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1. The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 6 : 7. If Q is 4 years old than P, what will be
the ratio of the ages of P and Q after 4 years?
(a)3 : 4
(b)7 : 8
(c)4 : 3
2. The cost of type I rice is Rs.15 p/kg and type II is Rs.20p/kg. Both are mixed
in the ratio 2:3, price P/Kg of the mixed variety is :
(a)Rs. 18
(b)Rs. 20
(c)Rs. 24
(d)Rs. 16
3. The unit digit in the product 274x318x577x313 is:
4. The number of zeroes at the end of the product:
16x22x15x50x65x115x18x90 is
5. Numberofprimefactorin(216)3/5x(2500)2/5x(300)1/5is
6. Thenumberonelessthan719isdivisibleby
7. Findthevalueof

8. Ifax=by=(ab)xythenx+y=
9. Fourbellsbegintotolltogetherandtollrespectivelyatintervalsof5,6,8and12seconds.How
10. 3 pots have same volume. The ratios of milk and water in 1 st , 2nd and 3rd
pots are respectively 3:2, 7:3 and 11:4. If all the 3 pots are mixed, find the
ratio of milk and water in the mixture?
11. Theleast number when dividedby 48, 60,72, 108 and140 leaves 38, 50, 62, 98and 130as
12. Ifax1=bc,by1=ac,cz1=ab,thenthevalueofxy+yz+zxxyz
13. Ifa=21/32(1/3),thenthevalueof2a3+6ais
14. Thevalueof(112+122+132+.+202)is

15. Ifthenumber42573*iscompletelydivisibleby72,thenwhichofthefollowingnumbershould
16. Consider the motion of the tip of the minute hand of a clock. In one hour -
17. Markthecorrectstatementsforaparticlegoingonastraightline:
18. Markthecorrectstatements:
19. TheaccelerationsofaparticleasseenfromtwoframesS aandSb,haveequalmagnitude4m/s2.
20. Amotorcarisgoingduenorthataspeedof50km/h.Itmakesa90leftturnwithoutchangingthe
21. Aparticlehasavelocityutowardseastatt=0.Itsaccelerationistowardswestandisconstant.Let
(d)theinformationisinsufficienttodecidetherelationofX AandXB

22. Astoneisreleasedfromanelevatorgoingupwithanaccelerationa.Theaccelerationofthestone
23. ApersonstandingneartheedgeofthetopofabuildingthrowstwoballsAandB.TheballAis
24. In the two dimensional motions :
(a)x-t graph gives actual path of the particle
(b)y-t graph gives actual path of the particle
(c)(x2 + y2) versus t graph gives the actual path of the particle
(d)y-x graph gives actual path of particle
25. A particle moves with constant speed v along a regular hexagon ABCDEF in same order, (i.e., A
to B, B to C, C to D, D to E, E to F and F to A) The magnitude of average velocity for its motion
from A to C is :
(b) v/2
26. Speed is to velocity as:
(a)centimetre is to metre
(b)force is to torque
(c)velocity is to acceleration
(d)distance is to displacement
27. The velocity of a particle at an instant is 10 m/s. After 3 sec its velocity will become 16 m/s. The
velocity at 2 sec before the given instant, will be :
28. A point particle starting from rest has a velocity that increases linearly with time such that v = pt
where p = 4 m/s2. The distance covered in the first 2 seconds will be-
29. A train starts from station with an acceleration 1 m/s 2 . A boy who is 48 m behind the train with a
constant velocity 10 m/s, the minimum time after which the boy will catch the train is :

(a)4.8 sec
(b)8 sec
(c)10 sec
(d)12 sec
30. A particle moves 200 cm in the first 2 sec and 220 cm in the next 4 sec with uniform deceleration.
The velocity of the particle at the end of seven second is :
(a)15 cm/s
(b)20 cm/s
(c)10 cm/s
(d)none of these
31. Which of the following weighs the most ?
(a) one g-atom of nitrogen
(b) One mole of water
(c) One mole of sodium
(d) One molecule of H2SO4
32. The mass of carbon present in 0.5 mole of K4 [Fe(CN) 6 ] is
(a) 1.8 g
(b) 18 g
(c) 3.6 g
(d) 36 g
33. 0.224 L of H2 gas at S.T.P is equivalent to
(a) 1 mole
(b) 1g
(c) 6.02 1022 molecules
(d) 0.01 mole
34. 6.021022 molecules of N2 at NTP will occupy a volume of
(a) 22.4 liters
(b) 2.24 liters
(C) 6.02 liters
(d) 6.02 mL
35. 1 mole of a compound contain 1 mole of C and 2 moles of O. The molecular
weight of the compound is
(a) 3
(b) 12
(C) 32
(d) 44
36. 1 amu is equal to
(a) 12 1 of C-12
(b) 14 1 of O-16
(C) 1g of H2
(d) 1.6610-23 kg
37. 5 moles of a gas in closed vessel was heated from 300 K to 600 K. the pressure
of gas doubled The number of moles of the gas will be

(a) 5
(b) 2.5
(C) 10
(d) 20
38. 5.6 liters of gas at N.T.P are found to have a mass of 11 g. The molecular mass
of the gas is.
(a) 22
(b) 44
(c) 88
(d) 32
39. The number of atoms of oxygen present in 10.6g of Na 2CO3 will be.
(a) 6.02 1022
(b) 12.04 1022
(c) 1.806 1023
(d) 31.8
40. Which of the following has maximum mass?
(a) 0. g atom of carbon
(b) 0.1 mole of ammonia
(c) 6.02 1022 molecules of hydrogen gas
(d) 1120 cc of carbon dioxide.
41. Volume at N.T.P. of 0.22 g of CO2 is same as that of
(a) 0.01 g of hydrogen.
(b) 0.085 g of NH3
(c) 320 mg of gaseous SO2 .
(d) All the the above.
42. 22.4 liters of water vapour at NTP, when condensed to water, occupies an
approximate volume of
(a) 18 liters
(b) 1 liter
(C) 1 mL
(d) 18 ml
43. If 32 g of O2 contain 6.0221023 molecules at NTP then 32g of S, under the
same conditions, will contain,
(a) 6.0221023 S
(b) 3.0111023 S
(C) 12.0441023 S
(d) 11023 S
44. 11.2 Liters of a gas at STP weighs 14g. The gas could not be:
(a) N20
(b) CO
(C) B2H6
(d) N2
45. The atomic mass of an element is measured relative to the mass of

(a) Hydrogen atom
(b) oxygen atom
(c) carbon-12
(d) isotopic mixture of 12C, 13C and 14C
46. Which of the following types of molecules are the major structural components of the cell
47. Accordingtothefluidmosaicmodelofcellmembranes,whichofthefollowingisatruestatement
48. Theprimaryfunctionofpolysaccharidesattachedtotheglycoproteinsandglycolipidsofanimal
49. ThecellmembranesofAntarcticicefishmighthavewhichofthefollowingadaptations?
50. Nitrousoxidegasmoleculesdiffusingacrossacell'splasmamembraneisanexampleof
51. Thesodiumpotassiumpumpiscalledanelectrogenicpumpbecauseit
52. Whichofthefollowingfactorswouldtendtoincreasemembranefluidity?
(a) agreaterproportionofunsaturatedphospholipids
53. Whichofthefollowingischolesterolasmarkedindiagrambelow?

54. Apatienthashadaseriousaccidentandlostalotofblood.Inanattempttoreplenishbodyfluids,
55. Whichcomponentisaglycolipid?

56. Whitebloodcellsengulfbacteriathroughwhatprocess?

57. Whenaplantcell,suchasonefromapeonystem,issubmergedinaveryhypotonicsolution,what
58. Whichofthefollowingstatementsiscorrectaboutdiffusion?
59. Jonathan has learned that salt and other nutrients can travel into and out of a cell. Which
process allows salt to travel into a cell against concentration gradient?
60. The primary function of cell wall is associated with
(a) Controllingvolume



61. A car travelling at 60 km/h overtakes another car travelling at 42 km/h just ahead of it. Assuming
each car to be 5.0 m long, find the time taken during the overtake and the total road distance used
by first car for the overtake.

62. A train starts from rest and moves with a constant acceleration of 2.0 m/s 2 for half a minute. The
brakes are then applied and the train comes to rest in one minute. Find-
(a) the total distance moved by the train,
(b) the maximum speed attained by the train and
(c) the position(s) of the train at half the maximum speed.

63. (1) Calculation of number of particles when the mass of the substance is given, with one example.
(2) Calculate the mass of 0.5 mole of iron
(3) Which has greater number of atoms, 100g of sodium or 100g of iron?

64 (1) How many atoms of oxygen are present in 300 grams of CaCO 3

(2) Calculate the number moles of magnesium in 0.478g of magnesium?
(3) In which of the following cases the number of hydrogen atoms is more? Two moles of HCl or
one mole of NH3.

65. Givescientificreasonsforthefollowingstatements:

66. (1)Namethesterolmoleculespresentinbacterialcellsforstability.