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Graded Rubric for Padlet Project

Exceeds Meets Approaches Falls Far Below

Key Terms Bolded words from section Bolded words from Vocabulary words that are Terms do not relate to
(3pts) text are identified and section text are not pulled from section section topic.
defined. Images are identified and defined. text are identified and
included. defined.
3 Examples 3+ examples 3 examples 2 examples 1 example
(6pts) 3+ images 3 images 2 images 1 image
3+ captions no longer than 3 captions no longer 2 captions no longer than 4 1 caption no longer
4 sentences than 4 sentences sentences than 4 sentences
2 Questions 2 questions are posed that 2 questions are posed 2 questions are posed; 1 question is posed
(4pts) highlights new that highlights new however, answers are and answered.
information. More than 3 information. 3 incomplete.
sentences are used to sentences are used to
answer each question. answer each question.
1 Video Video clearly relates to Video relates to section Video relates to section Video is not
(1pt) section topic (kid-friendly). topic. topic; however, it may be included.
at a high school/college
level that makes it difficult
to understand.
Relevancy 5+ sentences clearly 5 sentences 1-3 sentences demonstrate Relevancy is not
(5pts) demonstrate thought and demonstrate thought thought and may or may answered.
extends beyond school and extends beyond not relate to school.
relevancy. school relevancy.
Completion Padlet meets all Padlet meets all Padlet is missing a few Padlet is incomplete.
(1pt) expectations. Creativity expectations. components.
and authentic work is
Total: _________ / 20 pts