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Vol. 67, No. 3
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March C

Ash Wednesday Dinner & Worship
Wednesday, March 1
5:30 p.m.
Please join us for a light soup supper. We will
fellowship and prepare ourselves for the Easter Interfaith Hope Auction
season as we share a meal and worship together.
Saturday, March 25
5:30 p.m.
Mark your calendar: Interfaith Coalition’s Hope
Celebrating World Water Day Auction happens at Four Points by Sheraton. Whatcom
Sunday, March 19 County’s friendliest fundraiser features fellowship,
11 a.m. inspiration, hope and lively bidding on great auction
World Water Day is held items. Please join us as we continue in our work of
annually on March 22 as transforming struggling lives. You can help in these
a means of focusing ways:
attention on the •Do you have an auction item to donate? A service you
importance of offer, your own artwork, gift certificate, tickets to popular
freshwater and sporting events, vacation home getaway, …let your
advocating for the imagination soar and think of what you might be able to
sustainable management donate, and get in touch with us!
of freshwater resources.
Here at First Christian Church, we have made it a priority •Buy tickets to the auction. Tickets are $55 each,
to help provide clean water for those without, collecting including dinner.
our dollars and our coins in various ways for wells and •Become a business sponsor or ask your favorite
pumps for villages around the world. businesses or employers to support Interfaith with a
This year, on March 19, you are invited to bring the coins/ dedicated donation.
bills you have been saving in your coin jars. We make a difference in the lives of homeless children
• $75 provides a pump for a village well in Mexico and their families. Partner with us by attending Hope
Auction and lifting up our brothers and sisters! Together
• $250 supplies the materials needed for a water source our coalition of diverse congregations makes a
in Sri Lanka difference. To donate an auction item and purchase
• $1,250 brings water to a village in the Democratic tickets please contact Brenda Riseland, our
Republic of Congo congregation’s board member, call Interfaith Coalition at
It may not seem that our coins amount to much as we’re (360) 734-3983, or through the website: www.interfaith-
dropping them into our jars but together, we can make
significant changes in many lives. Thank you for doing
your part!
First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
Shoe’s News
“Interfaith Reconciliation”
495 East Bakerview Road
Bellingham, WA 98226 A few weeks ago, we started something new. To put it into context,
I’m going to quote from my sermon on February 5th… "A few hours after President Trump announced the executive order
Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations, someone set
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) fire to a mosque in Victoria, Texas. It burned to the ground.
A movement for wholeness in a fragmented
A few hours after that, members of the B'Nai Israel temple walked into
world. As part of the one body of Christ, we
welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God
the home of Shahid Hashmi, the cofounder of the Islamic Center and
welcomed us. handed him the keys to the synagogue. Joining them were four
churches who also offered them a place to worship.
All of Us
Ministers That's what it means to be the light, that's what it means to be the
Rev. Gary Shoemaker salt.
Pastor So today, I'm starting a new fund. I'm starting it right now. The mosque in Victoria has already collected enough money from allies
Rev. Tamalyn Kralman around the country to rebuild their mosque. But unfortunately, I know
Director of Ed. & Community Outreach that this won't be the last time. So this fund will build until it is
Courier Editor needed. The funds will be sent to the next mosque that is destroyed
by suspicion and hatred. And then it will start to build again.”
Amelia Nye
The prayer wheel has been placed on the communion table to receive
any contributions you’d like to make towards this fund. You can place
Katie Ramstead, Aneesa Ahad
the gifts in before and after service on Sundays.
Childcare Providers
Rev. Sandy Messick We need to be building bridges of reconciliation and love. I hope you’ll
Regional Minister join me as we support our Muslim sisters and brothers.
Rev. Sharon Watkins Pastor Gary
General Minister and President
Sunday Schedule
9:30 a.m. Sunday School Update Received from Amy’s Place
10:50 a.m. Gathering Time
11 a.m. Worship Dear Amy’s Place Friends:
12:15 p.m. Fellowship Time I am writing this letter to you with great gratitude and great
12:30 p.m. Out-to-Lunch Bunch (4th Sunday)
appreciation for your support and prayers for Amy’s Place over the
2 p.m. Someone Cares! Community Meal
(2nd Sunday)
past 10 years. During that time, Amy’s Place has helped nearly five
Office Hours thousand local children and youth. Please know that without you it
Monday - Friday would have been impossible. It is with sadness in my heart that I am
9 a.m. - noon letting you know Amy’s Place will close on Friday, March 31.
Our staff are in and out of the office throughout the Amy’s Place has always been a program of Old Town Christian
week. Please feel free to stop by during their office
Ministries (OTCM). Even though Amy’s Place will end, OTCM will
hours or make an appointment that fits your schedule.
continue as a faithful 501-3(c) non-profit serving our community as it
Officers has since 1980. I am working on a new program called Community
Renee Hoemann, Moderator Outreach which will be rolled out on its new website soon. This
Don Hoffman, Vice Moderator program is a one-on-one service that connects clients to family/
Cheryl Perry, Treasurer
friends, familiar places and available resources in our community.
Melissa Henderson, Secretary
Once connected, this program will support their participation,
To unsubscribe or go paperless: interaction, and integration into the community.
Contact 360.734.6820, 495 East Bakerview
While I am currently working with four clients with developmental disabilities,
Road, Bellingham, WA 98226, or Continued on page 8

2 March 2017
Thank You Letters

Dear Church Family,
Many thanks for all the love, support, cards and prayers you sent during Bill’s
illness. It was a great comfort and help for both of us!
In love,
Virginia and family

First Christian Church Friends, Dear First Christian Church —
Thank you again and again! Thank you so much for allowing us to use your parking lot on Thursday
Thank you for all you’ve done to mornings for our BSF class (at Bellingham Covenant).
help Amy’s Place over the years. Love,
So very grateful for your prayers The Bible Study Fellowship Administrative Team:
and support. Diane Majori, Kara Boyd, Kristen Lipton, Janet Burt

We want to thank you for your kindness in installing our
cabinets and shelves. You have shown in so many ways
that Christianity means action, not just worlds.
Thank you so much for your generous donation Thanks for all you do.
of $433 to Old Town Christian Ministries during
2016. Your donation was used for operating Don Bayne
expenses for Amy’s Place which provided Cascade Connections
services to vulnerable youth in our community.
Heidi Unick

Dear Friends:
Global Ministries sincerely thanks you for your gift of $100. Gifts
like yours are vital to Global Ministries as we accompany global
Thank you for your generous donation of $100 partners in God’s mission in the world.
to support our work and mission to feed the Global Ministries is excited to envision the possibilities your
hungry in our community. We simply could not continued support represents in this New Year. Last year, gifts
do this work without you. Thank you for such as yours accomplished incredible things - creating new
sharing your bounty and for seeing our local microcredit enterprises in Mexico, implementing new agricultural
organization. We continue to see 1 in 5 projects for food security in Swaziland, and training Sunday
individuals in our area and over half of who we school leaders in the Middle East to provide an important
feed are seniors and children. In 2016 we Christian witness during times of conflict. Global Ministries looks
distributed just under half a million pounds of forward to continue sharing with you the hopes and celebrations
food to hungry households. This would not be of global partners as we continue to accompany sisters and
possible without the generous support of our brothers in Christ around the world.
community. With much gratitude,
We thank you again for your ongoing support of Global
Thank you so much for your support! Ministries as we are present with global partners in God's
Suzanne Nevan mission in the world.
Director, Ferndale Food Bank Sincerely,
Reverend Jane Sullivan-Davis, CFRE
Executive for Resource Development

March 2017 3
Who’s on First?! Birthdays & Anniversaries

Happy Birthday
Opal Hanna 28
Bridget Becker 1
Donna Fairchild 29
Aaron Pinkston 3
Judy Bayless 6
Sunday, March 5
Doug Farrar 6
Elders: Melody Hoffman (O), Kelvin Smith (C) Happy Anniversary
Jim Franks 15
Lock-Up: John Riseland Paul & Frances Van Dyke 13
Kade O’Halloran 17
In Home Communion: Gregg Heyne Mark & Renee Hoemann 21
Jane Kletka
Deacons Kathy Wheeler, Bentley Becker
Reader: Betty Schmidling
Flowers: TBD Joys and Concerns
Fellowship Time: TBD
Please submit written requests to update
this list.
Sunday, March 12
Elders: Don Hoffman (O), Brenda Riseland (C) Medical concerns:
Deacons: Linda Heyne, James Becker • Sharon Kralman, Tamalyn’s stepmom
Reader: Gregg Heyne • Matt Nelson
Flowers: TBD • Harmon Woodworth
Fellowship Time: TBD • Mary Ann Teeters
• Chloe Gibson
Sunday, March 19 • Donna Fairchild
Elders: Leslie Pinkston (O), Margaret Brown (C) • Nathan Klemann
Deacons: Ardythe Hannah, Renee Hoemann • Alex Hicks & family, Bob Fisher’s nephew
Reader: Melody Hoffman • Sue and Henry Cross
Flowers: TBD • Heather, friend of Kris Ann Lewis
Fellowship Time: TBD Life’s challenges:
• Matthew, nephew of Kris Ann Lewis
Sunday, March 26 Beyond Our Walls:
Elders: Jane Kletka (O), Melody Hoffman (C) • For the healing of our nation
Deacons: Pat Whitney, Kris Ann Lewis • Refugees worldwide
Reader: Don Hoffman • Disciples House Residents, past, present and future
Flowers: Esther Group • Iglesia de Dios, as together we share God’s love
Fellowship Time: Esther Group • Raices Culturales families in their gardening program in
our field
Sign up in the fellowship hall to help in these • Kristine Tissinger, missionary partner in Ghana
important ministries: • Rev. Sandy Messick, Regional Minister
• Rev. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President
• Read scripture during Sunday morning worship • Our General Church ministries
• Bring flowers for Sunday worship • Yakama Christian Mission
• Victims of hatred, injustice, violence, poverty, disease,
• Provide goodies for fellowship time following and disaster worldwide
Sunday worship • All troops involved in world conflict
Please contact the office for more info. • Peacemakers worldwide

Attention: The Easter Bunny needs your help! Please donate plastic eggs or $$ to buy candy for
this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. (Because of food restrictions and allergies, the Bunny will do the
candy shopping.) Thank you.

4 March 2017
March calendar

March 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4
•7:30a Men’s
• 6p Bell Breakfast,
Choir Denny’s
• 7p Chancel
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
• 9:30a Sunday School • Noon - Bulletin
• 10:50a Gathering Time Bible Study deadline
• 11a Worship • 5:30p •7:30a Men’s
• 12:15p Fellowship Time Spanish • 6p Bell Breakfast,
Class Choir Denny’s
• 7p Chancel

12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Daylight Saving Happy
Begins Bulletin & St. Paddy’s •7:30a Men’s
•9:30a Sunday School • Noon - Courier Day! Breakfast,
•10:50a Gathering Time • 6:30p Bible Study deadlines • 6:30p Pub Denny’s
•11a Worship Stewardship • 5:30p • 6p Bell Theology,
•12:15p Fellowship Time Meeting Spanish Choir Hops ’N
• 2p Someone Cares Class • 7p Chancel Headz
Community Meal & Choir
Joseph’s Closet Rehearsal

19 20 21 22 23 24 25

•7:30a Elders’ Mtg • Noon - •7:30a Men’s
• 9:30a Sunday School Bible Study Bulletin Breakfast,
• 10:50a Gathering Time • 5:30p deadline • 5p Denny’s
• 11a Worship • 11:30 a.m. Spanish • 6p Bell Checking in •5:30p Inter-
Esther Class
• 12:15p Fellowship Time Choir Group, faith Auction
Group Rehearsal location
• 7p Choir TBD
TBD) Rehearsal

26 27 28 29 30 31
• 9:30a Sunday School Bulletin
• 10:50a Gathering Time • Noon - deadline
• 11a Worship Bible Study • 6p Bell
• 12:15p Fellowship Time • 5:30p Choir
• 12:30p Out-to-Lunch Spanish Rehearsal
Bunch, location TBD Class • 7p Choir
• 6p Board Meeting Rehearsal
• 7 p.m. Book Group

March 2017 5
(Disciples of Christ) USPS 0589-870
An Open and Affirming Congregation
495 East Bakerview Road
Bellingham, WA 98226-9168

00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 Amy’s Place Update, cont’d from p. 2
00000 00000oooo 00000 00000
00000 00000 00000 00000 this program is also available to seniors and people with disabilities struggling
to get out in their community and reconnect to friends, family and places they
00000oooo 00000 00000 00000 used to love to go. If you know of people who need assistance accessing our
00000 00000 00000 00000oooo community, please contact me: 360.920.0615. Amy’s Place website will soon be
00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 replaced by Community Outreach and will provide more information.
00000 00000oooo 00000 00000 For all your support over the past 10 years, I can’t thank you enough. I am so
00000 00000 00000 00000 very grateful and know without you, Amy’s Place would not have been here for
00000oooo 00000 00000 00000 the thousands of kids who needed it. I hope another non-profit or church will
00000 00000 00000 00000oooo take on this opportunity to help the most vulnerable in our community, our
00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 youth and children.
00000 00000oooo 00000 00000 Sincerely,
00000 00000 00000 00000 Heidi Unick
00000oooo 00000 00000 00000

Save the Dates
Visit http:// Sun., April 9 Palm Sunday Thurs., April 13 Maundy Thursday
passage-february-2017 to Fri., April 14 Good Friday
Read the Recent Issue of the Sun., April 16 Easter Sunday
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