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E.E. Part I - Listening

1. Legend the parts of the house.

English Test 5th grade Page 1 from 4
Part 2 Reading Comprehension

1. Read the text carefully and write True (T) of False (F):

Hi Pam,
Im Ralph and Im eleven years old. Im from Spain. Ive
got two fish and a dog.
I love animals.
And you? Have you got pets?
This is my family photo. This is my father Peter. He is
thirty-seven. Hes got short, brown hair and brown eyes.
My mothers name is Lucy and she is thirty-nine years
old. Shes got brown hair and green eyes.
We have got a big house in Madrid. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a
living room and an attic. Outside there is a beautiful garden!
Where do you live? Whats your nationality?
Your new friend,

a. Ralph is 12 years old.

b. He is French.
c. His father is 37 years old.
d. He has got a big house.

2. Answer the questions.

a. How old is Peter?

b. Has his father got brown hair?

c. Who is Lucy?

d. Has she got brown eyes?

e. Is there an attic in his house?

English Test 5th grade Page 2 from 4

3. Write the following words in English.

a. cadeira ____________________ e. sof - ________________________

b. mesa - _____________________ f. cama - ________________________
c. cozinha - ____________________ g. armrio -
d. quarto - _____________________ h. garagem -

4. This is Ralphs house. Complete.



f c
h g

a. ________________ e. _________________
b. ________________ f. __________________ garden bedroom
c. ________________ g. __________________ bathroom kitchen
d. ________________ h. __________________ living room hall
attic garage

1. Write the sentences in the plural.

Part III Grammar

e.g. That chair is brown. Those chairs are brown.

a. That table is very big._________________________________________

b. This sofa is comfortable. ______________________________________
c. That fridge is modern._________________________________________

English Test 5th grade Page 3 from 4
2. Follow the model. Use this, these or those.

3. Use the propositons of place.

a) The clock is __________________ the wall.

b) The ball is ___________________ the table.
c) The cat is ___________________ the armchair.
d) The table is ___________________ the armchair.
e) The carpet is _________________ the floor.
f) The lamp is ________________ the table.
g) The flowers are _________________ the vase.
h) The table is _____________________ the chair and the armchair.
Hi Ralph,
I a) _______ nine years old and I b) _____
from Japan. I c)
4. Complete ________
this email brown eyes
from Pam andthe verbs to be or have got.
black hair.
This d) ________ my family. My brother e)
_____ three years old. He f) __________ short
hair. My mothers name g) _______ Xing
and she h) _______ long hair. My father i)
________ Jim.
My grandfather j) _________ grey hair. My
k) __________ Marie.
We l) ________ a small apartment in Tokyo.
Bye, English Test 5th grade Page 4 from 4
Part IV Writing

1. Write 8 sentences about your house.

English Test 5th grade Page 5 from 4