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Special Events Reflection

As a requirement from DCIS all students must attend special events in order to increase

their understanding of different cultures through exposure. Throughout my time in high school I

have grown tremendously by attending a multitude of special events. I have gotten more

confident by doing special events where I present a topic or idea, and Ive become more

culturally aware through events that challenge my current knowledge or experience. That being

said, the special events that I have attended range from social justice demonstrations to cultural

gatherings, trips, and performances. All of which have shaped me into the person I am today.

The Blossom Project in particular has been important to me since freshman year. As a

local non-profit focused on engaging high school girls, Ive learned a lot about leadership,

advocacy, and philanthropy. For that reason, events like our Bring a Boy event or summer

symposium highlighted topics that interested me and created a foundation for the activities I

participated in high school. In fact, the first major event we held changed my life forever. For our

Keys to the World event Gloria Steinem was our keynote speaker and meeting with her inspired

me to continue work that empower women in my school and beyond. Furthermore, the encounter

made me want to look into Steinems alma mater Smith College, and thats where I hope to

attend after I graduate.

In addition to the awareness events that I participated in with The Blossom Project, I also

attended other rallies, marches, and civil action programs that strengthened my commitment to

social justice. Participating in the El Grito 5K, going to a BLM protest, canvassing against an

anti-abortion law in Colorado (amendment 67), or going to Florida for the National Council of

La Raza confrence made an impression on me because I increasingly saw the value in events that

supported ideas that I wanted to promote. If I didnt have to fulfil this requirement to graduate I
still would have participated, but needing special events encouraged me to attend some functions

that I wouldnt have otherwise.

The special events that I experienced also stretched farther than one gathering, but took

me on trips domestically and internationally for an extended period of time. Travelling to

Canyonlands my sophomore year with Ms. FD and experiencing Utah for the first time gave me

the chance to reflect on nature as a way to calm down from the stress I was under that year.

Additionally, going to China twice through travel programs proved to be beneficial for my

personal development, cultural awareness, and linguistic skills. All the special events I

experienced influenced my perspective and make me want to attend more events that expanded

my worldview and development as a global citizen.

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