Portable Radar Designed Trade & Investment Promotion Stamp. construction of Naval
to detect and acquire
masks are also moving objects in any area Section, Embassy of Poland Ship and Merchant
manufactured for the under surveillance. Its light ship, shore side steel
military, police and other height and portability make Rohde & Schwarz structure, offshore
rigs, Diesel engines,
members of the emergency it an ideal solution for a
services, as well as Self- wide range or static and Large power
Contained Breathing Secure communications generation facilities
mobile protection roles To ensure the rapid coordination
Apparatus (SCBA) for fire operating modes include : Government and chemical plant.
of civil, governmental, and military
services. - Full 3600 Rotational Office forces in times of crisis, Rohde
Azimuth Search & Schwarz supplies powerful, Repair and Maintenance of any kind of ships up to over
- Selected Azimuth sector search interoperable communications houl of sub-marine.
- Non-Rotational Fixed Azimuth Sector Watch. systems.
Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd. Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A. Our secure communications PT. Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari
Tanfoglio Indonesia FAST PATROL CRAFT
• Integrated communications
systems for the following Our Shipyard &
NS-935 TYPE – Civil and military air traffic Engineering is one of
From Sport Pistol, control (ATC) the long - established
personal defence • Fast patrol craft – Army/Navy/Air force shipyards in South
weapon to Military and • Twin screw , single • Encryption technology East Asia, Provideing
Police pistols, Tanfoglio deck • TETRA mobile radio systems total 'one-stop' service
of Italy have succeeded • Two level in ship repair, ship
to offer a large variety superstructure Radiomonitoring and radiolocation
Rohde & Schwarz develops and produces stationary and mobile conversion &
of pistol models and • Three 12,7 mm refurbishment, ship
The Black Fox(6*6) Armored Wheeled Vehicle Makes it design to meet a very Machine Guns systems for detecting, locating, and analyzing
radiocommunications signals. building, offshore
possible to design vehicles featuring high tactical mobility specialized and structure repair and
and incorporating the same production and armament as demanding sport and Role of ship: Our radiomonitoring and radiolocation portfolio:
- Protection of territorial waters zone; • Radio intelligence systems auxiliary marine engineering & manufacturing. We offer
tracked vehicles. defence market. • Spectrum monitoring systems competitive price on marine services and marine infrastructure
- Anti-smuggling and customs operations; • Signal analysis systems
- Surveillance of Exclusiv Economic Zone; & support to a worldwide clientele, and we maintain high
PT. Dirgantara Indonesia - Escort duties.
• Receivers standards of quality and reliability.
EO System Co., Ltd. • Direction finders
• Antennas
CN235 - 220 MARITIME PATROL AIRCRAFT “PZL – Wroclaw” Sp. z.o.o. PT. Krakatau Steel
The best electro- Mission :
optical specialized - Prevention of ADPR Consult (M) Sdn Bhd We are the part of the
company creating for Manufacturer of responsible members
Smuggling, Aviation Special
the future value, EO Terrorism and of global committed to
Elements & Power We publish the provide steel and steel
System. Piracy Asian Defence &
Hydraulic Systems, Air related products with
- Fisheries Fuel Systems, Diplomacy
Protection holistic approach
Components & (AD&D) and Asian producing industry and
- Exploration and Systems of Industrial Airlines &
Exploitation Control infrastructure solutions
Tedopres Asia Pte Ltd Power Hydraulic. Aerospace for the prosperity of
- Resource Control (AA&A)
- Pollution Control and Monitoring society.
magazines. We
- Marine Traffic Policing Cenzin Co. Ltd are also the
- Search and Resque Official Show Daily for IndoDefence & Aerospace 2008! ACS - PT. Dirgantara Indonesia
- Navigation Aids
- Export/import of
military equipment Direktorat Aircraft Services (ACS) adalah bagian dari PT.
Composites Technology Research and service. Institute of Metal Sciences Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) yang menyediakan produk dan
jasa :
Tedopres Asia specializes in all aspects of creating and Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) - Overhaul & - Maintenance, Repair dan Overhaul (CASR 145 MRO)
managing technical documentation, including : Technical modernisation of Pesawat /
Writing, Software Development, Technical Translation, ASD military equipment. Helicopter
Simplified Technical English, Technical Illustration and Unmanned Aerial - Technical - Modification &
Animation. System, namely the Assistance and Alteration (CASR 21
ALUDRA is training of Modification)
constructed from specialists. - Distributor produk
advanced - Consulting services, research and development works. Aeronautical (CASR
Altrus Pte Ltd aerospace 57 Contracted
composites logistic Support &
materials and is WSK “PZL – Kalisz” S.A. Distribution Center)
remotely controlled
from GCS. The Manufacturer of High Protection of harbours against Kapabilitas :
aircraft transmits real-time video imagery to the ground Pressure Engine Parts, terrorist attacks 1. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul-Aircraft (MRO-A)
station and can be programmed for autonomous flight. It is - Boeing 737-Series; MD80-Series; ATR42; AN 140; Fokker
Oil Pumps, Gears, 27/28/50/70/100; C130; Dash-7/-8; DHC-3/-6-/-9; Airbus320,
deployable and recoverable from any unprepared runway Aircraft Screw Gears, etc
of grass of gravel. Also suitable for commercial applications. Turbo Charges, Push EADS - Bell 205; Bell 206; Bell 407; Bell 430; Bell 427; EC 120;
Rods, Pump Housings, EC 135; Silkorsky 76; Mi17; Agusta etc
bringing also service &
Altrus supplies & maintains various security & safety equipment GMF AeroAsia renovation. EADS is a
2. Maintenace, Repair & Overhaul-Component (MRO-C)
from world-renown manufacturers for the military, law enforcement global leader in
and civil defense organizations. *AEI Sho[ : Avionics & Radio, Instrument, Electrical, Harness
aerospace, * MLS (Mechanical Lifting System) Shops: Dynamic
defence and Component, Hydro Mechanics Test Bench, Accessories
PEARSON ENGINEERING: Radmor S.A. related * Interior Component Shop
Full Width and Surface Mine ploughs, Minefield Markers,
Countermine/Counter IED Rollers and Magnetic Signature services. In * NDT Shop
Duplicator, Dozer Blades, Rapid Ordnance Removal, Remote 2007, EADS
We are Maintenance Repair & Overhaul ( MRO ) services: Manufacturer of generated
Control Systems, Gap Crossing Facines
- Base Maintenance Radio – revenues of € PT. Aviator Teknologi Indonesia
- Line Maintenance Communication 39.1 billion and employed a workforce of about 116,000.
Interference-Free Covert communications, Tactical In-ear - Engine Maintenance Equipment, The Group includes the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the
including Aviator Teknologi
Boomless Headset, and Dynamic Protective Communication - Component Maintenance world's largest helicopter supplier Eurocopter and EADS Indonesia focus in
Devices - Engineering Services Transmitter- Astrium, the European leader in space programmes from
Receivers for Armed design, manufacture
- Trade & Asset Management Ariane to Galileo. Its Defence & Security Division is a provider and marketing of
SIM SECURITY & ELECTRONIC SYSTEM: Forces. of comprehensive systems solutions and makes EADS the Unmanned Aerial
Digital COFDM video / audio transmission and recording systems major partner in the Eurofighter consortium as well as a Vehicle System, which
Interception and monitoring, Counter Surveillance, GSM BRIDEX 2009 stakeholder in the missile systems provider MBDA. EADS is include Avionics
encryptors PZL Swidnik S.A. also develops the A400M through its Military Transport System, Flight Control
ODF OPTRONICS: Aircraft Division. System, Payload
Mini Robot Wireless 360o Video Surveillance Systems System and Ground Control System. Our range now from
PZL W-3A Backpack UAV, Small UAV, Tactical UAv and Target Drones.
(Seating 2 + 12, Kazan Helicopters
Bharat Electronics Limited Twin-Engine, Foster & Freeman Ltd
MTOW 6400Kg. “Kazan Helicopters”
Battle Field Brunei International Defence Exhibition Type certificate is one of the largest Foster & Freeman
Surveillance Radar- according to helicopter producers Ltd develop and
Short Range ( FAR 29). of the world. manufacture a wide
BFSR-SR) PT. PINDAD (Persero) Company has been range of scientific
BFSR-SR is a light PT. Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex) producing instruments for police
weight, tripod helicopters since and forensic science
mounted, man 1951 and supplies laboratories.
portable radar for helicopters for Products are designed to detect evidence at scenes-of-
use in the Forward export since 1956. crime and in the laboratory, improve the quality of evidence
Edge of Battle Area “Kazan Helicopters” is a manufacturer of widely known Mi- and raise laboratory efficiency.
(FEBA) to detect 8/Mi-17 helicopter family that have gained an excellent
and track ground surface targets. It will detect, track and reputation during operation in more than 80 countries all Our technology is used by major police and forensic science
help identify a single man or group of men, who may be over the world. Due to the successful flying characteristics laboratories throughout the world as well as by customs &
crawling, walking or running. It will also detect and aid in they became a base model for a wide range of modifications. excise,immigration authorities, lottery companies, banknote
classifying moving light vehicles of B-Category like jeeps or Weapons: assault Rifle SS1, SS2, Sniper Rifle, Pistols, “Kazan Helicopters” have on the production line new light printers, insurance companies, loss adjusters, accident
jongas, moving heavy vehicles like tanks and ICVs. The Revolvers, Anti Riot Gun, Grenade Launcher. The Biggest Qualified and Certified Military & Police Uniform “Ansat” helicopter of its own design. Ultra light <<Aktai>> investigators, private laboratories, university departments
maximum detection range of the Radar is around 15 Kms. Ammunitions: Cal. 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm, 12.7 mm Manufacturer in South East Asia helicopter and medium Mi-38 are in development. and national libraries.
See These World Class Companies
Abeking & Rasmussen Schiffs- Und Grapogave Pyser-SGI Ltd
Yachtwerft GmbH & Co. KG Hanwha Corporation PZL-Swidnik S.A.
Abezeta S.A. Hanwha Corporation Jakarta PZL-Wroclaw SP. Z.o.o.
ACI Representative Office RA Intervestnik
Bitova Electronika AD PT. Intisar Primula Trijicon Inc. ACS - PT. DI (Directorate Of Aircraft Helizona Group Radmor S.A.
Services - PT. Dirgantara Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Radyne
Indonesia) Honor Union Raymarine Asia Pty. Ltd.
PT. Intisar Primula has Trijicon ACOG® Aditech Matra, PT Hosion Sejati, PT Raytheon Anschuetz GmbH
been a system model TA31DOC ADPR Hyundai Rotem Company RCS-Solusi 247
integrator in time The TA31DOC Aero Nusantara Indonesia, PT IAMSA Rekatama Putra Gegana, PT
attendance and access Aero Vodochody Imtech Marine & Offshore Rekayasa Teknologi Indonesia, PT
control since 1985. combines the
Aeroflex Indo Aero Semesta, PT Remsco Inc
Initially PT. Intisar technology of the battle- Aeromedia Publishing House Indo Avis Nusantara Rheinmetall AG. Corporate Sector
Primula imports all of tested Trijicon ACOG Agency for The Assessment and Indo Pelita Aircraft Services Defence
Ground mobile IFF its hardware from the (4x32) gun sight with the Application of Technology Indo-Global International Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH
system BT-1 USA, Europe and Docter Optic Red Dot sight. (BPPT) Indonesian Air Forces Richardson Electronics Pte Ltd
various Asian countries, This model is an internally Aimpoint Indonesian Armed Forces Ristek
marketing them in its proprietary brand name, CARDNETIC. adjustable telescopic sight Airborne System Global Indonesian Army RJE
PT. SAS Internasional powered by Trijicon’s Algasco, PT
Altrus Pte Ltd
Indonesian Navy
Indonesian Police
Road Track, PT
Robinson Helicopters
PT. Intisar Primula also provides other kinds of access control patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology. It’s dual-
devices, such as Queuing System, Hotel Locking System, American Technologies Indopelita Aircraft Services Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
illuminated reticle is designed to hold zero under the most Ampuh Jaya Wicaksana, PT Industri Kapal Indonesia Rohde & Schwarz Indonesia, PT
Intelligent Locking System, Security Guard Tour & Monitoring extreme conditions and present a bright aiming point in all AnaCom Industri Kereta Api, PT Rosoboronexport
System, ID Card Printer, ID & Membership Cards, Elevator lighting conditions - providing excellent long-range precision Angkasa Magazine Industrial Nuclear Co., Inc. Royal Brunei Technical Services
Access System, Copier Tracking System, Surveillance System targeting or even faster short range target selection using AOR, Ltd. Infranet Indonesia, PT Ryca Pte Ltd
DURA-BASE and System Integration. Aqualung Ingersol-Rand SAAB Bofors Dynamics
the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC)
COMPOSITE MAT Armada Institute of Metal Sciences Saab Grintek Communications
SYSTEM: Armstechno Integrated Samel-90 Plc
To better respond to PT. Boma Bisma Indra (Persero) Trijicon ACOG® TA33
This new 3x30mm model is designed for law enforcement
Aselsan, A.S. Intervestnik Publishing House SanCheong Co., Ltd.
conflicts of the future, Asian Defence & Diplomacy Inti, PT Sapura Thales Electronics
today's Military must be and military applications – where the combination of ample Asian Military Review Intisar Primula, PT SAS Internasional, PT
prepared to deal with adverse terrain conditions. magnification, low light capability and long eye relief make Atikan Indo Angkasa, PT Intron Plus Ltd SBU-Merpati Maintenance Facility
DURA-BASE Composite Mat Systems succesfully address the the TA33 the Trijicon ACOG of choice. This rugged, Atlas Elektronik GmbH IPTN North America, Inc. Schelde Naval Shipbuilding
following major Strategic Concerns: dependable aiming system is available with Bullet Drop ATR IRKUT Corporation Schelde Naval Shipbuilding
Aviansia, PT Italiano Ponti Radio Indonesia
1. Rapid Delpoyment Compensated (BDC) reticles calibrated to the trajectory of Aviation & Radio Electronics Capital ITB - Institut Teknologi Bandung Sea & Land Technologies Pte Ltd
2. Platforms for landing and staging aviation assets the .223 and .308 cartridges and provides precision aiming Group ITS - Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Severnoye Design Bureau Joint
3. Adverse ground conditions for military ground based vehicles. for targets out to 600 meters. Aviator Teknologi Indonesia, PT Nopember Stock Company
DURA-BASE provides the comprehensive solution to your Avindo Services, PT ITT SHP Publishing (ADJ)
military's need to Act Quickly and Decisively, anywhere & anytime. Avtek Trans Utama, PT JAS-Aero Engineering Services, PT Sigar Dirgajaya Utama, PT
IPNAS Bagas Nusantara Putra, PT
Barata Indonesia, PT
JRC Co. Ltd.
SIM Security & Electronic System
Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Barrett Communication
BDL Systems Limited
Kadomas Avindotama, PT
Kalimasada Pusaka, PT
Singapore Technologie Kinetics
Nasional (LAPAN) PT. Surya Kepanjen Becker Avionic Systems Kandiyasa Dirgatama, PT Sioen Indonesia, PT
Bharat Electronics Katadyn Products Inc. Sirchie Fingerprints Laboratories
Bharat Electronics Limited Kawan Lama Sejahtera, PT SkyDex Technologies, Inc.
Bitova Electronika AD Kazan Helicopters Skywave Mobile Communication
PT. Surya Kepanjen has Boma Bisma Indra (Persero), PT. Kenwood Radio Communication SOE “CDB ME “Rubin”
already been established Bosch Rexroth B.V. KIA Motors Corporation SOG Indonesia, PT
Roket : since 1979 with focus solely Boustead King’s Safetywear, PT Soon Lian Hardware
1. RSB-70 MN on military industry business BPPT KNT Engineering Special Material, Ltd
2. RPS sector. Well experience in BrahMos Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Spectroline
3. RUM-70 acting as representative of
many prominent military
Rosoboronexport BrahMos Aerospace
Bridex 2009
Production Association
Korea Aerospace Industries. Ltd
Spectrum Medical System
4. WINDTUNNEL Buffers Marine Korea Defence Industry Association Stahlwille (PT. Fajar Mas Murni)
5. PROPELAN equipment manufacturers Bumar sp. z o.o. (KDIA) Stahlwille (Helizona Group)
6. UAV-530 around the globe, PT. Surya Burlington Krakatau Steel, PT Standard Comm., Pty. Ltd.
Kepanjen has proved its C C O Creative Consulting GmbH Kresna Adikarsa, PT STANGLE Funktechnik GmbH
capabilities to support Carmanah Technologies Corp Kuantan Utama, PT STPI - Sekolah Tinggi Penerbang
Indonesian Armed Forces to Cavalo Bravo Kyodo Indonesia
IAMSA (Indonesian Aircraft achieve their main goal as Cenzin Co. Ltd Lab Electronics STT Group
Maintenance Shop Association) defence force of republic of Indonesia. PT. Surya Kepanjen Cipta Mitra Serasi, PT
Cipta Taruna, PT
Lektro (Towing Tractor)
STTAL - Sekolah Tinggi
Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company
also involves in many local production project with Commando Magazine Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
Government owned defence manufacturers. ComNet Hamburg GmbH Indonesia Sukhoi Design Bureau
Composites Technology Research LEN Industri, PT Suman
Malaysia Sdn Bhd (CTRM) LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd. Surya Kencana Dirgantara, PT
Imtech Marine & Offshore B.V. Lima Aerospace Surya Kepanjen, PT
Concern Gidropribor OJSC Lundin Industry Invest, PT (North Suryadarma
Imtech Marine &
Dok dan Perkapalan Surabaya Cyalume Technologies, Inc.
Daewoo International
Sea Boats)
Suzuki Marine Engines
Swiss Pro
Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Modification Services
Offshore specialises in Daewoo Precision Industries Magnum Boots T & T Noricum
design, engineering, Dahana, PT (Persero) MAK Controls and Systems (P) Ltd Tanfoglio
supply of electrical, Defels KO Malaysian Defence Industry Council Tanfoglio Indonesia
Abeking & Rasmussen Schiffs- Und mechanical, Departemen Kebudayaan & (MDIC) Tecnam
Yachtwerft GmbH & Co. KG automation, navigation Pariwisata
Depo Pemeliharaan 10
MAN Diesel
Mariah Hovercraft Pte Ltd
Tedopres Asia Pte Ltd
Teijin Aramid
and communication
Depo Pemeliharaan 30 MarineForce International LLP (MFI) Teledyne RD Instruments
systems to the marine Diab MarineSoft Tempur
66m Offshore Patrol Vessel industry worldwide. We Dicom Marktec Corporation Tessim Putra Persada, PT
have been engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing Direktorat Aircraft Services-PT.DI Mastsystem Int’l Oy Textron System
• Dedicated for all equipment, machinery and complete systems on board vessels Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), PT MBDA Thales
missions in
offshore waters
since 1860. As a total capability system integrator, we take the
complete technical and financial responsibility for the electrical,
MS Technology Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari,
MDS Nordion S.A.
Mobat, Ltd. (MICOM)
Thales e-Security
Thales International Indonesia
• Light weight automation and HVAC systems onboard our Customer’s ships. Dok & Perkapalan Surabaya, PT Monch Publishing Group The Netherland Ministry of Defence
construction Imtech combines own products with third party equipment to Domnick Hunter Moonraker, Pty. Ltd. The Netherland Ministry of
• Optimized meet the Customer’s specific needs Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd. Motovilikha Plants Corporation Economic Affairs (CMP)
seakeeping DSA Exhibition MPS The Netherlands Defence
Dunia Saftindo, PT MS Technology Manufacturers Association-NDIV
• Hybrid- RCS-Solusi 247 DuraBase Composite Mat System
MSA Gallet (Military)
Thrane&Thrane - Sailor
Thuraya Satelite Telecommunicatio
Propulsion-System for long range at economical speed MSTech is established with a mission to support Air Operators Dymar Jaya Indonesia, PT Muladatu, PT ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG
INDRA is the first Indonesian in focusing their main business which is the A/C operation E-Z-EM Inc. MultiIntegra, PT ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems
Type of Vessel: 66m Monohull Maritime Radar. It has two it self, and helping them to gain a maximal profit by reducing EADS Namida Utama, PT International Pte. Ltd
Vessel’s Concept: Offshore Patrol Vessel, which is intended series of Radar applications, EADS Defence & Security Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A. Tisas - Trabzon Gun Industry
their MRO expenses. EADS Indonesia NEC - Avio Transas
for fulfilment of missions of coastguard, customs departments, namely: EADS MTA Night Vision Technologies Transas Telematics
fishery protection and any other mission in offshore waters. - INDRA-MX is a Marine In very close cooperation with well established manufacturers, Ebinger Noptel Oy Transtrade International
Radar System for ships of MSTech is able to support customers' requirements in repair Embassy of Poland-Trade & Nusantara Turbin & Propulsi, PT Tribuana Aerospace, PT
any size and category and overhaul services from Rotables, Airframe up to Engines, Investment Promotion Section Nusayasa Citra Dirgatama, PT Trijicon Inc
Bosch Rexroth B.V. - INDRA-CX is a Coastal and various services such as: Engineering Consultant, ODF Optronics Ltd Trilogy Communications
Radar System for maritime Enggal Makmur Abadhi, PT Olympus Corporation Tubular Products
Inventory and Maintenance Management, Spares Supply EO System Co., Ltd Omega Aquatics UGM - Universitas Gadjah Mada
traffic monitoring and Aviation/General Information Technology Eotech OMSK Manufacturing Association Ultra Electronics TCs
EUROCOPTER Named After A.S. Popov UPN - Universitas Pambangunan
Eventide Open Joint Stock Company, Omsk Nasional "Veteran" Jakarta
Rheinmetall AG, Corporate Sector Tempur Armada Eye Safety Systems, Inc. Production Association «Radio Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant
Defence Fajar Mas Murni, PT
Manufacturing Plant Named
After A.S. Popov» (RELERO)
VA Equipment
Fista Bahari Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) Vectronix AG
Flir Pacific Aman Garda, PT Veles Enterprises
The Drive & Control FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. Pacific Aviation VertexRSI
Company Forensic Technology WAI Inc PAL Indonesia, PT Victorinox
Foster & Freeman Ltd Palawira, PT Visicom Citra Perkasa, PT.
Rheinmetall Defence FSUE “Admiralty Shipyards“ Panorama Timur Jaya, PT Wahana Sarana Baladika, PT
supplies complete FSUE “Mechanical Engineering Pearson Engineering Ltd Wahgo International Corporation,
Research Institute” Petzl PT
Soon Lian Hardware (Pte) Ltd mobile and stationary FSUE “State Moscow Plant” Salyut” Phonak Communication AG Wellracom Group
short-range air defence FXC Corporation PINDAD (Persero), PT Willing
systems, both gun- and missile-based, including the Galileo Avionica Planmeca Winradio Comm., Pty. Ltd.
Soon Lian Hardware
(Pte) Ltd is a necessary radar and network technology and state-of-the- Gapura Angkasa, PT Polytech (Canora) WSK “PZL-Kalisz” S.A.
art ahead ammunition. The Skyhield 35 Ahead air defence GE Sensing & Inspection Poongsan Corporation Xenonics
Singapore-based technologies Power Force Technologies Pte Ltd Xinfa Airport Equipment Ltd
company and a system combines advanced technology and exceptional
firepower to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of low- Gecko Helmets Prakora Daya Mandiri, PT Yeonhab Precision Co.,Ltd.
leading stockist and
supplier of aluminium altitude air defence Aeromedia Publishing House GH. International
Global Security Technology
Pratita Prama Nugraha, PT
Prawira Indodharma, PT

alloy products and Glowtrade PsionTeklogix

services to industries GMF Aeroasia Putra Elang Angkasaraya, PT as at 10 October 2008
such as automation, SHP Media Sdn Bhd GMP Pyser-SGI (Asia) Pte Ltd
precision engineering, mold and die, tooling and many others.
Soon Lian provides an ever-expanding range of quality
aluminium and high precision alloy products with excellent BDL Systems Ltd Global Security Technology
machinability, weldability and high strength for versatility with
a wide range of applications and end uses.

* Aluminium alloy extrusions -

Flat/Angle/Hex/T-Bar, Round/Square Bar,
Round/Square/Rectangular Tube, U-Channel
* Aluminium alloy sheets/plates –
5052, 5083, 6061, 2024, 7075, QC-7, Fortal
* Aluminium precision machined cast plates - Kanwa
MIC-6 and Alca Plus Plate Defence Publication Personal Protection, Armour, EOD / IEDD, CBRN, Remotely
* Aluminium high-precision alloy plate – Hard Wire and Radio Controlled and Time Delay Initiators Operated Vehicles, Electronic Surveillance and Counter-
Kobelco Alsoran, Aljade and Alhighce Plate providing safe, Rewable and Cost Effective System for the Surveillance Equipement
Asian Military Review Initiation of Explosives, Pyrotechnics and other Electro-
Explosive Devices.
PT. Fista Bahari Internusa ASIA PACIFIC’S LARGEST Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia
Asian Military Review is
ABC audited publication,
Perdagangan besar untuk read & discussed by key
peralatan olah raga air, kapal decision makers & advisors
laut & suku cadangnya. to Asia Pacific militaries.
Published since 1993 it’s
widely recognised as Mönch Publishing Group
TISAS - Trabzon Gun Industry Corp.
authoritative provider of
unbiased & objective
PT. Kresna Adikarsa
information to Asian military.
Editorial content comprises capability analysis, special
reports & relevant news coverage from the region.
AMR provides information, opinion & facts allowing military Intervestnik Publishing House
Manufacturer of small firearms professionals to track & understand defence developments
in 9x19mm, 7,65mm, worldwide, concerning equipment, training, organisation &
doctrine issues. The magazine is a proven source keeping Autopilot PT500 Echo Sounder JFE 680 JMA-5300 Mk2
9,17mm, 45 cal and 40 cal.
military professionals up to date on national & international Navigation and Telecommunication, as an agent for JRC
defence & security issues. Co.Ltd



Exit and
Entrace Gate











OD 12









Venue Time Topic Speaker Company Contact Person
THEATRE 1 13:00–13:45 Telescopic Mast Technology Mr. Markku Vuorinen MASTSYSTEM INT´L OY Ms. Johanna Sinkkonen,
Tel:+358-13 737 7111, Fax :+358-13 737 7113
14:00–14:45 Non-Lethal In Action Mr. Tilo Kahl PACIFIC AMAN GARDA, PT Ms. Leslie Huang,

19 NOVEMBER 2008
Tel:+62-21 2555 6793-5, Fax:+62-21 2555 6732
15:00–15:45 Let Night Be Light With TARSIUS 16 Night Vision Monocular Mr. Hans-Peter Kobelt VECTRONIX AG Ms. Corinne Seitz,
Tel:+41-71 726 7200, Fax:+41-71 726 7201
16:00–16:45 Radar Pengawas Pantai Untuk Mendukung Dr. Mashury Wahab LEMBAGA ILMU PENGETAHUAN Mr. Munandar
Penegakan Kedaulatan Wilayah Perairan NKRI INDONESIA (LIPI) Tel. +62-21 522 1683, Fax.:+62-21 522 1683
THEATRE 2 13:00–13:45 Marksmanship Training System For Military Use Mr. Matti Tervaskanto NOPTEL OY Mr. Matti Tervaskanto,
Tel:+358-8 551 4351, Fax:+358-8 556 4101
14:00–14:45 Introduction of Hanwha Products and Promotion Duk Hoon Sung HANWHA CORPORATION, Sung Duk Hoon
Projects With Indonesian MND Currently Tel.:+82-2 729 3586, Fax.: +82-2 3406 5288
15:00–15:45 Poongsan’s Products Gwang Mook Kim POONGSAN CORPORATION Kim, Dae Hwan
Tel : +82-2 3406 5288, Fax : +82-2 3406 5288
16:00–16:45 INDRA : The Indonesian Maritime Radar Mr. A. Andaya Lestari, PhD RCS-SOLUSI 247 Ms. Luluk / Ms. Ayu
Tel : +62-21 5795 1133, Fax : +62-21 5795 1138

THEATRE 1 11:00–11:45 “Fountain” The Blast Inhibitor Mr. Andrei Diatlov PACIFIC AMAN GARDA, PT Ms. Leslie Huang,
Tel: +62-21 2555 6793-5, Fax : +62-21 2555 6732
13:00–13:45 To Be Advised To Be Advised AVIATOR TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA Mr. Adhrian

20 NOVEMBER 2008
Tel: +62-21 526 9640, Fax: +62-21 526 9640
14:00–14:45 Simulation System & Shore Based System Mr. Wahyudi, PT. MULTIINTEGRA Mr. Mursid,
Mr. Anton Ponawan Tel : +62-21 470 5108 ,Fax : +62-21 470 5126
15:00–15:45 Staging Platforms For All Terrain Conditions – Durabase & Bravo Systems Mr. Kyle Larson PT. SAS INTERNASIONAL Mr. Royke / Mr. Agus
Tel : +62-21 534 7880, Fax : +62-21 534 7852
THEATRE 2 11:00–11:45 FNSS Armored Combat Vehicles Mr. A. Michael Prebble FNSS SAVUNMA SISTEMLERI A.S. Mr. Cem Altinisik,
Tel: +90-312 497 4466, Fax : +90-312 497 4301
13:00–13:45 Marksmanship Training System For Military Use Mr. Matti Tervaskanto NOPTEL OY Mr. Matti Tervaskanto,
Tel: +358-8 551 4351, Fax : +358-8 556 4101
14:00–14:45 Safe Drinking Water For Troops, Disaster Relief & Mr. Marco Preisig KATADYN Mr. Yoseph,
Emergency Preparedness Tel: +62-21 582 8282, Fax : +62-21 582 6688
15:00–15:45 Military Respiratory Protection System Mr. Chris Byungwook Kim SANCHEONG CO., LTD. Kim, Hee Gon
Tel: +82-31 321 4077, Fax: +62-31 321 4088
16:00–16:45 INDRA : The Indonesian Maritime Radar Mr. A. Andaya Lestari, PhD RCS-SOLUSI 247 Ms. Luluk / Ms. Ayu
Tel : +62-21 5795 1133, Fax : +62-21 5795 1138

THEATRE 1 11:00–11:45 New Development In The Field Of Portable Radars Mr. Ashish Kansal BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD Mr. Ashish Kansal
Tel : +91-80 2503 9288, Fax : +91-80 2503 9286

21 NOVEMBER 2008
13:00–13:45 Under Water Weapon System Mr. Agus Eddy P. - Mr. Kai Pelzer PT.DI - ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GMBH Mr. Aries Wahyu K
Tel: +62-22 605 4774, Fax: +62-22 600 2576
14:00–14:45 Under Water Weapon System Mr. Agus Eddy P - Mr. Kai Pelzer PT.DI - ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GMBH Mr. Aries Wahyu K
Tel: +62-22 605 4774, Fax: +62-22 600 2576
15:00–15:45 Under Water Weapon System Mr. Agus Eddy P - Mr. Kai Pelzer PT.DI - ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GMBH Mr. Aries Wahyu K
Tel: +62-22 605 4774, Fax: +62-22 600 2576
THEATRE 2 11:00–11:45 Simple And Clear Documentation: Simplified Dr. Frans Wijma TEDOPRES ASIA PTE LTD Ms. Shumin Chen,
Technical English Tel : +65 9668 6311, Fax : +65 6491 5647
13:00–13:45 Introduction Of Seoul International Aerospace and Ms. Gihyun (Jamie) Woo KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY Ms. Jamie Woo,
Defense Exhibition 2009 ASSOCIATION Tel : +82-2 3270 6057, Fax : +82-2 716 1132

Admission to these seminars are free of charge. Please register with individual companies listed. Seats are alocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Official Hotel Supporting Hotel 2008 GOLF TOURNAMENT
Golfers at the IDA 2008 Golf Tournament will tee off on
22 November 2008 for an opportunity to network with
industry captains. Exclusive for exhibitors and guests are
Gran Meliá Jakarta due to limited flights available for registration, maximum
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. X - O, Kuningan JAKARTA MIDPLAZA The Sultan Hotel Jakarta 150 players. First come first serve basis only, so register
Jakarta 12950 Indonesia Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 10-11 Jl. Gatot Subroto P.O BOX 3315 now. Hosted by Department of Defence, organised by PT
Tel: (62-21) 526 8080 Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia Jakarta 10002 Napindo Media Ashatama, and managed by Air Power
Fax: (62-21) 526 8181 Tel: (62-21) 2510888 Tel: (62-21) 570 3600 Centre of Indonesia (APCI).
e-mail: Fax: (62-21) 2511777 Fax: (62-21) 573 3089
Website: Contact Ms. Henny or Ms. Ina
Tel: (62-21) 8016941
Fax: (62-21) 8019289

Tower A - Lower Ground, Venue: Sentul Highlands Golf Course - Bogor

Komplek Apartemen Taman Rasuna Tee off time: 6.30 am, shot gun
Jl. HR Rasuna Said - Jakarta 12960 Participation cost: Rp. 3.500.000,- (US$ 390) per person include: breakfast, lunch, &
Tel: (62-21) 8370 5555, 939 1000 souvenirs.
Fax: (62-21) - 939 2616


Indo Defence 2008 Indo Aerospace 2008
Building State’s Defence by Improving Technology Capabilities and Defence Industries Building the Role of Air Transportation by Improving Security, Safety, Pleasantness
and First Quality Flight Services.
Harnessing Defence Technology Capabilities SEMINAR THEME
Improving the Role of Current National Air Transportation
THURSDAY, 20 November 2008,
Executive Club PERSADA, Halim Perdana Kusuma JAKARTA
THURSDAY, 20 November 2008,
PROGRAM SCHEDULE Executive Club PERSADA, Halim Perdana Kusuma JAKARTA
08.00 – 09.00 : Registration PROGRAM SCHEDULE
09.00 – 09.05 : Seminar Preparation Report by the Chairman of the Seminar Committee
09.05 – 09.10 : Welcome Speech by Chairman of APCI 08.00 – 09.00 : Registration
09.10 – 09.15 : Opening Speech by Commander in Chief of Indonesian National 09.00 – 09.05 : Seminar Preparation Report by The Chairman of Seminar Committee
Defence Forces 09.05 – 09.10 : Welcome Speech by Chairman of APCI
09.15 – 09.30 : Keynote Speech by the Minister of Transportation RI 09.10 – 09.15 : Opening Speech by Commander in Chief of Indonesian National Defence Forces
09.30 – 09.45 : Keynote Speech by the Minister of Defence RI 09.15 – 09.30 : Keynote Speech by Minister of Transportation RI
09.45 – 10.15 : Souvenir Extend, Photo Session, and Break 09.30 – 09.45 : Keynote Speech by Minister of Defence RI
10.15 – 11.30 : “Policy on National Defence Technology” 09.45 – 10.15 : Souvenir Extend, Photo Session and Break
Speakers : 10.15 – 11.30 : “National Air Transportation Policy”
(1) Ministry of State for Research and Technologies Speakers :
(2) Assistance of Planning and Budgeting of the Indonesian National Army (1) Director General for Air Transportation, Department of Transportation.
(3) Assistance of Planning and Budgeting of Indonesian National Navy (2) CEO of PT. Mandala Airlines
(4) Assistance of Planning and Budgeting of Indonesian National Air Force (3) CEO PT. Angkasa Pura – II
(5) Director General for Monitoring Sea Resources Department of Marine (4) CEO GARUDA Maintenance Facilities (GMF)
Affairs and Fisheries (5) Aviation Law Office
Moderator : Dr. Yono Reksoprodjo Moderator : Dr. Ninok Leksono
11.30 – 12.30 : Discussion
11.30 – 12.30 : Discussion 12.30 – 13.30 : Break, Pray and Lunch
12.30 – 13.30 : Break, Pray and Lunch
13.30 – 15.00 : “Air Safety”
13.30 – 15.00 : “State of the Art of National and International Defence Industry” Speakers :
Speakers: (1) Chairman of National Transportation Safety Committee
(1) PT. PAL, PT. PINDAD & PT. DI (2) Director Air Worthiness Certificate
(2) Kazan Helicopters FSUE, Russia & Knapoo (3) ICAO and IATA
(3) BAE & Rolls - Royce (4) Rolls Royce
(4) Ship Industry from Netherlands or Korea (5) INACA
Moderator : Air Vice Marshal (Ret) Ir. Sri Diharto, MSc Moderator : Capt. Syafei
15.00 – 16.00 : Discussion
15.00 – 16.00 : Discussion 16.15 – 16.30 : Closing by the Chairman of APCI
16.15 - 16.30 : Closing by The Chairman of APCI
16.30 : Certificate Distribution ( End of Program ) 16.30 : Certificate Distribution (End of Program)

Organised by: CONTACT APCI Organised by: CONTACT APCI

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