Afternoon Tea at
Ovington Village Hall
On Sunday 23 April, we will be serving a full selection of goodies
(sandwiches, pastries and cakes) for Afternoon Tea at the village
hall on Sunday 23 April from 3pm (doors open 2.30). Call 01953
885848 to book your table as soon as possible as space is limited.
This proved very popular last year and only costs £6 a head. There
will be a raffle and, hopefully, some form of entertainment. All
proceeds will go to village hall funds.

The Wayland Players rehearsing for their production of the farce April 27-29 at 7.45 with an additional matinee performance at 2.30
‘Tons of Money’ which will be showing at the Queens Hall on on Sat 29th. Tickets are on sale at Adcocks, priced only £7.50

Wretham Lodge public from 11am to 5pm on Easter Sunday April 16th
and Monday April 17th.
Admission is £4 for adults with children free and dogs
Gardens prepares on leads welcome, with the proceeds from the two days
going to NGS charities.

to welcome spring Across the road, St Ethelbert’s church will be open for
the same times on each day, offering visitors in need of
refreshment somewhere to sit and enjoy hot and cold
visitors in April drinks and a huge array of home made cakes.
The church will also house its traditional open days sale
The splendid gardens at Wretham Lodge are open for of used books. Proceeds from here go towards church
two successive days in April. funds.
As part of the National Gardens Scheme, the gardens at There is ample free parking at the church and gardens in
what was the former village rectory will be open to the Church Road, Wretham, IP24 1RL.

Friends of St
Plant Sale
The Friends of St Andrew’s Church,
Bradenham, warmly invite you to a
Plant Sale at the Village Hall on
Saturday 13th May from 10am to 12
Noon. This is a week later than
previous sales and we hope the
weather will be more conducive to
buying and planting.
If you have any special plants in
mind, please contact me with your
wish list. Marianne Kilmartin Tel
No: 01362 820744
The Wayland News Page 2 April 2017
The Wayland News Page April 2017
and refugees. Following her presentation,
Watton Rotary questions developed into an interesting
discussion on how to linguistically
Roundup integrate immigrant families whose
children learn English in our schools but
Our last meeting of February was on the revert to their own language with their
23rd, a day recognised at Rotary Day parents without any attempt to help them
worldwide. The speaker that evening was to learn their adopted country’s
Tom Thurston on the subject of the language.
History of Heavy Horses in Britain, a The picture (right) shows her between
fascinating insight into dying and her counsellor, Past District Governor
endangered Shire, Clydesdale and Nigel Neville of the Cambridge Rotary
Suffolk Punch breeds. Club and Watton Rotary President,
The following week, 2nd March, saw our David Branson.
third visit by one of the 13 an Two fundraising events took place later
international Rotary scholar on one year in March but too late to be able to report
Master Degree courses at Cambridge and upon by the publication copy deadline.
the UEA. However, we do know that that at the
Katie Bussiere is sponsored by the time of writing every table in the Wells
Rotary Club of her home town, Avon Cole Community Centre had been
Canton, Connecticut, USA, and she is booked for the Grand Rotary Quiz, and
studying for an Mphil in Education at ticket sales for out first DixieMix Jazz
Cambridge University. Concert of the year were well on track.
She is seeking to specialise in research in Results will be reported next month.
second language education especially Martin Anscombe
with respect to provision for immigrants

which with the advent of commercialism, have
A Quick Look Round taken over. Even the famous old cup itself is now
By Orbiter known, at least until a new contract is signed, as
Spring is here at last, and already the sweet sound the Emirates F.A.Cup¸and in recent years another
of lawn-mowers fills the air, so we can settle trophy has worn various names, such as the
down to another season of hard work (if we take League Cup
on all the tasks recommended by Lotta Potts). or the Milk Cup, among others, while the league
I am told that the repair work to the clock tower in competitions are all under various sponsorships,
Watton is now under way, so hopefully the clock such as the Skybet Championship and Leagues
itself will again tell us the correct time. (But will One and Two, Ladbrokes Scottish Leagues, the
the missing arm of the weather vane be restored? Vanarama National and the Evo-Stick Premier
Ed: Yes thats back on now.). Not that many folks Leagues, and even famous grounds are now
rely on these old aids to forecasting these days, known by new names which reflect the names of
with all the radio bulletins and Google to keep us owners or advertisers, so that if the ownership
up to date. changes, so does the name.
In the big wide world there have been constant While on sport, golfers may have seen that there
criticisms of the sound quality of television shows are to be some changes in the rules, though these
recently, but there is also a current trend for them may not affect the ordinary player too much, since
to be shown in semi-darkness. Whether the they are mainly concerned with cutting down time
producers are under pressure to save fuel I know -wasting in the professional game, where matches
not, but the fact remains that it is often almost often take more than five hours nowadays. One
impossible to see what is supposed to be going on. would have thought that in view of the prodigious
Even when an actor switches on a table lamp it lengths they are able to drive the ball these days
rarely seems to make any difference. While the that they would reach the Greens sooner than ever
sound problems can be alleviated by the use of the but it seems that they consider it necessary having
sub-title key, the same cannot be said for lighting. reached the Green, to spend up to five minutes
Why is it that our daily newspapers only seem to studying their putts from every angle during which
contain bad news, or is it that I don’t manage to time their opponent does not prepare for their own
read the good bits? Actually one item did cheer putt. In Club golf, even when unthinking players
me up, and that was the news that English leave their trolleys in the wrong places and are
strawberries were reaching the supermarkets rarely ready with the right club, 4 ball matches are
weeks before they used to be expected. The days usually completed in four hours. If the
when they were confined to about three weeks in Professionals could reduce their time on the Green
June seem to be long gone, which also applies to by only 3 minutes, this would save nearly an hour.
many of the other food items that now await us the Golf is not alone in the modern era of time
whole year round. wasting, tennis stars are now committed to having
The use of ‘sell by’ dates has rightly come under fire a couple of minutes rest after every other game,
again, since these have caused thousands of tons of one wonders what our former idols, such as
perfectly wholesome food to be dumped un- Sedgman, Gonzales and Laver would think of this
necessarily. Supermarkets are said to be reviewing and will certainly be amazed when they see
the use of such labelling, which was mainly intended current players bouncing the ball at least 6 times
as a guideline, but wrongly assumed by mainly the before each serve. Possibly the biggest time wasters
more modern housewives to be a danger signal – of all are the footballers who celebrate any goal
older shoppers seem, on the whole, to have better scored by dashing off the pitch in a free for all cuddle
judgement on such matters. often involving the crowd. Not too many years ago,
One of the sadder items has been the report of the this behaviour would have been deemed
losses to our woodlands of many of our favourite ungentlemanly conduct punishable by a booking and
trees due to disease. Those particularly at risk are anyone who had left the field of play would have had
the elms, of which the Dutch variety of affliction to await the referee’s permission to re-join . It is
has been documented for several years, and ash, noticeable that the team in the losing position does
which suffers from something called die-back, not waste time in this manner.
while there is oak decline and another ailment On a more mundane level, the Mint is now issuing
threatens the sweet chestnut. As a well known TV new £1 coins which hope to be unforgeable, but it
character might say “We’re all doomed!” has been noted that many vending machines and
On a cheerier note the world of sport and football traffic meters will not take them which could form a
in particular, has been boosted by a renewed considerable amount of chaos, almost as bad as if we
interest in the F.A.Cup, due to the success of two have been instructed to adopt driving on the left hand
teams from the lower echelons making their way side but introducing it gradually on alternate days.
almost to the semi-final stages. Another unwelcome change is that postage stamps
This competition, once the pride of the game, has have gone up to 56p and 65p thought the dearer
suffered the loss of prestige over the recent year, amount does not ensure any prompter delivery.
due the preponderance of all sorts of other cups, Good afternoon.
The Wayland News Page 4 April 2017
their enthusiasm for the stuff, saying flowers. Hydrangeas do have an grow to feed the crowns, cut this book to be recommended for those
In your garden that heavy snowfalls are rare now but unfortunate tendency to outgrow their down once the colour has changed to wanting to look at twentieth century
With Lotta Potts (always a but) there can be exceptions. alloted space. If yours is like this look beige and mulch. The only other history though different eyes, even
April. Already!!! Even they have to go back to the mid- at the congested woody stems in the thing is to anxiously watch the bed those of a blind girl.
The zingiest spring month. Although flowering 1980s when Ayrshire had six inches. middle and remove the thickest ones each spring for the first signs. The book for our April discussion is
started in mid-March it always looks a bit This is an area that rarely gets any. completely. If it's still too big do the Towards the end of the season you The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina
tentative until April arrives. There are a few The authors have now shifted their same next year. And the year after. might find a small, brightly coloured George.
cherry trees around where I live and now, emphasis to rain. A brief mention of This three-year rejuvenation plan insect. Asparagus beetle. Just pick
overnight it seems, have the lower branches April showers gives way to a whole works for other shrubs as well but them off and squish or stamp on them.
clad in pink buds and opening flowers. I know list of places that have lots of it. A lot don't remove more than a third at a Otherwise the labour required The HAPPY
that in the couple of weeks between now and of really heavy rain can be a nuisance time. amounts to about half an hour a year
early April they will look like clouds of pink. as the soil becomes waterlogged and Winter jasmine will become straggly for one of the best veg in the world. Project
The magnolias are showing their furry buds and can't be worked. There shouldn't be a if left to its own devices. If it's trained Forget the weedy stuff from Peru. It
April will see them in amazing shades of white, great deal of digging to be done but over a porch or tied tightly to a wall just doesn't compete. Eat seasonal. Happenings
pink and purple. Then we will have pouring we all have an area or two that needs just clip it back with shears – enough There's a whole lot of veg seed that Another month has rolled by and soon
rain and high winds. Happens every year. On a going over. Just think, there might be to take off the dead flowers and the can be started now. Some, like we will be a third of the way through
more serious note one thing that can happen is a good, dry days and with a little gentle tips of the shoots. That's all they need tomatoes need a bit of tlc and warmth the year, time does fly when you are
late frost so if it's a nice sunny day please don't rain overnight. Dream on. to keep them neat. If it's more to get going and others can be dirct having fun!
be tempted to buy and plant bedding plants or Bulbs feature rather a lot at ground informal such as a shrub or climbing a sown. Peas and beans can be direct Do you know about the HAPPY
tender perennials. Keep your money under the level. There are bulbs for all seasons tree it's better to use secateurs. Take sown but you need to add a few extras Project? The members of The Steering
mattress until next month. so now is the time to dig some up and each flowered shoot, follow it back to for the mice. I prefer to start them in a Group have been out and about in
A spring frost can ruin early fruit blossom such plant others. Snowdrops are best a non-flowered shoot and cut just cold greenhouse in pots or clever parts of Watton delivering leaflets to
as peach so it's best to cover these if at all planted 'in the green' that is with their above it. Even if you seem to be 'Rootrainers' that are for growing seed raise awareness of the Project and
possible. In fact peach trees grown fan-shaped leaves still on and maybe even some removing long stems don't worry as like these that need a long root run and inviting people to come and join in the
or espalier should be covered all winter to keep flowers. This does work much better you are making room for the new. If don't get too disturbed on planting out. FREE activities.
off the rain that bears the spores of peach-leaf than planting dry bulbs in autumn. you have an old shrub take the same Of course, many of you will have The Games Group is a select
curl. I am beginning to think the best way to Narcissi/daffs just need dead-heading route as for the hydrangeas, been studying catalogues all winter, gathering of folks (by select I mean a
grow peaches, nectarines and apricots is in until six weeks after they finish rejuvenating over three years or so. have your order sitting ready to start small number) who enjoy playing
containers. These can be covered or brought flowering. Please leave the foliage Let's not forget the wonderful or already on the go and a firm plot games such as Dominoes, Scrabble
indoors. The latest varieties developed are ideal alone to die back naturally as the sun forsythia that needs pruning exactly plan. The rest of us shouldn't despair and I understand they have recently
for this method of growing. on the leaves makes the sugars for the the same way – flowered stems back but do try and keep up. Madness sets been playing Mah Jong and really
I am checking my not-so-new RHS what to do flowers next year. It won't work if to a non-flowered shoot and cut. in round about the end of April/ enjoyed the experience. I have been
book and lo! Snow! Still even they are losing you tie the foliage up or horror of Depending on when it flowered do beginning of May when you think you asked to provide a Dictionary to stop
horrors fold it up and tie it. There's no wait to prune until the flowers are are late. Don't worry. Plants have a the squabbles during Scrabble games,
chance the sun will do its stuff and over but it's much easier if you do it lovely habit of catching up provided so I guess it gets a bit lively! The
there will be fewer flowers next while the dead flowers are still on; you aren't too far adrift. group meet at Watton Library on a
spring. If you naturalise daffs in grass takes a lot of guess-work out. Once Importantly from now on: keep Friday from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Do
mow round the clumps (yes we are you've finished the pruning a good weeding. call in and enjoy a game or two.
mowing again) so you have little feed is in order. The plants will be The Social Group is looking to recruit
wildlife patches. This looks good on
large areas of grass but in small lawns
hungry too.
Now to the real production line, the
Shipdham & new members to swell their ranks.
They currently meet at The Hare and
try miniature bulbs and the miniature veg plot. If you planted onion, shallot District Book Barrel on Brandon Road, Watton on
leaves won't show so much. and garlic sets in the autumn there will the second Monday of the month at
There are many summer-flowering be good growth now. This never Group 7:00 pm. The next meeting at The
bulbs and corms and now's the time to ceases to amaze me as I always expect The book discussed on 15th March Hare and Barrel will be on 10th April
plant. There are too many to name but them to be frozen or drowned but they was All the Light We Cannot See by 2017, other activities planned include
they are freely available in sheds and come good and regulary come up Anthony Doerr. With a background of a meal at the new Kings Arms, a walk
garden centres. The online specialists 100%. If you grow this way you will France and Germany in the late 1930s round Lynford Arboretum with coffee
have an even greater variety and not already have netted the beds as the and early 1940s the main protaganists afterwards at Browns. Visits are also
many bulbs are very fussy about birds become very interested in are a French girl Marie–Laure Le being planned to St Georges Distillery
conditions, just the depth of planting. pulling the sets up. Obviously it's the Blanc, blind since the age of 6, and and Langham Glass. Why not pop
Finally on bulbs, now is a good time leaves that attract then disappointment Werner Pfennig brought up in an along to the social evening on the 10th
to give them a feed. Use high potash sets in and they are left. It's boring orphanage in a coal mining district of April for further information or
tomato food or organic general- having to re-plant but they won't grow Germany with his younger sister. contact Steve Howard on 07845
purpose feed sprinkled around. I find otherwise. If you have spring-planted Marie Laure’s father has skillfully 924543.
pelleted chicken manure works a treat. onions they will be making a start as made models of the area of Paris The Family Art and Craft Group has
If you have hens you know how sets have been on offer for ages. I where they live for her to learn her now moved to Ashill it is open to
beneficial the cleanings-up are in the don't know if the birds will come for wherabouts using her fingers. He also everyone and is free! The last session
compost heap. The pelleted stuff has their entertainment but if they do get teaches her Braille and supplies her was on Saturday 11th March, we had
already been composted and treated so netting. with books. Werner discovers by 14 children join us and had a whale of
it's safe. I wouldn't eat it but plants Potatoes can be planted this month. I accident how to put a radio together a time. The children enjoyed making
love it. chitted mine (probably too early) in which becomes his passion and shapes Chocolate Chip Cookies, sowing
There are several shrubs that should January and now have a little forest of his life. Radio is to prove the link Mustard and Cress as well as finger
be pruned and/or tied in this month. green shoots just desparate to get out. between the two and in Marie Laure’s and hand painting. Glitter is always
Roses to begin with. This is Seed potatoes are still available and case her salvation. The book is very popular many masks went home
absolutely the last chance to prune can be planted straight out avoiding comprised of short chapters, which adorned with all manner of decoration
modern bush roses and trim patio and the chitting period on the windowsill. may be compared with the leaflets including the beloved shiny stuff.
ground-cover ones and should be Pity as this is good fun. Plant dropped from aircraft at the We enjoyed the birthday cake that
completed by the middle of the asparagus crowns if you like beginning. It is not written Rosemary made for one of the
month. Climbing and rambling roses asparagus and have a bit of spare chronologically but moves back and children who was celebrating her fifth
should be tied in and trained ground. Choose this carefully as once forth in time and from scenario to birthday. All in all, a good time was
horizontal if possible. This results in in there's no need to move the crowns, scenario. Much of the action has the had by everyone. We are now looking
more and better flowers and there is a no rotation there. Choose the variety background of the destruction of St forward to the next session which will
complicated explanation of this to do carefully as well. It's now Malo as the Second World War nears be on 8th April 2017, do come and
with hormones. Chris Beardshaw recommended to plant the all-male its end. join us.
explained it in great detail once and varieties. Their shoots are better but The group agreed that the format The HAPPY project has joined with
lost me halfway through. It's out there additionally they don't produce seeds helped with the following of an the Crafty Swap Shop, which takes
somewhere. that will produce inferior crops. otherwise long and complex narrative. place most Wednesday mornings in
Other climbers such as clematis and Traditionally you dig a trench about a The characters are of their time, living The Dragonfly Gallery to provide
ivy will get their new growth to hold foot deep and make a ridge in the parallell lives without knowing of sewing lessons to anyone who would
on to their supports once they've got middle. Drape the crowns over the each other until near the end. It was like to learn to use a sewing machine,
going properly. Hydrangeas should top about 30 inches apart and cover so felt that the pathos of young people sew by hand or even sew on buttons
be pruned lightly now, more of a late that the top of the crown is near the caught up in the horrors of the war is and do simple repairs or make simple
dead-heading. Look the shrub over surface. It's best to leave them for two cushioned by the sympathetic way the items. Do give us a call before you
before you start. There are two lots of years and take a crop the third (I narrative unfolds. Judgement of the come so that we are prepared for you
shoots – the ones that flowered last believe there are new varieties that German Werner and his compatriots and have volunteers who can help.
year and may still have the dead will crop the second year). The was inappropriate as they were merely Call Jean on 01953 880235 or Susan
flowers attached and the unflowered crowns can be planted in individual pawns in a horrific game. The general 0n 01953 880205.
ones, which will have a growth bud at holes with a mound in the middle. opinion was that this was no light, Should you have any queries about the
the tip. Follow the flowered shoots Same thing. Once they are mature easy read but neverthelss compelling HAPPY Project and feel that you need
down to a healthy sideshoot and cut enough to take a crop every year the because of the style and skill of the further information please do not
just above it. Don't cut off the other only attention is that you stop cutting writer. It stimulated some very hesitate to Ring Jean on the number
shoots as they will bear this year's in the middle of June to let the fern interesting discussion. It is certainly a given above.
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 5

Watton Service Centre – Celebrating 40 years

On 1st April 1977 Charlie and Daphne busy Mace Convenience store. Paraffin and a large canopy erected to protect
Duggan, along with daughters Gina and Diesel pumps were separate from customers from the elements;
and Maxine, took over ownership of the main forecourt, due to low volume 1989 saw the addition of a modern
Watton Service Centre, the Esso station sales. Now Diesel accounts for over automatic rollover car wash, which has
on Brandon Road, Watton. 70% of all fuel sold and paraffin has been replaced and updated many times
When we opened, 4 Star Leaded Petrol disappeared completely; since;
was 88 pence per gallon, equivalent to 1981 saw the introduction of Self- 1990 the fuel pumps were upgraded to
19.4 pence per litre. Since then leaded Service fuel, a first for Watton; cope with the change to Unleaded fuel
petrol has disappeared and has been 1985 was a landmark in the sites and the change from selling fuel in
replaced by unleaded due to history as it was completely knocked Gallons to Litres;
environmental issues. down and rebuilt to Esso design 2008 saw the recently extended shop
There have been many changes during specification. The site was closed for turned into a Mace Convenience store.
the 40 years and the garage today looks about 6 weeks during the summer of To mark the 40th Anniversary every
very little like it did 40 years ago: 1985 and reopened with numerous customer who visits the site on April
At first the garage did not have a shop customer offers and a brand new 1st 2017 will be a given a raffle ticket.
at all, soon it had a thriving parts and convenience store. New underground One lucky winner will receive £40 of
accessory store and nowadays has a tanks and new pumps were installed fuel (unleaded or diesel).

dotted around Breckland, who either website, or their face
Breckland have a pen in their garden, or foster
book page

Cats But luckily Feline Care Cat Rescue at
East Harling have a 3 acre site with
They are also asking for volunteers to
help with cleaning, or cuddlers to
Protection lots of outbuildings, and they were able
to take all the cats. They are all in very
cuddle the many cats in their care.
For help, advice of assistance with the
We have had two separate incidents of poor condition, very thin, and in need cost of neutering call us on 01842
people collecting cats in their home of flea and worm treatment. The cats 810018. Rita Thompson.
which is known as a multicat have not been handled so are very
household. One lady in our area had 8 scared and huddle together and flinch
cats, and on the advice of her social if they are being stroked. There are 4 One Friendship
worker, it was suggested that she had mothers cats with litters of kittens and 18 We had our first gathering on Friday
them taken into our care. There were 4 un-neutered tom cats and 15 un-neutered March 10th at Broom Hall. 5 ladies
adult cats and 4 kittens all of which female cats. Fortunately we are in a enjoyed a very pleasant evening getting
had had very little handling. Three of position to help with the cost of neutering to know each other. Thanks to the staff
the adult cats were un-neutered, so they all these cats, which we are in the process at Broom Hall we had a most delicious
went to the vets to be neutered and the of doing, and it is estimated that it will meal accompanied by drinks.
kittens, although they hadn’t been cost more than £1300. Between us we thought it would be
handled have come round very quickly in Several of the females were in the early great to have another evening with
the talented hands of one of our kitten stages of pregnancy and they have now perhaps more ladies and gentlemen
fosterers. These kittens have homes been neutered. One had a very large joining us. So we have made a date for
lined up for them, once they have been growth in her tummy, so was not brought FRIDAY 21st APRIL 7pm for 7.30pm
vaccinated and micro chipped. But the round from the anaesthetic, and another We shall be choosing our meal from
poor adult cats, 2 females and 2 males one had a large painful cancerous growth the Specials Board and also the Bar
have had very little handling which in her mouth and was put to sleep to save Menu. So why not save the date
makes it difficult to home, as they are too further suffering. (Friday 21st April) and join us at
far gone to be brought round and made The public have been very kind to Broom Hall.
friendly. This is a bit of a problem for Feline Care, responding to their plea of Please ring Simon 01953 882125 or
us, as to know what to do with them. If food, bedding and donations to cope Angela 01953 884594 to book your
anyone has a farm or stables which with the vet fees, as all these cats will place. WE LOOK FORWARD TO
require cats to keep the mice population need vaccinating and microchipping MEETING YOU.
down, please contact us. At least the cats once their condition has improved and
won’t be able to reproduce and will make they have gained some weight. The
very good mousers. makers of Whiskas cat food have Ovington Quiz
Then we heard of a house where there donated 10,000 tins of Whiskas, and a This will be on Saturday 6 May at the
were 50+ cats. The RSPCA and the delivery firm, delivered the pallets of village hall, starting at 7pm. Teams of
police managed to gain access and 47 food free of charge. How kind is that? 4 are invited to compete, so book your
of the cats were removed. We can’t If you would like to donate to Feline team in as soon as possible on 01953
possibly cope with that number of cats Care, or if you want to offer a home to 885848. A light ploughman’s supper
as our branch is very small, with no one of the kittens, when they are ready, will be served during the quiz and
cattery. We have several fosterers call 01953 718529, or see their tickets cost only £6 a head.
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 6
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 7
Thet wos a bittof a shock fer them, Planting wild flowers at
Tha Ovington speshully wen tha owld Chairmawtha

hulled her wooden hammer at wun
cownciller wot hed gone tew sleep.
Scoulton Greenspace Please Mention
Jist got time give the New Kings
By Boy Sid
Hev yew noticed tha weatha hev
tunned a bit warma of leart, yew can
Arms a visit afore bedtime.
Be gud tew each utha and dew yew
The Wayland
kip a troshin. Boy Sid.
hear tha little ole seeds start tew
shuffle abowt in tha mowld, an thar’ll
sune be pookin owt. Streetwise
I hoop orl yew gud peepal are gittin Stokes Avenue, Wayland Avenue, When talking to
owta tha ole winta blews and inta tha Langmere & Ringmere Roads.
spring feelin.
Things in tha willage are gooin well
Following last month’s publication of advertisers
Wayland News, I was delighted to
since tha ole lottry grant has hit tha hear from the Editor that Eileen Ward
hedlines an orl tha yungstas hev bin had been in touch with an accurate
cumin along tew tha horl an Chuch explanation of the origins of ‘Stokes
on a Friday. Thar orl seem tew be Avenue’ I asked if I might repeat it,
hevin a grate ole time, an moost of in full, in this edition.
the willage peepal hev bin muckin in Eileen writes: ‘The road was named
an teechin tha kids orl abowt wos a after John Stokes who was a member
gooin on in Ovington. of the Town Council and was
We hed a reel gud feed larst weekend Manager of Tyrell & Byford’s the
wen boy Stew put on a curry nite, cor Agricultural Merchants in the station
blarst he’s sum gud cook. yard. I worked with him there for
Horry he say “ I hent cumin Sid” he seven years after leaving school. He
say “Orl thet ole furrin grub, hent ter lived on the Norwich Road in the big On Saturday March 11th over 100 where there are benches, tables
my likin” house opposite the entrance to wild flower plugs were planted by and a willow tunnel. A regular
“Dew you cum along ole Partna” I Garden Close. members of the community in the programme of maintenance
say “I’ll bring along sum beer an I His wife, Violet, was sadly killed by Scoulton Greenspace. These were including clearance of
reckon Stew Boy will hev summat a train on the railway crossing. Being purchased from a wildflower undergrowth is planned through
thet yew will like” Well we tunned up rather deaf she had not heard the train nursery at North Burlingham with the year.
in gud time an orl he kep saying wos starting off out of the station. His son help from the ‘Growing Together’ In the photograph are Colin
“Goo ter hell if thet doon’t smell Jimmy worked as a Porter on the Project funded by the Peoples Spinks, Roy Grimwood and
kinda queer, I hent heving non of railway station’ Postcode Lottery. It is hoped that Tony Grover.
thet” My missus she gi me a wink ans Thank you so much, Eileen, for this the families who live in Scoulton Photograph by Paul Rowland.
say tew Horry “Dunt yew worrit ole information: it’s always good when will enjoy this woodland space Words by Julia Grover
partna, I git yew suffin thas rite up people take the trouble to help out in
yore street”
Orf she goo an cum back with a pleart
this way. Is there, I wonder, anyone
out there who could explain why
The World of Christine Watson
full o suffin that looked like a stew an
say “Git yew stuck in Bor, afore thet
Coburg Close is so called, or Lovell at the Dragonfly Gallery
Gardens or Forman Close? If anyone A display of, hand made collectors houses and “shop boxes” by Ian
git cowld” can shed any light on these names I’d Watson. Christine Watson offers a range of paintings, illustrations,
Well he wos a muttrin tew hisself but be very pleased to hear about it! greetings cards, prints, story CDs and the launch of a new associated
took a spoon full. Harf a minute learta It is true that, to those of us who have clothing range.
he’d hossed the hool pleartful down been around here for a long time, the Subjects include seascapes, landscapes and a range natural studies,
his neck, reason for some street and road including elephants. Childrens' character illustrations will be supported
“Thet hint harf bad” he say “Wot names is obvious but to those moving by stories of hedgehogs polar bears and live holly berries. Jolly Holly® is
issit” in more recently this may not be the a European Trademark name, owned by Christine and is the subject of
“Thas Indian Chicken casserole” my case. the story CDs set to music.
missus say an before she cud say One such area is Wayland Avenue Christine works in a range of media including gouache, water colour
enny more he’d fanged howld of his with its off shoots of Langmere and acrylic and digital artwork. Ian and Christine look forward to meeting
pleart an wos back in the line o Ringmere Roads. ‘Wayland’ has been you at their exhibition which runs from April 29th – May 13th. Ian and
people gittin sarved. I rekkun he the name given to the administrative Christine moved to Watton in March 2016, they worked together
would hev et tha lot if we hent towld district of this area for many years creatively from their studios in Hertfordshire for 6 years prior to this. Ian
him thar wos sum pudding fer arftas. thus in Victorian times the Poor Law used his woodworking skills to create a range of hand made collectors
A cuppla beers learta I told him wot and the Workhouse were houses which included a Tudor House which became his trademark for
he’d et wos a curry, orl tha way from administered through the Wayland commissions. A childrens “crazy house”, Dutch Houses and shops
India, an thas forrin. Hundred, which later became the completed his range.
He dint say much but I saw he wos up Wayland Union. There was also the Christine started to work in acrylics more extensively in the studios. She
tha Indian teark away on Monday. Wayland Petty Sessions, Wayland produced a range of canvases which were more experimental and proved
The tork is thet wen gal Laura move Rural District Council, Wayland Hall popular.
owt we shell hev sum new people and, much more recently, The Wayland By the time Christine had moved to the studios, she had already
with hosses cumin in. Partnership and Wayland Academy. developed a large range of greetings cards that supported her design and
Thet meard me think of an ole story Local folklore would have it that illustration and painting experience. Christine had also worked
my old man towld me abowt Horry’s ‘Wayland’ is s comes from Wayland extensively in a publicity environment.
Dad an my Granfer. Wood on the outskirts of Watton and is The acquisition of her trademark Jolly Holly® and the development of
Granfer allus hed a cuppla hoss’s fer a corruption of ‘Wailing Wood’ so children's stories led to the publication of an article in Hertfordshire Life.
work on tha little ole farm he hed, an called because of its association with Kate Garner, narrator and musician contacted Christine as result of this
wun day Horry’s Dad sed to Granfer the story of the ‘Babes in the Wood’. article. The collaborative musical story CD is now available and proved
“I see wun of yore hoss’s dunt luk However, the name Wayland, or popular at the Dragonfly gallery at Christmas..
tew well, wot dew yew give it?” Wanelunt does in fact date back to the
“Well” says Granfer “I shell give it a Doomsday Book.
whole glarsefull of turpentine” The actual Ringmere and Langmere lie Children's Special at Griston
Abowt a week or so learta Horry’s (just about!) within the area covered By the time you read this the 1st Grand Second Hand Book Sale of 2017
Dad cum rownd tew Granfers an he originally by the Union. They are will be over. Let’s hope it was a good one. Next month’s issue will reveal
say. features of the NWT East Wretham the total raised for Griston Church Heating Fund.
“My ole hoss wos took bad an I give Heath Nature Reserve which was However, we are now busily preparing for the summer one, our
him a glarse full o turps like yew say, purchased by the Trust at the beginning Children’s Special on Saturday 29th July, when we will also be selling
an he dropped down dead!” of the Second World War and thus it is new and pre-loved toys and games.
“Yis” say Granfer “So did mine” the oldest Breckland Nature reserve. There will be a Children’s Lucky Dip with a prize every time; a larger
I’re jist got my fust row of teartas in, The meres are areas of water fed by than usual selection of children’s books; puzzles and board games that are
so hoop thet dunt tun cowld like thet rising ground water with the result that guaranteed complete; and of course refreshments and whole cakes. This
yewshully dew. Tha owld mowld sometimes they dry up altogether. is on top of a different selection of hundreds of second hand books laid
tunned oova a reel treat so I reckon Despite this, numerous species of out in the church for you to browse.
things’ll start moovin afore long, hent waterbirds can be seen here along with We are taking donations now of new and used children’s items such as
got orl my seeds yit, doon’t no whar some very interesting passage migrants toys, games, puzzles, books etc. but sadly no clothing. We will happily
the time dew goo. in spring and autumn. collect, or you can drop them off with us, just give us a call on 880153.
Went tew tha ole Cowncil meetin Sources: Eileen Ward; Kelly’s We are also in need of more volunteers to help with these events, either
larst week, thar ware sum o tha Directory (1904); Norfolk Wildlife behind the scenes with things like cleaning, pricing, and advertising, or
people wos standin fer election laerta Trust Website; ‘Watton – some on the day with setting up, manning a stall, and clearing away. Any time
on this week cum along tew see how snapshots of its History’ (Pub. 2011) you can spare, be it an hour or a whole day, will be much appreciated and
our Cowncil is run. Julian Horn. we will make you most welcome. Thank you, Caroline and Keith.
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 8
The Wayland News Page 9 April 2017
September. Members were pleased to
Ashill and Holme Back in time with
Hale Garden
have braved the hostile weather to
hear such an interesting and well Please Mention
illustrated talk and many left the Watton Society
On an afternoon buffeted by Storm

superb plants.
Thorncroft Clematis
catalogues full of examples of these The Wayland
Doris, over 40 members braved fallen
trees and flying wheelie bins to hear
Peter Skeggs-Gooch talk on 'Different
What's on in the next 3 months
27th April Gardeners' Question Time
10th May Coach outing to
Ways with Clematis'. Thorncroft
Clematis started as his mother’s
Doddington Hall and Gardens,
When talking to advertisers
hobby 25 years ago in Reymerston,
25th May Graham Watts
between Dereham and Wymondham,
'Developments at Dale Farm'
and five years ago Peter took over the
22nd June Dr Ian Bedford 'Butterfly
business. They have regularly won
medals at the Chelsea Flower Show,
25th June Annual Flower Show
including several coveted gold
awards. They produce about 400
varieties and, having outgrown their Fakenham Gas
original premises, are now a mail-
order and on-line business. Works Museum
Peter was keen to emphasise the 32 members of the Watton U3A
different ways clematis can be grown visited Fakenham Gas Works
in the garden and presented slides to Museum on Thursday 9th March. The
illustrate his suggestions. Clematis museum is run entirely by The Watton Society had a fascinating trip at this
work well in combination with roses enthusiastic volunteers. We were told months meeting, we went back in time to 1845 to
as they enjoy similar soil conditions. that the gas works produced town gas have a cup of tea with Elizabeth 'Betsy' Fry who
The variety Ernest Markham even from 1846 right through to 1965, was brought to life for us by Georgette Vale.
seems to grow better as a companion when all the other gas works were Betsy she was known by when she lived with her
plant than alone. closed and demolished leaving family in Norwich. Her side of the family were tea
Clematis are often grown against man Fakenham as the only one left merchants and also involved in banking - Gurney
-made supports, such as pergolas and standing. In 1987 it was converted and Barclays. She explained her religious
fences but many will happily into a museum and was opened in background as a Quaker, her early work and
scramble over bushes and conifer 1987 by the Duke of Gloucester. interest was in abolishing slavery and then through
hedges. As they are not generally The site is a Scheduled Ancient reduced family circumstances they ended living in
invasive they can be safely grown Monument, a rare distinction for an London where she got involved with Newgate
against sheds and walls with the industrial site. The museum’s Prison, setting up a school for the children and later
exception of the Montana varieties collections provide a huge insight into finding employment for the adult women, believing
which can grow to twenty feet and our cultural, social and industrial pacifism was better than the rod, as this proved to
damage guttering. Peter showed his heritage, with displays of lighting, be. Once again a good turnout. The next meeting is
audience a fabulous slide of the heating, cooking and domestic on Wednesday 19th April, at 7.45pm in Watton
varieties Minuet, Romantica and equipment all housed in the Christian Community Centre. The speaker is Joan
Tentel growing up an obelisk to surroundings of the former gas works. Khurody "An English Lady's life in India". All
illustrate this use of the plant. There is also written details about the visitors are welcome, for more information watch
Alternatively, clematis can be used as first steps to light up homes and cities out for the new poster.
container plants, although pots should at night, and provide heating and
be at least 18 inches wide and 18 domestic appliances.
The garden visits group recently
Saham Toney
inches deep for success. The varieties
Pistachio Fukuzono and Ai Nor work visited Ravingham Hall to look at the Neighbourhood Plan
well in this role. Slides of Kaiser and snowdrops. On Saturday 25th February Saham Toney
Dennys Double produced admiring The newly formed tenpin bowling Neighbourhood Planning Committee held a
comments from the audience. group enjoyed two games at Consultation Event for parishioners at the
It may surprise some to find that Dereham. Community Centre in Saham Toney.
clematis can be grown as a cut flower. We entered two teams in a recent quiz The afternoon was well attended with some 67
Varieties with small flowers such as at Ashill and one of the teams came in parishioners and visitors from surrounding parishes
Pillu and Golden Tiara are best as first by a very narrow margin. Well attending to view the draft of the Plan. There
they can be kept in water for at least done to them. were copies of each page of the Plan in large print
10 days whereas larger flowers The no 1 pub lunch group will be displayed on boards and some smaller print copies
require longer stems to sustain them. going to The Waggon and Horses at available for those attending to comment on the
Ground cover varieties, such as Griston on Thursday 13 April. draft. Historical maps were also displayed
Arabella, New Love (free-standing The no 2 pub lunch group will be including the 1840 Tithe Map and there was a
and tolerant of dry conditions) and going to The White Horse at display of the wildlife in the parish.
Pamela (which is fragrant) provide Longham on Tuesday 25 April. The Neighbourhood Planning Committee will
yet another use for this versatile plant. Please contact our Membership now amend the current Pre-Submission
There are even late flowering Secretary, Anita Taylor on 01953 document to reflect the suggestions put forward
varieties such as Princess Kate which 881110 if you would like to become a at the meeting. Work will also continue on the
grows 12 feet in a year and flowers member of the Watton U3A, or would completed questionnaires from businesses and
from July to early November and like further details. village organisations when they are received. It
Rehderiana which has wonderful For further details on the National is hoped that the Neighbourhood Plan will be
primrose yellow flowers in U3A, go to finalised by November 2017.
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 10
Countryside and we are optimistic we may will be on Friday 7th April and will be held
Letter to the Editor equal our First Prize we were awarded last at Richmond Park Golf Club and is open to
Art @ Stoke Ferry Church Dear Sir, I recently said to a friend that as I
was in too much of a hurry to spare time for
year. all-comers in teams of up to 6 people. Cost is
The All Saints Painters are once again holding their A Pamper Day was held at a members home, £10 per person which includes a choice of
a proper wash, I would make do with ‘a cat’s there were various treatments available and a curry and quiz entry. There will also be a
Annual Exhibition of their work in the Church at Stoke lick and a promise’, which was a time-old lovely lunch was also provided. All those prize raffle. Eating starts at 7pm with the
Ferry from 10th June to 25th 2017 from 10 – 5 daily. saying, much favoured by my mother, and attending left refreshed and relaxed, in fact - quiz kicking off at 7.45pm.
which seems to be familiar with many older new women ha ha. All you have to do is email or text your team
Paintings, greeting cards and pottery to purchase. folks, but leaves the modern generation
There is parking and disabled access and entry is free. For more If you are interested to find out more, please number and size to Alan Smith on 07778
baffled, including the friend. This reminded contact our Secretary Carol Robeson on 296858 or then
details please contact: me of several more of mum’s old sayings, a 01953 881006 or come along to our next turn up and enjoy the evening and maybe
few of which I now recall. meeting as a visitor (visitor fee £3.50) on win one of the cash prizes.
Any female who did not quite match up to April 13th at 7.30pm again in the Tom Pettit
her standards was ‘no better than she should Room, Watton Sports Centre. We look
be’, while if a child appeared a bit backward
Town Council is listening
forward to seeing you all there where our Watton Town Council has been listening to
‘His mother didn’t put his hat on straight’. speaker will be Chris Hutchings on Watton the concerns of the community and led by
Another favourite, which seems to have Museum the story so far. Mayor Beryl Bunning has reacted positively
countrywide use is the one that says ‘It’s
to the recent closure of Budgens in the town,
very black over Will’s mum’s’, meaning bad
weather was imminent (but who was Will ?). Watton & District and the intended closure of the Norwich and
Another friend was puzzled when I said that, Peterborough Building Society, by inviting
Royal British Legion top national retailers and leading banks to
in order to avoid the traffic I used the ‘back We have had a very good start to our social consider establishing outlets in Watton.
doubles’, and being an old timer myself I activities this year. Some of our members Mrs Bunning said “Our community
sometimes refer to the time as ‘five and and their guests went for a lunch at The continues to expand and thrive but these
twenty to five’, or five and twenty past’. This Willow House in Watton. In the future we closures are a retrospective step for
archaic throw-back only occurs at the 25 or hope to patronise all the pubs around the residents. Businesses should be growing
35 minute point, though the only local area. with the community. With an estimated
remembered similar use is in the nursery It was a very windy day but luckily most of consumer number of over 11000, if
rhyme about four and twenty blackbirds. us managed to get there. Everyone thought neighbouring parishes are included,
Most families have their own sayings, and it the food was plentiful and lovely although residents are becoming limited for retail
would be interesting to hear other ones that one member did think his meal choice choice within the town. The Town Council
come to mind. I look forward to next differed from what he expected. There were believes that if a new mini supermarket were
month’s Wayland News with your particular a few mishaps for The Willow House to deal to open it would not disadvantage any of the
‘pets’. Yours, Ken Knowles. with. At one point they were not sure the existing retailers but would encourage
electricity was going to stay on to cook our greater footfall within the High Street and
Watton Evening WI meal and the wind caused some damage to perhaps car journeys to other shopping
This months meeting, held in the Tom Pettit vents and things on the roof that had to be centres would be avoided”
Room at Watton Sports Centre, was well dealt with straight away. The President Ron The Town Council is also disappointed that
received where our speaker was Judith Wheeler organised a small raffle to raise the only Building Society service within the
Muncila. Members tried their hand at acting funds for the branch and he hopes to town is being curtailed thus denying
out sketches written by Judith in her unique continue to do this throughout the year. banking opportunities to the many
light hearted outlook on everyday life. Our next outing will be a lunch at The Hare customers who have remained loyal to the
Judith, a local writer for over 3 years began and barrel on Thursday 20 April and another Norwich & Peterborough. Further bank or
her career by joining a creative writing group of our members will be organising this. building society provision within Watton
and regularly reads stories on local radio. Other dates for your diary – would offer flexibility and choice for
She is a published author and has also Quiz and Curry on Friday 16 June at Wells residents who are limited by a lack of public
recorded an audio book. It was quite an eye- Cole Community Centre. transport provision. Transport links for
opener watching members who definitely Afternoon tea on Thursday 24 August held Watton have not grown with the community
have hidden acting talents, however I don’t at the Vicarage. and there is greater demand than five years
think Dame Judy Dench has anything to Military vehicle rally/Forces day on Saturday ago for bus services including a fast link to
worry about! 9 September. London. The Town Council has also
The membership is still growing which is Look out for more information about these therefore invited National Express Coaches
most encouraging and a New Members events in the future. to explore the viability of re-introducing a
meeting was held at our Presidents home Our next meeting is on Tuesday 21 March at National Express pick up point in Watton.
giving information on the background/ 7pm in The Hare and Barrel. Come along
running of the WI in an informal way along and join us. If you require any more
with a cuppa. information contact our branch chairman Music at Watton U3A
Alan Chilvers on 01953 883250 or send an e At the February meeting we were
The Lunch Club met at the Kings Café,
-mail to entertained by John and Chrissy Drury
Shipdham yet another new venue for us and
it is always amazing at how many good (Timescape) to songs from 1940s and
1930s. They were dressed in the fashion
places there are for ‘ladies that lunch’. Curry and Quiz Night of that era. John and Chrissy sang a
Ladies met for the Craft Club where they
Supporting Gill Smith selection of songs from that time,
painted pebbles with various designs and
London Marathon run together with a wartime medley,
others made note-holding hedgehogs folded
There are many ways to raise sponsorship encouraging audience participation. John
out of paperback books. This was a craft we
money for charities but they needn’t just be also played the ukulele whilst singing
learned from the Craft Swop stall held at the
asking friends and family for donations. ‘Leaning on a lamp post’. Altogether
Acorn Fair. It is always delightful to learn
Gill Smith is running the 2017 Virgin very enjoyable.
new skills.
London Marathon in aid of East Anglian Air The speaker for April will be Christine
Some met to discuss ideas for this years’
Ambulance and one of her fund-raising Adams with ‘Miss Savage Mover Her
entry for the Royal Norfolk Show. The
events is to hold a Curry & Quiz Night. This house (literally, piece by piece).
theme this year is Farming & The
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 11
Fruit / Vegetables: First: Hazel Dunn he still wanted to keep his hand-in. When
Great Hockham Second: Jane Dalton. it was nearing completion, I took over the EASTER CASH BINGO
Gardening Club Seasonal Photograph: First: Hazel Dunn. baton as I wanted to get it operational as
Tuesday 11th April at Wells Cole CC, Saham
For our March meeting we welcomed Second: Prue Szczepanowski. Third: soon as possible. We have a fantastic team
Patrick Alzetto. in place with years of experience and I’m Doors Open 6.30 Eyes Down 7.30pm
twenty-one members, including two new
members, Annette and Kathy. A special Our next meeting will be Wednesday 12th delighted it’s finally opened!” Raffle - All welcome
welcome to them. of April at Hockham village hall. Harvey added, “Doing it up was very
Our speaker for the afternoon was Abi This is a photographic presentation much a labour of love, with hours spent on
Rayment. entitled, ‘Spring into Summer’. The the finer details such as the reclaimed
photographs will be accompanied by parquet flooring and the original beams
classical music. which provide a traditional feel with lots of
Doors open at 13:30 – proceedings will character. We will be offering food and
commence at about 14:00. have added large tables and booths for
groups of friends and I’m sure the function
room at the back will be popular for
Recipe of the Month private events”.
From the Ladies’ Fellowship With the UK pub closure trend a source of
This month’s recipe comes from contention for many years, Harvey
Dorothy Crook who has spent a great mentioned “I’ve had a few comments that
deal of her long life baking, cooking and we are mad to open a pub, though these
generally working with food. have far been outweighed by the positive
However, she has chosen to share a feedback from locals and we feel there is
recipe which requires no baking at all scope for another pub in Watton and wish
and she calls it to buck the trend! We are opening for the
Quick and Easy uncooked chocolate good of the community and hope you will
cake. support us”.
Ingredients: 4oz Sweet biscuits, 2oz The Kings Arms team includes 9 staff and
Abi works for Dove Associates and Digestives; 2oz. Chopped nuts or dried
undertakes regular crop walks for a range is being run by Bar Manager Caitlyn
fruit or a mixture of the two; 3 ½ oz Cooke, previously General Manager of the
of nurseries in the UK. She studied at Margarine or spread; 1 oz Caster sugar;
Hadlow and Writtle colleges, and is an Red Lion in Kenninghall. Chef Tammy
3 oz Golden syrup; 2 oz Cocoa; 2oz Fish from Watton joins the team with 16
active member of the International Plant chocolate; knob of butter
Propagators Society. As well being able to years experience in the industry, achieving
Crush all the biscuits together and add Two Rosettes in Food Standards.
set up and monitor trials, carry out full the chopped nuts/fruit/mixture
nursery audits and run workshops, she has Caitlyn Cooke, said “We are delighted to
Cream together butter, sugar, and syrup be open, please pop in and take a look!
a keen interest in biofumigation and and gradually beat in the cocoa.
compost tea. The subject of her talk was We have received great support from
Then mix in the biscuit mixture and Greene King, though are freehold and in
‘Integrated Pest Management: The Natural combine well. Press the mixture evenly
Approach’. Or to put it another way, ‘Bugs addition to the usual draughts on sale, we
into a square baking tin and leave in the have IPA Abbot, one guest ale and one
be Gone’. Abi opened her talk by outlining fridge until cold.
the main approaches taken to control pests: craft beer, plus wines and spirits.
Melt 2oz of chocolate with 1 tbl spoon The Kings Arms also will be offering a full
Chemical, cultural, environmental and of hot water and the knob of butter.
biological. menu choice starting in the coming weeks,
Carefully cover the top of the cake and using local suppliers such as Watton
Chemical: the use of chemicals has been when cool cut into squares. Enjoy! What
falling out of favour in recent decades due Butchers though in the mean-time have
could be simpler? Sounds delicious! light bites on the menu.
to the indiscriminate killing of the insects
that might actually be beneficial. Also, the The new back room is airy and light,
cumulative effect of the chemical on other Watton Pub Reopens though if you used to frequent the Kings
wildlife, directly or indirectly, has become Arms you will find that the original
unacceptable. As a result of these problems
After Six Years And features such as the bar have been re-
many previously commonly used chemical £300,000 Investment instated. The pub also welcome dogs, is
controls are now banned. New life has been breathed into the wheelchair friendly and has baby
Cultural: by using preventive practices market town of Watton as one its closed changing facilities.
including using plants that are resistant to pubs has reopened after nearly six years. The Kings Arms can be contacted on
pests and creating conditions that produce The Kings Arms in Middle Street located 01953 886622.
healthy plants. A healthy plant is less just off the High Street, reopened its doors Pictured bottom Judy & John Kerr, the first
susceptible to attack. on Saturday 4th March, following a customers in the refurbished Kings
Environmental: by changing the £300,000 investment by a local And below Chef Tammy Fish
conditions around a cultivated plant some businessman.
pests will find it difficult to survive. Red Graham Woodyatt from Watton purchased
spider mites do not like moisture, so by the pub in 2011. Once tenancy ended the
keeping the humidity high they are pub was made freehold, independent of the
deterred. Companion planting falls under breweries that supply it and a five year
this heading. renovation project took place.
Biological: this is the control of harmful This included substantial building
organisms by the introduction of predator construction including new roof, electrics,
species that do not have negative heating and a new function room on the
consequences on the remaining ecology. back with private bar and underfloor
Abi then talked about some of the old heating.
friends that we have come to know Proprietor Harvey Woodyatt, comments
throughout our years of gardening: “The pub was acquired by my father
whiteflies, thrips, vine weevils, sciarid Graham as a property project at a time
flies, leaf miners, mealybugs, midges, where he was meant to be retiring, though
moth caterpillars, tortrix caterpillars, scale
insects, capsids, leafhoppers, froghoppers,
rolling leaf sawflies, slugs and
leatherjackets. The list is certainly not
comprehensive, and if that wasn’t bad
enough, each of the generic names
mentioned above, may have individual
species running into the thousands.
However, hope was at hand, as while
showing us slides of the little dears, she
suggested various methods of eradication.
It has to be said that, were you trying to
think of a worthwhile pastime, Abi’s talk
may have you leaning away from
gardening and towards something like
glass blowing or hang gliding. Only
joking, Abi. We all found your talk very
helpful and enjoyed it enormously.
This months competition results Floral:
First: Cees De Ruyter. Second: Matt
Cunningham. Third: Sue Thomas.
The Wayland News Page 12 April 2017
'Thank you' mine never do!”. Having been an life wrote all the name's of all the pubs down for
More memories of undertaker I was surprised when he said I'm ready
for leaving this world, I guess he was tired, he was a
me, I did remember this one, perhaps that's why I
became a publican/hotelier which brings me to my
Watton from Beryl wonderful character.
Mrs Fennell as far as I know the oldest Wattonian
Granddad Baldwin, my Mum's Dad, who tendered
the horses at the Crown and was in The Royal
Warner at 103 with her Husband had a butchers shop, now
Barnardo's, as my father used to quote "hard work
Veterinary Corp in the 1914-1918 war. I must just
mention here The Kings Arms thanks to Graham
Dear Editor, Well here I am with a few words to never killed anyone". Woodyatt having bought, refurbished worked hard
follow up on your letters from Eileen ward and Starting off my list of other shops, pubs, hotels etc. himself and recently reopened.
Olive Salter (January/February Issues) I read and over coffee with an elder sister about these she Mum, as I have told Graham, walked the boards so
Olive’s and thought being a Wattonian like them I said “Beryl did you not read the January issue a lot to speak at the Kings Arms, and on occasions Mum
have loving memories of Watton too. off your list were in Eileen's letter”, so my list got taking charge of the pub while they had a few hours
I must add what excellent memories they have shorter. off duty and loved it, another reason why it must
especially Olive who will be expecting a Telegram Oh how embarassing it would have been, I can hear have been in my genes. In fact Graham where was
from the Queen before too long as did her husband. your readers "well her memories are up the creek my invite to the opening? criticism NO, praise Yes
I won't be out done Olive, Mum and Dad (Mr and without a paddle", so here is my list carrying on you are forgiven. Well Done Graham I just know it
Mrs Howe) received one on their Diamond from Eileen and Olive. The Co-operative was next will be as successful as your other business was at
Wedding Anniversary, I think you were still in to The Willow House I won a competition there of where was Mums old school now Eirlys Johnson
Norfolk then, not many will reach this milestone in how many tea bags were in a jar, winning a set of Funeral services.
today's society as marriage stands; I for one will not kitchen knives, Leeks electrical store a family run Still in middle street Andrew Francis Undertakers
as you read on you will realise why. It must be the business which moved up into the town where was Mr and Mrs Cators grocery shop both who
Norfolk Air, community spirit and healthy eating. empty shops are opposite Watton Kebab. Opposite lived to be a good age. Minellis' hair dresses was
It came as a surprise to me that you, saw The the co-op this road was the old Thetford road. Westons fruit and vegetable store then where the
Methodist chapel being built, very interesting The Police Station had cells, I believe so if you fish and chip shop is was Mr and Mrs West's shop,
reading from Olive and Eileen too, to think you were a bit under the weather at rolling out time you you could go North, East or South but you cannot
witnessed the RAF camp coming to fruition five didn't have far to stagger. We had hairdressers, beat WEST for fish and chips, he recited this a
years before I came into the world. My first Vievien's (Adems Café) Mrs. Abraham's , I may thousand times whilst serving, but oh they were
husband (Parsons my first change of name) was have got this wrong? /Joyce Wigby? (Lulu's now) / excellent, the queue's were long but you didn't mind
stationed here and was how we met. I was never Peggy Tennant's another one on The old Thetford the wait. Our treat as a family on Saturday nights us
going to marry a farmer seeing how hard Mum and road but what was it called? girls taking it in turn to cycle up for it think I drew
Dad worked or a force's man, you get left behind, On this old road was one of The Bakers in the town the short straw a lot but I loved going.
and twice unaccompanied tours. called Johnson's who were parents to Malcolm Opposite this BWB electricals was a betting shop
I remember the corner shop didn't know that was Johnson a milkman who's wife Avis was the Garners and at the end of a row of cottages above
the first cinema and Picture Palace Lane sounded daughter of the Landlords at The Kings Arms. the back doors to the back of High Street shops was
wonderful (kisses, cuddles etc. say no more.) The Novaks builders yard on this road too. a Gospel hall, follow round past Lulu's hairdressers
HUT tuck shop I remember, Mrs Ducker she lived Coming back into the High Street came Webbs a was another butchers shop called Dewhurst (Great
to a good age too my eldest (late) sister worked for fruit and flower shop husband and wife team now China now) then Hiltons shoe shop sister Sheila
her. Watton Kebab. [Ed: Prior to Webbs, in the 60's, worked here, wait for it, 44 years and became
Bardwells saw mills where I worked in the Office was it Samples Fruiteers and Flowers supplied by a Oliver's in her time and not forgetting Sheila's
and out of the window saw the trains passing. Mr. Market Garden they ran at the rear of Queens Hall husband Jack worked for Bowes for 47 years and
Hoy, (I can picture him now) was the station master and up to Tennants Undertakers]. Jack is now 91. Jack 26 years of retirement, with
for how many years? and must mention The Across the road was Sample's a family run Butchers more to follow and Sheila
Topiary hedge cut into a train that was a wonderful shop for many a year where there is a Butchers 80 not far behind with 20 years, Oh I am sorry I
sight correct me if I'm wrong but feel Mr. Hoy was shop again facing the Bull Hotel as it was then. have let the cat out of the bag!
responsible for that [Ed: It was Ernie Fagg who cut Fells cycle shop where Mullengers estate agents is Next to Hiltons where now is the Tattoo place was
that Bea.] now, my sisters husband worked at the time. I was Peggy Tennants wool shop sold also dress's /skirts a
The Regal cinema Miss Balls was in charge and working at Collins The Chemist now William small shop but a lot to offer, indeed even credit you
there for donkey's years as were most of the staff. Browns estate agent he also worked for Dye's could pay off a little each week and where the busy
Anna Barker in the kiosk, a Miss again saw too garage, he was a retained fireman Officer in charge knitters could start by paying to take a few balls
much in those back rows "I'm having none of that for 30 years. This cycle shop was one of three, Jack home the rest put by and bought as you needed it,
Thank you", adding more projectionists to Mr. Cross next to post Office and Kittles now Lings this was done in many family run businesses (I
Swann was David Ward, Reg Oliver, Dick motor cycles well at least its still a cycle of sorts, bought my first new bicycle this way) my sister
Marsham , usherette's Gwen Ward Davids wife, but lets be honest now in our days we needed our Joyce worked here and loved it after working for
Elsie and Dulcie Grey, Joyce and Sheila Howe (my cycles as there were hardly any cars in the fifties/ Mrs. Ducker in her tuck shop (Eileen).
two Sisters) helped after working all day. sixties. Spoilt for choice was Durrants Drapers a very large
Noel Abel's sale yard (Barhams previously) where Opposite William Browns the street was the old store and both Mr and Mrs Durrant did a lot for
he learnt the trade, I Ioved going there with my road to Dereham and where is now Arden Kendall's Watton Mr. Durrant was at the beginning of the
Dad. On market day the town was always busy with was Mr Cranes shoe shop, down further on the left Queens hall being built as was Mr and Mrs Bob
all different stalls, a lot more than now, especially on the bend was where Mr and Mrs Dwornik had Nunn devoted their time for many years after the
the sweet stall where Nanny Baldwin treated us to a their Photography business which later became building was built. Mrs Durrant retired as a
few sweets each week, Noel's sales bringing a lot of Insurance Brokers Gerry comes to mind but not his magistrate" I Quote after 29 years, four hip
trade into the town there was concern when he surname. operations and before my sell by date" and now in
moved to where it is held now. Tyrone Roberts As a family, we lived at 122 Brandon Road some of your 91st year hope I have remembered correctly.
worked for Noel (his Mum died last year well into you will remember Mr and Mrs Howe with five All these business people were very hard workers in
her 90th year) another stalwart of the town and he daughters , Joyce, Sheila, Monica, Beryl (me) and the town. I tell my one and only wonderful
thereby taught Tyrone the tricks of the trade and the Daphne, the eldest four CYCLED to work together granddaughter I am here for a long time, I am
banter too, and in turn Stephen son of Tyrone still and home for lunch at 1pm, Joyce at Mrs Duckers aiming for 90? and although I say it myself (well
runs the auctions. Noel went into removals known tuck shop and later Mrs Tennants wool shop who else will) I was hard working in the days as a
as ABEL'S on the Norwich road. He owned (Tattoo shop now I think), Sheila at Hiltons Shoe Landlady couldn't do it now, well I am older, never
beautiful Shire Horses and carriage's often seen out shop (Dutch Flower Parade), Monica at Ogdens went to bed the same day I got up (You may have
in town and around, coming into this period now husband and wife team cake shop such wonderful to think about that).
briefly after moving away. cakes especially the doughnuts and cream horn's , I am now at a cross roads so to speak, well the
I came home to roost as Landlady at The Crown in Monica also worked for Archie and Marion zebra crossing anyway, because if the editor agrees
1985 and left 1992 jumping into 1999 whilst my Manning milk cart and horse (Olives letter) a lot of I shall do the next instalment starting Just before
then husband Derek Warner (2nd. name change) years in all weathers, I went to school with Avril The Crown Hotel, so until next month.
was very ill with cancer, we would often walk to their daughter and have a photograph of Keith their Watton was a busy little town every shop we
The Crown to cheer him up one day as we were son and also your son John I think Olive. needed, many staying within the family for years
leaving I said Derek “Listen, horses”, expecting I worked for Bardwell's the timber merchants the and still is happening ie. Adcocks which at one
Noel to come by I loved seeing them as a team, but Office over looking the station me watching the stage sold jewellery. I have so enjoyed writing this
it was a black hearse. WELL, you can imagine my trains coming and going and also Collins Chemist and hope some of you will have happy memories
husband's comment being an ex publican I will tell as mentioned before, baby sister Daphne came and for others to know a little more of Wattons
it as it was "Bloody Hell Beryl that's all I need " he along after me 10 years later so still at home will fill history . Until next month to let you know a bit
had been given 6 months to live by then, I can you in what happened for her job wise in the next more, as Jimmy Young use to say BFN I will say
laugh at it now. instalment. BGWPH - Howe, Parsons ,Warner, Goulding Be
As I'm on the subject of undertakers Eileen My best friend Wendy Key lived next door to us Gone With Peace and Happiness.
mentioned "Tennants" undertakers which brings me and we played hop scotch on the road can you I've only ever had one item on my bucket list, guess
to the time when Jack Tennant came into The believe it? what it was? Swimming with Dolphins such
Crown whilst I was Landlady always in his corner What was called Bowes now called Cranwicks right wonderful mammals I achieved this on my 70th so
spot. Lo and behold if someone was sitting on a near a sharp bend which brings me to what was a a wee insight to my age. I will just add how Watton
stool in the corner he liked to rest his tired body pub on the corner called The Dog and Partridge was self sufficient with our shops having all we
leaning into the corner - he couldn't sit, too many which happened to be Wendy's Aunt and Uncle needed and jobs available for all and a move on the
problems, he must have been well into his 90's and were we enjoyed 1d bags of crisps on occasions. cards when we felt we wanted change or more
said to me "Beryl at least your customers say Thanks to my Mum who lived in this area all of her money.
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 13
St. George’s Church, Saham Toney
Watton Churches Together Sun 2nd 11.00am Lay Led Worship
Fri 14th 10.00am Procession of Witness leaves
The Mystery of God
St. Mary’s Church, Watton Wells Cole CC for Thought for the month
Follow us @StMarysWatton 10.30am Good Friday Meditation by Fr Gordon Williams, Our Lady of Pity, Swaffham
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, Sun 16th 11.00am Easter Holy Communion St Thomas Aquinas says that we do not know what God is; we only
on 01953 881439, I shall be available at church on Tuesdays Sun 23rd 11.00am Morning Worship know what God is not. Over the centuries Christian mystics have sought
between 10.30am and 12 noon - Gerry Foster Sun 30th 10.30am Group Service of to abandon all images of God, all that we thought we knew and enter the
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion 2nd Holy Communion Cloud of Unknowing.
Wednesday Morning Worship All theologians as well as mystics teach us that whatever else, God is
Tuesdays 7.30am - 8.00am, Thursdays 5pm - 5.30pm S.S. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke not an object! We cannot count God as an object in the world, not even
Saturdays 9.30am - 10am Parish Prayers 5pm - 6pm Pray & Praise Sun 2nd 10.30am Family Holy Communion the greatest of all things, as God is not a thing. What then is God?
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-1pm Mon 10th 7.30pm Holy Communion Theologians speak of God as Mystery. A mystery is by definition
Tel: 01953 881252 Fri 14th 2.00pm` Good Friday Meditation unknown and unknowable. But that does not mean that what we call
Sun 2nd 8.00am Holy Communion Sun 16th 10.30am Easter Service mystery is not real! We know that it is, even if we do not know what it
10.00am Holy Communion Sun 23rd 10.30am Holy Communion is. God is not simply a mystery among mysteries, God is the Ultimate
Sun 9th Palm Sunday mystery! God is the mysteriousness of all things! You and I are part of
8.00am Holy Communion St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington this great mystery. God is the source of our being, as St Paul tells us: ‘In
10.00am Informal Holy Communion Sun 2nd 9.30am Holy Communion God we live and move and have our being; (Acts 17-28)
2.30pm Superhero Sunday Wed 12th 10.00am Holy Communion Jesus taught us that the Father is near, nearer to us than we are to
Wed 12th 7.00pm Devotional Readings & Sung Compline Fri 14th 10.30am Good Friday Meditation ourselves. His use of the word ‘Abba’ implies a closeness and intimacy.
Thur 13th Maundy Thursday Sun 16th 10.30am Easter Service There is a mysterious oneness between God and my true self. The
7.00pm Group Service of Holy Communion & mystics were often accused of heresy for seeming to deny the distinction

Fri 14th Good Friday
stripping the altar followed by Vigil Watton Pentecostal Church between the creator and the creation, the world and humanity.
We are loved! Jesus tells us that God is not only close to us, but also
10.15am Procession of Witness leaves Old Dereham Road, Watton. Easter Services that God loves us!. The unconditional love of God was the
Watton Methodist Church for Sunday 2nd April 10.30am: EASTER EGGSTRAVAGANZA foundation of Jesus’s teaching and spirituality.. What does this mean
11.00am Service at St Mary’s (All age family service) for us? It means that the mystery in which I live and move and have
Sun 16th Easter Day my being is loving. It is very difficult for us to understand this! Jesus
Friday 14th April 11.00am: GOOD FRIDAY COMMUNION
8.00am Holy Communion inherited the Jewish tradition of speaking of God the Father as a
10.00am Holy Communion Sunday 16th April 1.30am: EASTER CELEBRATION person, and he underlined it and deepened it. Theology today points
Sat 22nd 6.30pm Choral Evensong & Everyone welcome! to God as personal, rather than person. Let us learn from Jesus and
Rededication of the organ come to experience God in personal terms.
(Adapted from Jesus Today by Albert Nolan)
Sun 23rd 8.00am Holy Communion
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 All Saints Church, Threxton
11.30am Annual Church Meeting
Sun 30th 8.00am Holy Communion
Sunday 9th April - Palm Sunday What’s on at St Mary’s
10.30am Group Service of Holy Communion at at 10.30am with Holy Communion
St George’s Church, Saham Church, Watton
Watton Methodist Church Open Church Commencing Wed 19th April, the Church will be open Big change for Hackers, Wed 10.30-3.00pm & Thurs 10-12.30pm. You are welcome to come
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and into church to enjoy the peace and tranquillity, say a prayer & light a
prayer between 10.15am & 11.30am. It’s your quiet place. At Tackers and Stuffers candle, or just to look round. Church members will welcome you
and serve refreshments.
10.30 there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large Vestry In the 1990s and into the new Millenium a group of ladies attended
led by the Minister or a Church Member. patchwork and quilting classes in a room behind Scotts Needlecraft The March Winner of the 100 Club Draw was No 72 Mr J Johnson
Sun 2nd 10.30am Mr D Yarham shop in Watton High St. Not only did they sew but chatted, laughed Thurs 6th April: 10-12noon Thursday Chat a social coffee morning
no evening worship Songs of Praise at Thursford and had a lovely time. When Rosemary, who ran the shop, at St Mary's, Watton. Continuing on 1st Thursday of each month.
Sun 9th 10.30am Mr R Cunningham announced it would be closing in September 2002 panic ensued. All are welcome. 3 - 5pm Messy Church at St Mary’s. All age fun,
6.30pm Mr & Mrs M Cook They would continue as friends but still wanted to learn. Several friendship, food, crafts and games. Children please bring an adult.
Thur 13th Maundy Thursday solutions ensued: Jo, the tutor was keen to continue, that could be Sat 8th April 9.30 - 12 Noon Easter Coffee Morning at St Mary’s
7.30pm Rev E Reddington arranged in the home of a participant; small groups might meet in Church. Coffee/tea hot cross buns or cake, Easter cakes for sale,
Fri 14th Good Friday homes of volunteers but what was needed was a larger evening raffle. All welcome to come along with family and friends. Proceeds
10.15am Walk of Witness leaves meeting place where they could attract potential new members, to Church Funds.
Watton Methodist Church for organise workshops and demonstrations and act as a clearing house Sun 9th April 2.30- 4.00pm Super Hero Sunday at St Mary’s
11.00am Service at St Mary’s Church for relevant information on the needlecrafts dear to their hearts. The Church Fun, food, friendship and Special Activity.
Sun 16th Easter Day Watton Christian Community Hall was booked for two Tuesday Monday 24th April 9.30-10.30am Story Bags at St Mary’s Church
10.30am Mrs A Fox evenings a month and small matters like subscriptions agreed then for parents and preschool children.
6.30pm Rev E Reddington came the tricky subject of a suitably whacky and eye catching name This is held weekly on Mondays, only during term time.
Sun 23rd 10.30am at Saham Hills Methodist Church to fit the personalities involved thus Hackers,Tackers and Stackers Wed 26th April 3.30-4.45pm Stop Gap after school club at The
Rev A King was born. The founder members felt it befitted the activities Blenheim Centre, Tedder Close, Watton
6.30pm Rev B Winner planned. They have continued to hack, tack and stuff for nearly 15
Sun 30th 10.30am Re E Reddington years on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month apart from
6.30pm Mr A Warby August from 7pm to 9pm, had outings, exhibitions, meals and Diabetes UK
Roman Catholic Community whole day workshops sometimes with visiting tutors at a different In March we held a shorter meeting than usual, after which we went
Each Sat 5.30pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church venue and so they hope to continue for many more years. to the Wagon & Horses at Griston for our annual lunch date. This
Sat 8th 5.30pm Vigil Mass of Palm Sunday with However, the times are changing and some members feel they may was superbly arranged by Shirley, one of our committee members.
blessing of palms at Watton Methodist Church be confused with a gang of people up to no good on the internet, 24 members enjoyed a 2 or 3 course lunch and we all had a lovely,
All Holy Week Services at Our Lady of Pity Swaffham despite the fact that some think webs are woven by spiders and pleasant time.
Sun 9th Palm Sunday lines are for hanging washing, or helping you keep your writing Our speaker in April will be Tobi Amadasun, Care Services
8.30am Mass & blessing of palms straight. Sadly it has been decided that a new name is appropriate Pharmacist for Boots. We will be meeting at 10.15am, on Monday
10.30am Mass & blessing of palms and Wayland Quilters the popular choice has been introduced. 10th April, at the Pentecostal Church, Watton ( who we thank for the
Thur 13th Maundy Thursday RIP Hackers, Tackers and Stuffers, good luck Wayland Quilters. generous use of their facilities). For more information about our
7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper group, please phone Helen 01953 884713, leave a message and I
Fri 14th Good Friday
11.00am Act of Witness at The Buttercross
Dereham & Watton will get back to you, or you can email me at
3.00pm Solemn Passion of the Lord
Sat 15th Holy Saturday Independence
Sun 16th Easter Day
Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
Living Group The Watton Society
19th April. Local Author Joan Khurody will talk to us about her
8.30am Morning Mass We are currently looking for new members. We are a group who experiences as a young English girl married to an Indianand
10.30am Morning Mass support each other to live independently. Come along to one of the living far from her family and home and her later nomadic life.
St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill groups and meet other people, share experiences, get support with 7.45pm Watton Christian Community Centre
Tuesdays at 10.00am Holy Communion your benefits, enjoy lively discussions and much more. We have More information John & Judy Kerr 01953 882613
Sun 2nd 10.00am Lay Led Worship & Sunday Funday five meetings a year and our next meeting will be on 5 May. We
for school age children meet in the Watton Social Club, Dereham Road, Watton at
Sun 9th Palm Sunday 10.30am to 2.00pm (bring a sandwich, a mug and a small raffle
10.30am Benefice Service. Blessing of the prize). At that meeting we are having a lady coming from Dereham
Lychgate & the Authorised Worship Assistants by Library. This will be her second visit and it will be very interesting
Dance Away at The Queens Hall
The Rt Rev’d Jonathan Meyrick, Bishop of Lynn if last time was anything to go by. A lady is also coming to talk Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dancing
Tues 11th 10.00am Holy Communion about 'Making it Real' and how to get involved. So come along and
Fri 14th 2.00pm Good Friday Meditation see what we are all about. You will be made most welcome. We 8pm - 11pm Admission £4
Sun 16th 9.30am Easter Holy Communion look forward to seeing you. For more information please ring Mrs Dances April 1st, May 6th, June 3rd
Sun 23rd 9.30am Morning Worship J. Neilson on 01953 799857.
The Wayland News Page 14 April 2017
Obviously this is a company that has to cover costs, order your ticket from
PUBLIC NOTICE Letter from Australia managed to hold a major share of the Malcolm Tyrone: Tel 01953 529531.
By Chris O'Connor Australian market through competitive 5th April: Committee Meeting, 10am to
NOTICE OF APPLICATION The Amazon behemoth is about to enter marketing and without the outside 12pm
Australia and Australian retailers are influence of net giants like Amazon. 29th April: Official Opening Day at "The
FOR A PREMISES LICENCE starting to worry, some of them rather Whether he likes it or not, Amazon is Shed"Church Walk by her Honour The
stupidly stating that the American internet coming and quite frankly this writer will be Mayor of Watton at 11am.
Notice is hereby given that Watton P.C.C. has retail giant will have little impact on the very happy when he is able to order goods Our workshop is now nearing readyness for
Australian market saying rather foolishly: “ from Amazon and know they will arrive. use, some members have worked hard to
applied in respect of St Marys Church, Church they don’t know it, or the country is too big For far too long in Australia retailers have get everything sorted and benches made,
Road Watton IP256DQ for a premises licence for them.” lived under the illusion that people may and we must say a big thanks to "Jewsons
under the Licensing Act 2003 to allow for A reality check is needed for these retailers want the product but they can wait to Building Supplies" for all the help they
regulated entertainment 12.00 - 23.00 Monday - who still live in an age where for as long as receive it. I once waited three weeks to have given us in supplying the wood
commerce can remember in Australia the receive an item from Perth (2131 km required.
Sunday and sale of alcohol Monday to Sunday market has never been ‘invaded’ by a away). An item I ordered from Amazon Please note that our Social Hall in Church
12.00 - 23.00. foreign company with the resources and (13,300 km away) arrived four days later. walk, has now officially been named "The
Representations to this application must be made marketing power of Amazon. Go figure! Shed"
in writing by 21.04.17 to the Licensing Team, Sure Australians have, like the rest of the Interestingly, in the middle of writing this During the month of April we will be
Breckland Council, Elizabeth House, Walpole world been able to take advantage of article I went into a local sports store to opening each Thursday evening 7pm to
cheaper products mainly from the Asian enquire about some shoes. I had seen them 9pm as a trial period for those who work
Loke, Dereham NR19 1EE where applications markets for many years – usually to the on Amazon but wanted to know what they during the daytime to evaluate interest for a
can be inspected during office hours. It is an detriment of local manufacturing. But we looked like and how much they would cost regular evening opening.
offence liable on summary conviction to a are not talking about manufacturing here. in Australia. The store owner told me she Remember the Kettle is always on Tea and
maximum fine of £5000 to knowingly or recklessly We are talking about stock in a shop. didn’t stock them and wasn’t too interested Coffee on tap if you dont want to get
Televisions, washing machines, books, in seeing whether she could get them. I involved in any activities it doesnt matter
make a false statement in connection with this computers, phones, cameras, dog leads . . . mentioned that I had seen them on Amazon just pop in for a chat and make some new
application. this list is endless and its ending simply and would probably have to go there. friends. Look foward to seeing you.
determined by the ability of some company She laughed and told me about how it Cheers, Richard Adams, Chairman WMS
to manufacture the item and sell it via would take ages to get here, would cost a
Amazon and the World Wide Net. fortune and would probably be the wrong
So any Australian retailer who thinks size and that I would not be able to return West Norfolk
Amazon is going to struggle to gain a hold them.. She obviously has not dealt with
on the market in Australia is dreaming. Amazon before and will most likely be out
Aviation Society
Another reality check. If you can conquer of business in a few years, all because of ‘An Audience with Chris Halliday’
the rest of the world as Amazon has done ignorance. How sad. would euphemistically describe his
then Australia is a small fish in the ocean. performance at the Mundford Bowls
Google Trends data shows Amazon now Club when the West Norfolk Aviation
has a major lead on its biggest rival, eBay,
Watton (Loch Neaton) Society met for its monthly meeting on
globally. It is in the top three retailers in the Bowls Club Tuesday 7th March. Chris, now a
world, with revenue expected to be over member of our club, entertained us once
The opening day of the bowling green has
$130 billion this year. again with his avant-garde guide through
been brought forward one week to Sunday
But unlike most big retailers, it is growing another of the many RAF disciplines
16th April. This is to assist those of our
at the speed of a start-up. Amazon revenue with which he has been involved: this
bowlers involved in league matches and
in the most recent quarter was 29 per cent time, Aerial Artillery. Coupled with his
county competitions to gain as much
higher than last year. Its retail skills are stylish and humorous delivery we always
practice as possible before they commit look forward to the multiplicity of home-
pretty special. themselves to the serious side of the game.
Australia, an English-speaking country, is made props and war time trophies he
The full facilities will be available most
similar enough to the USA that the uses to court his listeners. Host and
days from thereon for anyone wishing to
Amazon model has a good chance of Hostess, Len and Val, were there too
play or to come along to find out more
working very smoothly. No large Australia showing as much interest as the rest of
about our bowls club.
competitor offers what Amazon Prime us. Their home-made contribution was
The following dates to be noted in April:
Now does, like two-hour delivery. the now familiar bowls club catering. Not
Sunday 23rd Open House Day from 11am
Amazon is also famous for adapting to without surprise the end of the evening
to 3 pm for new to bowling or new to the went off with a bang: ‘Don’t you just
meet local conditions. It doesn’t just roll area.
out one business model across the world. In love the smell of cordite in the evening’.
Wednesday 26th home evening friendly
India, for example it lets the many people Next month (Tuesday 4th April) for the
against Harling. Saturday 29th afternoon
who don’t have credit cards pay cash on first time and none too soon, we are
club event of Captain’s team against Vice
delivery. It will adapt to Australia in order expecting a lady guest speaker from
Captain’s team.
to win. Medevac to talk to us about the Medical
Dates for the beginning of May: Tuesday
Amazon is setting up shop Down Under, Air Service.
2nd 1st Round of the County Singles with
with local warehouses set to open in Please don’t feel that our club is male
Kevin Wilson at home to B.Goff of
September, allowing customers to get items orientated; the majority of the
Dereham, Wednesday 3rd EBA first match
delivered in lightening speed. For membership does comprise of a bunch of
at home to Dereham St Nicholas, Saturday
Australians accustomed to waiting weeks childish old men but this doesn’t mean
6th Another Open House Day from 11am
for items bought online to be delivered we wouldn’t welcome guests of any age
to 3 pm
from overseas, its local warehouses will be or gender. For more information please
If you would like any further details or
a game changer. visit our website:
other information then please contact:
But its very success could bring a hefty
Club Captain: John Hunter ~ 01953
downside; while Amazon is creating new 882419 / 0794 1670925 email:
jobs, it is likely to destroy others.
Department stores in the US have laid of The Upper Octave
Club Secretary: Kevin Simpson ~ 01953
thousands of staff in recent months, and 882790. Watton Sports Centre ~ 01953 returns to weave
while Australian retailers have so far only 881281. Also take a look at our website
suffered limited damage from online retail its musical magic
— with the vast majority of purchases still Back in the village for the third time in six
being made in person — Amazon’s arrival years, by popular request, The Upper
will shake things up. Wayland Men’s Shed Octave will stage its latest mix of music
One of the biggest retail giants in Australia Well its been yet another busy few weeks and song at Wretham on Saturday May
is known as Harvey Norman and boss and with summer getting ever closer we are 20th. The six strong Norfolk based group
Gerry Harvey has slammed Amazon as a now arranging our list of furure events, by of singers and musicians, who have a
“parasite” that “contributes virtually the time this goes into print we will have strong following in the county and beyond,
nothing to society”, saying Australia should had our first "Photo Shoot Outing" at will present the latest version of Bizet to
enact a Donald Trump-style ban on the e- Lynford hall where several of our members Broadway in St. Ethelbert’s Church in
commerce giant. will have had thier cameras out Church Road (IP24 1RJ).
Mr Harvey is stated as saying that Amazon photographing the architectural Buildings The concert, which starts at 7.30pm, will
was “not a good corporate citizen” and if at Lynford Hall and Wildlife in the feature the group’s latest opera musical
Australia had a choice, it should stop the surrounding forest, I look forward to seeing theatre fusion production, including songs
retailer coming in, “like Donald Trump not who can take the best pictures. Up and from Broadway’s greatest musicals and
letting the Muslims in”. Perhaps a bit of an coming events: popular opera classics.
overreaction but you can tell he’s worried. We are open every Monday: 10am to 2pm Tickets, to include light refreshment, are
“They’re parasites, they just want to pay & Wednesday: 12pm to 4pm £10 and available from Eileen Kitson on
everyone minimum wages,” he said. “If 31st March: is Cheese and Wine evening 01953 498 609 or at
you had a choice you’d say don’t let them 7pm to 10pm non alcoholic refreshments
in.” will also be available, a charge of £4. each
April 2017 The Wayland News Page 15
Starts 7.30pm Doors open 7pm saw another Lunchtime Concert in Queens
Choosing the right Guests £5 Members Free Raffle/Refreshments We ‘A blooming good Hall organised by Inner Wheel.
are a friendly NAFAS affiliated Club (Fees £25 Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding,
solicitor for your p.a.) We meet Monthly for demonstrations, time’ with Inner the performers due to provide the
workshops, visits & lots of other fun events.
conveyancing For more information call Secretary, Jane Dalton
Wheel entertainment were unable to come so the
West End Waiters stepped ably and willingly
01953 498694 or email It was a wet Friday afternoon in March but
Buying a house is a daunting prospect and will in to the breech and a good time was had by the atmosphere in the Christian Community
undoubtedly be the largest financial commitment all with a further £361 being added to the
Centre was anything but damp and dismal as
that the majority of us will undertake in our Benevolent Fund for distribution to charities
a large crowd of ladies packed into the hall
lifetime. Home buying is also a very stressful time supported by Inner Wheel. On the Saturday
for all parties involved, so it is essential to choose Watton Country to enjoy a flower arranging demonstration
presented by NAFAS member Brenda Tubb.
following the flower arranging, the ladies
the right conveyancing solicitor to support you were busy yet again, this time holding a
Introduced by IW President, Heather
throughout the process.
When you are choosing your conveyancing
Market Hewson and using the most beautiful
Coffee Morning in aid of Queens Hall.
The next event is the last in the current series
Held in the Christian Community Centre, High selection of flowers chosen specially for the
solicitor, there are 5 key factors to consider, which of Lunchtime Concerts, to be held on
Street, Watton, Every Wednesday 8.30-11.30. occasion, Brenda demonstrated her skill at
we have summarised below:- Why not come and check out what we produce? April5th starting at 11:30. This time, by
making wonderful arrangements of many
Price – You should be cautious of firms who quote Everything is made to a high standard, we even popular request, we have the return of the
different kinds – one was even in the style of
very low prices. It is more than likely that ‘hidden accomplished folk group ‘Pennyless’ .
have a five star rating for our baking section. a handbag! Brenda’s skill as a flower
extras’ will have been omitted from their price and Tickets (6) are now on sale at Mullengers so
We have lots of yummy goodies. Cakes, arranger is however matched by her
whilst it is tempting to choose a solicitor on price do come along and enjoy some lively music
sausage rolls, quiches and much more. undoubted talent for entertainment and she
alone (especially when budgeting to buy a followed by the usual delicious light lunch
Homemade jams and honey are very popular. kept her audience enthralled with a fund of
property) you should consider whether you will prepared and served for you by the members
Also we always have our ever popular eggs of amusing stories, funny anecdotes and off the
receive a service in line with your expectations. all sizes from a local farm. of Inner Wheel.
cuff asides. At the end of the presentation the
The cheapest solicitor is unlikely to be the most Not forgetting our knitters and crochet ladies, Lesley Cowling Club Correspondent
arrangements were raffled and several ladies
effective. who have an array of items ready made to sell. were lucky enough to
Service – It is important to look at the level of We have several ladies with all different makes go home triumphantly
service you will receive. We recommend that you of greeting cards. So you will be bound to find bearing a lovely artistic
ask lots of questions to find out the seniority of the something. display.
person dealing with your file, how knowledgeable And now this is the last I will be doing copy for The event continued
the staff are and the resources with which they this paper, somebody else will be taking over. It with Afternoon Tea
have to work. Ask to speak with the person who is with a heavy heart that I'm saying goodbye to served by the members
would manage your property transaction to see if the market. I will miss all the friends and of Inner Wheel and
you are able to build a rapport. friendly customers that I have made over the guests were able to enjoy
Location – Where your legal advisor is based is a last two years. And so I wish to say goodbye a super selection of
vital consideration when choosing a solicitor. and a big Thank You! I will still be crafting home-made savoury
Whilst the majority of dealings can be conducted from home, and can be found on Facebook. and sweet treats. The
over the phone and email there is no substitution Patricia Day. event was a fund raiser
for a solicitor who has knowledge of the local area for the President’s
and is on hand to see you face-to-face to address
Charity, the Norfolk &
any queries you may have.
Qualifications – Solicitors who are able to
Dereham Indoor Norwich University
Hospital, and a total of
demonstrate high standards of work, as tested by
the Law Society are able to become part of the Bowls Club £496 was raised for this
worthy cause. February
Conveyancing Quality Scheme. Firms who have Will begin their summer season starting in May
achieved this level of recognition will show the at the Leisure Centre, Station Rd. Dereham.
CQS logo and you will tend to find that these Leagues will be held on Mondays and Fridays
firms are also on the majority of mortgage lender in the mornings. Roll ups to be held Tuesday
panels. and Thursday mornings and Wednesday
Recommendation – If you have never used a afternoons. Other games are planned to be held.
solicitor before then a recommendation from a Coaching for anyone wanting to learn to bowl
friend or family member is an excellent place to will be run on Saturday mornings, with juniors
start, as well as being a good indicator of quality. 9 to 17 years old on Fridays 4 to 6. For more
You should also be able to find client testimonials information pop in to the club any weekday
posted on your solicitor’s website. morning or ring Terry on 01362525042
Choosing the right conveyancing solicitor is
something which requires thorough research and
consideration. At Spire Solicitors LLP we pride Watton Wigglers
ourselves as being able to provide a cost-efficient
and personal service, combined with high levels of The walking netball team
professionalism for all of our clients. We welcome suitable for all ages
any opportunity to speak with you regarding your
We are currently looking for new players to join
conveyancing needs.
us on Tuesdays at 1.30pm. If you have not
If you wish to discuss further please do not
played since school you will be welcome, we
hesitate to get in touch with us, Spire Solicitors
are a fun group!
LLP, on 01953 882864.
We meet at the Sports Centre in Watton we would
be happy to see you. Or alternatively contact
Bradenham & District Veronica Watling on 01953 880110.

Horticultural Society
Forthcoming Events
This year, the Society’s Spring Show takes place
on Saturday 08 April at Bradenham Village Hall.
The Hall will be open to the public from 3.30pm
when you are all welcome to come and view the
exhibits, and enjoy afternoon tea.
On Thursday 20 April at 7.30pm in the Village
Hall, the Society’s monthly meeting will welcome
Barry Gayton, who is to present his talk on
“Winter Garden Colour”. If you would like to
attend, to see whether the Horticultural Society is
for you, you will be most welcome.
For more information about the Society and the
Spring Show, please contact our Chairman,
Marianne Kilmartin, on 01362 820744.

Gt Ellingham and
District Flower Club
Floral Demonstration by Susan Horne Entitled:
Finding Inspiration on Monday April 24th Rocklands
Village Hall, NR17 1TR /Contd. next column
The Wayland News Page 16 April 2017
five-year phases over the coming decades.
Councillor’s Chat £1.2 million is due to be spent by Norfolk Song of the Waiters
with Claire Bowes County Council in 2017/18 on road (being the further adventures of those
I am aware of growing current concerns drainage improvements in locations across old codgers) TUNE: Come landlord, fill
about the retail decline of our High Street the County including £800,000 Norfolk the flowing bowl.
and town centre and I want to assure County Council funding for drainage In Thetford’s fine Carnegie Hall was held
residents that the particular needs of our improvements in or around market towns their New Year meeting;
Breckland market towns are to be the focus including North Walsham and Dereham A band would follow when we’d sung to
of discussion by members of Breckland and £400,000 National Productivity people who were eating.
Council. My conservative colleagues and I Infrastructure Fund (NPIF) funding for We finished, took a generous cheque —
are proposing to expand the Market Town smaller, more localised drainage At once the lights were dimmed — by heck
Initiative to find a mechanism for greater improvements in towns and villages across We scrambled to vacate the deck —
joint working that supports and promotes Norfolk. Hurrah for those old codgers!
Breckland’s market towns in a more The County Council has recently provided
targeted manner. This could see about flood protection measures to a number of For five and twenty years the Raffles
£220,000 invested in promoting our town properties that have been flooded internally restaurant has flourished;
centres. over the last five years. This includes The Waiters went lend support to those so
I shall be fully supporting the initiative and homes in our local area. While this scheme richly nourished.
will keep residents updated on progress and is fully subscribed, the council is currently The joyful hubbub from each guest
the finer details as they are agreed. As a seeking additional funding to extend the Put song performance to the test….
member of the Economic Development scheme to more properties in Norfolk. But nonetheless we did our best !
Committee at County Council I will In addition, two new members of staff have Hurrah for those old codgers!
continue to highlight the problems of small recently been recruited to join Norfolk
Of genuine Norfolk village life if you
market towns like Watton and the need for County Council to strengthen the team that
would like a sample
infrastructure to support the large increase gives expert advice on flood risks to
The Great and Little Plumsteads set an
in housing and to help sustain the local planning authorities. This should help
excellent example;
economy. ensure those involved with considering
The hall was plain, the acoustics fine —
Local collaboration helps to tackle risk of planning applications have the information
They quaffed our humour like good wine
flooding in Norfolk they need, when they need it to inform their
—Enough to make their faces shine!
Norfolk is identified as the 10th area most recommendations and decisions on
Hurrah for those old codgers!
at risk of local flooding in England. With proposed developments and building
population and housing projects. The Postwick interchange is fast and
growth set to continue and I am acutely aware of the furious and scary —
climate change increasing direct effect flooding has The tranquil peace of Thorpe End was
the likelihood and had on residents in Watton delightfully contrary:
frequency of heavy rainfall, and in some of the The party in St. David’s Hall
the need to find solutions to surrounding villages and Was friendly, intimate and small —
prevent and protect the as a member of the Flood A happiness was shared by all —
county from flooding has and Coastal working Hurrah for those old codgers!
never been more pressing. group at Norfolk County
Council I am able to make An act pre-booked for Watton’s lunchtime
Norfolk County Council
sure that residents concerns are listened to. concert couldn’t make it;
became the Lead Local Flood Authority for
Norfolk in 2010, which means it has a I attended the Norfolk Flood Forum and The Waiters, at short notice, to help out
statutory role to play in ensuring that the was pleased to hear about the joint and agreed to take it.
concerted efforts by all agencies to work Was ever audience so alive,
county is able to cope with, and mitigate
together to address problems. A great deal So keen to give us lift and drive?
against, extreme weather events. However,
is being done in Norfolk to try to protect — On such encouragement we thrive!
Anglian Water, the Environment Agency,
communities from the risk and devastating Hurrah for those old codgers!
district councils and land and property
owners also all have responsibilities to impact of flooding and the County Council By Peter Cowling (one of the old codgers)
minimise the risk of flooding in Norfolk. has successfully secured millions of pounds
Many of these partners came together at of national funding to make drainage
County Hall in Norwich recently at the improvements in Norfolk, against what is Mixed Media
Norfolk Flood Forum to discuss recent fierce competition for such funding pots.
progress, share information and agree However reducing flood risk is a collective Exhibition by
where future collaborative efforts need to responsibility and it is important that
be focused. everyone works together on this, from the
County Council as the lead local flood
Elsing Artists
The work underway or planned in Norfolk Saturday 1st April - Saturday 15th April:
to tackle the threat of flooding includes: authority through to local communities Free Admission Henri Atkinson: Potter,
£10.3 million currently being spent by the playing their part. Heather Flint: Bespoke Seamstress and
County Council to improve surface water Different agencies are responsible for Artisan,
drainage in greater Norwich different types of flooding. For information Judi Graham Watercolours & Ceramics,
Anglian Water will be investing more than on who you should notify of flooding, visit Susan Jones: Needle Felted Animals,
£3m over the next three years to make If in doubt Jean Monahan: Spinner and Weaver.
significant sewer upgrades across the about who to inform please do contact me. Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday
county. Claire Bowes County & District Councillor 10am – 1pm at The Wayland Dragonfly
The Environment Agency has recently for Watton Division and Ward Gallery, Wayland House, High St,
finished the £28 million phase of work to Please do contact me with any concerns or Watton, IP25 6AR. Telephone Susan
replace over 500 metres of tidal defences. It issues you may have on 07789796937 Hollingworth 01953 880205
intends to refurbish the tidal defences in Email
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