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Executive Summary


The name of our business is Drafters and Civil Design Team. The type of our business
is sole proprietorship which is manage by one person. The community needs a consultant for
every structures they wanted or needed to construct. A structure that they wanted to be designed.


Our business Drafters and Civil and Design Team is located at 3rd Floor of Festival
Supermall, Filinvest Corporated City in Alabang, Muntinlupa, in the Philippines.


Our Capital is 1,000,000.00 pesos which is divided into three materials, equipments
and the fixed cost. Our form of business ownership is sole proprietorship.


The Drafters and Civil Design Team have five services. The Architectural Design, our
architect is incharge in designing your house and if you want, you can suggest what is your
desire design on your house, and also if you want we can build your house and that service is
Construction/ Design-and-Build. Interior Architecture, our Interior Architect is incharge in
designing and building interiors for safety, functionally and aesthetics. The Project Management
and Construction Supervision, in this service our Engineers is incharge in supervision in building
your house, they will guarantee a good-quality implementation of the construction project with
optimal costs pursuant to the contract agreement and technical standards.
Target Market:

Our target Market are those who patronize our service. It can be adult or businessman and
for those whose are looking for a quality residential home.

Operation Hours:

Our opening time is 9 am and our closing time is 5 pm during Monday to Friday and 10
am to 3 pm during Saturday.


The Drafters and Civil Design Teams mission is to improves people lives by creating
structures which can help our community to lead its way into a progressive society.


Drafters and Civil Design Team is envisioned to be a healthy, growing and admired
business, where our creations durability and excellence are highly engaged on our company and
where employees exemplify our core values.


Our objectives is to be an admired business and to be well- knowned business when it

comes to excellence and durability in our creations.
II. Marketing Aspects

A. Market Competition

In Muntinlupa where our area is, we have two competitors and they are VBo Architects and
Engineers and Xinyx Design Consultancy and Services Incorporated they are both big
companies. Xinyx Design Consultancy and Services Incorporated, VBo Architects and Engineers
and Our company have the same services and that is Designing a House, Building a House and
the Interior Designing but we dont offer some of their service like building a Commercial and
Hospitality Building.

B. Business Strategy and Promotion

Our business Strategy is by presenting our works or projects and we will make sure that our
service is good. Our business promotion is by putting an advertisement On-Air with TV Stations
so many people can see or know our business.

C. Pricing Strategy

Our strategy on pricing our service is giving them a discount or special offer every season.
Our pricing is depends on what service that we are going to do and depends on what materials
that we are going to use.

III. Management
Organizational Chart

John Joseph Sanchez


Geraldine Malubay


Franz Wendell Balagbis Armane Villalon

Engineer Interior Architect

Raphael Bugayong Gabriel John Ciruelos

Engineer Architect

Hendrix Icasas Aira Mania

Customer Service Repersentative Front Desk Officer

Responsibility Matrix
Manager- is incharge in receiving projects and dealing with the customers.

Supervisor- the one who will supervise what the employees are doing.

Architect- is incharge in designing the house. They are the one who advises the construction.

Interior Architect- is specialized in designing the interiors of the house for safety, functionality
and aesthetics. She is also skilled in the use of light, colors and textures in a space.

Engineers- the one who will do what is on the plan and guide the construction workers.

Front Desk Officer- is incharge in entertaining the customers and the one who will give the
information about the services of the company.

Customer Service Representative- is incharge in receiving the calls of the customers who is
interested with the services that the company offers and the one who will give the information
about the services that the company offers.