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BreakingNewsEnglish - The Mini Lesson

Swiss vote no to free True / False
monthly income for all a) Nearly 77% of Swiss voters voted no to a free
salary for all. T / F
8th June, 2016
b) The scheme was only for Swiss people who
Voters in are citizens by birth. T / F
Switzerland have c) The suggested free monthly salary was
overwhelmingly around $2,500. T / F
rejected a proposal
that would have d) People who were already working would not
meant introducing a get any of the salary. T / F
guaranteed basic e) Supporters argued that automation meant a
monthly income for free salary was necessary. T / F
all citizens. The
referendum took f) A campaign group said the money would not
place on Sunday be for nothing. T / F
and resulted in g) The group said 25% of all work done in
almost 77 per cent of voters opposing the plan. The Switzerland was unpaid. T / F
idea was to provide a minimum salary to those who
have been a citizen for at least five years, whether h) The Swiss People's Party said millions would
they worked or not. It was suggested the monthly move to Switzerland. T / F
amount could be around $2,500. The group behind
the proposal argued that the initiative was Synonym Match
necessary to overhaul Switzerland's social welfare
system. A spokesperson said it would help fight 1. rejected a. revamp
poverty and inequality. He added that it would 2. referendum b. free
provide a top-up for people who earned less than
3. initiative c. was paid
the minimum wage.
4. overhaul d. more and more
Supporters of the plan argued that because work
was becoming increasingly automated across 5. earned e. plan
Switzerland, there were fewer jobs available for 6. supporters f. neighbourhoods
workers. Che Wagner from the campaign group 7. increasingly g. said no to
Basic Income Switzerland argued that the monthly
income would not be money for nothing. He said: 8. unpaid h. complications
"In Switzerland, over 50 per cent of total work that 9. communities i. public vote
is done is unpaid. It's care work. It's at home. It's 10. problems j. backers
in different communities, so that work would be
more valued with a basic income." Opponents said
it would cause the country many immigration
problems. Luzi Stamm from the Swiss People's
Discussion – Student A
Party said: "You would have billions of people who a) What do you think of robots doing all the
would try to move into Switzerland." work and people getting paid?
Sources: / / b) Should everyone get the same salary,
whatever his/her job?
Writing c) Should people get paid for housework and
For a fairer society, all salaries should be the same, looking after elderly parents?
regardless of the job. Discuss. d) Is there such a thing as 'money for nothing'?
e) What things should a basic income cover?
Chat f) Would Switzerland have immigration
Talk about these words from the article. problems if it introduced the plan?

voters / rejected / proposal / income / g) How should governments help poorer-paid
referendum / minimum / salary / welfare / people?
supporters / automated / workers / Switzerland / h) What questions would you like to ask those
communities / opponents / billions who said no?

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automated 9. and inequality Discussion – Student B Role Play a) What do you think about what you read? Role A – Lunch for school kids You think lunch for school kids is the most important b) Why do you think voters rejected the idea? thing governments should provide for free. the ieitvnatii was necessary Speaking – Free 7. blsliino of people Answers – True False Answers – Synonym Match 1. of people 5. tell the others Spelling which is the least important of these (and why): healthcare. It's in different ioimutmnsec • school milk • bus passes for the elderly 11. Also. h Answers to Phrase Match and Spelling are in the text. monthly salary for free? Role B – Healthcare You think healthcare is the most important thing e) Is it better to give people a salary or give governments should provide for free. d) How happy would you be at getting a $2. b 9. 1. Put the things a 8. tell the others which is the f) What are salaries like in your country? least important of these (and why): lunch for school g) What's the best way to deal with income kids. problems 4. salary 6. d 8. Also.html Copyright Sean Banville 2016 . rejected a proposal 7. j 7. Tell them things that are idea? wrong with their things. the cmpaigan group • healthcare • housing for the homeless 10. inequality? Role C – Housing for the homeless You think housing for the homeless is the most h) What advice do you have for supporters of important thing governments should provide for free. lunch for school kids or the Internet. this plan? Tell the others three reasons why.breakingnewsenglish. provide a minimum b. many gmiormtiina problems • passports • water • universities • Internet 12. Tell the others them welfare payments? three reasons why. Tell them things that are wrong with their things. tell the others which is the least important of these (and why): healthcare. 77 per cent of voters gisnoopp the plan least important of these (and why): healthcare. Tell them things that are wrong with their things.BreakingNewsEnglish . billions j. a euaeatndrg basic monthly income governments should provide for free. 9. Tell them things that are wrong with their things. overhaul Switzerland's social c. Tell the c) Is a guaranteed monthly state income a good others three reasons why. money for g. The Mini Lesson Phrase Match 1. Tell the others 3. It's care h. immigration i. Also. nothing 10. housing for the homeless or lunch for school kids. LOTS MORE at http://www. a 5. welfare system 2. g 2. tell the others which is the 4. 5. a top-up for people who earned less than e. the minimum wage 3. The group behind the ropaoslp 6. help fight poverty d. work 8. Change partners often and share your rankings. fewer jobs laalaivbe for workers government should provide for free at the top.500 housing for the homeless or the overwhelmingly jdcrteee Role D – The Internet You think the Internet is the most important thing 2. work was becoming increasingly matuetado Rank these with your partner. housing for the homeless or the Internet. work was becoming increasingly f. Also. The munederfer took place on Sunday three reasons why. overwhelmingly a. e 4. c a T b F c T d F e T f T g F h F 6. i 3. f 10.