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Lee Child on crimes

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20 years of bizarre and
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Agatha Christies dark
courtroom drama

There are huge highs and huge lows



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James Rampton, Jake Kerridge, Vicki Power, Robert Fairclough, Well, who else did you expect to see
Mike Kenwood, Michael Simpson, Sam Ashurst, Mark Beaumont, on the cover? Benedict Cumberbatch
Zillah Byng-Thorne, Paul F. Cockburn, Sarah Dobbs, Barry Forshaw,
Rhiannon Griffiths, Matt Glasby, Kevin Harley, Emma Johnston, Philip is set to return in SHERLOCK this
Kemp, James Mottram, Steve OBrien, Deirdre OBrien, Jonathan Wright
New Years Day. During the filming
THANKS TO of the fourth series, Crime Scene got
Katy Mason, James Rampton, Una Maguire, Jo Sear, Richard Dobbs,
Debra Clavey, David Renwick, Robert Fairclough, Mike Kenwood, to go behind the scenes with the
Michaela Sauter, Lily Sida-Murray, Harriet Wilson
fabulous Baker Street boy. Read on for
ADVERTISING an extensive (and spoiler-free) report
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Andre PAine
featuring the cast and crew, who seem
Advertising Manager Michael Pyatt just as giddy about the shows return
MARKETING as the rest of us. Thats just one of several huge series
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Marketing Manager Kristianne Stanton to invite us on set, including DEATH IN PARADISE,
Trade Marketing Manager Michelle Brock MODUS (the big new Nordic Noir) and NO OFFENCE.
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This issue, Crime Scene also celebrates 20 years of
01225 442244 JONATHAN CREEK, although hes still got a way to
PRINT, PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION go to match Holmes for longevity. So this month the
Premedia and cover manipulation Gary Stuckey team and I have chosen our favourite Sherlock BC
Production Controllers Nola Cokely, Vivienne Turner
Production Manager Mark Constance (Before Cumberbatch). Ive gone for Basil Rathbone,
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cr ime scene 5

25 WelshthrillerThe Library
Suicides:oneactor,tworoles. 56 Jonathan Creek returnsfora

19 Not Dead Enough:


10 FOrTiTudE 20 PaTriCia COrNwELL
A first look at Series 2 of the The US author gives Crime
chilly Arctic drama featuring
Sofie Grabol from The Killing.
Scene a glimpse of her new
book on Jack The Ripper. 40 Elementary:theresmorethan

14 uNFOrgOTTEN 22 ThE FaLL

Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Jamie Dornan on his creepy
Bhaskar go back to the 1990s serial killer and the BBC crime
for another cold case series. drama that made his career.

17 LivE By NighT 29 ParaNOid

The production designer of Robert Glenister, star of the
Ben Afflecks gangster movie ITV drama, talks panic attacks
discusses the look of the film. and his hopes for Series 2.

18 iaN raNkiN 31 ThE PaSSENgEr

Is it really 30 years since the The star of this French import
debut of Rebus? Ian Rankin tells us about its grisly crimes Leechildoncruise
discusses his Scottish cop. and her tough female cop.

6 c r i m e s c ene
91 Beck:anewsidekick

62 Stan Lees Lucky Man:

JamesNesbittisback. 93 National Treasure:robbie


34 ShErLOCk 66 MOduS 90 ThE FaLL 96 MOduS, rEPriSE!
A special, six-page Season On set for the Scandi drama. The pyschological thriller As well as visiting the set,
4 location report with returns for a gripping third, weve also reviewed BBC
Cumberbatch and company. 70 dEaTh iN ParadiSE and possibly final, series. Fours festive Nordic Noir.
Sun, sand, sea and pork
44 ThE MOONSTONE scratchings? On the set of the 92 ThE NighT OF 97 dvd rOuNd-uP
In addition to all things BBC One ratings winner. HBOs legal thriller has A look at the latest movie
Sherlock, this issue honours caused a real buzz but releases, including Hell Or
the first ever British detective. 74 SiLENT wiTNESS does it live up to the hype? High Water and Dog Eat Dog.
As the show hits Series 20, we
46 ThE wiTNESS FOr join Emilia Fox on the set. 94 ONE OF uS 98 BOOk rEviEwS
ThE PrOSECuTiON A new standalone whodunit Checking out Ian Rankins
Behind the scenes of the latest 78 CaLLaN set in Scotland, from the Rather Be The Devil, plus the
Agatha Christie drama. A look at the classic series writers of The Missing. latest books from Michael
starring Edward Woodward. . Connelly, Belinda Bauer, Mari
52 NO OFFENCE 95 dCi BaNkS Hannah and many more.
Discussing the Channel 4 82 ThE iNTErrOgaTiON Series 5 of the ITV drama
comedy-crime drama that Lee Child talks Jack Reacher, with Stephen Tompkinson 114 FaMOuS LaST wOrdS
breaks all the TV rules. Tom Cruise and book 21. may be its best run yet. Inherent Vices trippy ending.

cr ime scene 7

Includes 6 official Rogue One Topps cards, 116-page quiz book,
148-page George Lucas special and A4 Star Wars art card
Hottest new sHow
10 Fortitude
What to expect from Series 2 of the Arctic thriller.

14 Unforgotten
Crime Scene talks cold cases with Nicola Walker
and Sanjeev Bhaskar from the hit ITV series.

17 Live By night
A first look at Ben Afflecks adaptation of Dennis
Lehanes novel about gangsters in 1920s Florida.

18 ian rankin
The author discusses his 30th anniversary Rebus
festival of music and talks in Edinburgh next year. ne Ws

20 Patricia cornweLL InTe RVIe Ws

The US writer on her hands-on research into
forensics, technology and Jack The Ripper. OP InIO ns

22 the faLL neW B O O Ks

Jamie Dornan opens up about his role as the neW sHOWs
chilling serial killer, Paul Spector, and Series 3.

CRImE scene 9
An international cast, including
Dennis Quaid and The Killings
Sofie Grabol, face a chilling Arctic
threat in the second series of this
ambitious, big-budget thriller

Created by: SImOn DOnalD

Starring: SOFIE GRabOl, DEnnIS QUaID, PaRmInDER naGRa, SIEnna GUIllORy,
(SKy atLantiC) 2017

hen the creepy Arctic thriller Fortitude
launched in 2015, it was reportedly one of the
most expensive British dramas ever, costing a
reputed 25 million. Featuring Christopher
Eccleston, Sofie Grabol, Stanley Tucci and Michael Gambon
amid epic frozen landscapes, it seemed like money well spent.
The only problem was that, when it came to filming in the
Icelandic town of Reydarfjordur, which doubles as Norway,
the production had to buy in fake snow. But not for Series 2 Fortitude is sort of at the edge of civilisation and of rescue,
The weather was much more helpful, creator, writer and Donald says. Its history is hidden under ice. Ancient cultures
executive producer Simon Donald says. But they got stormed have myths that have explained things like the blood aurora,
off on a couple of occasions. For the opening sequence, the a meteorological occurrence at the opening of the season.
encampment got blown away in the middle of the night and Back in present-day Fortitude, a headless body in the snow
they had to rebuild it. It was fiercely cold when they were may be the gruesome work of this same monster. Its already a
shooting that we got a lot of snow this year. dangerous place: the polar bears outnumber humans by four
The second run begins 60 miles north of Fortitude, which is to one, and everyone carries a rifle for their own protection.
the fictional version of the real-life Norwegian archipelago of In reality, the police arent investigating brutal murders very
Svalbard. A sinister prologue, set in 1942, sees Russian soldiers often, Donald says, of the real-life Svalbard islands. They tend
charging into a camp of Sami travellers and their reindeer, on the to be investigating wildlife crime and violations of territorial
track of a bloodthirsty murderer. But even after hes gunned down regulations, so we give them a bit more to do.
in the snow, the fiendish flesh-eater proves impossible to kill. Bearing the brunt of this effort is Governor Hildur Odegard
The explanation for that isnt supernatural, says Donald. As (Sofie Grabol), whose husband, police officer Eric Odegard
a principle, I dont do that. But I love those various genre spaces, (Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson), is off on an Arctic mission to try and
where you can give the audience the option of thinking its find missing sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer). Theres
supernatural for a length of time. Lots of my favourite films and also pressure from a Norwegian official (played by Ken Stott),
telly shows do that even David Lynch does it, to an extent. who is wary of the costs of maintaining the settlement.
Twin Peaks is an obvious comparison, as the Arctic hideaway She can tell theyre trying to shut this place down, and
features a curious collection of characters, a twisty plot and dark shes fighting to resist this, says Donald. The sparkling
secrets. And then theres the skyborn phenomenon of the blood opportunity of Arctic tourism that she was flying with in
aurora, which may be a harbinger of bad things to come. Season 1 has been sort of shot down by events.

1 0 c r i m es c en e

Fortitude is at the
edge of civilisation
and of rescue. Its
history is hidden
under ice
Donald is full of praise for Grabol, though he admits that her
high standards can be exacting.
In the first season she gave me quite a hard time, he says.
The very first time I went in to meet her, she was charming but
it was kind of chilly. She was just asking me lots of really difficult
questions about the limits of her authority as a governor. She is
formidable, and if you gave her a scene where she didnt believe
what you were asking her character to say, she was right on it.
More than anybody, she kept me on my toes in the first season.
Dennis Quaid (Inner Space), who brings some Hollywood heft
to Series 2 of Fortitude, plays a fisherman struggling to make a
living. And apparently the actor enjoyed his Arctic experience.
He wants to come back and do the next season, if I let him live
to the end, says Donald, whos already working on Series 3. I
sky AtlAntic, steffAn Hill

think theres enough madness generated by the end of Season 2

that its fair to say that the world gets more psychologically intense
in Season 3. We always have a desire to find the horror in whats
available in the landscape, and thats coming back into it in a pretty
shocking way.
By A nd re PA ine TheArcticswide-openspacesonly
Fortitude Series 2 will air on Sky Atlantic in January.

cr imescene 11
ClassiC shows, broken down by formula

This issue:
Hart To Hart TheHartsconsistently
By M A R K B E AUMONT realisinghoworwhy.


MAXS VOICEOVER: Haha! But you look worried, Old Local JONATHAN:
This is Jonathan Hart, a self-made [Looking concerned] Yes,
millionaire. Hes quite a guy, but his acting FRIENDLY OLD LOCAL: and he dropped this
consists primarily of wandering around Its my nephew, Handsome Younger fatal clue. Lets follow it, looking concerned,
looking concerned. And this is Mrs. H. Businessman With A Secret. I suspect hes to a deserted boatyard, where the body
bloody phwoooar, eh? By the way, my name involved in a plot I cant tell you about of Friendly Old Local and the details of
is Max, a kind of butler-cum-mafia hood for no good reason right now. I found this their elaborate plot based in the yachting
they take on all their expensive holidays, hollowed-out ordinary artefact in his room. industry will be laid out waiting for us.
because when they met, it was moidoir Would you look after it?
BOATYARD, EXOTIC CARIBBEAN JONATHAN: Well still go the fancy dress party anyway
LOCATION, NIGHT Of course, Jennifer will keep it about her though, right? To trap the criminals?
Handsome Businessman meets a Handsome person at all times.
Younger Businessman With A Secret. JONATHAN:
JENNIFER: Of course, and then well yee-hawl them
HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN: Have you noticed how pretty I am? straight to prison.
Is our plot involving shady dealings in the [Friendly Local goes off somewhere remote [Pause while viewers try to work out if
yachting industry nearing completion? to be killed. Handsome Businessman and a joke has just happened]
Handsome Younger Businessman With A
It certainly is. Here is either a pivotal The Harts arrive as a cowboy and cowgirl.
item thats key to its success or a very HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN:
valuable jewel, which I shall hide inside Welcome to Exotic Location, Mr. and Mrs. HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN:
this hollowed-out, ordinary artefact. Hart, I am an important and powerful local Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Hart, I see you have come
businessman and this is my associate. as Mumford & Sons. Im sorry we didnt
HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN: invite any other guests, but allow me to tie
That should make sure absolutely nothing HANDSOME YOUNGER BUSINESSMAN: you up in these party ropes and follow me
goes wrong, unless a couple of bumbling I see you met my uncle, and is that my into the basement, where dinner is served.
millionaires stumble into events. hollowed-out, ordinary artefact he gave you?
YACHT, DAY JENNIFER: [Happily getting tied up, without a struggle]
Mr. and Mrs. H. lounge blissfully in Yes, isnt it pretty? Like me Thank you, I like your buffalo rug.
the jacuzzi on their luxury yacht.
JONATHAN HART: [Aside] The Harts have the pivotal item or [Pulling out a gun] Oh, I havent noticed
Ah, darling, I do love these moments at the valuable jewel! Quickly, set up a sub-plot! that before. Now hand over the hollowed-
beginning and end of the episode, where we out, ordinary artefact before I kill you both.
can be so sickeningly happy together, rather HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN: [The buffalo rug, which is Max, comes alive
than wandering around looking concerned. Mr. and Mrs. Hart, Id like to invite you to and grabs Handsome Businessman]
my fancy dress party tonight, allowing
JENNIFER HART: you to dress up in hilarious costumes. HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN:
Yes, isnt it amazing that our marriage is [Struggling to escape] Must. Act. Harder
so carefree and lacking in post-traumatic JENNIFER: [Handsome Businessman escapes,
stress, considering the life-threatening Wed love to! Darling, we could use those grabs Jennifer and flees with Younger
situations you put me in on a weekly basis? clips in the title sequence! Businessman to the Harts yacht, where
they surround Jennifer with explosives.
JONATHAN: JONATHAN: Jonathan and Max pursue them, rescue
I suppose money really does buy mindless, Ill be Wild Bill Hickok and you can Jennifer and leap ashore just before the
unthinking happiness. Should we, um be Annie Oakley. Max can be a buffalo. yacht explodes. Police arrest the pair]
[Nods towards bedroom cabin] Well arrive on these handy quad bikes.
[Jonathan and Jennifer head off] JENNIFER:
MAX: Damn, another major financial asset
Mr. and Mrs. H.! I must interrupt HANDSOME BUSINESSMAN: destroyed as a result of our bungling,
you for watershed purposes! The Keeel them. half-assed, amateur detective work.
Friendly Old Local is here. [Younger Businessman With A
Secret chases them on a quad bike. JONATHAN:
FRIENDLY OLD LOCAL: Jonathan saves Jennifer Frankly, my dear, Im too rich to give
Its so good to see you from certain death. a damn. Now kiss me.
again, Mr. and Mrs. Younger Businessman
Hart, on your regular leaves a clue] JENNIFER:
fortnight in Exotic Arent I pretty?
Location. Sometimes we JENNIFER:
wonder if you go home Darling, that man was trying MAX:
and do any proper work! to kill us. Bugger! Who was watching the dog?

12 c r i m es c en e
Breaking Bad

The star of Breaking Bad

reveals how he became
drug dealer Walter White

or fans of Breaking Bad, Bryan unlike anything Id seen, Cranston writes.
Cranstons new autobiography, A The advent of streaming services like
Life In Parts, provides a revealing Netflix created the opportunity for people
insight into how the co-star of family to shoot Breaking Bad right into their veins.
favourite Malcolm In The Middle Although he faced stiff competition for
transformed himself into a crystal the role, from actors including Matthew
meth kingpin. Not to mention how, Broderick, Cranston says he was desperate
along with Bad creator Vince to be become Walter White: Im not sure
Gilligan, he inadvertently changed I knew what the title meant then, but the
how people actually watch TV. script was oh-my-God superb, the best
When Vince told me he was hour-long drama Id ever read.
going to take the central character Cranston worked hard after getting the
from good to bad, to be honest I part, and describes gruelling shoots
wondered whether audiences starting at 5.30am, which also included
would go for it, he writes. In a daily head shave, to maintain the
the end, they didnt just go for Heisenberg look. To get into the
it. They were addicted. character, Cranston writes that
When it first aired in 2008, he even imagined the death of
the show was a critical but his own daughter, to power a
not a ratings success, yet scene where White fails to
interest soon snowballed save a character from choking.
and it became a major Cranston also admits to a spat
box-set bingeing with Gilligan after the star
experience. Its now changed a scene, revealing We
one of the most smoothed things out later in
eagerly devoured person, and that he was
series on Netflix. reluctant to be filmed wearing
The mania those famous Y-fronts, until
the show Vince explained, Tighty-whities
inspired was are funnier than boxer shorts.

A Life In Parts (Orion) by

Bryan Cranston is out now.

Cr ime scene 13
Unforgotten duo Nicola Walker and
Sanjeev Bhaskar tackle the fallout from a
25-year-old murder in their second series

he new series of ITVs While the detectives try and find a
hit cold-case drama, name, writer and creator Chris Lang
Unforgotten, begins also introduces several other characters
with a grim discovery: a lawyer, a detective, a nurse and a
a body in a suitcase schoolteacher, spread across London,
thats been sitting at the bottom of Brighton and the Cotswolds who are In fact, the duo are both thoroughly
a river. When DCI Cassie Stuart connected to the historical crime. The professional detectives, unlike many
(Nicola Walker) and DS Sunil guest stars include Mark Bonnar of the more troubled TV cops.
Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) (Shetland), Rosie Cavaliero (Prey) and What I really liked about the
attend the scene, at a picnic spot by Lorraine Ashbourne (The Interceptor). characters the first time around was
the River Lea in North East London, it There was a point at which, every how unremarkable they were, says
becomes clear that the corpse, which time I sat down with each of those Bhaskar. So many cop shows need
has been partly preserved by the silt, people, I thought: Bafta nomination, to have a hook for the main characters
could have been there for decades. Bhaskar says, of the cast. With those gambling or a drink problem. [Our
It was really disturbing, Nicola individual stories, they are quite show] focuses a lot more on the case
Walker (River, Spooks) tells Crime unexpected in the way that they unfold. and the people of interest.
Scene. Everybody around [during The people of interest this time around Yet the job does affect Stuart and
filming] seemed to think it was are kind of pillars of society. Khans domestic lives, particularly
completely ordinary to be looking at Questioning a fellow officer who was that of Cassie, who is divorced and
this fat-covered skeleton. Im not married to the dead man is a particular now lives with her father (played
queasy about things like that, but challenge for Stuart and Khan. by Peter Egan).
that body was very unsettling. Dealing with another police officer Cassies very worried about her
The investigative duo only have a makes the dynamic of those scenes father, Walker says, hes behaving out
couple of clues to identify the mystery really interesting, Bhaskar reflects, of character and the policewoman in her
body: a pager and a wristwatch of their meeting with DI Tessa Nixon starts to come out in the relationship
carrying the markings of a repairer. (Ashbourne), because it was with him she cant help herself.
The pager is found within this somebody who knew what we were Although she played a lead role in
fatty deposit thats grown around the thinking before we had said it. Paul Abbotts Touching Evil 20 years
skeleton, says Walker. You realise Its really interesting, Walker ago, Walker has enjoyed a major
how much technology has moved agrees. She knows that Im already breakthrough during the past year, with
on. We have a fabulous young thinking of her as a suspect, because Series 1 of ITVs Unforgotten and BBC
technician, whos actually a friend she would be. Shes thinking in parallel Ones River airing at the same time.
of my characters son, so we go to with Cassie, which is difficult but River was a self-contained story,
this young kid on the Tottenham doesnt actually seem to phase Cassie she reflects, it may well come back but
Court Road and he helps us out. in the slightest. it wouldnt involve my character.

14 c r i m es c en e


Bhaskar is perhaps best known for

comedy Walker says he makes me
laugh a lot but has also had several
crime roles (Midsomer Murders, Silent
Witness, Lewis) and describes himself
as a fan of detective shows since I
was a kid. He even sees a hint of
Nordic Noir in Unforgotten.
There was so much focus on not
just the people who are potentially of
interest but also their families, he
explains, it felt very much like a Scandi
[drama] but done in a very British way.
Of course, with a six-part series arc,
Unforgotten is also a classic British
whodunit. Bhaskar says he was getting
pestered by his wife, Meera Syal also a
star of Broadchurch for the solution
during Series 1. But he kept the secret to
himself and is confident no one will
guess the identity of Series 2s killer.
As youre reading the scripts, youre The people of
interest this time
thinking its going to be him [but]
ITV/MaInsTreeT PIcTures

much like the first script, I couldnt

around are kind

work it out, says Bhaskar. Youre
kept wondering until the end.
By Andre PAi ne

Unforgotten Series 2 will air

on ITV early in 2017.
of pillars of society
cr imescene 15
10 Of The Best
This issue

Top reads from, exclusively for crime scene

1. DissoLuTion 2. THe aXemans JaZZ 3. THe sTranGLer Vine 4. THe ZiG ZaG GirL 5. an oFFicer anD
The Shardlake series A gripping thriller set If youre a fan of Travel back to BY ROBERT HARRIS
is set during the reign against the backdrop of Ripper Street, then this post-WWII Brighton A gripping historical
of Henry VIII. When jazz-filled, mob-ruled pulse-racing novel is with DI Edgar Stephens thriller, set in Paris
Thomas Cromwells New Orleans in 1919. for you. Youll be totally and magician Max during 1895, focusing
Commissioner is found A serial killer is stalking captivated as you Mephisto, for the first in on the Dreyfus affair.
dead, lawyer Matthew the city and an unlikely accompany Carters this atmospheric series. Harris combines a
Shardlake is sent to trio set out to catch him: detective duo on Well-researched and well-researched,
investigate. Fascinating cop Michael Talbot, their investigation beautifully written, The authentic story with
historical detail, a ex-detective Luca enthralled by Blakes Zig Zag Girl mingles compelling characters
gripping plot and dAndrea and Ida, fascinating character magic and murder to and fantastic writing to
believable characters a secretary at the and lured in by Averys create an enchanting, produce a book thats
make for a thrilling read. Pinkerton Agency. potent charisma. original story. totally unputdownable.

6. THe anaTomY 7. THe PLeasures 8. THe sTrinGs 9. a risinG man 10. THe sWeeTness aT
oF GHosTs oF men oF murDer BY ABIR MUKHERJEE THe BoTTom oF THe Pie
In late 18th-century Williams debut is a Fans of Sherlock this atmospheric debut Take one precocious
Cambridge, John dark, sinister gothic Holmes will love this novel. Captain Sam 11-year-old named Flavia
Holdsworth has been thriller set in 1840, that new, Victorian-era Wyndham, Inspector de Luce. Add an ancient
summoned to investigate takes a mesmerising look series, which introduces Digby and Sergeant country house in
ghostly sightings and at Victorian London. the charming detective Banerjee will guide you post-war England and
disprove the presence When a brutal murderer duo of Inspector Ian through the underbelly sprinkle with murder,
of supernatural strikes in the East End, Frey and Detective of the British Raj from mystery and dark family
phenomena. Taylors a heroine with a Nine-Nails McGray. luxurious parlours to secrets. Alan Bradley is a
lyrical masterpiece mysterious past and a A delightfully clever, seedy opium dens. brilliant storyteller and
begins as a chilling ghost vivid imagination darkly humorous story this is an entertaining
story and soon turns into believes that she can that features a complex read full of 1950s charm
a captivating mystery. track down the culprit. locked-room mystery.
Win the lot! and quirky characters.

Head on over to
*competition run by Dead Good Books. see
16 C R I M E s c en e for all details and T&cs to be in with a chance of
winning all ten books*

to be able to understand that Boston was
a tough place to live back in those days,
and the Florida scenes these people,
they were immigrants and they lived a
good life, they worked hard and they
played hard. So his whole mantra for
LIVE BY NIGHT | Hollywood production designer the whole thing [was that] he just
Jess Gonchor on Ben Afflecks adaptation of Dennis wanted to make it feel as real possible.
From a design perspective, Gonchor
Lehanes 1920s-set crime thriller By JAME S MOT TRAM remembers one transitional moment in
particular, when Afflecks character gets
out of jail and heads to Florida by rail:

aking a period-set gangster Id never seen a gangster movie that Hes come from this gangster drab
movie stand out from the took place somewhere other than New Boston a cool, monochromatic world
crowd is no mean feat. York, Chicago, Boston those type of big and he gets off the train and its bright
Thankfully, the production designer on metropolises, says Gonchor. Two thirds of sunshine, and everything is colourful
Live By Night, had it relatively easy. this movie is set in a tropical environment. and hes just in a different world.
I was fortunate to be handed material Gonchors past credits include several With its Florida location and such
that did not take place in somewhere movies by the Coen Brothers, including glamorous co-stars as Sienna Miller and
like Chicago, explains Jess Gonchor. the Hollywood comedy Hail, Caesar!, No Zoe Saldana, Live By Night promises to be
Scripted, starring and directed by Ben Country For Old Men and True Grit. more exotic than the urban-set Warner
Affleck, the film is adapted from Dennis Live By Night was probably a little bit Brothers pictures of the 1930s, starring
Lehanes acclaimed novel, set in 1920s more historically correct and Hail Caesar! James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson.

Prohibition America. Its Afflecks second was very theatrical, he notes, hinting at It was easy to not fall into the same
Lehane adaptation, following his 2007 how Affleck approached the adaptation. mould as those films, says Gonchor.
directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone. For his first Affleck film, Gonchor says Guys in cars, leaning out of the windows
The film concerns Joe Coughlin that his boss had a strong idea of how the shooting Tommy guns Those are
(Affleck), the gangster son of a Boston book should translate to the screen. yesterdays movie hoodlums.
Police Deputy Superintendent, who heads He really wanted to make it as real as
to Florida to establish a new power base. possible, he explains, for the audience Live By Night opens on 13 January.

Cr ime SCENE 17
Rebus Rocks!
IAN RANKIN | Author set to mark his heros
30th anniversary with a festival in Edinburgh

ith book titles inspired by screen actors, although Ken Stott is often album since about 1975. But I do like the
many of his favourite busy. The other challenge facing Rankin stuff he listens to, yeah Leonard Cohen,
albums, including Black is that the bands who inspired his Rebus Tom Waits and John Martyn.
And Blue and Let It Bleed by The Rolling titles are either out of reach (The Stones, Rankin was in a short-lived student
Stones, Ian Rankin is clearly a music The Cure) or no longer with us. Scottish band called The Dancing Pigs, who he
obsessive. March 2017 will mark the 30th songwriter Jackie Leven, who died in fictionalised for his book Black And Blue,
anniversary of the publication of Knots 2011, was a friend of Rankins and his and last year he was guest DJ for The
And Crosses, Rankins first novel to lyrics for Another Mans Rain inspired Charlatans at Edinburghs Usher Hall.
feature John Rebus, and the bestselling the title of the 2012 Rebus comeback I might do some DJing we could
author is planning a summer festival in novel, Standing In Another Mans Grave. have a whole night of music from the
Edinburgh dedicated to his detective. Im looking at people who might do books, he says of the festival. Its 30
Its going to be a weekend in late Rory Gallagher tunes and John Martyn years of Rebus, its not 30 years of me.
June, Rankin tells Crime Scene. There numbers, says Rankin, or young singer- The 21st Rebus novel, Rather Be The
will be some live music, spoken word, songwriters who are in the style that Devil, features a fictional rock star who
maybe a walking tour, a film. Maybe Rebus would approve of. And it would be crops up in a cold case from 1978. For a
we could show the documentary nice to get a Jackie Leven element in it. He special Waterstones edition, Rankin
[BBC Ones 2012 film about Rankin]. was a mate of mine, we worked together penned a short story set at the time of
Its just a chance for fans to he was a huge fan of the books, I the murder, which chronicles the first
get together and celebrate 30 was a huge fan of his music. time that Rebus met Ger Cafferty, the
years of Rebus. So were still Although Rankin is a fan of gangster who became his nemesis.
exploring what it might consist Rebus favourites, including With Rankins detective not getting any
of and who might be available. Black Sabbath, The Who and younger, its an experiment thats got
The author is also interested Jethro Tull, he admits that their him thinking about a prequel novel:

in the festival bill featuring a tastes dont completely tally. I enjoyed doing it so theres potential
discussion about adapting the He wouldnt like the stuff I there maybe to go back in time. AP
books with a TV scriptwriter, listen to these days, says the
plus appearances by radio and author. Hes not bought an Rather Be The Devil (Orion) is out now.

18 c r i m es c EN E

NOT DEAD ENOUGH | Peter James discusses playing it more as a dark thriller, says
the latest stage play to be based on his bestselling James, whos also co-producer. The whole
setting is the mortuary. There are some
books starring Brighton detective Roy Grace good shocks in it and Im very excited.
By ANDRE PAINE Cleo Morey is based on a real-life
Brighton mortuary technician who told
James about a strange experience: She

etective Superintendent Roy Cleo Morey, while Grace is portrayed by went to make a cup of coffee, came back,
Grace is one of the worlds most EastEnders actor Shane Richie, who and a body sat up and said Where the fuck
popular literary detectives his previously appeared alongside TV co-star am I? shed taken a massive overdose of
12th outing, Love You Dead, is another Jessie Wallace in The Perfect Murder. barbiturates, jumped in the freezing cold
bestseller for author Peter James. Yet the Theyve been fantastically successful, water and it slowed her
Brighton-based cop has never made it to amazing, James tells Crime Scene. The heart rate right down.
the small screen, despite several attempts. Perfect Murder had its second run this For the next stage play,
All the original cast I had in mind year, with Shane Richie and Jessie James is working on his
are now sort of retired, admits James. Wallace, and just sold out for 11 weeks. Its ghost story, The House
Although a TV series is not imminent, great because, as an author, you cant really On Cold Hill. He also
the stage adaptations keep on coming. sit and watch someone reading your book. still has hopes for a
Grace made his theatre debut in 2014, in an But I love sitting at the back of a theatre Roy Grace TV series,
adaptation of the standalone novella, The and watching the audiences reaction which is in long-term
Perfect Murder. This year saw the first book and Ive learnt quite a lot from it. development at ITV.
in the Grace series, Dead Simple, become a In fact, that experience may have partly Part of the reason its
play and Grace is set to return in Not Dead inspired James latest book, Love You Dead, taken so long to bring it
Enough, a 2017 touring production by Shaun which pits Grace against a certain kind of to [the screen] is because
McKenna, based on James third novel. femme fatale a black widow. Im determined that
The new play stars Laura Whitmore I learnt from watching Dead Simple, when its done, its done right, says
(recently on Strictly Come Dancing) as two years ago, just how much people love James, who balked at one BBC proposal to
BBC/Jay Brooks/Matt BurleM

an evil, beautiful woman, he uproot Grace to Scotland. I just hope it

I love sitting at the says. Theres this gasp of

surprise but also joy when you
will be worth the wait. For me its the most
successful thing Ive ever written. I feel

back, watching the

learn, actually, shes a monster. massively close to it I intend to go on
Not Dead Enough involves a writing them for many years to come.
seemingly impossible murder.

audiences reaction Its going to be interesting. Its

darker than the other two, were
Not Dead Enough is on tour from
25 January:

Cr ime sCene 19
Patricia Cornwell tells Crime Scene
why her books are at the forefront
of forensic science and tech, from
DNA and drones to Jack The Ripper

hen Patricia Cornwell visited the University of
Leicester on her recent book tour, she did it in
style. The US author donned a Leicester City
F.C. shirt and scarf for her lecture you can
see the sartorial evidence on the universitys YouTube channel
as it turns out that the academic institution was fundamental murderer once more, via a new book, entitled Ripper: The
in the creation of her iconic character, Dr Kay Scarpetta. Secret Life Of Walter Sickert.
Its where DNA fingerprinting was discovered and It is the book I should have written the first time and it is
invented, Cornwell tells Crime Scene. So thats a really big a remake, its not a revision, she tells Crime Scene. I feel even
deal in my profession, because I heard about that the very first more sure of myself in this theory than I ever did.
time I went to see a morgue in 1984. This medical examiner While not everyone appreciated an American author coming
said, theres this new technology called DNA. over here and solving the murders from 1888, Cornwell says
During that trip to a Virginia morgue, Cornwell first saw the that shes since become friends with some of the Ripperologists.
potential of forensic science and DNA for crime fiction. She Weve actually combined resources, Cornwell reveals,
cornered the market in forensic science thrillers during the 90s I even hired a few of them to do record searches for me, to
and remains a global bestseller. Cornwells 24th Scarpetta novel, send me documents.
Chaos, sees her heroine facing a new threat: drone technology. Digital technology will also inform this version of the book,
Its like Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds, isnt it? Cornwell which is being produced with Amazon.
reasons. When youre walking along and you might hear Were doing a really high-tech electronic version thats
that thing coming at you. going to have hundreds of images embedded in it, says
Although Cornwells books show the sinister side of new Cornwell. Im turning some of my evidence over to the reader.
technology, she reveals that forensic and digital developments Im going to show you photographs youve never seen before in
have also made her revisit an old case Jack The Ripper. She this case, because I have things that other people dont.
spent millions researching her bestselling and controversial 2002 If I tell you about the murder of Emily Dimmock in 1907
book, Portrait Of A Killer, which identified artist Walter Sickert [an unsolved killing that inspired several Sickert paintings],
as the Ripper. In an accompanying BBC documentary, she toured Im going to be the first person to show you her picture in the
the Whitechapel murder sites and even tested out different coffin with her throat cut. I own it, no ones ever seen it before.
knives on animal organs, to try and work out Jacks method. If its Mary Kelly [widely regarded as the final Ripper victim],
Cornwell concluded the film by saying that she wanted her Im going to show you a picture taken at that time that I bet
life back. However, 15 years on, shes stalking the Victorian you youve never seen before.

20 C r i m es c ene


Anthony Horowtiz,
the Foyles War
creator and Poirot
screenwriter, has
been confirmed as
a guest speaker at
crimeFest, which will
take place at Bristol
Marriott Royal Hotel on
18-21 May, 2017. In addition to
interviews with guest authors,
the event will feature dozens
of panels and a total of 100
participating writers, including
Yrsa sigurdardottir, Mick
Herron, sarah Hilary and
Ragnar Jnasson.
Horowitz will discuss his
latest novel, Magpie Murders,
which is both a homage to
Agatha christie and a playful
investigation into crime fiction.
Its a meditation on why this
genre is still so popular, he
tells Crime Scene. And its
also about how whodunits
work. Its not only trying to
Cornwell also dismissed Russell Edwards 2014 theory that
the killer was a 23-year-old Polish immigrant named Aaron Im going to give you the whodunit, but its
also trying to show you the
Kosminski. The theory was based on DNA evidence from a
bloodstained shawl that supposedly belonged to a victim.
show you way that the writer does it.
crimeFest will also see
I dont believe that for one minute, says Cornwell. The photographs Horowitz reunited with Poirot
star Hugh Fraser, whos now a
original crime scene sketch of Catherine Eddowes does not
include a shawl shes not wearing one. youve never crime writer and served as the
Cornwell is hopeful of looking again at the DNA contained
on the Ripper letters by drawing on the techniques that the
seen before toastmaster at last years event.
He was wonderful at being

University of Leicester employed for Richard IIIs remains. in this case, useless, Horowitz says of
Frasers character, captain
I have been talking to them because they are the best and
the brightest, she says of her discussions with Dr Turi King because I Hastings. I used to have a little
game with Hugh, which is that
(pictured, top) and her team. Technologys not the same as it
have things
UnIveRsItY OF LeIcesteR, AdAM scOURFIeLd
I would try and get the words
was back then, so Im picking their brains. Good Lord! at least once in
While the first book was written in 18 months, Cornwells that other every script and sometimes
three or four times.
since had time to go much deeper into the Ripper case.
When I did this the first time it really mattered to me a lot people dont CrimeFest is offering Crime
that people believed what I said about him, she says. What
Scene readers 20 per cent off a
matters to me now is that this is the best I can do I believe it.
Full CrimeFest Pass to
So just take a look at it. You might find it interesting, but you
the whole event. Simply
dont have to believe it. visit and
By And re PA ine enter the following
discount code:
Chaos (HarperCollins) is out now. Ripper: The Secret Life crimescenemagazine17
Of Walter Sickert (Thomas & Mercer) is out on 17 January.

Cr imescene 21
Hes the Northern Irish actor who started out as a musician and model before
breaking into TV and film. In addition to the Fifty Shades trilogy, he recently
starred with Cillian Murphy in the World War 2 thriller Anthropoid, but his
defining role is as serial killer Paul Spector in the acclaimed BBC series, The Fall

What can you tell us about serial So do you find it easy to shed the Look, I cant do it. I need to lie in a
killer Paul Spector in the third character at the end of the day? bath and listen to Maria Callas and
series of The Fall? Over the last four and a half years, think about happy.
Hes such a complex character, from I have found ways of locking myself
top to tail, and those complexities get into Spectors psyche quickly, without Is Spector irredeemably evil?
revealed more and more over the three too much build-up. But when I can, I It is hard to find redeeming qualities
series. In Series 3, particularly, we get jump out of his skin because I dont in Spector, but there are a few aspects
an insight into the mind of Spector. think its appropriate to stay in it for of him which are commendable. For
Questions are answered about why longer than I have to. instance, he shows traces of being a
he is the way he is and the events good father at times. He approaches
of his life that have led him to the Nevertheless, does Spector get his job as a bereavement counsellor
position that hes in now. Its such into your head sometimes? with professionalism. He provides
a treat to get to play someone whos Yes. I woke up one morning, before we good quality support to families
so layered even after four years of started filming, and on my chest were who are grieving. That is Allan
playing him, I am still finding out books about murderers. I was going to Cubitts genius as a writer. Spector
more about the character. bed reading about all these horrible is both so adept at taking life and
people, and of course it affects you. also at helping people through the
Do you subscribe to the Method and grief of losing someone.
remain in character for the entire Did you need to take time out from
duration of the shoot? dwelling in the mind of a psychopath? Do you portray him as a monster?
No! I dont want to be Method and stay Yes. There would be times where I I think it would be wrong to play him
in character as Spector all the time. If I would see my mates. Theyd want to as a monster. One of the reasons that
did, I wouldnt have a wife any more. go out for dinner and I had to say, makes Spector compelling, and why I
found him very alluring from the first

Hes so adept at taking life and

moment I read the script five years
ago, is that there are relatable aspects
to him, aspects that other human

also helping people through beings can identify with to an extent.

the grief of losing someone

Can you give us an example?
I always felt when I was playing those
moments with his children that there

22 c r i m es c en e

should be nothing else, there should be

no undercurrent of menace or psychopathy.
Why would there be? Hes a father talking
to his children. So I dont play him as
totally monstrous. Ive always tried to
avoid that tag.

Do you think The Fall has given

people the opportunity to see your
hometown of Belfast in a new light?
Yes. Still today, when I say I am from
Belfast, people say, Oh God, how is it
there? How was your upbringing? It
must have been crazy? Youre constantly
defending it and trying to explain it is a
great place, full of brilliant people. The
show already has an energy to it from the
fact that its set in Belfast and everyone
knows its history. So, for me, its a total reset button. Youre like a totally different you are synonymous with one character,
thrill to be there and to appreciate it, and human being. The fundamentals of your Im very much like, Right, thats done.
to show there is so much more to it than life are altered overnight, all in the most I move on to the next project and worry
what people think. positive way imaginable. I think that now about that character.
Ill have to do some stuff thats more
BBc/The Fall 3 lTd/helen sloan

Has starring as Spector transformed family friendly. Finally, there have been reports that
your career? this may be the final series of The Fall.
Yes, The Fall changed my life. The crew You have already finished two Can you imagine reprising the role of
are like family to me and Im forever follow-ups to Fifty Shades Of Grey. Spector in the future?
grateful that this show is part of my life. Will you be appearing in any more? Absolutely. I would play that character until
No. We have done two movies back-to- my dying days if I had the opportunity!
Is the role that you are most eager to back now, and Im actually finished with
play the father of two young daughters? it. I move on very fast in my mind. As The Fall Series 3 is out now
Yes. Having children is like pressing the much as, from the outside, people think on DVD and Blu-ray.

cr imescene 23
Novelist Phil Rickman on ITVs Midwinter Of The Spirit, Dr Dee and
All Of A Winters Night, his 14th Merrily Watkins book
The books are set in the Welsh Border
countryside, which is a very mysterious,
slightly brooding area with a rich
population mix. Ive lived here most of
my life and worked in the area as a radio
and TV journalist, which is a licence to
pry. Im certainly not a pioneer of rural
noir, which has always been a thread
in crime fiction. The Hound of the
Baskervilles, a not very good novel about
animal abuse, is memorable mainly
because of the hostile countryside.

Nobody else
is doing a series
like this one
Midwinter Of The Spirit.

never wanted to I have no plans to dump
write about a vicar Merrily. Nobody else is doing The only historical character Id ever
who solves crimes a series like this one. All Of wanted to write about was John Dee,
thats what the police do, A Winters Night is full of who I always thought had been
and crime is never cosy. mysteries, big and small, it has misrepresented in fiction as some
I did, however, want to deal its dark and sinister moments kind of sinister sorcerer. I saw him as
as authentically as possible and several murders but it inventive, well-intentioned, quite kind, a
with the work of an exorcist. They do isnt really a whodunit. Its set around bit of a geek and often broke. He was a
exist, in every diocese the Anglican one of the most mysterious churches in scientist, at a time when religion ruled.
church just doesnt advertise the service the country, Kilpeck in Herefordshire The big problem was developing language
they provide and some elements in the famous for the weird imagery on its and dialogue that didnt seem stilted,
Church would like to get rid of them. walls, its three Green Men and probably sub-Shakespearean or offensively modern.
Merrily now gets on better with the the most famous Sheela-na-gig, or female
cops than the C of E hierarchy, basically flasher, in the world. I dont worry about Merrily ageing,
because theyre not in competition. but her daughter, Jane, wouldnt be
The supernatural is really not an easy able to play the same maverick role
ITVs Midwinter Of The Spirit went element to bring into a novel, especially at 30. So time passes more slowly in
down much better with viewers who the kind you want the reader to believe. Ledwardine than elsewhere. Readers
hadnt read the novels. Anna Maxwell Its crucially important to me to have have favourite
Martin and David Threlfall were spot realistic characters. Because theyre characters, and if their
on as Merrily and her mentor, Huw British, there has to be occasional favourites are missing
Owen. Its a fairly complex story and humour. Because theyre crime novels, from a novel, they tend
had to be simplified for three short there has to be tension. An unconvincing to take it very badly.
episodes, with some characters lost supernatural experience can ruin
and others squashed. This also seems everything. You have to handle it with All Of A Winters Night
to be the reason it didnt get enough care and restraint, which can be more (Corvus) is out on
overnight viewers for a second series. insidiously scary than in-your-face horror. 5 January.

24  c r i m es c en e

Welsh director Euros Lyn has worked on some of
the biggest crime TV shows, including Sherlock,
Happy Valley and Broadchurch. Upon the release
of his debut film, The Library Suicides, he discusses
shooting the revenge thriller in his native language

How did you get involved with a film place. There are an incredible number
adaptation of Fflur Dafydds bestselling of precious things in there, so to have a
Welsh-language novel, Y Llyfrgell? big, clumsy, oafish film crew stomping
Fflur contacted me. She was thinking about bless them! In the film, we have
about turning it into a film, which I was certain scenes of, shall we say, destruction,
really excited by because she had written so that had to be negotiated very delicately.
something that was very cinematic in the No smoke!
first place. So we were soon trying to work
out how to condense her epic, sprawling Your TV work includes Sherlock,
novel with its many characters, set Director euros Lyn Doctor Who and Broadchurch. Was
(far left) on-set.
across a long timespan into something your debut film different in scale?
as succinct as a movie. Television in Britain is incredibly well

In the film, Catrin Stewart plays the If we hadnt made it supported. It has a fantastic infrastructure
and the scale of the television we make is
twins, Ana and Nan technically,
how difficult was it to shoot that? in Welsh, it would be enormous. It sells to the whole world
we make stuff that everyone wants to
Theres the technical challenge, especially
on a tight budget, of having the same actor
playing two characters within a single shot.
profoundly different watch. Shooting a film like this, in just
three weeks even though the story is
epic, and it contains great, grand drama,
Essentially, youre gluing together two takes herself into a very different mindset, to do the resources that we had were relatively
with an invisible seam down the middle. But a take as the other character. limited. So there was a change but it was
actually the hardest thing is for the actor. the opposite of what most people would
Catrin had to play these twin sisters who, How important was it to secure the have expected.
though theyre genetically identical, are in actual location of the story, the National
terms of character profoundly different to Library of Wales in Aberystwyth? Is it important that films like this are
one another. So when youre shooting, you Well, without it we wouldnt have had a made in the Welsh language?
do three takes with her playing Ana, and film. Fflur wrote the novel while she was Welsh is my first language its the
then she has about two minutes to put studying for her PhD, sat at the desks in language I was brought up to speak, its
the National Library of Wales. All the the language I speak at home with my
places she wrote about in the novel are partner, its my culture. If we hadnt
real parts of the Library. made this in Welsh, it would be a
After we finished the script, profoundly different film.
we took it to the library and said, I think we say things in the
This is film wed like to make. film that could never, ever
Can you let us in there? And be said in another language.
by the way we have no money, And thats very important.
No smoke! catrin what do you think? They were
Stewart (Doctor Who, absolutely fantastic. They gave The Library Suicides is
Misfits) plays the twins.
us pretty much the run of the now available on DVD.

cr ime scene 25
A novel new cookbook,
Feeding Hannibal, details
the iconic TV cannibals
mean culinary skills...

Hannibal possesses impressive butchery
and cookery skills, which star Mads
Mikkelsen had to learn from master chef
Janice Poon. In the books foreword, he
reveals that those culinary techniques
included, presenting a human leg as if
it was a pork loin decorated with murder-free recipes
tomatoes cut into tiny roses. The cannibalistic Dr. Lecters
ambitious feasts on Hannibal were
all the work of food stylist Janice
Poon. Now her cookbook gives
the shows Fannibals the chance
to make the visually striking
recipes that Lecter served to his
guests thankfully, without the
serial killers favourite ingredient.

PERFECT HOST In Season 2s Futamono, Hannibal
Hannibal gets to indulge in two of his serves up the clay-baked thigh of quite
favourite things during the Series 1 a well-known actor (no spoilers). The
episode Sorbet opera and cookery. dish was actually a last-minute change
With several guests to cater for, he to the menu, from lasagne. Ive noticed
needs to source plenty of special stuff its a little difficult to get mens thighs at
(as The League Of Gentlemen put it). the butcher shops, writes Poon, who
But there are veggie options, including provides readers with a recipe for
the tomato brain barquette canapes. clay-baked whole chicken instead.
In the first season, Hannibal served foie
gras to special agent Jack Crawford
(Laurence Fishburne) and his wife
Bella, but she (and actress Gina Torres)
turned down the controversial dish,
despite Hannibals insistance that hes
completely opposed to animal cruelty.
Mikkelsen admits he would fluff a line
in order to eat more of this delicacy.

26 C r i m eS C en e

Food and fining dining is crucial to
Hannibal, as the serial killer charms
unsuspecting guests with his unique
brand of gourmet food. Gillian
Anderson, who plays his psychiatrist,
Bedelia Du Maurier, is one of the
guests at his table and maybe on
the menu, if she isnt careful.

Served with iced vodka, a pie of
sturgeons heads and a caviar platter,
one of Hannibals most ambitious and
elegant dishes is the Kholodets a
jellied aspic meat thing, as Poon
describes it, of boiled chicken, veal
and pig trotters. The chef was required
to make 12 of them for the shoot and
reveals that the task nearly killed her.

In a nice throwback to the movie and
novel of Hannibal, the Series 2 episode
naka-Choko features the very
creepy, incredibly rich Mason Verger,
as played by Michael Pitt (Boardwalk
Empire). Verger has been training pigs
to eat people and offers one of the
porkers to Hannibal, who turns it into
a delicious gourmet meal.
Although hes a lover of fine wines, Much of the fun of feeding Hannibal
Hannibal does brew his own beer, came from a collaboration with
which also has a human component. make-up and prosthetic crews,
Hannibeer has been aged for two writes Poon. In Series 3, the
years in an oak Cabernet Sauvignon cannibal even makes cured
barrel. Coincidentally, a disembodied ham from a severed arm.
arm belonging to a missing person
has recently surfaced, and it does Feeding Hannibal (Titan)
smell somewhat oaky is out now.

Cr imeSCene 27


Novellist LISA CUTTS is a DC for Kent Police and has spent a decade working for their
Serious Crime Directorate, dealing with murders and other major cases. Her third book,
Mercy Killing, follows DI Harry Powells investigation into the death of a sex offender

THE REALITY victim or their family to try one of all, help from the public, all play
The first few days of a murder to get some of their broken their part in identifying a killer.
are manic and, depending on lives back together, is a very The idea for Mercy Killing came about
the role allocated to me, I may big high. The main challenge after I spent a considerable amount of
finish work after 18 hours, get is lack of staff. Officers are time investigating allegations of historic
four hours sleep and then do leaving and not being child abuse. Although the book is fiction
it all again. Interviewing replaced. Finding time to and definitely not based on anyone from
prisoners is always days of write is becoming a the investigation, it crossed my mind,
work with very late finishes. challenge, as work is busier on an almost daily basis, for three years,
The reality is 20 minutes of and busier. I think that the how the team and I would feel if we were
heart-racing, adrenalin-filled time will come when I have investigating the murder of a paedophile,
action, followed by weeks of paperwork. to make a decision about whether I can rather than the crimes of one.
Mostly, I work on murders and rapes, continue to do both. I also wondered how the Senior
although the department also deals with Investigating Officer would rally their
kidnaps, blackmail and large-scale, THE FICTION staff, to show the dedication required to
protracted investigations. It can include Sticking to accurate police procedures is catch the killer. Harry Powell moans,
arresting and interviewing suspects, taking one of the main aims in my crime fiction. drinks, swears, backs his team and most
witness statements, travelling the county Murder is horrifying and compelling importantly, hes a very good Detective
or the country to make enquiries and, enough, without making up how its Inspector. The moaning and drinking
of course, months of paperwork. investigated. I avoid the detail of the have definitely transferred themselves
Many of my colleagues have bought my amount of paperwork required. Im into my characters.
books, some have even read them. Ive very aware how dull that would be. I definitely use the police procedures,
had a great deal of support from work, A gripping story is what keeps the the ones Im allowed to write about,
although I did have to go through the reader turning the page, so its crucial anyway. I dont write about actual murders
correct channels. Firstly, I needed to that its as good as it can be. I dont shy Ive worked on my books are all works
get secondary employment clearance, away from what I know about of fiction. One thing I often do is use
something all police and civilian staff investigating murder. If something colleagues anecdotes,
have to do for work in addition to their simply wouldnt happen, or if the especially the ones that
job. After that was approved, I approached murderer did something that would have made me laugh. I
the legal department to check that what I make him or her easy to identify, I have do ask their permission
was writing wasnt going to be an issue to change it. It does cause me enormous first, although no-one
and cause problems for the police. problems when writing. The advances has yet refused.
Rob cole

Being a part of a team that has sent in DNA, mobile phones, electronic
someone to prison for a lengthy footsteps, automatic number plate Mercy Killing (Simon
sentence, hopefully allowing the readers, CCTV and the most important & Schuster) is out now.

28 C r i m es c en e

Paranoid is the major ITV conspiracy thriller about a
horrific murder case where the cops suddenly realise
theyre being watched. Hustle star Robert Glenister,
who plays detective Bobby Day in the series, discusses
panic attacks and real-life police training

Would you be up for a second series? likely to act on his own. That makes his
It was originally sold to me as a self- colleagues wary. All of that creates tension
contained, eight-part series. But they said within his unit.
that about Broadchurch. We all worked
together, in the knowledge that we were Have you portrayed a lot of police
making something out of the ordinary. I officers over the years?
had an absolute ball working on Paranoid. In ones career, one tends to play a few
So Id be very happy to do it again. coppers Ive played officers in The Bill,
The Great Train Robbery and Sirens. You
What first drew you to Paranoid? Lesley Sharp plays the could argue that some fictional detectives
witness to a murder.
Its a real page-turner. When I read it, shouldnt be in the job look at Gene
I didnt necessarily know which way it Hunt, to pluck a name out of the air!
would go. It starts off as one thing and
becomes something very, very different. They have never [Philip Glenister is his younger brother.]

Its very unsettling and I knew it wouldnt

be a common or garden police procedural. encountered such Has this role altered your view of the
police at all?
Its going to make people think and want
to watch the next episode. a horrific murder No, Ive always greatly admired what the
police do. Of course, youll get the odd bad
apple in the police you do everywhere.
Can you tell us about the detective you What is Day like as an investigator? But overall, the police are a courageous,
play, Bobby Day? Hes very intuitive. He works for a humane organisation. Wed be a lot worse
What I like is that Bobby is already in parochial force in Cheshire, and they off without them. All the police officers
crisis when we meet him. Within the first have never encountered such a horrific Ive come across have had great compassion
five minutes, you see that he is flawed. Hes murder before. Its not something theyre thats a pre-requisite for the job. Its not
coming up to retirement but is worried familiar with. Theyre used to more just about nicking the bad guys.
because he has nothing else in his life. He mundane crime. Bobby is very quick. He
is very scared. The challenge as an actor is spots the fact that someone is watching Do you know any real police officers?
to do justice to this complex character. them. In that heightened state, his Yes, funnily enough, I went to school
antennae are far more alert. with someone who became a police
officer. When we were 16, we watched a

How do Bobbys police colleagues careers talk by a police officer and decided
react to his behaviour? to join the police. We both went
Hes gone off-piste and his to the training college in
state of mind alienates him from Hendon but I dropped out
the rest of the unit. He is being because Id always wanted to
treated medically for panic be an actor. But he ended up as
Woodmeres force are attacks. He has heightened the head of the Flying Squad.
way out of their depth awareness, but that makes him
with this investigation.
more of a maverick, and more Paranoid Series 1 is on DVD.

cr ime scene 29
THIS ISSUE Venice-based US author of the Commissario Brunetti series, DONNA LEON

What is the very first How important is Venice to your The Germans have made a series thats
crime story you can writing career? really not terribly faithful to the books,
ever remember I was in the dressing room at the from what Ive been told by people who
reading? opera house in Venice, La Fenice, with watch them, but people love them.
It was probably a friend who was a conductor, and he
Edgar Allan Poe, and his wife were talking about another As an established writer, who do you
The Tell-Tale conductor whom they did not like, now most admire among your peers
Heart or admire or respect. We found ourselves I dont read [contemporary] crime.
The Cask of talking about killing him there, in the I read history so I admire Mary Beard,
Amontillado, dressing room. I thought that would Tom Holland and Robert Harris
because thats how be a great idea for a murder mystery. Dictator is just breathtaking.
people were introduced I first went to Venice in 68 or 69
to the idea of the detective. and I was lucky enough to make Which fictional character do you
Hes really good, and to think that Venetian friends then. I love it, its the wish youd created?
he didnt have predecessors makes him most beautiful place Ive ever been, I like Pip in Great Expectations,
even more worthy of credit. but it has been uglified in many ways. Lizzie Bennet in Pride And Prejudice
The next book, Earthly Remains, is and Philip Marlowe because hes such
What is your all-time favourite set almost exclusively in the laguna a clever guy. But my star is always Lew
crime novel and why? [the lagoon surrounding Venice]. Archer, Ross Macdonalds character.
Ruth Rendells A Judgement In Stone I think hes the most interesting.
is genius from the first to the last What would you be doing now if you
sentence. Its super creepy. Ive taught it werent an author? Whats the craziest letter youve
a number of times and people have a Id still be teaching English literature. ever had from a fan?
love-hate relationship [with it]. They I spent 30 years as a professor. Ive never had a bad one. I have had
love it because its so beautifully plotted letters telling me that, during his or her
and written, but they hate it because of What advice would you give to your last illness, someone read my books and
their helplessness. This is the genius of 14-year-old self? took great comfort from them. Those
the book Ive read it four or five times, Most of my life Ive been pretty letters have moved me beyond words.
and each time I read it I still want to cheerful because I have no ambition.
intervene to save those good people. Luckily, my parents raised me and If you could commit a perfect
my brother without ambition. murder, how would it be done?
Who has been your role model? Well, Im a committed ecologist and
Ive been re-reading Ross Macdonald Whats your favourite TV crime Im an old leftie. So were I to think
God, hes good! I realised that if there show, past or present? about committing a crime, it would
is an influence on my books, it is Ive never had a television be an ecological crime.
Macdonald. My character [Commissario in my life. While I was in But I couldnt do it because
Brunetti] is very much like Lew Archer London, I spoke to Caroline I know it would only be
not in terms of the family situation Skinner at the BBC, who will counter-productive.
because he is happily married. But be the producer of a Brunetti
somewhere Archer says he likes people TV series. They will make The Waters Of Eternal
and likes to be of help, and I think this is three and they will be Youth (William
as true of Brunetti as it is of Archer. shown sometime next year. Heinemann) is out now.

30 c r i m es c en e

THE PASSENGER | Raphalle Agogu on her which was destined for the fighting arena.
Chtelet expresses her contempt for the
role as French TVs toughest female detective breeder and southern Frances cruel
tradition of bullfighting or tauromachie.
For my character, we can see how it

psychological thriller thats likely French viewers were gripped as much would be hard to be forced by her father to
to have you hooked from its by the series elaborate crimes as its see that [as a child], Agogu says. I grew
opening scene, French series unlikely lead duo of Chtelet and forensic up in Nmes, and during summer there are
The Passenger features the grisly work of psychiatrist Mathias Freire (Jean-Hugues bullfights. I went to see it when I was 12 or
a serial killer who borrows from Greek Anglade from Braquo). Its a very unusual 13 and it was a nightmare I just cried.
mythology. Based on a novel by Gallic pairing even the physical aspect of it, Theres also a nightmarish quality to
author Jean-Christophe Grang, the latest because Im quite tall, Agogu tells The Passenger. As the mythology-based
foreign language TV drama from Walter Crime Scene. I like the confrontation murders continue, both main characters
Presents begins with the discovery of a between the two. appear to be connected to the investigation.
dead man wearing a bulls head at the She compares her tough but troubled cop The psychological aspect of my character
Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Jean. to Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in is what is interesting, says Agogu. Well
Captain Anas Chtelet, who leads Homeland. In the first two episodes, my see how [her] psychological trouble is linked
the investigation, has shades of Spirals character is not very nice, shes doesnt to the case. She will discover some really
no-nonsense Parisian detective Laure really smile, shes not very friendly says dark aspects of her personal life.
Berthaud. Chtelets rude, tough and Agogu. She has very deep psychological Agogu is very proud of The Passenger,
strong. Shes wearing a pair of pants and troubles she really has to see a therapist. which should increase her chances of
a gun, says Raphalle Agogu, regarding In one scene, Chtelet shoots a pair of being cast in an English-language
her character in The Passenger, a show snarling dogs in an abandoned warehouse production she missed out on a role in
that she describes as ambitious. taken over by drug addicts. The channel Skyfall but will we see a second series?
thought it was a bit too much, I think the channel wants to leave the

Chtelets rude, tough says Agogu. They tried to cut it,

but the director said we have to
door open, she says. Jean-Christophe
Grang said he couldnt be involved

and strong, wearing a

keep it because it says something because there is no [second] book. So my
about the character of Anas and own personal opinion is, probably not. AP
why she could have such anger.

pair of pants and a gun In addition to dead dogs,

theres also a deceased bull,
The Passenger is available to stream
now at

Cr ime ScENE 31
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cr imescene 33
34  c r i m e s c en e

After their mind-twisting VictoriAn AdVenture,

sherlock holmes And John wAtson finAlly return
for A full series thAt promises pure eVil, pArenthood
And A cAnine compAnion. But is moriArty reAlly AliVe?
Crime SCene Joins the stArs on-set, in seArch of clues
to this much-AnticipAted fourth seAson

BBc/hArtswood films/colin hutton/lAurence cendrowicz/roBert ViglAsky/todd Antony


herlockmania second only in hysteria and volume to

Beatlemania is gripping the streets of north London.
Crime Scene is corralled behind a crowd barrier in the
vicinity of Euston Station. Night has fallen and were
standing alongside thousands of fans, who have journeyed
from as far afield as China and Japan. Since before dawn
theyve been lining up along North Gower Street which,
as all card-carrying Sherlockians doubtless already know, doubles for
Baker Street in BBC Ones global hit drama.
Were getting completely drenched by three massive rain machines,
which are pouring down outside number 221B, in preparation for a brief
scene outside the house. However, no ones ardour appears dampened.
Theres certainly no lack of enthusiasm when Benedict Cumberbatch,
clad in Sherlocks trademark Belstaff Milford coat, magically appears out
of a side street, to commence filming in front of the consulting detectives
famous front door. The cheer from the assembled masses can no doubt be
heard south of the River Thames. The game is on
Chatting to Crime Scene in a nearby hotel before filming starts, the cast
and crew are equally delighted that the shows returning with a full series

cr ime scene 35

after a three-year gap, The Abominable

Bride being a one-off special. That gap
was at least partially enforced by the fact
that Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, as
Dr John Watson, have become megastars
on the back of Sherlock. hasanothermember.
Cumberbatch confesses that hes having
the time of his life on this fourth season.
I love it more than ever, he says. I also middle of Trafalgar Square with no close the final episode of the third series, His
love the character more now because Ive protection, he says, We cant do that now! Last Vow, broke a Twitter record when
got to experiment with playing different In fact, Gatiss and co-creator Steven it triggered 10,000 tweets per minute.
sides of him. He then reveals that the Moffat have to write certain scenes that The show has inspired fan art all over
fourth season has been very demanding yet may previously have been filmed on the world. On the set, a Japanese fan shows
richly enjoyable to make because Sherlock location specifically for the studio, to keep Crime Scene a graphic novel hes lovingly
is, troubled and challenged, at the top of their stars far from the madding crowd. made, while 2013 saw Korean pop group
his game and at the very bottom. So there SHINee enjoy a hit single, Sherlock,
are huge highs and huge lows, and you worldwide audience which was inspired by the drama. Indeed,
really find out who he is. Sherlock, which begins its fourth series on when David Cameron went to China on
Louise Brealey, playing Sherlocks friend, BBC One this New Years Day, has long official business in December 2013, locals
sparring partner and resident pathologist, since morphed from mere programme to asked the then Prime Minister if he could
Molly, is also enjoying the filming. a phenomenon. Now broadcast in more convince the BBC to make more episodes.
Its so exciting to come back than 240 territories around the world, the Gatiss, who also stars as Sherlocks
every couple of years and see series has won multiple Baftas and devious older brother, Mycroft, remains
everyone, she says. You Emmys plus a prestigious Peabody astounded that the show has become
dont get so nervous, because Award. The shows Victorian-era such a sensation all over the world.
everyones your buddy, from special, The Abominable Bride, was As huge Sherlock Holmes fans, Steven
the make-up to the wardrobe the single most watched show in the and I find it amazing that we have the
department. Just being part of UK during the 2015/16 festive privilege of holding the keys to Baker
it is a beautiful thing. period, racking up some 11.6 Street for a while and of making a show
Mark Gatiss, the million viewers, and that has struck such a nerve, he says. We
co-creator of beating EastEnders, the could never have predicted the scale of it.
Sherlock, laughs as Queens annual address Ever since the pilot, weve always been
he recalls how the and Downton Abbey. proud of it, but the international scope of
shows popularity When The Abominable it is mind-blowing and daunting.
has mushroomed Bride was shown in With almost childlike glee, Moffat adds,
since it began in cinemas around the Like Mark, I used to obsessively buy books
2010 aided world, to augment the about Sherlock. I was fascinated by him. I
and abetted by TV broadcast, it found him exotic and un-claimable. The
dozens of fan sites proved more popular 55-year-old writer and executive producer,
around the world. than Star Wars: The whos also the showrunner on Doctor Who,
In the first Force Awakens in continues, So now I find it bewildering,
season, we shot South Korea and but delightful that whenever one of those
Benedict and topped Chinas box books comes out now, our production will
Martin in the office. In addition, probably be on the cover. Thats amazing.

36  c r i m e s c en e


The creators try to account for the fact

that Sherlock has chimed with audiences
right around the world.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was baffled by
the success of his creation towards the end
of his life, says Gatiss, whos also written
for Doctor Who and Poirot. We are not
comparing ourselves with Conan Doyle,
but were not baffled were just grateful.
Its like bottled lightning. Something
happened the moment the writing and the
casting came together. Its just one of those
shows. It will never happen again. Weve all
had hits before, but this is a phenomenon
that sparked at just the right time.
Moffat takes up the theme. Weve
probably got the moment on tape, he
says. Among several Watsons, Martin
had a chance to audition with Benedict.
The moment we saw them acting together
for the first time, we knew that was the
show right there.
The creators of Sherlock are touched by
the passion of the fans. I was actually
answering some fan mail this morning,
says Gatiss. Some of it was so old, I was
ashamed. I had to start telling lies about
how packages of letters got mislaid! But
from China to Russia, the devotion is TobyJonesplaysthe
astonishing. You get some very moving darkestvillainwevehad.

cr ime scene 37


letters about how the show has affected

peoples lives. Some have had depression andhoundonlocation.
that has lifted or made friends through it.
Its very gratifying to have had that effect
just by making 10 episodes.
However, as is their wont, Moffat and
Gatiss are much less keen to talk about
how the new series will develop. Part of
the shows popularity derives from the
fact that every episode comes as a moriartymaynotreturn.
complete surprise to its audience.
Consequently, everyone involved in
the show is very strict about not giving musing, Something is coming. Maybe its
away any spoilers the code of omerta Moriarty, maybe its not.
prevails on the Sherlock set. What is certain is that Sherlock will be thefirstofthenewseries.
We could give you three words confronted by another seriously devious
describing it that actually have nothing to baddie, Culverton Smith, as played by Toby
do with a series, Gatiss teases. Jones (The Witness For The Prosecution). John because there is an impact, says
Wolverhampton. Peanut. Throttle, He was originally the tropical diseases Cumberbatch, apologetically. But Sherlock
Moffat adds, with a mischievous grin. expert and poisoner in Conan Doyles story reacts in a very Sherlockian way. However
For her part, Louise Brealey even begins The Adventure Of The Dying Detective Sherlock would react, thats what he does.
our interview by admitting, Im just which, for the second episode of the new Gatiss reveals more about how this
going to look at the list of things Im not series, has become The Lying Detective. series connects to the last: It started to
allowed to say to you. Bear with me! rain when we were shooting His Last
What we are permitted to know about PureST eVil Vow so Stephen and I took shelter in the
the fourth series, which opens with an Culverton Smith is completely different, production office bus and spun a few ideas
episode written by Gatiss and entitled according to Moffat. Hes the darkest around. By the time we got off the bus, we
The Six Thatchers, is that Sherlock is villain weve had, he adds. There was had plotted this entire series. Were like
unsure about the continuing involvement always something charming and engaging magpies, taking bits from different Conan
of his apparently dead foe, Moriarty about Moriarty. There was something Doyle stories Oh, that bit could fit here.
(Andrew Scott). The image of Sherlocks fascinating and actually amoral, rather Doing it only every two-and-a-half years
arch nemesis was seen endlessly repeating than immoral, about Charles Augustus means the scale of the story has to be
Did you miss me? at the end of the last Magnussen. But this guy is the purest evil. pretty big. It cant just be a story of the
series. In the new season, Sherlock is seen Sherlock is actually appalled by him. Hes week. It has to be major stuff really.
the most evil villain weve had. I dont But its particularly epic this season.
think that, when you see it, you will At the end of His Last Vow, Sherlock is
disagree. Hes horrific. apparently going into exile. Hes killed a
Another element of the new series which terrible man, but whats going to happen
is already in the public domain is the fact next? The last Christmas special took place
that Johns wife Mary, who was revealed in a five-minute gap, but we knew where
to be a ruthless assassin in the last series, we were going after that because Mary is
gives birth to their baby daughter. And pregnant, which changes everything. The
how does Mr. Holmes respond to this unofficial title of the first episode is The
new member of his extended family? Three Watsons because the baby alters the
I cant talk about the effect that the baby dynamic, not in a cutesy way but because
WherewouldHolmesbe has on the relationship between Mary and its a different place to put the characters.

38  c r i m e s c en e

There will also be a dog in this season,

which may or may not be Toby from the
Conan Doyle story The Sign Of The Four. Things weve learnt:
dont shoot with a
As expected, the team are remaining
tight-lipped regarding all things canine.
All that producer Sue Vertue will say is,
Things weve learnt during this series:
dont shoot with a baby and a dog!
The oldest rule of showbiz, broken
baby and a dog!
again, sighs Gatiss, in mock exasperation.
Thanks to the malevolent presence of
Culverton Smith, this season has been
advertised as the darkest yet, but the cast So what of the future? Can we look Abbington, who was also in the BBC
assert that its also the best. forward to Series 5 in the next few years? police drama Cuffs, has her own thoughts:
Cumberbatch, who recently starred in the Its about Sherlock and John, and I dont
conTinuing PleaSureS Marvel blockbuster Dr Strange, is hopeful. want Mary to become the third wheel. I
Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary and Im proud of what weve done, he want the show to be about them, really.
is Freemans real-life partner, says that says. But yes, of course, it still maintains And I think the fans do as well. If it was
they take great pleasure in working on a fascination, otherwise I wouldnt come called Mary, it would be a different thing.
the scripts together at home. back for more. Ive got a lot going on in That would be a spin-off about her life as
We get the scripts and then we read my life at the moment, thankfully. Im an assassin and how she got into it.
them together in the sitting room, she very lucky as an actor. So its not just Actually, that isnt a bad idea Youre
reveals. So were finding out together, about employment; it is about wanting right! Tell Steven and Mark. It should
which is lovely. With this series, especially, to do it, and Im very lucky to be in that be called Mary! exclamation mark!
we got the first script and we were like, position. And also to have a character like After having a ball on The Abominable
Crikey, this is incredible!; and then we got this, who I still really want to play. Bride, Freeman can also see another
the second script and we were like, This is Freeman, whos also taken leads in The spin-off series working: We just really
even better than the first one!; and then we Hobbit films and Series 1 of Fargo, agrees enjoyed being in the 1890s. Occasionally,
got to the third one and it was How are with his co-star, who he knows as Ben. I would look at Ben and then look at myself
we going to do this? How are we going to My feeling is always that if you enjoy in the mirror, and go Thank God were
pull this off?! But I think if we do pull this something, then let it breathe and give it a finally playing Holmes and Watson, instead
off, it will be amazing. chance, he says, but stop something of John and Sherlock. So we played them
Cumberbatch experiences similar when youre no longer enjoying it. But at as Conan Doyle intended, and it was a lot
pleasure when hes collaborating with the moment, Im having a really good of fun to do that.
Freeman. Its been a joy to us, as actors, time. With a wry smile, Freeman adds: So what other era would Freeman like to
he explains. We always have that moment But the show is called Sherlock. The see the duo transported to? Id like to do
where we read the script and ring each show isnt called anybody elses name, 1066. It would be about how Sherlock and
other. We have that communal moment so you know, next time, well probably John handled the Norman Invasion!
between the two of us, of going, Oh my all be dead and it will just be Ben.
God, this is so exciting! Were so lucky to Because, ultimately, hes the thing that Sherlock Series 4 is scheduled to start
be doing this! it cant go on without. on BBC One this New Years Day.

cr ime scene 39

4 0 c r i m e s c en e

Sherlock is only just hitting

double figures, while its american
rival, elementary, has reached episode 100.
crime Scene celebrates the centenary of
nycs holmes with showrunner rob doherty

BY MICHAEL SIMPSON ts an episode we all had did not seem promising, given the poor
circled on our calendar, track record that American networks have
Elementary creator and in revamping British hits. Compounding
executive producer Rob that was the decision to pair Jonny Lee
Doherty tells Crime Scene, as Millers expat Holmes with a female
he looks forward to the 100th Watson who is, herself, American.
episode. Its surreal when you However, four years on it would be a
think about how hard it is just to get a pilot capital mistake to dismiss Elementary.
through the development process and on It has reached Season 5, an achievement in
the air. To think that we managed to do 99 itself, so the series must be doing something
after that one is mind-boggling. right with the source material. In fact,
Purists could have been forgiven for Doherty contends that the show largely
being sceptical about the CBS series when owes its success to those literary roots.
it debuted in 2012. Season One of Sherlock The truth is, Conan Doyle did all the
had already proved that Holmes could be heavy lifting, he explains. Everything a
modernised. At first glance, Elementary writer could ever need is already in the
might have looked like an attempt to ride canon. The characters are timeless: they
the BBCs coattails, and relocating work in the past or in the future. In the
the detective to New case of Elementary, weve obviously also
York City made changes to gender and race but

the dynamic has always stayed the same.

cr ime scene 41

castandcrewcelebrate DetectivemarcusBell
theshowscentenary. (JonmichaelHill),atleft.

I think as long as you strive to remain true any hint of a romantic attraction between
to the spirit of the original characters, the series leading characters. On top of
theres very little you cant do with them. that, he found the right actors to make
Those should be reassuring words for their connection really work.
those Holmes enthusiasts who feel that You can never just assume its going to
seeing Cumberbatch and Freeman in 221B happen but, in the case of Jonny and Lucy,
Baker Street circa 2016 is already irregular it was obvious the first day of filming that
enough. Elementary is an archetypal there was a connection and a mutual
American police procedural but Doherty respect that made everything sing, he says.
and his writing team dont take their debt We knew that with a little good fortune, ThomasGregson.
to Conan Doyle lightly. they could be Holmes and Watson for a
Collectively, we try to keep ourselves very long time.
honest when it comes to not just the canon Like Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and appealing to Doherty but dont expect to
but the spirit of the original stories, he Steven Moffat, Doherty has pop culture see actual superheroes in Elementary,
says. We take plenty of liberties with the credentials (Medium, Star Trek: Voyager). although one episode does involve
source material because thats what the I am a geek in so many respects, he says. ordinary people performing good deeds as
show is built to do but we always come As much as I know about Sherlock caped crusaders. Like Sherlock, the series is
down to, Is it true to the spirit of what Holmes, Ive met a few Sherlock Holmes firmly rooted in Holmes commitment to
came first? We let that question guide us. geeks and I dont feel like Im quite up to deductive reason and science. Whenever
One of the most obvious liberties snuff with them. he has the time, Doherty thumbs through
Doherty has taken is casting Lucy Liu He discovered Holmes at a young age, Conan Doyles tales to find Easter eggs
(Charlies Angels, Kill Bill: Vol. 2) as Joan both the Jeremy Brett series and the stories. that reference Elementarys origins, for
Watson. If Elementary had messed with The Hound Of The Baskervilles was on a viewers who know the original stories.
that platonic relationship, you can be sure summer reading list that had come from A few years ago, a re-reading of The
the show would have taken its last bow my teacher, Doherty recalls. I thought, Adventure Of The Illustrious Client on a
long ago. Thankfully, despite dealing with a Theres a dog in it. How bad could it be? hiatus was extremely rewarding, in that
male-female dynamic, Doherty has avoided I remember that I liked it. I feel like I was it got me thinking about Kitty Winter,
still at an age when a lot of it was over my he says. Thats probably one of the
head and now, as an adult, I am such a stories Ive read more than others. At
completist that I regret not starting with that point, Kitty was a character who
the first book, A Study In Scarlet. Around hadnt really jumped out but it just so
the same time, Sherlock Holmes also happened wed wrapped a season in
appeared in an issue of Detective Comics which Sherlock and Joan separate.
with Batman, and I read a lot more I knew that I wanted Sherlock to return
Batman than I did Sherlock Holmes with a new protg and it suddenly
back then. His association with Batman occurred to me that Kitty fitted the bill.
made him all the cooler for me. Although Doherty doesnt adhere strictly
truetothespiritofHolmes. The Dark Knight may have done more to the Sherlock Holmes canon, he does put
than Conan Doyle to make Holmes a high value on it. He understands that

42 c r i m e s c en e




Elementary must be authentic in its episode still fulfils his intention to honour he admits. Then we could return the
acknowledgement of Conan Doyles Elementarys landmark achievement: The favour in one of the Sherlock features.
creation if it is to be true to the material it timing was maybe a little unusual, in that But that idea sort of flew through my
leans on. Thats why, when the time came because we do 24 episodes a year, our head. I dont see it coming to fruition.
to plan the shows milestone centenary 100th happened to be the fourth episode Doherty is probably
episode, early in Season 5, Dohertys first of this season, which is typically not a spot right, besides, Elementary
thought was to bring back a character where youd be aiming a little higher or doesnt really need a nod
who Conan Doyle introduced in The looking to do something that has a bit from Sherlock to give it
Adventure Of The Empty House. more to do with the canon of your show. credibility. Even if CBS
We were initially very curious to catch By the end of Elementarys fifth season, it did originally give the
up with a character from the first season, will have featured almost twice as many show the greenlight
Sebastian Moran, who is played by the cases as Conan Doyle originally created for because the first season
incredible Vinnie Jones, Doherty says. Holmes. Moreover, there will be around of Sherlock was a hit,
He was such fun to have on the show and nine times more episodes of Elementary Elementary is now a
he played such an interesting character. than of Sherlock when Series 4 of the latter creditable Holmes
We were wondering, is there a story to tell has aired. That isnt a bad record for a adaptation in its
about him in the fifth season of our show? series that cynics might once have thought own right. But
Unfortunately, English footballs most couldnt be as big a hit as its British maybe that means
famous hardman was unavailable to tackle counterpart. Given that both shows are still the two sleuths
the worlds only consulting detective once going strong, Crime Scene asks Doherty if should come together
again. As a result, Dohertys team shifted he thinks there could ever be a meeting for its 200th episode?
their focus onto a series regular whos between the two modern Holmes. Yeah, were up for it,
named after another canonical character, I remember thinking, in the early says Doherty.
NYPD Captain Thomas (ne Tobias) days, wouldnt it be fun to have Benedict
Gregson, played by Aidan Quinn. Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman pass Elementary
Despite that enforced change of plan, by Jonny and Lucy, la Alfred Hitchcock, Series 5 airs
Doherty is satisfied that the centenary in some sort of scene on a sidewalk? on Sky Living.

cr ime scene 43

4 4  c r i m e s c en e

Sherlock holmeS may be the worldS moSt famouS

detective, but an equally impreSSive fictional Sleuth
beat him into print by almoSt two decadeS. Jake kerridge
makeS the caSe for Sergeant cuff, hero of the britiSh
detective novelS debut, wilkie collinS The MoonsTone

ho was British fictions small number of fictional sleuths who In contrast, while Holmes unwinds with
first great detective? preceded him especially Cuff. If there his violin, Cuff is a dedicated horticulturist,
Heres a clue: lanky had been no Cuff, wed have no Holmes. and spends half his time at the Verinders
bloke, some odd habits Cuff, whom Collins based on the real-life house arguing with the gardener about the
but a brilliant deductive Inspector Jack Whicher of Scotland Yard best method of growing dog-roses. Yet
reasoner, one with a (as featured in his own TV series and Collins anticipated Conan Doyle in the
fondness for making played by Paddy Considine), is actually a leavening of melodramatic stories with
epigrammatic pronouncements and jolly man. When Cuff arrives at the grand elements of everyday life, and humanising
mysterious remarks. Well, as is so often the house of the aristocratic Verinder family, a character who, thanks to his formidable
case in crime fiction, the obvious answer to investigate the disappearance of their intellect, might otherwise seem like too
isnt the correct one. I would claim that the fabulous diamond, the Moonstone, he much of a superman.
first great detective was Sergeant Cuff, displays an un-Sherlockian compassion for In fact, Collins did not just do it all first,
who appeared in Wilkie Collins novel The everybody involved in the mystery, from he did it brilliantly. The Moonstone remains
Moonstone (1868), almost two decades the snooty victims to their servants. an irresistible novel, as full of red herrings,
before Dr John H Watson first encountered Few actors are as good at conveying thrills and spills, and clever twists as
Mr Sherlock Holmes in a lab at St. decency and good humour as John anything that has come after it in the crime
Bartholomews Hospital, in Arthur Thomson, so he was an excellent choice to genre. It is astonishing to think that the
Conan Doyles A Study in Scarlet (1887). play Cuff in the recent BBC One version of book is so lively and funny when much of it
The Moonstone proved popular but it The Moonstone, even though he could was written while Collins was suffering
wasnt until the advent of Mr. Holmes that hardly be further physically from the from rheumatic gout which was so intense
detective fiction became recognised as a character as described by Collins: A that the secretaries to whom he dictated
genre, and one that the public were always grizzled, elderly man, so miserably lean the novel left his employment in rapid
going to be clamouring for more of. One that he looked as if he had not got an ounce succession because they could not bear his
reason why Holmes still commands the of flesh on his bones in any part of him. agonised screams. Collins later declared
attention of millions of people, whether Antony Sher looked more the part in the that he would have died if the
on the page or reincarnated as Benedict previous BBC mini-series, aired in 1996. responsibility of writing the weekly
Cumberbatch, is that every fictional Perhaps the austere Holmes and the instalments of the book had not forced
detective who has come after him is a genial Cuff would not get on, but they me to rally my sinking energies of body
slightly diluted version: there is a bit of share numerous similarities. When asked, and mind to dry my useless tears and
Sherlock in all of them. However, Holmes early in Collins novel, who has stolen the to conquer my merciless pains.
was, in turn, a refined version of the Moonstone, Cuff replies nobody has Its a novel, then, which not only started a
stolen the diamond, then refuses to genre but also saved a life. Might I suggest
JohnThomsonascollins elaborate, establishing the template for to the makers of Sherlock that it would be an
BBc/king Bert/ray Burmiston

compassionatesleuth. Holmes infuriatingly mysterious remarks appropriate homage if Holmes were to meet
about dogs doing nothing in the night-time, a character named Cuff, and ask
and so on. As Holmes once declared, You for some professional advice
know my method. It is founded upon the while giving him a hand with his
observance of trifles. But Cuff got there herbaceous border?
first, as this statement shows: In all my
experience along the dirtiest ways of this The Moonstone is available
dirty little world, I have never met with on DVD and download at
any such thing as a trifle yet.

cr ime scene 45

4 6  c r i m e s c en e


Agatha Christies And Then There Were None was

reinvented by last Decembers brutal BBC adaptation.
Now the same team have returned to tackle her dark
courtroom drama, The Witness For The Prosecution.
We join the cast on set for the trial of the century


hen Crime Scene arrives at a glances in our direction. Were ushered
former fire station opposite towards the former coroners court that
Manchester Piccadilly station occupies another part of the building, to
on an autumn morning, the city watch the next scene on a monitor.
seems oblivious to the fact that A dramatic confrontation is taking place

RobeRt Viglasky/agatha chRistie PRoductions/MaMMoth scReen

one of the biggest Christmas TV dramas is in the holding cell, where Leonard Vole
being filmed inside the cavernous (Billy Howle) is awaiting trial for murder.
Edwardian building, which has stood When his partner, Romaine (Riseborough),
empty for 30 years. Between takes, while visits him behind bars, their reunion ends
the film crew come and go with equipment, badly, with Leonard screaming her name as
Andrea Riseborough stands on the busy she leaves him to his fate. Unfortunately for
street, wearing 1920s dress, smoking and Howle, the scene requires several takes.
talking on her iPhone. Yet the general Poor old Billy, says Riseborough,
public have failed to register the star of the when we catch up with her in a trailer
Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster Oblivion, not after lunch. I spat in his face about six
to mention National Treasure and Birdman. times. I tried to hold off from having a
Stepping through a door and descending fag beforehand, but I just couldnt. So I
the stairs to the hazy set of Agatha Christies chewed a lot of gum.
The Witness For The Prosecution is to leave Romaine is the titular witness who is set
modern Manchester behind and arrive in to give evidence against her partner in this
London, circa 1923. Toby Jones (Sherlock, latest collaboration between Mammoth
The Secret Agent), in suit and wing collar, Screen and Agatha Christie Ltd for BBC
walks past us, singing to himself, while a One. Riseborough her Geordie accent
stern and smartly uniformed custody officer intact despite living in LA becomes

cr ime scene 47



lyrical when she describes this troubled The courtroom

and complicated character who endured drama itself is the
a really horrendous time during the First focus of the
World War. Like a live wire, vulnerable, original story, the
fragile, deeply damaged, sort of ethereal, stage version and
she says. I almost imagined her floating in also the 1957 film
and out of rooms, having a soft haze around starring Marlene
her edges, or there being some angelic Dietrich. However,
purity. Quite tantalising and addictive. this BBC reboot
Screenwriter Sarah Phelps describes has expanded
Romaine as classic noir femme fatale Christies short,
and even a bitch when Crime Scene sharp tale to
catches up with her. Romaine is very include a
much an outsider, she says. Ive invented harrowing war Willromainesave
a backstory for her. In the short story sequence, during ordamnLeonard?
shes a Viennese actress, but we dont which Leonard
see her act. So what Ive done is Ive and Romaine meet
made the performance in the theatre amid the carnage of the trenches. However, wealthy. Phelps, whos also an executive
very much part of the story, as well as the their wartime bond seems to be broken producer, proudly shows a photo on her
performance for everybody in the court. when, several years later, shes set to testify phone of the gleaming Hispano-Suiza
Following the huge success of last years against him over the murder of French, luxury car she requested for the shoot.
chilling BBC update of And Then There who possessed a sexual appetite for Its proper Mr. Toad, she smiles.
Were None, Phelps returned to adapt and younger men including Leonard. The production team are also employing
expand Christies story, which concerns As with the sex, drugs and violence of a distinct visual style, in order to capture
young Leonard Vole, whos accused of the teams update of And Then There Were the era. When Crime Scene is invited down
murdering an heiress, Emily French (Kim None, Leonards seduction at Frenchs into a basement that includes sets for a tiled
Cattrall), in order to inherit her money. townhouse didnt feature in the original mortuary, producer Colin Wratten explains
The housekeeper (Monica Dolan) will short story. But Phelps is unapologetic that the two-part drama is being shot with a
testify against Leonard so he was relying when it comes to her take on Christie. combination of HD cameras, diffused light
on Romaine to prove his innocence. Is there going to be sex and drugs? utilising sprays and vintage lenses.
Its English noir, before American noir What do you think? she reasons. Its an Its very much a film noir feel, he says.
was invented, says Phelps. Romaine is absolutely insane time. Its like the end Its a bit like Seven thats a parallel that
essentially a great noir femme, working of the Roman Empire, theyve been sated can be drawn to the atmosphere of this.
out what is wanted, what is needed, what to the point of depravity. Of course, the crown court and its
shes going to get out of it, and deploying As well as portraying the roaring 20s in bewigged performers are a crucial element
everything shes got to make sure that graphic detail, Witness also captures the of the drama. Crime Scene wanders past
happens, because shes a survivor. sharp style of the era, at least for the Toby Jones (as solicitor John Mayhew)

48 c r i m e s c en e



Its English noir,

before American noir
was invented
It was really daunting, terrifying, did have issues with Frenchs doll-faced
Howle tells Crime Scene. But he does at Persian cat, a feline actor named Mimi.
least have Mayhew fighting his corner. I I sometimes have allergies to cats so I
think one of the things Toby and I picked was appropriately doped up on quite
and David Haig (as a barrister, minus his up on is, psychologically, theres a sort of strong antihistamines in order to deal with
wig), who are huddled during a tea break, father and son dynamic going on. it, he explains. Its no spoiler to reveal that
as if theyre legal eagles reminiscing over As the six-week shoot nears its end, its Cattralls character dies early on, in her
old cases. Mayhew is working with Sir clear that the young actor has endured a lot plush townhouse, which explains why the
Charles Carter KC (Haig) on what appears while playing one of his first major roles, actor is no longer on set during our visit.
to be a hopeless defence for Leonard. including the aforementioned scene in the Phelps also killed off her top-notch cast
It was an amazing courthouse in cells when Riseborough spits in his face. in And Then There Were None, but at least
Liverpool, huge Victorian wooded rooms, I continually remind myself that its some of the talent in Witness are set to
so the whole sense of theatre was great, Romaine, he laughs. But yeah, its quite survive. It seems wrong to single any cast
says Haig. Hes the defence counsel and visceral, very gritty. At the end of the member out, though there is a sense that
hes a power player, really. He enjoys a filming day hes visibly exhausted. I do Riseborough is on a roll with National
sense of his own brilliance. One of those look quite dishevelled. This suit was, at Treasure. Shes an extraordinary actor,
historical 1920s, class-ridden, sort of one time, quite beautiful it was bought agrees Phelps.
homophobics sexist, but beneath this during my dalliance with Kim Cattralls Riseborough is an extraordinary
appalling exterior theres probably character. It has been an intense day. interviewee, too. She seems to transform
something entertaining and warm, at Ive just come out of a bit of a fracas with her appearance for each role, and in this
some deep level. some prison guards. We did nine or ten period drama she has wavy blonde hair
In the dock as Leonard, Billy Howle takes, so Im pretty tired. which seems to accentuate her large, round
(Vera, The Sense Of An Ending) is at the Although Howle found working with eyes. Shes genuinely warm and down to
sharp end of the courtroom experience. Cattrall to be a wonderful experience, he earth, and when questioned about her

cr ime scene 49

Toby Jones talks about his roles
in Witness and also Sherlock

How did you enjoy working on this Mayhews relationship with Romaine because its a favourite book of mine and
Christie adaptation? is the crux of the short story. Is it it would be hard to turn it down. But I
Agatha Christies stuff is often very important here too? dont know that I look out especially for
plot-driven. This feels slightly different. Well, all my hopes rest on Romaine. mysterious [characters] I look out,
Sarah [Phelps] has taken onboard the fact Naively, [as Mayhew] I kind of put all really, for contrasting characters.
that the First World War had finished five my eggs in that basket.
years before, what that had done to a Were you apprehensive about playing
recovering England and how that might How did you get on with your co-star, characters who are well-known to
play out, in a response to what you might Andrea Riseborough? readers of Christie and Conan Doyle?
call just another death after millions. Very well. The schedule was such that No, because theyre both done so
you dont have much time when youre expertly. The Sherlock thing is interesting
Why do you think Agatha Christies not on set, so I didnt get to know her. because theyve clearly honoured Conan
work endures? But that wasnt a problem because, in a Doyle by adapting him using the spirit of
Its kind of ingenious and sometimes way, her remoteness is both her glamour Conan Doyle and finding a new way to do
even absurd the game that is being played and her mystery in the piece, and that it. And thats exactly what Sarahs done
with you. But having said that, you know, was very, very useful. And you know with Agatha Christie shes honoured
this one is not like that. Thats what I shes a fantastic actress. the spirit of that story and shes pushed
was expecting to read but it is very it out into an area that is much darker
unfamiliar territory. How does this compare to Murder On than youre expecting.
The Orient Express [ITV, 2010]?
Is your solicitor character, John That was a Poirot one. I remember Steven Moffat described Culverton
Mayhew, essentially the investigator being stabbed by most of Equity in that Smith, in the new series of Sherlock,
in The Witness For The Prosecution? one Eileen Atkins, David Morrissey as the darkest villain weve had
It certainly felt like that. He almost goes then European actors coming in, I couldnt possibly comment. I have
beyond his remit because theres everybody had a go at stabbing me. to empathise with these people!
something about Leonard Vole that goes Thats my abiding memory of that job.
beyond a normal relationship for a solicitor How was your Sherlock experience?
with a client he seems almost possessed Are you intrigued that Ben Affleck may Its come as a bit of a shock to me that
by the need to defend him. Its to do with be playing Mayhew in a movie version? I thought I was just doing an episode of a
their pasts theres almost a paternal Intrigued is one word for it. Its a TV show, but clearly Im part of a world
relationship that he takes on with Leonard. habitual thing any job I do, Im always event. I dont feel apprehensive, I feel
looking to see who else is doing it. kind of excited. I really love that episode
Does the race to stop Leonard being and I was really flattered Mark Gatiss
hanged introduce a thriller element? Like with Truman Capote? said Ive written this thing for you.
Yes, and also a certain confusion. It Very much so, yeah, thats exactly why Im constantly moving between
seems a hopeless case, but actually theres a Im looking. projects and Im lucky enough to have
kind of manic need in Mayhew to prove been involved in things that are very,
that isnt so, as a result of certain things Youve had a wonderful year with The very important to people you know, the
that happen to him during the course of Secret Agent, Wayward Pines and now Dobby thing [the Harry Potter franchise],
research, hunting the case down. So, yes, Sherlock and Witness. Are you drawn Captain America, The Hunger Games.
hes obviously trying to avoid capital to thriller roles? They matter to people a great deal. My job
punishment that clock is ticking and Its usually the characters that interest is not to get caught up in it to play the
the evidence is ranged against Leonard. me. The Secret Agent is slightly different characters not play the event. AP

5 0 c r i m e s c en e


character, she closes her eyes, thinks about doing any of that in
carefully and never answers on Hollywood public. But it was really
autopilot. She also makes personal nice to sing in this.
connections to the script, including the Riseborough also has a
fact that her great-grandfather died fondness for the theme
during the Battle of the Somme. tune to Poirot she
When we recreated the Western Front, watches the show
it was totally phenomenal, Riseborough whenever shes feeling Cattrall, below]liesdead.
says. The strange thing about it was, homesick. But shes clear
actually, that it was some of the most that this Christie is a long
joyful stuff that Billy and I did. Because way from David Suchets ITV drama. in line, and there are plans to film the
that is the moment when they find each I think its going to be pretty dark, Poirot novel The ABC Murders. Kenneth
other. Its the moment when all the she says. Well, Im in it! Im in a lot of Branagh is already starring as the Belgian
pain ends. They desperately need dark shit. sleuth and directing the movie of Murder
one another. Its that Natural Born Wratten suggests The Witness For The On The Orient Express, while Ben Affleck
Killers love this is so wonderful, Prosecution, directed by Julian Jarrold is working on a Hollywood version of
lets shoot ourselves in the head (Appropriate Adult, Red Riding), will be The Witness For The Prosecution.
tonight, together. even more disturbing than And Of course, its Phelps take on the story
After the war, the couple end Then There Were None. that fans of Christie will get to see first,
up in London, where Romaine I think darker without and theres huge audience anticipation.
makes a living as a chorus girl. a shadow of a doubt, he I think The Witness For The Prosecution
What the war meant to me, says. Will it be the will be surprising its very cruel, she tells
as Romaine, was potentially darkest Christie to Crime Scene. Ive made it really cruel
gang rape, atrocities, date? Yes, I think because its about trying to find a way to
hunger, learning how thats fair to say. live with the things that youve done. The
to use her gift of Phelps is already on reason I like the [Christie] stories that
singing as a weapon, board for the next Ive worked on is that they arent cosy
explains Riseborough. adaptation, Ordeal entertainment. A terrible thing has been
Its using the one By Innocence, the done, a terrible bloody crime, and there
thing that makes first of seven more are all these high, hot complex emotions
you really happy to be screened on surrounding it that make it dangerous,
and then turning BBC One over the exciting and frightening because no ones
it into the one next four years. going to come along and make it safe again.
thing thats Death Comes As I like that it feels dangerous, it feels
going to The End, Christies subversive, it feels unsettling.
protect you. murder mystery
Im always a set in Ancient The Witness For The Prosecution is
bit scared Egypt, may be next to air on BBC One this Christmas.

cr ime scene 51
on s et

boasting outrageous characters and authentic procedural details,

paul abbotts NO OffENCE was hailed as a unique new hybrid of black
comedy and cop drama. as it returns for a second series, CRImE SCENE
visits the set of the show that busted the tv genre rules

he precinct thrums with a purposeful Crime Scene hasnt yet mentioned the cameras,
energy. Officers are hunched over studio lights and crew also present in this vast
computer screens, perusing impenetrable room, nor the familiar faces of actors Elaine
lists of data; in a corner, a small knot of Cassidy, Joanna Scanlan and Alexandra Roach.
detectives speak in hushed tones, chewing Were in Manchester on the set of No Offence,
over important clues. A uniformed copper strides the brilliant Channel 4 cop drama created by
out of the inspectors office carrying important- Paul Abbott (State Of Play, Shameless) which
looking files under his arm. broke all the rules when it premiered last year.
Then the familiarity of this tableau is instantly Focusing on the work of Manchesters cops as
shattered as, in a corner office with windows, in they police the citys mean streets, No Offences
full view of everyone, a glamorous, middle-aged black humour arrived with a bang literally
woman in heels takes off her red dress to reveal a when the series opening few minutes invited
slinky black slip underneath. Stranger still, while viewers to laugh as a police officer (Cassidy)
disrobing the woman continues the meeting that chased a suspect until he collided with a bus.
she was having with a male colleague, as if she The first series also featured such envelope-
hadnt just stripped down to her smalls, in full pushing plots as prostitutes with Downs
view of him and 20 colleagues Syndrome and nurses taking cocaine.

52 c r i m e s c en e
n o o ffe n c e

channel 4

cr ime scene 53
on s et

As a genre it really does defy any

category, because its not one thing or
another, say Joanna Scanlan, who plays
DI Vivienne Deering. Between takes,
sporting a blonde wig and a grey bathrobe,
she explains: No Offence is its very own
special melange of contributing elements
there is a whodunit element; a kind of
wild, anarchic punk element; a feminist
element; and a compelling kind of gritty
northern drama. All those things
contribute to it being so singular.
Britains critics loved No Offence a
Bafta nod and the Royal Television Society
gong for best Drama Series duly followed
and now its back for a second series.
Crime Scene visits Scanlan and her
co-stars on the shows set, housed in a
former youth centre and boxing club in
Manchesters Openshaw area. As with so
many filming locations, its now a derelict
building in an unprepossessing area that,
through the magic of TV, is brought back
to life, in this case to serve as No Offences
Friday Street station. Given real-life
police budget cuts, the fact the building is
crumbling poses no hindrance its maze
of interview rooms are simply empty
offices, into which a table, plastic chairs playsDSJoyFreers.
and a whiteboard have been inserted.

I dont think anyones

killed someone with
expanding foam before FilmingSeries2onagrimily

But back to that opening scene it was with: her go-to gals are the half-Polish box the show hasnt ticked and because
Scanlan disrobing, at least a dozen times, DC Dinah Kowalska (Elaine Cassidy) its so cleverly done, and responsible and
as the director called for multiple takes. and DS Joy Freers (Utopias Alexandra respectful, it just gave people great voices.
I managed to crick my neck doing Roach). Again, No Offence breaks new The oestrogen quotient is upped even
that one of my vertebrae went, she ground in having three female leads in further in Series 2, with the replacement
says, ruefully, adding that DI Deering a primetime cop drama. of Detective Superintendent Maclaren
changing clothes in her office is simply As far as Elaine Cassidy is concerned, (Colin Salmon) by Sarah Solemani as
the character saving time when donning the series reflects modern Britain without Detective Superintendent Christine
work clothes after attending an awards being too obviously right-on. Lickberg, Friday Streets new bigwig, and
ceremony. I think shes uninhibited We were at the Baftas and everyone the casting of Holby Citys Rakie Ayola as
the beauty of the character is that she kept hammering on about diversity and the coppers new adversary, Nora Attah,
absolutely just does not give a horses more opportunities for women, and I was the powerful matriarch of a Mancunian
ass what anybody thinks of her. The like, Have they watched No Offence?! crime family involved in gang warfare.
normal, conventional thing about people Cassidy chuckles, in her rich Irish accent. Its a mark of the series attention to
judging her doesnt come into her orbit Because it wasnt rammed down peoples detail that those playing Friday Streets
and thats why shes got as far as she has throats, but there were three female leads. rank-and-file cops are serving or former
in her career. You [also] have Dinah representing the police officers. Crime Scene meets Abby
DI Deerings ballsy approach to the job Polish community and jobs for Downs Lambert, an ex-constable with the Avon
is matched by the gutsy women she works Syndrome actors. I dont think theres a And Somerset Police, who works regularly

54 c r i m e s c en e
n o o ffe n c e


you then restored, or can you never escape?

she muses. Shes in the cleft of that. But at
the end of the day, she is a doer. Shes not
a philosopher, she will get on with the act
of protecting victims and potential victims.
I always see Deering as an avenging angel
angelic in the muscular sense, not a sort
of fairy. She has a quality where nothing,
even her own moral blot, will stop her
asanavengingangel. from trying to protect the weak.
That finale was astonishing for another
reason, in that it featured a death scene
Deering and Kowalska are which will go down in TV history as one
seriously compromised by of the most inventive and grisly ever it
the events that took place even rivalled Spooks infamous face-in-
during the Series 1 finale the-deep-fat-fryer demise. After Deering
(spoiler alert!). That and Kowalska push Gaskell down the
episode saw Deerings stairs, Calvert grabs a can of expanding
husband, Laurie Gaskell foam the type used to fill gaps in
showisworthcelebrating. (Risterd Cooper), who buildings and pumps it down his throat.
was discovered to be the The camera lingers on his face as he panics,
rampant sex attacker the substance causing his neck and face to
as an extra on cop dramas through preying on Downs Syndrome girls, set swell grotesquely. The foam oozes gently
the Yorkshire-based Marlin agency. upon by Deering and Kowalska, before out of Gaskells nostrils and mouth as he
Looking back at the first series of No being murdered by one of his victims, silently, gruesomely chokes to death.
Offence, the police procedure is very Cathy Calvert (Charlie May-Clark). Its a brilliant new weapon I dont
accurate, which is good because a lot of Those in charge of upholding the law think anyones killed someone with
dramas you watch, youre saying, Thats have been party to a murder, which leaves expanding foam before, chuckles Scanlan.
not accurate, Lambert reflects. It really them keeping a soul-destroying secret. I do think its very beautiful writing,
makes a difference. Although they do put Although Deering didnt do it, its that Paul Abbott has the victim of the
their own telly spin on it as well, which is definitely under her auspices, says Scanlan. rape as the person who actually commits
that you dont see the cops doing hours of But theres something about the way that the ultimate act of murder.
paperwork after an arrest. the victim herself is restored by the act, It remains to be seen if the stain of
This time, Lambert has been required to even though its outside of the law and is assisting a murder can ever be erased
carry out arrests and handcuffing, and be something that at some level has to be done from Deerings and Kowalskas psyches.
part of a tactical team of armed officers to protect others in the future, I think thats But it adds yet another layer of intrigue
that burst into a house. Shes another very clever and well thought through. to TVs newest kind of cop drama one
female face in a drama thats awash with Scanlan adds that Deering wont be that also makes you laugh out loud.
them. Yet as much as were encouraged to weighed down by the secret.
champion Abbotts triumvirate of female Its the touch of evil question: if you do No Offence Series 2 will air
leads, fans of No Offence will be aware that the wrong thing for the right reasons, are on Channel 4 in January.

cr ime scene 55

56 c r i m e s c en e

To mark 20 years of impossible cases,

baffling illusions and quirky comedy,
Jonathan Creek returns with a sinister one-off
special. We embark upon a magical mystery
tour with its creator, David Renwick


es the former magicians At least Renwick sees the funny side of

consultant with a talent his creative agony. An hour in the company
for solving impossible of the Luton-born writer is a reminder of
crimes, a duffle coat as the healthy pessimism that made One Foot
iconic as Sarah Lunds In The Grave such a perfect sitcom. Initially,
sweater in The Killing, he had enough ideas to write six-part
and a mildly grumpy demeanour that seasons of ingenious, often hilarious crime
conceals a sharp, logical mind. Jonathan stories, inspired by classic locked-room
Creek may be a comedy creation, but hes mysteries and magicians secrets the
also one of TVs greatest detectives. result was an immediate ratings winner.
A one-off Christmas special, Daemons The starting points were just humour
Roost, will mark two decades of Jonathan and puzzles, says Renwick. I became
Creek for its star, Alan Davies, and the interested in the idea of the impossible
series creator, David Renwick, whos crime and started reading John Dickson
sweated over every one of its 32 episodes. Carr stories, the Father Brown stories
I suppose its a bit like Sherlock the so-called Golden Age of detective
Holmes three-pipe problem, getting as fiction. From that, I worked backwards
few distractions as possible thats the to the idea of Creek being a magicians
only way I can concentrate, Renwick assistant really, in order to give him
explains to Crime Scene. I then find that the basic qualification to unravel things
I tend to slip further and further out of that were impossible.
the chair and thats when I end up on the Gothic locations, sinister characters and
carpet. Then what frequently happens is inexplicable phenomena often heightened
BBc/Mark Mainz

I just fall asleep, and so I wake up and the mysteries, which included a man who
realise I havent thought of anything. had supposedly sold his soul to the devil
Its a long and very painful process its (The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish) to
a sort of miracle that you can come up the mansion attic that seemed to swallow
with anything at all, really. up its guests (The Grinning Man).

cr ime scene 57


What appears, at face value, as being

supernatural is either a very clever,
calculated illusion or, in some cases,
something that happened accidentally that Starkissintwoepisodes.
has the effect of appearing supernatural,
says Renwick. But it doesnt get any easier
hisiconicwindmillhome. and you do sort of feel, how many locked- The hokum behind this episode
room stories can you come up with? involves the legend of a 19th-century
Almost three years on from the last sorcerer, who supposedly summoned the
series, Renwicks come up with another powers of hell to terrorise victims staying
90-minute special that star Alan Davies at Daemons Roost. The plot sees film
has described as the spookiest to date. director Nathan Clore (Ken Bones), the
I never cease to be amazed by how forbidding current owner of the house,
scary people have said that theyve found planning to reveal the chilling facts behind
the shows, scoffs Renwick, who admits to an incident that happened there 15 years
a hint of hokum concerning his horror earlier. As gruesome rituals are revived,
plots. Although theres humour, the Creek is called in to get to the truth.
guiding principle was to make the funny The sinister, feature-length episodes often
bits funny and the threatening, dramatic bring out the best in Renwicks creation,
bits threatening, and keep the danger level such as The Grinning Man (2009) and
real. But I never imagined it would be that The Judas Tree (2010), featuring Sheridan
frightening. Its very much in the spirit of Smith as paranormal investigator Joey Ross.
your average Agatha Christie or Sherlock With a 90-minute show I like to keep
Holmes. Its about puzzles its a kind of two or three strands going in parallel,
escapist version of the crime drama, rather Renwick explains. So if the audience
than anything particularly gritty. Its not guesses one of them, then maybe theres
serial killers or child rapists. a couple of others that they wont guess.
In the 80s, Renwick used humour he And Ive always believed in trying to up
found in horror movies for comedy series the scale when its a special.
The Steam Video Company, which featured The one-offs have also featured such
such sketch titles as Amityville II, Luton memorable guest stars as Rik Mayall, Bill
Town 3. Over 30 years on, Daemons Bailey, Paul McGann and Joanna Lumley.
Roost features a horror director. Weve had some wonderful people over
Hes a sort of Roger Corman kind of the years, says Renwick. Weve had most
character, Renwick says, who was of The Young Ones, most of the Absolutely
Quentinleavingin2000. responsible for a lot of hammy horror Fabulous cast, just lots of good comedy
films back in the 70s. people. Weve got Warwick Davis in this

58 c r i m e s c en e


The starting points

were just humour
and puzzles
one hes playing a vicar. Were not and was only able to film it by topping up
referring to his stature or anything, I just the BBC One budget with money from asDiGideonPryke.
find him a very, very funny comedy actor. BBC Scotland. Daemons Roost was shot
Creeks sidekicks are also key to the near Glasgow locations included the
series, which managed to survive the Ardgowan Estate in Inverkip and West reveals Renwick. Its a flashback to an
departure of Caroline Quentin back in Kilbrides Hunterston House though it earlier investigation. So for this little
2000. Afterwards, he was partnered isnt actually set north of the border. snippet into his past, there was a lot of dye
with TV presenter Carla Borrego (Julia Over the last two decades, Jonathan put into his hair and he re-donned the
Sawalha), Joey Ross (Sheridan Smith) Creek has evolved as its heros matured, duffle coat. So the coat still exists I think
and now his wife, Polly (Sarah Alexander). and his windmill home is long gone. its Alans own personal duffle coat.
Its yet another dynamic which Well, I think its been right that we have Davies remains as attached to the show
refreshes the franchise a bit, says observed the change in his age and his as he is to that coat. Alan has always been
Renwick. Hes now happily married status, to keep it moving on, says Renwick. incredibly loyal, says Renwick. If he
with a wife who obviously isnt very I mean, people say Oh, its not so good werent interested or felt that he didnt
keen on these cases. Its a kind of since he left the windmill, but we stopped want to do any more then that would be
reversal of how it all began, which was filming him in the windmill 15 years ago. fine, and nor is he insisting that I keep
that he was the reluctant investigator. That was a big sort of cost issue. writing them. Hes well aware of how hard
So its a slightly different chemistry. Davies, who turned 50 this year, is now it all is, plus he likes to spend time with his
Although Creek has managed to maintain playing a part-time sleuth whos settled wife and children. So weve both got a very
its appeal with different sidekicks, the down with Polly and has even entered the relaxed attitude about it. The difference is
shows longevity has been tested by what corporate world. But the 20th anniversary Im 15 years older than him so I kind of feel
Renwick calls challenging budget will see the return of an old friend. more retirement age.
constraints. Incredibly, for such a popular There is a moment for the fans where Renwick has gone on record about the
series, Renwick wrote this episode on spec you see the duffle coat in this episode, TV stars who turned down playing Creek,

cr ime scene 59


which included Nicholas Lyndhurst and It was because Brian Eastman, who reverse the genders and make it a
Hugh Laurie. But Davies was a perfect fit produced all the early Poirots, was a woman with a male sidekick.
for a series which was partly modelled friend of mine and just asked if I fancied A US version would offer an alternate
on a famously dishevelled TV detective. doing some, which was a lot of fun. Creek for fans, just as Elementary is a
It was when we were doing One Foot In Jonathan Creek, as is the case with Poirot, Stateside take on Sherlock Holmes.
The Grave, Renwick recalls, and the is always being repeated (look out for it on The two sleuths will face a ratings battle
producer, Susan Belbin, and I said it would UKTV Drama) and the viewing figures for for the first time this Christmas. In the last
be a nice to do a detective show, something any new episodes are remarkably series, Renwick poked fun at Sherlock via
like Columbo thats just about puzzles but consistent. Yet for all of its enduring appeal, the character of Ridley, whose forensic
with a lot of humour. We still try to keep the show has been carefully rationed in approach and confident deductions
that element of humour going and it recent years, as Renwick attempts to invent turned out to be hopelessly inaccurate.
comes out of the comedy department. new plots. He effectively called I dont see us as particularly similar
TV comedy has been Renwicks time on the show in 2004, shows, really, he says. Sherlock is so
career for 40 years and his CV but was tempted back, different, its so high-energy and just
includes writing for Les Dawson, four years later, by the full of production, its so elaborate.
Kenny Everett and The Two opportunity to feature I think were kind of much more in the
Ronnies, in addition to creating Sheridan Smith in Creek Columbo department, were rather more
One Foot In The Grave and Love and to direct his creation slow-paced and more measured.
Soup. However, his crime for the first time. Despite the big anniversary, Renwick
credentials shouldnt be The BBC have always remains nonplussed about all the fuss:
overlooked: as well as been wonderful, he says, and It had to be pointed out to me it was 20
Creek, he wrote four they have never said that they years. Its certainly quite horrifying, really,
episodes of Poirot in didnt want any more. to think that its been that long.
the early 90s, Theres also the prospect Asked about TV plans, Renwick smiles
winning an Edgar of an American remake. and says, Im planning nothing other than
Allan Poe Award BBC America are possibly happy retirement. Given Victor
for the episode having a go, theyre Meldrews grumpy existence after he
The Lost Mine. trying to pitch it again stopped working, though, we suspect
That was this year. That would Renwick will come up with another
before I even be quite fun if it ever ingenious case for Creek before too long.
started One Foot happened. I think
In The Grave, theres a suggestion Jonathan Creek is returning
actually, he says. that they might to BBC One this Christmas.

6 0 c r i m e s c en e

Crime Scene conjures up 20 amazing facts, one
for each year of mystery, magic and laughs

1 7 15
Nicholas Lyndhurst and Hugh Laurie The series guest stars have included Whoopi Goldberg got involved
turned down the lead role, while Rik the comedians Bob Monkhouse, as a producer during early plans
Mayall was unavailable. Nigel Planer Jack Dee, Rebecca Front, Maureen for an American remake of
and Angus Deayton were also considered. Lipman and Bill Bailey plus, playing Creek as her granddaughter was a fan.
himself in Series 3, Jonathan Ross.

Comedian Alan Davies was cast,

despite his minimal acting For the series, in addition to reading
experience. His first day saw books by Houdini, David Renwick
Davies mistaken for a lazy set runner. consulted magician Ali Bongo and a
special effects designer for Paul Daniels.

In the Series 2 episode Danse
Macabre, David Renwick himself
provided the distorted voice of a

killer whos clad in a skeleton costume David Renwick (above) made a
and disappears on Halloween. cameo as a bowtie-wearing TV
interviewer, quizzing Franklin

The late Rik Mayall played Tartikoff (Nigel Planer), in 2013 episode
DI Gideon Pryke in two The Clue Of The Savants Thumb.
episodes, 15 years apart. The

characters first name may be from John Despite its popularity,

Creator David Renwick cast Annette Dickson Carrs protagonist, Gideon Fell. Jonathan Creek has never been
Crosbie (above) from his sitcom showered with awards. The first

One Foot In The Grave in the In Season 2s The Scented series won Creek its first and last Bafta
Series 1 episode, The House Of Monkeys. Room, the footage of sidekick in 1998 in the Best Drama Series category.
Maddy Magellans old house

4 18
Jonathan Creek, a real place being demolished was actually recycled After the Sherlock Series 2
in Kentucky, USA, may have from an episode of A Touch Of Frost. cliffhanger plunge, Alan Davies
inspired the series title. impishly claimed the solution

In Series 3, Renwick gave could be found in the 1998 Creek episode,

Stage magic was originally a bigger Creek his own fan club, all of The Problem At Gallows Gate.
element of the show but that angle whom wear duffle coats. One

was cut back, for budgetary reasons Creek geek even questioned the solution to Actor Ross Armstrong, who
and its lack of relevance to the story arc. his previous case, Jack In The Box. appeared in a 2014 episode,
The Letters Of Septimus

6 13
Anthony The legendary BBC producer Noone, has his debut crime novel, The
Head (left) Verity Lambert, who helped Watcher, published this December.
played to launch Doctor Who, worked

magician Adam on 20 episodes of Jonathan Creek. Kings
Klaus in the Mill in

pilot. However, Theres plenty of online fan Shipley,
Head left the fiction featuring Creek but no West Sussex (right)
show after that, official tie-in novel. In 1999, starred as Creeks
accepting a role BBC Books published a guide to their new home in the early
in a new US hit series, entitled The World Of Jonathan years. Fans could visit
series, Buffy The Creek, which included a foreword by until it was closed to
Vampire Slayer. comedian and guest star Bob Monkhouse. the public in 2009.

cr ime scene 61

62 c r i m e s c en e

Superheroes often end up playing detective, but can

a detective become a superhero? Thats the question the
second season of Stan Lees Lucky Man has got to answer.
Crime Scene tries its luck on-set in East London

oing this show is knackering, Series 2. So its no wonder that Crime Scene
grumbles James Nesbitt, but finds Nesbitt smiling.

carnival Films/steFFan Hill /nick Briggs/gary moyes

he cant help grinning as he To recap, the first season ended on a fairly
says it. Hes taking a few bleak note for Nesbitts DI Harry Clayton.
minutes to chat to Crime Cursed with a mysterious, luck-bending
Scene while shooting the bracelet he cant remove, Clayton was being
second season of Stan Lees Lucky Man, chased by various baddies who wanted to
and though hes working to a gruelling use the charm for their own ends. The
schedule, one which wont let up until identity of the villainous Golding had finally
Christmas, Nesbitt is clearly enjoying been revealed, but only because hed
himself. And judging by the general mood kidnapped Claytons wife and daughter.
on the set, he isnt the only one, either. Clayton managed to save the day, but let
When the supernatural crime drama first Golding escape in the process. Personally,
aired in January 2016, it soon found its professionally and even mythologically,
audience, becoming Sky 1s most successful things were going pretty badly for our
original drama to date. And that success has supposedly lucky hero. And it doesnt
given the production company, Carnival seem like its going to get any easier for
Films, licence to kick things up a notch for Clayton in Series 2

cr ime scene 63

Dont let the genre fool

you, it is entertainment,
but its quite dark
Nesbitt confirms fans can expect a lot At first, it might seem quite good, because
more action from Series 2. its incredibly isolating to think youre the
Its embracing the genre much more, only one with that [power], so the idea that
AmaraKaranasDSchohan. he explains. I think in the first season of someone else has it too a mysterious,
something like this, it takes its time to find beautiful woman that has to be an
its feet. What we discovered is that, by attraction for him.
Its late September, the first proper day embracing the genre more, were also At first is telling it sounds like
of autumn, when Crime Scene visits and embracing the reality of the characters Isabella will turn out to be bad news.
just over half of Series 2 is already in the much more were putting ordinary Nesbitt wont be drawn further, but he
can. The shows crew are set up in characters in extraordinary situations. does admit that Claytons relationship
Shadwells King Edward VII Memorial In practice, that means Series 2 will take with the bracelet is still developing.
Park, with the actual filming taking place a more episodic approach to its crime I think it throws up difficult choices,
inside a former power stations pump element, with a standalone mystery in he says. If youre saddled with it, whats
house. Inside, the buildings industrial look each episode. Nesbitt tells us theres one your responsibility to it? It can be a power
has been softened by the addition of some about a poisoner, another involving a for good, as hes seen, and whos to say
abstract art and saggy sofas, and theres potential chemical attack on London, that everything hes been told about yin
also a corpse well, okay, an actor made and also a kind of Sweeney Todd story. and yang is actually true?
up to look like one sitting in the middle Meanwhile, the supernatural side of Thats where the superhero bit comes
of the room. A Steadicam operator moves things will continue to create problems for in, then. Its hard not to hear echoes of
slowly towards the dead man, while actors Clayton and his nearest and dearest, due to another Stan Lee characters philosophy in
Amara Karan (The Night Of) and Darren the fact that Goldings still out there, and Claytons dilemma responsibility, power,
Boyd (Luther, Fortitude), playing officers also because of a new character, Isabella sound familiar? and when Crime Scene
Chohan and Orwell respectively, walk Augustine, whos about to change the rules gets an opportunity to talk to Steven
first behind the camera and then around of the bracelet all over again. Played by Mackintosh (Criminal Justice, Luther),
it to discover the body. Before they can Dutch actress Thekla Reuten (Hidden), who plays Claytons boss, Detective
investigate further, a gunman clutching Isabella serves as a sort of foil to Clayton. Superintendent Winter, he agrees.
a hostage storms into the room yelling Shes got a similar bracelet, Nesbitt I was a massive Spider-Man freak as
threats and then the scene is reset for reveals. Harry has been told all along that a kid, he laughs. I dont know why, but
a take from another angle. theres only one, so that complicates things. he always captured my imagination.

6 4  c r i m e s c en e



Wheres this going to go? The question of genre comes up time

he says. All the cases are and time again, to the point where it
really edge-of-the-seat, sometimes seems that Nesbitt is defensive
theyre brilliant. about the shows supernatural side.
Most excitingly for Dont let the genre fool you, it is
DSWinterreturnstothe Mackintosh, his character entertainment, but its quite dark, he
bulletattheendofSeries1. gets to be more hands-on says. I love that, however difficult and
this time around. challenging the world is, theres a real
I dont know if you reliance still on the notion of magic and
Fans of the show may well be surprised noticed in the first season, he laughs, the notion of love. Of course, its escapism,
to see Mackintosh back on-set for Series 2, but I was mostly stuck in an unglamorous but it does have an impact on people, and
considering that Winter took a bullet to office in Ealing. So I did say, Is there any clearly thats something Stan Lee was born
the chest at the end of its first run. way that Winter could get out and about with. Hes changed the lives of so many
It was looking a bit touch and go for a bit more? people with these notions. We all need a
Winter, he says, But here I am! Mackintoshs wish was granted. The superhero, I think.
It turns out that, during the gap between riverside set we visited is only one of Even if that superhero is a gambling
the series, Winter has been laid up in dozens of locations that the production has addict with a history of bad decisions?
hospital, but has decided that the force used. Some of the more ambitious locales Nesbitt certainly thinks so.
needs him too much for him to stay away include London City Airport, where the Theres something so attractive and
any longer even if he now needs a crew were allowed to film airside, and the compelling about a flawed hero though
walking stick to get around. However, on Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus, one of the right may be on his side, theres wrong in
the bright side, Winters relationship with busiest places in London. him and if you throw in a flawed
Clayton has vastly improved. We filmed at rush hour, Nesbitt says. superhero, it makes it really interesting,
Harry is an important member of his That was incredible. Its a very dramatic he says. It makes for good stories about
team, and theres always that understanding moment, and you cant block it off, so that the choices people make, whether to err
that hes unorthodox, Mackintosh was like theatre with thousands of on the side of right, and how fine the line
explains. Winter always has to think, people watching! is between good and bad.
Where is Harry now? Whats he up to? Its impossible to tackle Lucky Man Its nearly time for Crime Scene to leave,
But he has this understanding now that, without talking about London, because because Nesbitts needed back on set. But
wherever he is, hes probably got a pretty the citys so integral to its look and feel. before we go, we cant resist asking him the
good hunch about something. He cuts him I think London is a modern Gotham, obvious question: what would he do if he
much more slack now, but Winters still Nesbitt muses. And I think [the crew] have came into possession of a magic lucky
very much the boss, so what he says goes. embraced that in the way they shoot and bracelet? He leans forward, grins wolfishly
Like Nesbitt, Mackintosh is extremely light it. The camera is doing the genre work, and confesses, Id get myself in trouble,
enthusiastic about the possibilities offered and were doing the real work were but Id have some fun doing it.
by the shows sophomore run. steeped in reality, but the camera and the
Its very exciting getting new scripts lighting create this wonderful place thats Stan Lees Lucky Man returns to Sky 1
and thinking Whats going to happen? still unquestionably London. soon. Series 1 is released on 6 February.

cr ime scene 65
on s et

66 c r i m e s c en e

Based on a bestselling series

of novels by Anne Holt,
Modus is a major new
Nordic Noir thats been
snapped up by the BBC.
We journeyed to Stockholm
to witness the making of
the creepiest Scandi
export since The Killing


tockholm during mid-summer is

a delight to behold. Crystal-clear
waters shimmer beneath the
colourful boats bobbing in the
citys harbour, its elegant,
gabled buildings are dappled
with sunlight, and students
sit sipping cold beers in
idyllic, seemingly hidden squares. This
picture-perfect summer scene hardly

BBc/Miso FilM/FreMantle Media/Johan paulin/Jo Michael

looks like the setting for the latest icicle
of seriously chilling, appropriately snowy
Nordic Noir. However, thats what its
become through the magic of filmmaking
Crime Scene is crouched beside the
monitor inside a nondescript office block
in suburban Stockholm. The windows
have been blacked out, blocking out the
gorgeous morning sun, and the crews
constructed a suitably Stygian interior
for the main characters apartment in
midwinter. Its a truly dark setting for a
truly dark drama. Welcome to Modus.
Despite the fact that Czech-Austrian-
British actor Marek Oravec (Our Kind Of
Traitor, Foyles War) knew he would be
playing an unhinged killer and spending

cr ime scene 67
on s et


Our crime dramas

most of the shoot cooped up in the
apartment, out of the sunlight, or skulking reflect society and
in the snow when filming much further
north, he didnt hesitate to accept the part.
I didnt need much convincing to say
show real people
yes to this, Oravec enthuses. I just love
these Scandi dramas!
Oravec isnt alone. Since BBC Four
enjoyed a breakout hit with The Killing five after working for the FBI in America, investigation. Our lead character is a
years ago, Scandi drama aka Nordic Noir returns home to become an academic. psychologist, so we focus on the people
has taken the UK by storm. Modus may Initially, Vik has no intention of working for rather than the investigation. One of the
well be equally successful. Adapted from the Swedish police, preferring to choices we made at the beginning was that
Norwegian author (and former Minister of concentrate on her children (her eldest we werent going to have a police station.
Justice) Anne Holts bestsellers, the series daughter, Stina, has autism). But over a We dont have the engine of who did it?,
is shot in Sweden by Miso, the production Christmas season, shes drawn into a it is more a question of why?, who is
company responsible for the likes of 1864, multiple murder investigation after Stina next?, how does this all fit together?,
Dicte and Those Who Kill. (Esmeralda Struwe) witnesses a killing. who are his helpers? and what is the
Peter Bose, the co-founder of Miso and Vik partners with Ingvar Nyman (Henrik mission he is on? We also are trying to
Modus executive producer, thinks that the Norln), a detective with the Swedish raise the question of what creates a killer,
Nordic Noir genre is edgier than your national police force whos sent to Uppsala what stirs up this anger and intolerance.
run-of-the-mill British, American or on Christmas Eve, to look into a disturbing In writing her crime novels, Anne Holt
German procedurals. murder. Meanwhile, back in Stockholm, is creating a story that people want, but
Sometimes Scandi drama is more free the killings keep occurring and Vik soon that still has something pertinent to say
and prepared to do things a little more over discerns a pattern. As with all of the best about the problems in society. We still have
the edge than more traditional dramas, he Nordic Noirs, Modus is much more than a a big problem with racism and stereotypes
tells Crime Scene. Thats what I think procedural crime story, its a compelling towards minorities. I think that its an
people in other countries like about the tale that throws up pertinent questions interesting topic for a crime show, putting
Scandi shows. Our crime dramas reflect about religion, human rights, tolerance Scandinavia into a bigger context.
society and show real people, compared and even the nature of love itself. Modus, which also features Krister
to some other countries, whose shows are Producer Sandra Harms adds that this is Henriksson, whos best known for playing
a little bit nicer and not that edgy. typical of Nordic Noir, in that it investigates the lead in the original Swedish series of
Modus centres upon Professor Inger society as much as crime itself. Wallander, is told from Viks overall point
Johanne Vik (Melinda Kinnaman), a I wouldnt say this is a cop show per se, of view. Like many Scandi dramas, Modus
Swedish psychologist and profiler who, she reasons, we dont centre it around an has a strong female character at its core,

68 c r i m e s c en e



so experienced, but she sad about him. He needs this ideology. He

doesnt make any follows it because he doesnt have anything
assumptions. She says, else, and hes quite broken if that makes
When I started 30 years sense, for someone who does such horrible
ago, I was a lot surer of things. So Im trying to give him a little bit
myself and things were of humanity not that I want the audience
much more black and to sympathise with him because I know
asrichardForrester. white. But the older I get his actions are sick. But Im trying to
and the more experience understand where hes coming from
I get, the more the grey and that has been a huge challenge.
which attracted Kinnaman to the role of areas just expand. You have to keep For all that, the actor admits that after
the conflicted psychologist. yourself open to every possibility. playing him for several months, Forrester
When they asked me about the part, Another strength of Modus is its has got into his head.
I was really fascinated by it, confesses genuinely unsettling villain, the aptly Its a long period of time to be so dark,
Kinnaman, who also appeared in Series 3 named Richard Forrester (Marek Oravec), says Oravec. Hes an intense guy to be
of The Bridge. I can relate to being so who spends much of the drama living wild, with. Im lucky, in a way, because I fly back
passionate about work, but also having the in a snow-covered forest. He really enjoyed and forth between Stockholm and London,
conflict of wanting to be a good mother. I the staring-acting the role demanded. and here I have what is like a little shrine
felt that whole thing about trying to get Its such a treat as an actor to have to Richard to help me get back into the
your work and family life in balance. those days when Richard is just by himself, role. In London, I can still go out and
Modus has a more humanistic angle gutting a deer, cooking its meat, running socialise, and hang out with my girlfriend,
than the average cop show. Were not alone in the forest, Oravec explains. He but here Im in a little Modus bubble.
allowed to say too much about the is a lost soul who has become involved in a So Modus ticks all the requisite Nordic
murderer, but I can say that hes not a right-wing evangelist church. How much Noir boxes it can be summed up by
crazy serial killer. Theres a social he believes the ideology and how much is adjectives that all begin with the letter d,
relevance to our story. I have to say Im him just looking for a purpose that was namely dark, disconcerting, disorientating
quite tired of sexual killings there is so really a question for me. and deeply disturbing. And the good news
much of that in TV series these days. So The London-based actor says that the is that further series of Modus are planned.
its good that this takes another angle. extremity of the character was Were just starting to build the
Kinnaman has been assiduous in tough for him to get a handle on. Anne Holt universe, says
researching the role of Vik. I met a When I first read the part, I Producer Sandra Harms. For our
fantastic woman at the Swedish national was like, Wow, this guy is a case part, Crime Scene cant wait for
police, she says. Shes been great. Shes for a psychologist, not an actor! Moduss next voyage into the
read the script, and she has helped me to he says, but though Richard does heart of Scandinavian darkness.
find out how Inger Johanne thinks, what some pretty bad things and is
she is looking for, and what kind of language motivated by some terrible Modus Series 1 will air on
she uses. I really admire this woman. Shes ideologies, there is something very BBC Four in December.

cr ime scene 69

70  c r i m e s c en e
DEaT h I N Pa r a D I S E

Death In ParaDIse Is mIxIng f all the TV crime dramas,

CarIbbean sunshIne anD LonDon the one series that every
journalist desperately
DrIzzLe for the fIrst tIme. wants an invite to the set
we joIn the Cast on the set of is Death In Paradise.
Filmed on the Caribbean
of the sIxth serIes, whICh island of Guadeloupe, the BBC One
sees DI gooDman sChooLIng ratings winner stars Kris Marshall as
British Detective Inspector Humphrey
hIs team In brItIsh Customs Goodman, who investigates baffling cases
from Honor, the main town in the
bY anDre PaIne fictional British colony of Saint-Marie.
Would Crime Scene like to visit the set of
Series 6? Just as soon as weve dug out
that wrinkled linen suit and snorkel
As it turns out, the set is in not-so-idyllic
South London. For the first time, over two
episodes, the Honor Police team are
visiting the British capital on a murder case.
Following a minibus journey through
Rotherhithes narrow streets, our
destination is almost as inviting as
a Caribbean island: a cosy,
historic riverside pub.
Welcome to
paradise, announces
Marshall, as Crime
Scene steps over the
cables, past the crew
and on to the outdoor deck
of The Mayflower inn. The tide
comes in fast its very Caribbean.
Although jet-lagged, Marshall is
relishing this rare return home
during filming. He even admits a
hankering to eat at a carvery, and
for other staples of British cuisine.
BBc/Red Planet/steven Peskett/steffan Hill
When I come home from six
months away, I have my first pint of
Guinness and Im like, amazing!
he smiles. But Humphreys been
away for four years, you know. Hes
definitely on home turf and I think
that we play those beats.
Of course, it means the roles are
reversed: Humphrey is back in Blighty,
while fellow officers Dwayne Myers
(Danny John-Jules) and DS Florence
Cassell (Josphine Jobert) are having to
adapt to foreign weather and customs.

cr ime scene 71

We have introduced Florence to the

great British pub, says Marshall. The
Parisian actress says that the restored, 16th
century inn were visiting is amazing,
but is less happy at her initiation into the
delights of pork scratchings. Its just a
nightmare, never ever again, says Jobert,
whos horrified by the salty bar snacks.
Joberts also struggling with the English
weather, on what is a pretty mild summers

IsLanD LIfe
day, and even Marshall is clutching himself
as he adjusts to our climate.
I do feel my tan falling off, literally as cassell:holdthescratchings.
Robert Thorogood, creator Im sat here, he complains. When Crime
of Death In Paradise, on Scene asks Danny John-Jules what he
Series 6 and spin-off novels misses about filming on Guadeloupe, his combination of cosy crime, exotic locations
answer is simple. The island, he laughs. and the comedy-rich culture clash may
Yeah, the British weather does tend to seem like an obvious attempt at escapism
Are you excited about the new series? hurt when I get back. to cheer up viewers during chilly January,
there are some fabulous murders this Although the cast are clearly missing the Death In Paradise shouldnt be overlooked.
year. Were always trying to challenge Caribbean sun, the production team want Creator Robert Thorogoods enjoyable
ourselves to come up with new and London to provide a total contrast to the homage to Agatha Christie can easily
exciting ways to kill people if that beauty of the fictional Saint-Marie. become addictive, thanks in part to
doesnt seem too macabre. I want it to be cold, I want it to be rainy Marshalls always engaging performances.
and overcast I want drizzle, confirms When Marshall joins Crime Scene in
How many episodes have you written? executive producer Tim Key. Ironically, the The Mayflowers upstairs dining room,
i only wrote the london-based episodes, shows first ever episode saw DI Richard hes warmed up enough to just be wearing
as we knew that they were going to be Poole (Ben Miller) express a similar a vest. Despite the fog of jetlag, the former
quite a challenge. after all these years of longing for damp British weather: that My Family star is a natural comedian, one
having a Brit abroad in the caribbean, i feeling on your face like a wet flannel. whose bronzed, animated face produces
couldnt wait to show what it would be myriad impromptu impressions. However,
like bringing the caribbean to london. all change? when the conversation turns to Death In
Following Pooles murder in Series 3, the Paradise, hes focused and serious.
What has been the reaction to your endearingly clumsy Goodman was sent to I think last series we changed things a
novels featuring DI Richard Poole? investigate and ended up becoming his little bit on certain episodes, he reflects,
fans of the show are generally thrilled replacement. With the advent of Series 6, especially episode four with the Dwayne
to discover that Richard and camille Marshall has now been in the role twice storyline [involving the death of his mentor],
[Bordey] get to live on in standalone as long as Miller, and hes cemented the and I thought some of the murders we had
novels. after all, were all used to agatha shows ratings success. While the were brilliant. And this year were changing
christie stories that sometimes feature
Miss Marple and sometimes Poirot so
i think its a bit like that. if you want to
spend time with Humph and florence,
then theres the ongoing tv show, and
if you want some Richard and camille,
then theres the ongoing series of books.

You worked with Broadchurchs Olivia

Colman early in your career. Could
you get her to appear in the show?
from the first moment any of us saw
Olivia on the stage, we knew that she
was the best actor any of us had seen.
shes also one of the nicest people you
could meet. Wed always love her to do
an episode, but i think that shes probably
booked up for the next few years, sadly.

The Killing Of Polly Carter is out now, Jobert,John-Jules,Don

Death Knocks Twice in May (both Mira). Patterson),TobiBakare

72  c r i m e s c en e
DEaT h I N Pa r a D I S E


it again were just trying to reinvent the depart the show. For Parisian actor Easygoing, he chats about growing up in
genre. Were really trying, within that Josphine Jobert, it was quite a challenge Notting Hill and his career, which this
template, to just keep the series moving on, joining a hit series thats filmed in her year involved back-to-back filming on the
rather than it becoming stale and samey. second language. revived sci-fi sitcom and Death In Paradise.
There are some big changes this year. I think, and I hope, my English has Shooting in Guadeloupe resonates with
Those are partly down to the divorced improved, she tells Crime Scene. The first Jules, as his parents moved to London
DI Goodmans brand new love interest, series, to be honest, I was very stressed from the Caribbean island of Dominica.
following the departure of fellow officer because its like a family, so when youre a I am like that West Indian guy coming
Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) in Series 4. new member its not easy to fit in. But to England for the first time, he says, of
Having guested during the last episode of theyve been so nice to me. Sara Martins Myers trip to London. For the people
Series 5, as Martha Lloyd, an old friend of was leaving the series, so it was not easy for that like the funnier side of Dwayne,
Goodmans, Sally Bretton (Not Going Out) me to take her place. I wanted the audience Im sure theyll be well stocked up.
has now become a regular cast member. to like me. I knew some people would Hes also thrilled that Death In Paradise
Having Sally on the show is brilliant, complain because some people dont like has finally got around to a two-parter.
shes got funny bones, says Marshall, who change. But I think Florence fits very well I always find that every classic detective
tries not to reveal too much about the new with Humphrey, they have a good story always has a to be continued
relationship. Ive always said the shows relationship thats what makes the show. episode, John-Jules reasons. All I can
about loneliness. Heres a 40-odd-year-old Could Florence go for the top job? say is that theres kind of a twist and a
man living on his own in a shack with a Im not sure I could do a denouement, turn in that particular double show.
lizard thats quite lonely. Its sort of this admits Jobert. The final scene that John-Jules is anticipating big ratings for
juxtaposition of loneliness with beauty. Humphrey does, this may be too much the London adventure, but there are always
The other major departure, one which for me too many lines to learn for now. high expectations for each new series of
sees Goodman leaving the shack and the Death In Paradise. Marshall found it really
idyllic island behind for a couple of one laidback cat daunting to step into the big BBC One hit.
episodes, is the jaunt to London. The permanently relaxed Officer Dwayne I think it was a pressure when I started
It does feel weird, but its also great to Myers isnt aiming for seniority either. the show, I dont think its a pressure now,
have that sort of reversal of fortune, says Danny John-Jules performance is a he explains. I think that, obviously, you
Marshall. Now Im not the fish out of water, celebration of the relaxed island life and get to a certain point and you want to
and theres lots of great stuff to be had with serves as a contrast to his British boss. sustain that and keep it up. You can expand
Dwayne Danny [John-Jules] is wearing He probably has a bit more sympathy a character more, make him more of a
this lumberjack hat. So its great to film in with Humphrey now, says John-Jules, classic leading man. I really hope that this
London, but we flip between there and the instead of him thinking why doesnt he show remains as popular as it has done.
Caribbean, so youve still got lots of lovely get this Caribbean lifestyle? I really, really love the series.
island stuff. Its still Death In Paradise. As you would expect from an actor who
That will come as a relief to long-term stars as the super-stylish Cat in Red Dwarf, Death In Paradise Series 6 will
fans, who have seen two main characters Jules is sharply dressed in funky sportswear. air on BBC One in January.

cr ime scene 73

IN SIleNt WItNeSS, the vIctIm IS alWayS

ceNtral to the drama. aS the hIt ShoW
reacheS ItS 20th SerIeS, crIme SceNe
joINS emIlIa Fox IN the mortuary, to
dIScuSS autopSIeS aNd INveStIgatIoNS
By aNdre paINe

74  c r i m e s c en e

hen Crime Scene arrives at a Theyve opened the series with some of The Lyell Centre certainly has the chill
BBC studio in West Acton on the best prosthetic bodies weve had, says of death about it, yet theres also an air of
a bright October morning, Emilia Fox, who plays Dr. Nikki Alexander. celebration. The cast gathers around an
were greeted by a horrific I had a meeting in here after work one autopsy table which carries a selection of
sight: a corpse on a gurney day, people were coming in who were pastries and tropical fruit, rather than a
with the tell-tale stitching of a Y-shaped nothing to do with the show they had no dead body the BBC drama is filming its
incision from a post-mortem examination. idea this is what I did and they thought 20th series, a remarkable achievement.
Though cold to the touch, thankfully, it isnt that they were walking through a mortuary A youthful, rising star when she replaced
a real cadaver, but one of the eerily lifelike with three real dead bodies. They were on Amanda Burton in 2004, Fox is now a
prosthetic corpses which feature alongside the slab and they were so realistic. Its the glamorous leading lady who strides into the

the guest actors who are playing dead. stuff of nightmares, really. mortuary in four-inch Louboutin heels.

cr ime scene 75


With this 20th series, Fox has clocked up

126 episodes of Silent Witness, though
admittedly the studio complex is, handily,
located just five minutes from her home.
But what keeps her coming back?
I love the family feel that Silent Witness
has always had and the great relationships
on set and off set, so its been a sort of
dream job, she tells Crime Scene. And I
like playing a character that I know very
Ive had to dig lungs out
well. So I love it in the same way now as I
loved it when I first started 12 years ago. of bodies, which doesnt
Crucially, Fox stars in a show that, were
she not its star, she would enjoy watching. trouble me at all
I love the crime genre, she says. I was
brought up on reading crime fiction Miss
Marple and Poirot and watching Inspector
Morse. I love Sherlock Holmes, Id say hes with palpable enthusiasm hes prone to we do on the bodies extends outwards,
my literary hero. So being asked to do it as spoilers, which Fox does her best to steer into us playing perhaps a more active role
my job, it couldnt be better. him away from. Lintern possesses the in the police investigation than a forensic
By all accounts, Fox is popular with cast reassuring authority of a medical pathologist in real life actually would. But
and crew, and theres a relaxed atmosphere professional apparently, some members the programme depends on that extension
on the set. During the interviews, Fox opts of the public assume that hes a real doctor. into police procedure.
to share the mortuary with her co-stars: For this episode, Lintern says theres a When Crime Scene catches up with story
Richard Lintern (as the Lyell Centres head, contrast between a traditional family of producer Darren Guthrie, the official line is
Dr. Thomas Chamberlain), David Caves fishmongers, for which filming took place that authenticity is hugely important.
(forensic scientist Jack Hodgson) and Liz at Londons Billingsgate Market, and a Weve got a team of experts, he says.
Carr (forensic assistant Clarissa Mullery). shadowy online community. He goes on to Its also about finding the reason why
We have a shorthand with each other, Fox describe a case in which murders with no the character might step beyond their
says of the on-screen chemistry exhibited apparent relationship between them may professional capacity.
by the shows ensemble cast. well have a connection. Gung-ho Jack Hodgson (David Caves)
During the filming, Crime Scene stands in I think the original concept of the show often throws himself into the thick of an
the laboratory, amid microscopes and vials the body that cannot speak is really investigation. In Series 19, he was chasing
of liquid with hazardous warnings, to clever, Lintern tells Crime Scene. I think down suspects, getting shot at alongside
watch a scene being shot that concerns thats the principal reason this programme Nikki and head-butting a dangerous villain.
retrieving vital information from a has lasted so long. When the forensics The Northern Irish actor enjoys his
destroyed mobile phone. Foxs Dr. Nikki come right out of the story like they do on-screen partnership with Liz Carrs
Alexander comments, it doesnt make in this one its great. forensic assistant, Clarissa Mullery, saying:
sense, but with their combined forensic Hes also forthcoming about characters I always love our stuff, we started together
expertise, the case soon will getting involved in police investigations. so theyre the best bits for me.
Between scenes, Lintern (The Shadow In the grand history of Silent Witness, For her part, Carr notes, Its very
Line, The Bank Job) discusses the series he muses, the kind of forensic work that rare that you see a platonic but strong

76  c r i m e s c en e


theme runs through the series. It will

provoke a debate but thats good. I think it
shows Silent Witness at its best were not
just whodunits. Thomas [Chamberlain] and
I have scenes where we really dont agree.
Lintern suggests that its uncanny how
the series storylines often unwittingly says, though he does admit that the
reflect real-life events and news headlines. emotional side troubles me more.
I was reading in the paper that 12 We had to go into someones turbinates,
people have been fished out of a lake which is someones nasal cavity, says Fox.
in Mexico in a drug cartel killing, he I had to drill into that. But when were
says. Thats exactly the world that doing those scenes they are so technical,
clarissamullerysbackstory. Nikki ventures into, in a brave attempt weve got pathologists telling us what to
to rescue a friend of hers. do, weve got the medical speak to
There will be filming in Mexico for that remember. So theres a lot to think about
relationship between a man and a woman episode, which is set to see Nikki in even that, I think, stops one being squeamish.
in drama. Shes looking forward to more peril than usual. Yeah, its an Back when she first got the role, Fox
exploring her characters backstory in this extreme situation, says Fox. I like it also experienced the real thing.
series, and reveals, Although we only just when youre scared. But although the When I first went to see two autopsies
learn this, the fact is Clarissa is married. international location may raise the stakes, for research, I was worried that I would
Intriguingly, her screen husband is from a it all comes back to the body in the autopsy feel faint, she reveals. In fact, it was so
rival organisation in the forensic world. room and the bizarre forensic techniques. riveting, watching the pathologist work
Even after 12 years, Nikki Alexander also Lintern lets slip that this series, Thomas and finding out what happened in the
remains something of a mystery, though conducts an experiment involving a car last 10 minutes of someones life.
part of the shows success is that it focuses airbag, a screwdriver and a watermelon. Despite the busy shooting schedule, cast
less on character arcs and more on You sometimes need a strong stomach to and crew will hold a proper celebration.
compelling, standalone, two-part stories. watch Silent Witness for instance, one Were making a big birthday cake,
Each year, Silent Witness offers everything scene in this series involves decomposing says Fox. I think the fact that we have
from fast-paced scenarios to whodunits bodies in a confined space. got to 20 years with a series, its testament
and psychological thrillers. With the amount of flies that we had to to the audience and their loyalty.
Its not the traditional detective show film with in episode one, that was one of Of course, they now have to think about
because weve got the science and the the most gruesome scenes Ive had to do Series 21, and Lintern already has an idea
medical side of it, Fox contends. With the ever, says Fox. A specialist brought along for a chilling twist on the shows concept.
advance of forensic science and technology, buckets of blowflies. When he arrived on Ive always thought the ideal Silent
we have to keep up with that. set all you could hear was this buzzing, Witness story would be a body coming
There are also issue-led episodes and she recalls with a shudder. back to life in the cutting room, he says,
Series 20 touches on the crisis in Syria. Yet Fox and Lintern are sanguine about with a mischievous grin.
We kick off with an episode called cutting up (fake) corpses during autopsies.
Identity, Fox reveals, its a very relevant, Ive had to dig lungs out of bodies, Silent Witness Series 20 will air
topical issue about refugees and I think the which doesnt trouble me at all, Lintern on BBC One in January.

cr ime scene 77


Crime Scene revisits the classic shows. This
exclusive extract from the definitive new guide
classic crime

to the gritty espionage thriller Callan explores

the conflicted anti-hero killers 1967 debut

t was a very exciting time in television, Edward brass were right out of what we would call the top drawer Eton,
woodward recalled in 1987, of his casting as David Guards Officers and all the rest of it Callans background was
Callan in the TV play A Magnum For Schneider, that hed been in prison, and he was somewhat downmarket,
which aired on the ITV network in February 1967. although sharp as a button, so there was a lot of antagonism.
It really was the first of the anti-heroes, This mutual antipathy would continue to be an essential part
non-heroes, whatever you want to call it, and it of the series that followed.
really kind of led the way, as Armchair Theatre did In a 1985 interview, creator James Mitchell said he deliberately
many times. The thing that appealed to me about the character chose Hunter as the name that goes with the job of the
was that he had a chip on his shoulder, he was a hero with feet of departments commander. Concerning the Section itself, he
clay and he was a prickly kind of person. I was very much looking added, I knew, by reading, what the KGB wet job characters
for that kind of character to play: this man went right down the executioners were like, I had some idea of what CIA characters
middle, you couldnt make up your mind what he was It was were like also by reading, and Id heard gossip about French
quite a big chance to take for the television company at the time. characters. Therefore, it seemed to me to be logical that if thats
Class came into it a great deal, it was still very alive and what they were like in Russia, America or France, then thats
kicking in those days I suppose it still is a bit, Series 2-4 what theyd be like in England.
director Mike Vardy observes generally, of the conflict between The TV Times publicised the black & white play (the series would
Callan and his employers. Take MI5, for instance, all their top switch to colour in 1970) in most regions with photos of Woodward,

78 c r i m e s c en e



Joseph Frst and Francesca Tu, and

a short feature, informing readers
that A new secret agent makes his
debut His name: David Callan.
His profession: licensed executioner
for a security organisation.
The article made clear that this
was only the first appearance of a
Abrutalyetcompassionate, character who would return later.
working-classkiller,callan Press reaction was positive, with
Daily Mirror reviewer Kenneth
Eastaugh praising Mitchells script:
I spy a first-rate spy... His name is
inCallan,yourenever Callan and his portrayal by Edward Woodward
reallysurewhos in the Armchair Theatre play was the event of
the weekend.
Reflecting on the episode almost 20 years
later, future producer Reg Collin believed there
were two key reasons for the plays success:
The characters as drawn in A Magnum For
Schneider were very good. Ted Woodward was
brilliant casting as was Russell Hunter.
Actor Peter Egan was in the audience when
the play was transmitted, unaware he would
one day participate in its remake as a film:
I remember seeing that it was terrific.
I thought, What a great idea! And two years

later it was a smash series.

There was a clear sense among many of the
cast and crew that the play was likely to be more

cr ime scene 79


A compelling world,
in which the motives
of every character
are ambiguous Hesthecomplete

than a one-off, months before Palmer followed orders, although

formal offers were made to them. they were sometimes distasteful.
More than anything Id done Even le Carrs Alec Leamas
before, I was certain that this MISSION PROFILE acquiesced, despite being
Armchair Theatre play would spin manipulated and expressing disgust
off into a series and if it did, it David callan, an outcast secret agent, with the mission he completed. By
would be successful, Edward revisits his former department for talks. contrast, A Magnum For Schneider
Woodward said in 2000. It was the section exists to deal with undesirables, arguably takes John le Carrs
one of the first scripts Id read people in red Files. Its supervisor, Hunter, scenario one step further, showing
where I had that feeling. Theres offers to reinstate callan but first he must a disillusioned, expelled agents
a strange thing when you start carry out a killing. He must do this within relations with a callously pragmatic,
something and its turned into a one week, without help and without inhuman organisation.
series you want it to succeed, but asking why. His target is rudolf schneider, In any other TV espionage thriller
on the other hand you dont want to a German businessman with whom hes of the time, the stylishly dressed,
get trapped in a character. [But] it already acquainted; Hunter has engineered cultured agent would be the central
was such a very good script. callans placement in a company in the character and the working-class
I assumed the men upstairs same office building. one would be the villain. James
were thinking about it because it Mitchell inverts this formula,
callan suspects Hunter s offer isnt genuine
was the great spy time, Mitchell helped immeasurably by a stunning
and takes a liking to the extrovert German,
later recalled, of the period after performance from Woodward.
as they share an interest in war gaming.
recording. I didnt know until I The reaction against the norm
nevertheless, he orders an illicit gun from
was told that there had been a continues in the decision to locate
Lonely, an old criminal associate. Meres, a
mass of phone calls. That was the characters in dingy office block,
section operative, keeps watch on callan.
the first information I had that a bedsit and pub sets, turning
series was in the offing. needing to know why Hunter wants budgetary constraints into an asset;
Callans jocular comment about schneider killed, callan searches the even Schneiders apartment has a
robbing mail trains hints that he entrepreneurs office and home, finding cramped, temporary feel. The
has a criminal background, as its a hes been selling armaments made by humour is earthy, the swearing
clear reference to the Great Train a Japanese firm, noguchi, to Indonesia, risqu (for 1967), there is Scotch
Robbery. He refers to fellow agent where they are being used to kill British and beer, rather than champagne
Meres as a public school Capone. troops. He specifically asks Lonely to or cocktails, and the seamy tone is
Other contemporary spies like get him a noguchi Magnum .38 calibre highlighted by the rancid personal
James Bond, John Steed and Harry revolver for the forthcoming execution. hygiene of Lonely, Callans arms

8 0 c r i m e s c en e


David Callan:
Former operative in security,
now a clerk. A basically
kindly man but with a high
degree of skill and security.
Good pistol shot and a
cunning thief. the clash of
the two interests has left
him bewildered as a human
being. Lower middle-class
background. Age 35.

viewerscomplicitwith Head of security section.
hisflawedcharacter. regular army in manner.
Hunters ruthless and
well-mannered. Makes plans
like a first-rate staff officer,
which in fact he is. Age 50.

ex-regular German Army
officer, now a gun runner to
the Indonesians in Malaysia.
Big, bluff, charming, immensely
competent. Fond of the good
things in life. Age 50.

supplier and informer. The resulting production is both

hard-bitten and highbrow; the model soldiers Callan and
Schneider play war games with are an ironic metaphor for
the larger three-way conflict taking place between them
and Hunter. Additionally, Woodwards voiceovers make the
viewer complicit with his flawed character. Meres: Public school, Lonely: small, nervous
This is a dangerous, original, cold and compelling world, etonian manner. Fascist in crook who suffers badly
in which the motives of every character are ambiguous. outlook. An executioner who from B.o. and specialises
Accordingly, the actors performances transcend the technical loves his job. Mid-twenties. in obtaining firearms.
limitations of videotaped drama: Callan is by turns commanding,
introspective, pressurised and fallible; Ronald Radds Hunter is
gregarious but chillingly dispassionate; Russell
Hunters Lonely is almost Dickensian in his and its not surprising that Mitchell would return to
subservient demeanour towards Callan, while Frsts refine it twice more in his 1969 novel, A Magnum For
loveable rogue veneer belies his macabre collection Schneider, and the 1974 feature film Callan, a movie
of cuttings on the consequences of his arms sales. adaptation of the original Armchair Theatre play.
Overall, A Magnum For Schneider is a taut,
stripped-down story about loyalty, indecision and The Callan File The Definitive Guide by Robert
betrayal which works as both a gripping statement Fairclough and Mike Kenwood is out now
of intent for a series and as the self-contained play it ( Callan The Monochrome
was initially intended to be. Callans debut story has Years and Callan The Colour Years (Network)
now been recognised as an iconic espionage drama, are available on DVD.

cr ime scene 81

Image: Jonathan RIng

82 c r i m e s c en e
Lee ChiLd

Hes the Coventry-born author who created the worlds biggest thriller
hero in JACK REACHER. A former Granada TV executive, he became
a writer after being made redundant, aged 40. Some 20 years later,
TOM CRUISE is starring in a second Reacher movie and Childs
published his 21st bestseller featuring the mysterious righter of wrongs.

You could say one of the big models for Reacher would
be Sherlock Holmes, he tells Crime Scene. Hes very
thoughtful, hes very evidence-based, he is logical in
that same way that Sherlock Holmes is logical.
BY anDrE PaInE

cr ime scene 83

s well as being by far the most
successful author in the room,
with book sales topping 100
million, Lee Child also tends
to be the tallest. At 6ft 4in, hes
just a shade shorter than his
literary hero, former US
military policeman Jack Reacher, which
makes him easy for fans to spot. So when
Child ambles into a book launch just off
Londons Leicester Square, Crime Scene
seizes the moment. This leather jacket-
clad, superstar thriller writer is supremely
laidback surprisingly so for an author
whos expected to deliver another
bestseller every year and he readily
agrees to an interview upon publication
of Night School, his 21st Reacher novel,
which also coincides with the second
movie outing, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.
Childs as good as his word and the
interviews set up when hes next back in
the country. Childs lived in New York for childwithcruiseand
years, has a farmhouse in Sussex and also a firstreachermovie.
place in France a country oddly immune
to Jack Reacher. Forbes magazine describes
him as a billion-dollar brand, though Child So this new terrorist threat was like Smulders, whos done many things but
is a relaxed interviewee: he never gives a going back to school? how was she going to stand up to Tom
diplomatic answer and casually lets slip a Yeah, I mean the opening proposition is Cruise? She had to look him in the eye
possible title for his next book (The that its disguised as a school assignment, and boss him around. And the kid,
Midnight Line I dont know what it means, in order to keep them undercover. And I Danika Yarosh, she had to look both of
but it sounds good). His deadpan delivery thought night sounded kind of shadowy them in the eye and be their boss, at times.
means you sometimes miss his jokes, such and threatening. It gets harder and
as the answer to Crime Scenes question harder to do titles when youve got 21 Ed Zwicks been talking about an
about how much of Reacher is in Child. books youre sort of lucky if you can anthology of films rather than direct
Well, what I normally say is that all the come up with a good one. sequels. Does that work for you?
internal stuff is me, and the violence is Yeah, totally, because thats how I write
toned down because its got to be plausible, Theres also a movie tie-in edition of them. Its a series, obviously, but its not a
is his straight-faced response. Of course, Never Go Back. How was your series that is in continuous action. Each
theres plenty of action in his novels experience of the film sequel? one of them exists on its own and its a total
which have all been optioned as films It was great, yeah. From a writers point standalone. You can read a few, you can
but theyre also smart and stylish, in the of view, its quite astonishing that you read one, nothing depends on any other
hardboiled tradition of Raymond Chandler. get a person like [director] Ed Zwick, story, so Ed was smart to identify that as a
And theres a sense of history in Night who was at the head of a crew and cast kind of anthology. Having said that, I did
School, the third prequel novel (following numbering over 100 people, and they think that it was quite fly in the way that
The Enemy and The Affair) to feature the were dealing with it so seriously and the first sequence the sheriff in the diner
mysterious and inimitable Reacher. so intently. Its incredibly flattering that is a very neat, stylistic bridge, taking you
they take it that seriously, and I thought from the old movie into the new movie.
Why did you take Reacher back two it was beautifully written.
decades for Night School? Are you still getting emails about the
Partly because it was an interesting What did you think of Tom Cruise casting of Tom Cruise?
anniversary: 20 years after 1996, which was alongside a new and quite young cast? We still get them, but whats really
around the time that we started to realise Well, Cruise, I thought he was terrific first interesting is theres a sort of middle
we had a problem that we now [know] as time. You know, they only made the sequel section of emails now, which say, I hated
current-day terrorist threats. I felt that because he really wanted to. So he was the idea but then I caught the movie on
public policy at the time was quite honest, totally into it the second time around. But television and, you know what, he was
they basically said weve no idea what this its really a three-hander Reacher, Susan actually pretty good. Were getting a lot
is, so were just going to have to run around Turner and the kid, Samantha Dayton. And of that now, which is to be expected, I
like crazy and try and figure it out. in terms of acting, of course, it was Cobie think, because he was pretty good.

84 c r i m e s c en e
Lee ChiLd

Lee child arrived with
this novel, which introduced
mysterious drifter Jack
Reacher. the former military
cop gets off a greyhound bus
in georgia and is soon accused
of murder. Reachers brother is
part of the plot of this stylish
and essential debut.

2 PERSUaDER (2003)

Jonathan RIng
the series seventh outing
childconsidersthefilm is memorable for being written
treatmentsofhiswork in the first person and
featuring a villain even taller
and tougher than Reacher.
childs revenge thriller involves

A writer has a responsibility a staged kidnapping which

enables Reacher to infiltrate a

to their readers. Theyve

criminal organisation.

created this whole thing 3 THE aFFaIR (2011)

Reacher investigates the
murder of a soldiers girlfriend
near a mississippi army base.
If youre a child fan whos
desperate for Reachers
And have you had any more acting I dont want to know what happens, I backstory, this prequel is
residuals from the first film? dont want to know what the issue is, I set six months before Killing
Floor and explains why he
Yeah, I still get 20 bucks now and then, and dont want to know whodunit, until the
left the military.
Ive got a cameo in the new one, so Ill be story has worked itself out on the page.
getting all that all over again, I guess. Im
a TSA officer at airport security, where
Cruise is getting through with a phony ID.
Youve signed a deal for three more
Reacher novels and a collection. Are any
Reacher returns to his old base
Im the guy that looks at it and kind of short stories key to his background? in Virginia to meet major susan
says whatever and lets him through. I look at them more as tiny little novels, turner. however, shes been
you know, extremely abbreviated novels. arrested and, after being
At the Harrogate Crime Writing There are three of them, actually, that I accused of an old homicide,
hes re-enlisted in the army due
Festival, Jeffery Deaver described his was really happy with. Second Son was
to a technicality. theyre a great
relentless approach to planning novels. about Reacher as a young teenager, High duo in this tense instalment.
Does that hold any temptation? Heat was about Reacher as a 16-year-old,
Not really. I like Jeff a lot and we get on and Small Wars was another sort of
well, and weve known each other for
years, but he and I are the absolute polar
prequel, where Reacher was already in the
military police. They came out pretty well.
Reacher is still a serving
officer in this prequel set in
opposites. Jeff likes a solid plan, a long 1996. Its a novel thats heavy
outline and a lot of detail. I couldnt do There was talk that you might call time with hindsight as hes sent on
a secret mission that involves
that, because if I had it all worked out in on Reacher why did you continue?
an uncertain terrorist threat
my head, then that story is done Ive told Its completely about the readers. They from the middle east. Leaner
myself that story, it would hold no more would have been very unhappy if Id than some Reachers, its also
interest for me. To sit there and just type stopped, that was the message I was one of the best.
it out, the boredom would shine through. hearing. And I think a writer has a real

cr ime scene 85

responsibility to their readers. The readers

have created this whole thing, and a living
for me, so Im very grateful to them.

Are you still planning that final book,

Die Lonely, featuring Reachers demise?
Ive slightly changed my mind about that
because I think that to kill him at the end
would just be gratuitously upsetting for the
readers. I think Im going to have to do it in
a way thats a little more subtle than that.

Reachers a tough guy, but hes also

comfortable with women in authority
For me, its just part of the characterisation. Thedinerscenein
Never Go Backisa
Hes relentlessly logical and theres no stylisticbridge.
logical reason to assume that women are
in any way inferior than men thats about
emotion and prejudice, which Reacher is
not susceptible to. When Im starting to write a
What do you remember about writing
your debut, Killing Floor?
book, I feel like a stuntman
It was a very odd kind of circular situation
because I was out of work, I was broke and
therefore it was super important that it Thousands of years of storytelling has logical. So, in a way, I see them as crime
worked. Over the years, Ive learned that always featured that particular character. fiction, maybe without crime fictions desire
its the reader who decides a character is to be socially realistic, because obviously
cool, not the author. If you try and push it Was Killing Floor a tough act to follow? everything about the Reacher stories is
too hard, its always an embarrassing The first one was written in a sort of blaze mythic, rather than socially realistic. But
failure. So even though it was very, very of passion and urgency, and then the yeah, I see them as mysteries, absolutely.
important to me, I just had to wing it just second one was very tense because thats When Im starting to write a book, I feel
sort of shut my eyes and type. And Reacher an old clich the problem of the second like a movie stuntman who jumps off a
came out pretty much fully formed. book. So many people had been so nice high building, and on the street below is
So then the question is: how did that about the first one, with the second one it one of those fire department air bags that
happen? Where did that come from? And felt like there was a lot of responsibility Im going to land on. One corner of it is
really the only answer for any writer can riding on its shoulders. I remember the marked mystery, one corner suspense, one
be what youve already read, you know, the third one, Tripwire, with great affection, corner crime fiction and one corner
hundreds and thousands of books over the really, because it more or less wrote itself. thriller, and I know Im going to land on
years, stretching back over different eras, the bag but I dont know exactly where on
synthesized that character. He is basically Although the Reacher novels involve the bag it might be towards one corner or
a fairly recognisable character from many high stakes, do you see them essentially the other. So to me its really all the same.
different periods of storytelling history. as crime novels or mysteries?
Obviously, the American West and then, Yeah, I really do. You could say one of the Youre supportive of new writers is it
before that, the knight errant sagas of big models for Reacher would be Sherlock important to give something back?
Medieval Europe, and before that the Holmes. You know, hes very thoughtful, Yeah, I mean, I think its a basic sort of
Scandinavian sagas and Anglo-Saxon hes very evidence-based, he is logical in human obligation, but mostly its because
poems, all the way back to religious myths. that same way that Sherlock Holmes is I just like reading. New writers generally

29 OCT 1954 1 SEP 1995 5 JUN 1997 22 JUL 2011

Jim grant born in Begins writing a UK publication of childs 61 Hours
coventry. grows novel under the pen Killing Floor. wins the theakstons
up in Birmingham name Lee child after Reachers name old Peculier crime
and studies law at redundancy from comes from childs novel of the Year
sheffield University. granada tV. he wife saying hes a award, beating
his brother andrew starts all his books good reacher in mark Billingham
also becomes a writer. on the same date. a supermarket. and s.J. Bolton.

86 c r i m e s c en e
Lee ChiLd


have such energy and such passion and of something similar. But in general, I dont Youre hugely successful but havent
some of them have such great, bright new collaborate very well, I dont enjoy it. For received an OBE like Ian Rankin and
ideas. So its very much for selfish reasons me, I think the sign of a great book is really J.K. Rowling. Do you think its because
actually, I just like to read great stuff. one humans imagination. If you have that you left Britain?
One of the great things about crime then theres a sort of organic quality to the Ive no idea. Obviously, J.K. Rowling is
fiction is the strength of the women book, and I cant work out how you achieve immense and so you would expect her to
writers. You know, at the moment, they that in collaboration. be recognised. I think Ian became part of
are just fantastic. Megan Abbott is kind The Bond thing, I mean, it was partly the mainstream. As soon as Morse finished
of coming up on the rails as one of the that I dont like the Fleming estate, they there was a kind of vacuum, something had
best. I think shes terrific. would be a nuisance to work with. But to fill it. Ian Rankin became that guy. But
fundamentally it was because Bond was Im not that interested in that kind of thing
After David Baldacci created ex-military a product of his time, the early 50s, and if anybody offered me something like that
investigator John Puller, a character he changed that time. So its a done deal, I would turn it down. I left England for a
called Baldacci got roughed up in Never you cant go back and reinvent it now. reason, and that kind of patrimony and old-
Go Back. Have you buried the hatchet? I think that its just an impossible thing fashioned system is one of the reasons.

PaRamoUnt PIctURes/chIaBeLLa James/DaVID James

Im just rather mystified by it, actually, to do, frankly.
you know if you had a new writer or a Do people treat you like Reacher at
failed writer, then you can [understand] Youve been based in New York for book events?
a copycat series, absolutely. But why a many years. Do you have to write They do a little bit. I think its somewhat
person of Baldaccis status would feel the the Reacher books there? inevitable theres an assumption that
need to do it, I dont know. So I remain I can write anywhere. I think A Wanted fiction always contains a little bit of
very sceptical about that, to be honest. Man, I basically wrote most of it in Sussex, autobiography and people do identify the
and some of the other ones for instance, character with the author. Its very useful
Youve turned down writing James The Hard Way I wrote in France. But to me nobody says a bad thing because
Bond continuation novels. Would I prefer to work in New York, simply theyre afraid Ill kill them.
you consider a collaboration, like because its a lot more convenient. If I
the forthcoming Michael Mann work late and Im hungry, I can get a Night School (Bantam) is out now.
and Don Winslow thriller? meal delivered within 10 minutes, Lee Child will be at the Theakstons
Yeah, I was supposed to call about that whereas in Sussex everythings closed Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival
they want me to be involved in some part after about 8pm and Ill starve. in Harrogate (20-23 July 2017).

26 DEC 2012 10 SEP 2014 19 NOV 2015 7 NOV 2016

the UK release of child throws the Publication of Reacher the release of Night
Jack Reacher, the ceremonial first Said Nothing, a making School, the 21st novel,
movie version of pitch at the new of account covering coincides with that of
One Shot (book nine), York Yankees childs obsession with the movie sequel Jack
starring tom cruise, game against the language, his childhood Reacher: Never Go Back,
Rosamund Pike and tampa Bay Rays illness and addiction to starring tom cruise and
Werner herzog. the Yankees won. coffee and cigarettes. cobie smulders.

cr ime scene 87
InsIde thIs Issue
The 25 scariesT
sTephen King
Blood wars
wolf creeKs
John JarraTT
horror comics
plUs in-depTh
inTerviews, The
laTesT movies and
BooKs reviewed
and more

Horrorville issue 2 - on sale now!
ThE NighT OF
ThE JuSTicE gAmE
FiLm ROuND-up
post mortem
ThE WhiSTLER By JOhN gRiShAm 99 gOOD mE, BAD mE By ALi LAND 106
By michAEL cONNELLy 100 DONT TuRN OuT ThE LighTS By BERNARD miNiER 108
DEATh iN ThE TuScAN hiLLS By mARcO Vichi
post mortem


his series has always killer Paul Spector (Dornan) almost to the point where she
excelled at tension shot and being cradled by was defined largely by her
and stealth those Andersons DSI Stella Gibson relationship with Spector, the
moments where Gillian while she ignored a wounded third corrects that. Gibson nails
Andersons measured delivery colleague (and lover) nearby. her professional motives for
sets the pace or when Jamie Some Fonz-grade shark-jumping saving him, and we discover
Dornans stare speaks volumes. follows, as Spector survives, more about her during an
So if the third (final?) series of with amnesia blotting his crimes electric exchange with Spector
Allan Cubitts cop versus killer from memory. This can seem fan Katie (Aisling Franciosi).
drama seems to jump the like forced plotting or worse, as And during one scene, Gibson Gillian Anderson also starred in
shark so often that old murders are revisited for the dissects Spectors dubious Hannibal, another serial killer
it needs water amnesiac Spectors benefit. appeal when she lacerates his drama that clocked up three
skis, it also Spector may be malingering desire for an audience the seasons. she played Dr. Bedelia
DID Yo U succeeds as and that ambiguity is milked for scene ends horrifyingly, but not
Du Maurier, psychotherapist
to Hannibal Lecter.

sp ot ? a sustained
mystery and
a character
tension. The moment he wakes
up in the care of a nurse (Aisling
Bea) who resembles his victims
before her verbal takedown
makes us punch the air.
Not that Series 3 is fault-free. climax but Cubitts intent to
piece, one is a scream-at-the-screen The soft-spoken therapist mess with his own dramas
In a season which leaves moment. And its drawn out, (Krister Henriksson, Wallander) precepts extends to questioning
rammed with fine
cameos, look out room for self- with shots of Spector in bed, working with Spector verges on tidy ending clichs. One
for Ripper Street interrogation behind his nurse, just out of Freudian parody, while John certainty emerges: by tipping
guest player Martin while making focus and perhaps plotting Lynchs Jim Burns is reduced to his scales towards Gibson,
Mccann as a jittery palms sweat. Yet Season 3 isnt all about a plot device, his exit full of Cubitt has earned interest in a
former associate
of spectors. Series 2s Spector. If the first two series loose ends. Yet perhaps thats fourth series of The Fall.
climax saw made Gibson too ambiguous, the point. We get a satisfying By K evin har l ey

9 0 C r i m es c en e


et in 1897, amid Queen Ripper Street couldnt manage As with Peaky Blinders, part of
Victorias Diamond without Matthew Macfadyen, the pleasure of Ripper Street is
Jubilee celebrations, either. His character, Detective the rich period detail (Victorian
Series 4 of Ripper Street is Inspector Edmund Reid, soon London is recreated in Dublin).
dominated by a familiar returns from self-imposed Warlows 19th century police edmundreidreturnsto
storyline from the exile in a seaside procedural drama features BennetDrakescommand.
previous season. retreat to rejoin rudimentary forensics and ripe
Long Susan Hart
(MyAnna Buring) is
DID YoU the police in
Dickensian dialogue. Theres a
certain resemblance to modern
in Newgate Prison,
awaiting execution
KN oW? although hes now
serving under the
cop shows with its troubled
detective (Drakes a war veteran)
for her role in the formerly thuggish and mystery of the week. But
Leman Street rail Bennet Drake theres also a strong series arc
disaster. Writer and Ripper Street was (Jerome Flynn). The involving a serial killer stalking
axed by the BBc,
creator Richard then picked up by
duos awkward role East London that leads to a
Warlow is surely not Amazon Prime. reversal has them bloody climax. It sets up a must-
about to kill off one BBc Two now regularly squabbling see final season as the show
his biggest stars screens it several over cases that have nears the end of its century.
months after the
right at the start? Us online giant. connections to both. By a nd re Pa ine


P D I D Yo U
athologist Gunilla Urst provide ample mightily-bearded
(Anu Sinisalo) tells support for the Kristofer Hivju,
Martin Beck (Peter
Haber), A person doesnt have
shows continued
success, even if The KNoW? may be a self-
described troll
to be evil just because they do Last Day in some but he quickly
evil things. That reflects the respects the most proves to be a
subtle philosophical maturity predictable of the Peter Haber likeable, tenacious
initially refused the
Beckhasanew that exemplifies the approach of four toys with role of Martin Beck
and, as one of his
(below, with beard).
this Swedish detective drama. the idea of the titular because he felt superiors soon
Packaged for Martin Beck retiring. it to be too discovers, a very
the UK as the The main story arc complicated, too loyal colleague.
big, but changed
second volume across these four his mind after From the murder
of the Beck episodes of Beck is about a week. of an investigative
series, these the effective writing- journalist to some
latest four out of the shows long-term historical police corruption,
television principal sidekick, Gunvald Martin Beck and his team of
films (episodes Larsson (Mikael Persbrandt), officers continue to successfully
31 to 34 in a and the establishment of his cast light upon the shadows of
run stretching successor, Steinar Hovland. human behaviour.
back to 1997) The latter, played by the By PaU l F. C O C K B U r n

Cr imescene 91
post mortem

theBBCseriesCriminal Justice.

BOs The Night Of was borrows his fathers taxi for a weary defence attorney John
one of the most talked night on the town. When a Stone (John Turturro) takes on
about shows of 2016. young woman, Andrea Cornish his seemingly hopeless case.
Improbably, the series is a US (Sofia Black-DElia), gets into Turturro gives a commanding
remake of a 2008 BBC drama, the cab, he accepts the fare. One performance as the eccentric
Criminal Justice, written by thing leads to another and they lawyer who could have been
Peter Moffat. The action has end up at her Upper West Side a contender. Divorced and
been moved to New York City, brownstone, high on drugs and lonely, Stones been reduced to
but its heartening to see British booze, playing with knives and grubby plea bargain cases and
breakout star Riz having sex. When Naz awakes, is afflicted by eczema.
Ahmed (Rogue he discovers that shes been While Stone searches for Criminal Justice starred Ben
One, Jason brutally stabbed to death in the angles, The Night Of introduces Whishaw as the suspect and

DID Yo U Bourne) in the

lead role of
bed. In a blind panic, he flees
the scene, taking a bloody knife
a violent prison storyline, as Naz
enters Rikers Island on remand.
con Oneill (Happy Valley) as
stone. Pete Postlethwaite

K N oW?
played his prison cellmate.
Nasir Naz which may incriminate him. Taken under the wing of former
Khan, an The bravura opening episode boxer Freddy Knight (Michael
easygoing crackles with tension, as Naz is Kenneth Williams), the nerdy racial ramifications of Naz
student who pulled over for a traffic violation, student is transformed into a Khans case for New York City
James Gandolfini is suspected ends up in the police station and pumped-up prisoner. You even as a whole, its a nuanced legal
filmed a pilot of
of murder. is inches away from freedom. begin to doubt his innocence... thriller that builds over eight
The Night Of
shortly before his Nazs fate Unfortunately, wily detective The Night Of is an exploration immaculate episodes to an
death. That seems to have Dennis Box (Bill Camp) then of the American criminal justice affecting finale which marked
episode with the been sealed realises that the prime murder system that never sacrifices it as one of the years most
Sopranos star has
never been aired.
the moment suspect has fallen into his lap. storytelling for a preachy agenda. memorable TV experiences.
he secretly It looks bad for Naz, but world- In addition to portraying the By An dr e PAin e

92  C r i m es c en e


here are layers of you, scenarios prompted by the de Veers spooked score. Thorne
arent there? says polices Operation Yewtree. also scrupulously explores
Julie Walters Marie, Coltrane invests great Finchleys tellingly fraught
peering into the face of nuance in Finchley, a family crises (aided by
her comedian much-loved stalwart controlled work from Walters riseborough,Coltrane

husband, Paul of British light and Andrea Riseborough), the Finchleysbrilliantly.
Finchley (Robbie entertainment whos public/private divide, his
Coltrane), in this
sharp-edged KN oW? accused of rape and
sex with a minor.
accusers anguish and his
defence teams cynicism.
Channel 4 drama. Conveying both After Finchleys accusers are
The crack casting threat and comfort- debunked and his TV partner
allows those layers susan Lynch, whos TV cosiness, (Tim McInnerny) commits
and more to be terrific as one of Coltrane superbly perjury, the resolution brings
assiduously peeled Finchleys accusers, sustains Finchleys answers and also inflammatory,
co-starred with
away during writer coltrane in Cracker,
ambiguity, which is culture-wide implications.
Jack Thornes and also featured artfully framed by A landmark series thats
forensic, focused in the film, The Marc Mundens tense, layered, bruising and
drama, based upon Scouting Book heightened direction designed to stick with you.
For Boys, which
the sensationalist Thorne scripted. and Cristobal Tapia By K eVin HA rLeY



O D I D Yo U
riginally broadcast by whos accused of a Still, Lawsons at

the BBC in 1989 and vigilante killing, his sharply cynical
1990, the two series while also getting best throughout,
of The Justice Game star Denis embroiled in a scam aided by a rich cast
Lawson as hard-drinking, by businessmen who that features Diana
womanising and successful are involved in the Denis Lawson Quick, Michael
Glasgow criminal lawyer citys regeneration. swapped sides to Kitchen, Barbara
DenisLawsonplusiain Dominic Rossi, whose social The plot strands are play a copper in Flynn and Joss
conscience doesnt exactly less well linked in the first series of a Ackland, plus Paul
andCeliaimrie. similarly-titled BBc
endear him Series 2, which sees drama, criminal Brooke enjoying
to the citys Rossi embroiled in Justice see our himself as Rossis
major players. another gangland The Night Of upper-crust
review opposite
Writer John killing that only colleague, Alistair
Brown liked to marginally impinges Sinclair Murray.
run two stories on the matter of the beautiful The Glasgow locations pay
in parallel, so Italian woman (Anita Zagaria dividends in atmosphere, and
Series 1 sees from Under The Tuscan Sun) Browns hard-bitten dialogue
the lawyer with whom he enjoyed a holiday strikes sparks. Beware the
defending an fling. She shows up in Glasgow, cloth-eared subtitles, though.
ex-soldier fleeing her Red Brigade past. By PHiL iP K e MP

Cr imescene 93
post mortem


rothers Harry and Jack Scottish-set One Of Us, which including the cases senior
Williams have form. aired on BBC One. investigating police officer, has a
Among a good deal The show starts idyllically: guilty secret to conceal. With
else, theyre the writers of The Adam and Grace are childhood the action claustrophobically
Missing, the first series of which sweethearts, growing up as concentrated, despite those
featured an increasingly out-of- neighbours in the countryside wide-open Scottish landscapes,
control James Nesbitt scouring north of Edinburgh. As in a it starts to feel just a touch
Northern France, in search of fairytale they marry we even Agatha Christie. And as for
his abducted son. What began see clips from their wedding the denouement replete
as a rational response video and then Grace falls with agonised confessional
to grief gradually pregnant. But barely a few monologue well, you may The Missing, of course, which
took on the minutes into the first episode need to send your credulity recently returned for series 2.
Or Hinterland, the fine moody
DID Yo U aspect of a
theyre both dead, horribly
murdered in their Edinburgh
in for some urgent repairs.
Even so, with actors of the
Welsh noir, which has a third

sp ot ?
series on the way.
obsession. apartment. And the killer, calibre of Juliet Stevenson, John
Family ties having stolen a car, is heading Lynch, Joanna Vanderham,
and the out to where their families live, Gary Lewis and Laura Fraser Theres some fine deployment of
passions they but weve no idea why. heading up a strong cast, this sets and lighting, too that huge,
Laura Fraser has can harbour Its a gripping start, all the series will almost certainly hold ominously empty barn seems to
played a drug
also lie at the more so since another equally your attention to its final twist. be just waiting to enclose
dealer before,
although on a heart of the bloody killing follows before the Emmy-nominated composer something nasty. But the next
rather more Williams first episode is out. And then? Dominik Scherrer (Ripper time, guys, maybe keep an eye
industrial scale, latest TV Well, from then on it all gets a Street, The Missing) contributes on that simmering plot before
in series 5 of
Breaking Bad.
thriller, the tad over-plotted. Itd seem that an insidiously unsettling score, it becomes overcooked.
four-part, almost every single character, and it boasts atmosphere galore. By PHIL IP K E MP

9 4  C r i m es c en e


CI Banks has always mainstay Morse, has no time sequences (including a tense
been a solid, satisfying for spivvy businessmen, ransom delivery that doesnt
procedural, which especially when theyve go to plan) and plenty of
sees the brooding Yorkshire escaped a murder rap. procedural nitty-gritty,
landscape accentuating With cases involving particularly from the Dimortoninfull-on
the loneliness of the teenage suicide, a details-obsessed DI Helen askingquestionsmode.
workaholic copper. murder within the Morton (Caroline Catz).
But the stakes are
even higher in this
DID YoU Chinese community
in Leeds and the
For all the enjoyable
familiarity in meeting up with
outing, featuring a
simmering story arc
KN oW? inevitable, final
showdown between
the team again Banks and
DS Annie Cabbot (Andrea
in which the dogged Banks and Richards, Lowe) are still trying to
detective (Stephen the two-part format get together this is
Tompkinson) is To get into the builds the suspense ultimately a shocking
character of
circling property Banks, stephen
and keeps you season with a hard-
mogul Steve Tompkinson wears guessing. The hitting emotional finale.
Richards (Shaun a subtle scar above direction isnt flashy, DCI Banks is better
Dooley). Banks, his right eye, as though there are than ever.
described in Peter
like former ITV Robinsons books. several stylish By A nd rE PA InE


O D I D Yo U
ne can only imagine murder-mystery Theres a very
the amount of spirit- boasts one of the appealing sense of
sapping slop that
Walter Iuzzolino, curator of the
most memorable
TV monsters ever,
KNoW? naturalism and a
lightness of touch to
foreign-language TV drama in the supremely Malin-Sarah Gozins
platform Walter Presents, has hateable Jean- writing, and it isnt
Amazingly, The
to drudge through as part of his Claude Delcorps Out-Laws (known
hard to see why the
Youcanchoose job. But then chancing across (Dirk Roofthooft). as Clan in its native US has nabbed the
the odd pearl, like The Out- Described as a Belgium) was rights to this series
Laws, must despicable turtles Malin-sarah naturally, for an
Gozins TV
make it all fart (presumably a scriptwriting Americanised
seem quite devastating insult in debut. Her next remake. Its difficult
worthwhile. Belgium), hes a project is the to see how it could
A major hit character so odious psychological better this, though.
thriller Tabula Rasa.
that guzzled that his four sisters- And kudos to Gozin
awards in in-law, who are for resisting the lure
its native otherwise among the finest, of a second series. These ten
Belgium, this most upstanding people you episodes are perfect as they are
bruise-black could ever imagine, want to we dont need any more.
comedy-cum- rub him out. By STEVE O B r IE n

Cr imescene 95
post mortem


more leisurely introduction to

the other characters, including
Wallanders Krister Henriksson,
as a haunted man hiding secrets.
This opening series does
occasionally sacrifice its
AfterwhatStinas brooding style during the
clunky, Texas-set scenes, which
feel like an awkward attempt to
bring international broadcasters
on board. But Modus is on

MODUS s1 stronger ground when it

sticks to the frozen Swedish
landscape. This claustrophobic
Arrow Films Out 19 December mystery is also a probing study
of Scandinavian society that
possesses many of the qualities

erhaps the element Nyman (Henrik Norln) that her autism is sensitively of the best Nordic Noir.
most often lacking in soon feels uncomfortably close portrayed by its writers. By AN DR E PAIN E
Nordic Noir is the one to home. As with The Fall, audaciously,
that you might reasonably During a family wedding at a this series also focuses as much

expect: snow. But that isnt Stockholm hotel, Viks on the killer, Richard Forrester
a complaint which autistic daughter, (Marek Oravec), as the
can be levelled at Stina (Esmeralda investigators. Hiding out in a
Modus, a chilling DID YoU Struwe), witnesses caravan in the woods, where
series thats set in
an irrefutably icy
Sweden over the
KN oW? the aftermath of
the murder of a
celebrity chef.
he butchers deer for food and
takes icy dips, the mysterious
American is a creepy loner
Christmas period. Petrified, the child whos on some kind of
Based on Anne wanders off into murderous mission. True,
Fear Not, the novel
Holts novel, this which inspired the street with the Oravecs attempt at a Texan
snowbound series this TV series, is cold-eyed killer in accent isnt the best, but at least
boasts a smart and set in Oslo, rather pursuit. But what the role largely requires him to
than stockholm.
very believable The novels author,
happens next is a glare rather than actually speak.
main protagonist, Anne Holt, is dramatic character Modus could have been a
Inger Johanne one of norways twist that has you schlocky serial killer outing
Vik (Melinda best-selling hooked. the violence is perhaps a touch Blue Eyes is a claustrophobic
crime writers.
Kinnaman), a Stinas inability gratuitous but for the series swedish crime series which
psychologist and to communicate any wider themes of religion and examines the rise of political
extremism amid murder and
profiler whos drawn into details of the bloody scene in intolerance. Although the
corruption. The 10-part
an investigation alongside the hotel stairwell provides the murders in the opening episode series aired on channel 4.
grieving detective Ingvar shows suspenseful core, though grab your attention, theres a

9 6  C r i m es c en e

Film round-up crime discs dissected


cted, directed and scored to the stylings are just a hair away from a mullet, not Broadchurch, but it is a Welsh feature
hilt, David Mackenzies neo- but the scripts salty, the action punchy, the from one of the Who directors. Euros Lyn
western heist drama, HELL OR shocks jolting and the car chase is a belter oversees THE LIBRARY SUICIDES,
HIGH WATER, bulges with muscle and which Friedkin drives against the traffic. adapted from Fflur Dafydds novel. Doctor
pedigree. Mackenzie maintains the clout of Further maverick pleasures beckon in Whos Catrin Stewart doubles up as twin
his British prison movie, Starred Up, as he the Blu-ray re-release of Brian De Palmas sisters and librarians, Ana and Nan, who are
transfers to Texas for the tale of bank- controversy- plotting revenge
robbing brothers and the cops tailing them. stoking BODY on the biographer
Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges DOUBLE of who they suspect
channelling Rooster Cogburn make 1984. Taking his of murdering
deeply invested work of Sicario writer Hitchcock fetish their mother,
Taylor Sheridans morally meaty script, to an extreme, De an author.
which bristles with achingly current themes Palma apes Rear In regards to
of poverty, property issues and corrupt Window and re-releases, the
banking practices. As doom looms, Nick Vertigo for this choppy history of
Cave and Warren tale of an Elmore Leonard
Ellis prove just unemployed adaptations came
the right men to actor who up trumps with
soundtrack the watches his often-naked neighbour director John Frankenheimers 52 PICK-
way to the grimly murdered mind the drill before turning UP, a bracingly cynical 1986 thriller starring
tense climax. his attentions to Melanie Griffiths porn Roy Scheider as a husband whose mistress
The amoral star. De Palma piles up the torrid twists is murdered by extortionists. As Scheiders
pleasures mount with serious art-trash chutzpah. businessman plays the crooks off against
in DOG EAT Another man each other and
DOG (out 2 unafraid of everyone gets in
January), where flaunting his over their heads,
a customarily influences is the cast take
un-muzzled Nicolas Cage banks an John Carpenter. to Leonards
atypically decent role. Directed by Taxi In a blazing act lacerating
Driver writer Paul Schrader, from Edward of exploitation dialogue like
Bunkers novel, the chaotic Cleveland caper as cine-buff sharks scenting
follows three ex-cons (Willem Dafoe, celebration, blood. Clarence
Christopher Carpenter shifted Williams III and
Matthew Cook the set-up of Rio Ann-Margret
and Cage) on a Bravo to gang- stand out.
dirty job to steal strife LA in his 1976, no-budget siege movie, Missing the pre-beard, crime-ruled
a gangsters baby. ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, which is image of Londons East End? Then try
Dont anticipate reissued as a 40th anniversary Blu-ray. THE GUVNOR, Paul van Carters
much edification Matching homage with craftsmanship, docu-study of bareknuckle boxer Lenny
from the Carpenter composed gorgeous widescreen McLean from his son Jamies PoV. Cast in
irredeemable images, made the Guy Ritchies
trio, but do social subtexts Lock Stock And
expect raucous sizzle and set Two Smoking
entertainment the whole thing Barrels, Lenny
and some seriously gamey acting. to his own was one scary
Vintage Dafoe ham is served in TO LIVE benchmark score geezer but Van
AND DIE IN LA, re-released in triple- of gloriously Carter draws a
format (4K, BD, DVD). William Friedkins clipped synths. complex picture
1985 thriller casts Dafoe as a gym-pumped, Doctor Who of a cake-loving
art-loving counterfeiter pursued by talent in a twisty brawler with
Manhunters William Petersen. The 80s thriller? No, its hidden scars.

Cr IMe scene 97
post mortem

still brooding on the unsolved stubbornly resistant. But Clarke

murder almost 40 years down and Fox realise Rebus is getting
the road. You cant let go, he closer to the heart of a case
tells himself. which involves money
While Rebus has his head laundering in Scotlands
in the archive in his spare financial centre.
room, former colleague For all that it deals with the
Siobhan Clarke alerts him to nitty-gritty of police politics and
a surprising development in procedural work, the 21st Rebus
the citys gangland hierarchy. is admirably concise. Rather Be
Darryl Christie, who deposed The Devil is an intricate,
crime lord Big Ger Cafferty, has evocative Edinburgh mystery
been attacked outside his own that builds to a bloody finale.
home perhaps another turf Retirement may not suit Rebus
war is brewing. but its resulted in yet another
In recent years, Rankins brilliant book in Rankins
novels have involved a three- revived crime series.
way partnership between By AN DR E PAIN E

Its almost ImpossIble to

thInk of rebus wIthout a
packet of fags or a pInt
RATHER BE Clarke, Rebus and Malcolm Fox,

THE DEVIL his former nemesis in police

anti-corruption. Rather Be The
Devil is no different, although
theres discord resulting from
N oW reA D
ORION OUT NOW Foxs promotion to the Scottish
Crime Campus, a combined
investigative force based in

wing to medical advice, pathologist girlfriend, while Gartcosh. Rankin presumably
former detective John theyre dining at Edinburghs has his sources, in order to be
Rebus begins his Caledonian Hotel. Back able to pen such a convincing
21st outing quitting in 1978, the adulterous portrayal of the new set-up and
cigarettes and beer. wife of a banker was depict the resulting discontent
Readers may find it DID YoU strangled in Room among the capitals CID officers.
almost impossible to
think of him without
a packet of fags or a
KN oW? 316. It was a news
story that had
everything: the
Rebus is clearly well out of it,
as this slick, professional Police
Scotland operation isnt his
pint of IPA in the victims racy style. Nevertheless, hes a
Oxford Bar. Yet its Ian Rankins titles lifestyle, her wealthy superior detective with a hard-
police investigations are inspired by family and rock star won knowledge of Edinburghs
which turn out to be music. Id Rather Bruce Collier, who underworld, although he now
Be The Devil is a
the one habit that folk-blues tune
happened to be catches up with Cafferty over an Peter Robinsons Piece Of My
the officially retired adapted by the staying in the hotel Americano in Starbucks, rather Heart also combines ageing
Rebus cant break. singer-songwriter for a homecoming than a pint. When Rebus finds a rock stars and crime it sees
Someone was John Martyn, concert. Rebus connection between the cold a music journalist killed after
whos mentioned revisiting an unsolved murder
murdered here, you in the novel. worked on the case and a recent murder, the at a 1969 concert.
know, he tells his original case and is senior investigating officer is

98 C r i m es c en e


ust one of the curiosities judge with connections to
of John Grishams career organised crime, you can largely
is that many of his books see where the story is going.
dont actually deliver too many With other writers, this
unexpected thrills. would be a problem, yet
Rather, his novels Grishams prose
are typically, if not
exclusively, legal DID Yo U style is so assured
that it really doesnt
procedurals where
the plot is often KN oW? matter. Instead, as
he guides us through
telegraphed ahead. the intricacies of
The Whistler is a why Native
case in point. Its A former lawyer, Americans are sense of spending time with a Grishams approach means that
about lawyers who John Grishams permitted to operate writer whos adept at creating he has the space to explore the
last case was in
bring misbehaving 1996, when he
casinos where others mood and atmosphere. human aftermath of the tragedy,
judges to book in represented the would struggle to get When the one truly rather than being impelled to
Florida and, when family of a railroad a gaming licence, unexpected and all-too- move on to the next set-piece.
attorney-investigator worker killed on and how gangsters believably violent plot twist This, in turn, gives The Whistler
the job. He won his
Lacy Stoltz is tipped clients $683,500. skim off and launder does arrive, its all the more real emotional wallop.
off about a corrupt money, theres a shocking. More importantly, By JO NATHAN WR IG HT

BEYOND THE TRUTH Nordic Noir, but that

situation has now been
remedied, and her
BY ANNE HOLT remarkably consistent
CORVUS OUT NOW books are finally
TRANSLATED BY ANNE BRUCE enjoying the attention
they deserve. Beyond
The Truth is one of her

he Stahlbergs mystery corpse and most assured outings.
are a rich uncover whos Although Holts work
Oslo family DID YoU behind the vicious is shot through with the

K NoW?
who find their killings. She quickly social commentary that
dynasty reduced discovers that there weve come to expect
when three of them are multiple reasons from Scandinavian
are discovered dead why various crime fiction (she hardly
at their home. Anne Holt has had
members of the paints a rosy picture of
Theres also a fourth a host of careers, family wanted each Norways urban areas
dead body, who isnt beginning in the other dead. and outer reaches), its
a family member, Oslo police For some time, shot through with a
department. she
and its down to subsequently
the Norwegian strain of Britishness
tenacious copper founded her own crime queens novels that reflects her love of
Hanne Wilhelmsen law firm, and was have flown under Golden Age crime. Holts
to delve into the then appointed as the radar for many 1222 had an isolated, Christie- Agatha in this tale of
norways minister
Stahlbergs troubled for justice. British readers, even style setting for its mayhem, dynastic slaughter.
past, to identify the confirmed fans of and there are echoes of Dame By BAR RY FO R SHAW

Cr imescene 99
post mortem

write about a central character weakness. Although each strand

whos old enough to be is compelling in itself, you may
pensioned off? find yourself waiting for the
Both writers have adopted stories to cross over, yet they
similar approaches to their never quite do. Then again, as
characters, who are both Connellys ending makes clear,
troubled loners with military this is a novel that was at least
backgrounds, getting their partly designed to manoeuvre
creations to investigate cold Bosch into a space where,
cases and, more generally, retirement held at bay yet again,
wheedle their way into the law his story can continue.
enforcement process when That can only be a good thing
opportunities arise. For Bosch, because, to go back to where we
this means working as a began, Bosch, a shining light in
volunteer detective in San LAs darkness, is a man we dont
Fernando, a cash-strapped want to take his leave any earlier
city enclave within LAs wider than is absolutely necessary.
metropolis. This outing sees By JO NATHAN WR IG HT

designed to manoeuvre
bosch into a space where
THE WRONG his story can continue
Bosch on the trail of a
murderous sexual predator.

Bosch also takes on the
occasional case as a private eye,
which makes you wonder
N oW reA D
whether the title here, with its
BY MICHAEL CONNELLY echoes of The Long Goodbye, is a
OriOn OUT nOW nod to Raymond Chandler. Its
an impression only heightened
when we meet Harrys latest

anny, driven and experienced enough to client, the secretive aviation
deeply moral, out-think the bad guys billionaire Whitney Vance, a
Hieronymus yet young enough to man at the end of his life who
Harry Bosch is one DID YoU chase after them. wants to make amends to an
of modern crime
fictions most
compelling heroes.
KN oW? Today, Bosch,
whos lately been
forced to leave the
unacknowledged child who
might not have ever existed.
Connelly uses Bosch to
Bosch is a man who, Los Angeles Police infiltrate LAs moneyed class,
during his heyday, In A Darkness More Department and is in as surely as Chandler utilised
hunted serial killers Than Night we see his 60s, is starting to Marlowe to show us the same
and faced down his Bosch through the creak a little. For his elite and youre probably also
eyes of Blood
venal, foolish senior Work character
creator, its posed a guessing that any parallels
colleagues with Terry Mccaleb, a problem which is between Vance and Howard Raymond chandlers The Big
equal aplomb. way for connelly similar to that faced Hughes arent coincidental. Sleep, the first of his novels to
However, that to offer a new by Ian Rankin with That the two parallel stories feature Philip Marlowe and a
perspective on true crime fiction classic, is
was a decade ago his detective. his hero, Rebus: how which unfold never quite gel is always worth revisiting.
when Harry was do you continue to arguably this books biggest

1 00 C r i m es c en e


ack in 2006, Mays After five novels, May put the
novel Extraordinary Enzo Macleod novels on the
People introduced Enzo back burner, as he emerged
Macleod, a lion-maned, from the publishing
Italian-Scottish hippy mid-list with his
and serial ladykiller hugely successful
whos also a DID Yo U Lewis Trilogy,
brilliant forensic
scientist and
lecturer at a French
KN oW? which is set in the
Outer Hebrides.
May now takes us
university. That back to France for
novel saw Macleod enzo Macleod the sixth and final sabotage his investigation
make a drunken bet heavily resembles outing for Macleod, by kidnapping his daughter.
with a journalist May, from his wherein we finally Part of the appeal of these hes being chased by two nasty
backstory of being
who had published a an expat scot in
get to discover books is Mays piling on of fellows with guns. Cast Iron
book about unsolved France to his whether hell win guidebook-worthy detail few may never deviate far from
Gallic murders, trademark look that bet although readers will complain when he the traditional crime fiction
vowing to get to the of cargo pants, Enzos more worried has Enzo, for instance, stopping template, but it is extremely
baggy shirt
bottom of all of these and ponytail. about tracking down to note that the Chteau Duras well done.
baffling cases. whoevers trying to once had its own bakery, even as By JAK E K E R R IDG E

PAINKILLER Monicas breasts for female

perspective and a bathroom
scene for gritty realism. Both
BY N.J. FOUNTAIN prose and dialogue often clunk
SPHErE OUT 29 DEcEmbEr like bricks down a stairwell,
although any appearance
by Monicas cruelly

onica Wood lives this allows Fountain, in his witty artist friend,
a life of torment, debut psychological thriller, Angelina, makes for a
as shes been to weave plenty of hazy vivacious few pages.
left with constant intrigue and red Whereas most
and debilitating herrings around a crime novels
neuropathic pain DID YoU suicide note which chronicle pain in
after being pushed
down some hospital
stairs by an
K NoW? she cant recall
writing and Woods
dawning suspicion
short, sharp
bursts, here its
a relentless,
unknown assailant. that her husband, often tiring
Her condition and n.J. Fountain is a Dominic, is plotting fug which
the associated drug comedy writer by to murder her. weighs down
trade. In addition
treatments also to working for
Painkiller falls foul the narrative. In
cloud Woods Private Eye, hes of many pitfalls addition, the twist at the end,
memory of contributed to the which afflict debut if you think about it, renders here, culminating in a final act
everything since TV comedies Have novels. Fountain much of the action implausible. of which at last a strand or two
I Got News For You
the incident. and Dead Ringers. mistakes regular But go with it and theres an is surely unguessable.
Handily, plot-wise, mentions of enticing, neatly twisting yarn By MAR K B E AU MO N T

Cr imescene 101
post mortem

of one victim) means that Her pursuit of the murderer

you can forgive Bauer almost while reporting the crimes
anything. Even a sickly serial holds an almost unbearable
killer whos equally motivated tension and the short, sharp
by his failure as an artist and scenes compel you to keep
his heart transplant. reading. Bauer also laces her
In an opening scene that will narrative with a touch of gore
creep out anyone whos worked for example The body was in
in an empty office, a young the bed. And on the bed.
woman is slaughtered just feet Part of the fun of Bauers
from the weekend crowds on writing is the implausibility
Oxford Street. The calm and that she distracts you from, as if
collected killer is obsessed with she were a magician employing
the depiction of death by artists sleight of hand. The Beautiful
the joyous cruelty of Death Dead doesnt quite pull off that
And The Maiden and the Danse trick, but its as rich in humanity
Macabre and murder is his and horror as her best books.
only way of feeling complete. By AN DR E PAIN E

bauers short, sharp

scenes compel you
to keep reading
THE BEAUTIFUL As she had emptied, so he

DEAD had filled up, is one of many

memorable lines in a novel thats
as stylish as it is fast-paced.
The victims are exhibits,
N oW reA D
BANTAM OUT NOW for which the killer seeks
publicity. Hes soon drawn to
TV crime reporter Eve Singer,

elinda Bauer is but it may initially disappoint: who feels sick at the sight of
probably Britains depicting a murderer who blood yet makes her living on
most original crime strikes in familiar London the meat beat bodies, black
writer. Her debut of locations feels like bags and nasty stains. Shes also
2009, Blacklands, a deliberately competing with rival reporter
saw a 12-year-old
corresponding DID YoU commercial move.
As a result, Bauers
Guy Smith (naming him after a
schlocky horror author is a nice
with a jailed child
killer, while 2013s
Rubbernecker had
KN oW? seventh novel lacks
the atmosphere
of her books set in
touch). In addition to trying to
cling on to her job at a horribly
sexist TV station, Eve is coping
an anatomy student the wilds of Devon. with her fathers descent into
stumbling across Belinda Bauer Yet the quality of dementia and fretting over her
a murder amid doesnt read books her writing, the Christmas list.
by fellow crime Bauers fourth novel,
the dissection writers. she says
humour she mines As the killer continues to Rubbernecker, features unlikely
room cadavers. that her career from humdrum lives strike audaciously across the crimefighter Patrick Fort,
Therefore, means she can and the detached capital, he forms a twisted an anatomy student with
the expectations no longer read a character insights attachment to Eve, which Aspergers. It was named
novel without Theakstons Old Peculier crime
were high for The deconstructing it. (No-one fed his cat benefits her career but makes novel of the Year for 2014.
Beautiful Dead is the stark summary her feel queasily complicit.

1 02  C r i m es c en e



hose who cant abide where deep myth constantly
fiction where the intrudes on the present, and
fantastic intrudes on Grant himself is going steady
everyday life should look away with a river spirit, Beverley
now. The sixth book in Brook, there are plenty
the Rivers Of London of such happenings
series stars Peter
Grant, a Met DID Yo U to disturb the peace.
This time around,
constable and
apprentice wizard KN oW? the events revolve
around a death at an
studying under the obscenely expensive
eerily long-lived DCI apartment complex.
Thomas Nightingale. ex-Doctor Who The daughter of Matters are further complicated researching how magic works,
Similarly to the writer Aaronovitch another river spirit, by the reappearance of Grants full-on nerd. Best of all, there
is the brother of
way that Special journalist David
Lady Ty(burn), was nemesis, The Faceless Man. are signs that the series story
Branch investigate and actor Owen. at the scene of the Aaronovitch deftly balances arc is starting to click together,
terrorism, Grant and Their father, sam, crime and, as Grant urban fantasy with the police to reveal an underlying
Nightingale deal was a senior owes her mother a procedural. As for Grant, hes a seriousness in the way the
member of the
with eldritch events. communist Party. favour, his life is wonderful blend of laconic books tackle politics and race.
And, in a London about to get difficult. copper and, methodically By JO NATHAN WR IG HT

HOUSE OF BONES the British aristocracy

and their ready supply of
opium. Hauxwell writes
BY ANNIE HAUXWELL beautifully about her
ARROW OUT NOW surroundings, plunging
us into Londons history-
soaked, gentrified

heres something woman is free of the cliches Wapping riverside, the
immensely that this scenario may humid glitz of Hong Kong
likeable suggest; the way she and the smog of mainland
about Hauxwells DID YoU makes massive China. Subtle references

K NoW?
private eye, mistakes (and even to old injuries and
Catherine Berlin, more enemies) as grudges press on your
and its because of she steamrollers her intrigue synapses, which
her imperfections way through cases will make newcomers
rather than despite Annie Hauxwell is
is all-too-human. want to stock up on
them. Berlins a loner writing from This fourth novel previous instalments
with serious trust experience, having in the series sees before they have even
issues, a middle-aged worked as a Berlin hired for a reached the end of this
private investigator
heroin addict whos for more than 20
case involving an tale. As the pace builds,
haunted by the past years in the UK orphaned public putting down House Of
and wrestles with and Australia. shes schoolboy that takes Bones before Berlins
her own demons. also had stints as a her into the Chinese finished the task at hand
nurse, sociologist
But this flawed yet and taxi driver. underworld via is a tough ask.
tough and tenacious shady members of By Em m A JOHNsTON

Cr imescene 103
post mortem

for secrets among the isolated conscience, as she reluctantly

communities who live against keeps her sexuality a secret
the eerily beautiful backdrop from her fiercely loyal team.
of rural Northumberland, which Daniels really is an
is described by her as, Gods outstanding contemporary
country to some. Hell on Earth crime fiction character:
to those without a soul. compassionate despite her
Daniels is supposed to be toughness but no goody-two-
going on holiday with her shoes, as reflected by her flirting
on-off girlfriend, Jo, the nice with sexpot artist Fiona while
criminal profiler, in a bid to Jos off the scene. Chilly
salvage a relationship thats Northumberland somehow
been teetering on the brink of seems to get a little warmer
disaster throughout the series. with the knowledge that DCI
Needless to say, coppers rarely Daniels is determined to
if ever actually get to go on protect ordinary folk from
holiday in a crime novel the the forces of darkness.
insurance premiums for By JAK E K E R R IDG E

DCI kate DanIels really Is an

outstanDIng Contemporary
CrIme fICtIon CharaCter
fictional sleuths must be

GALLOWS DROP through the roof and Daniels

is concerned that the officer
whos meant to be covering her
leave, a neanderthal bully
N oW reA D
MACMILLAN OUT NOW named James Atkins, has a
connection to the murder
victim which hes attempting

he rise in popularity of Gibbet, a real-life gallows that to keep under wraps.
regional crime fiction stands as a reminder of a The trouble is that Atkins has
has been a notorious 18th-century a hold over Daniels: he knows
welcome development murder in the the truth about her sexuality,
over recent years, Northumberland which is something shes kept
but it strikes Crime DID YoU village of Elsdon. secret for years. Police
Scene that very soon
there wont be a site
of historical interest
KN oW? The sixth novel in
Hannahs series
featuring DCI Kate
procedurals rarely win non-
genre awards, but Hannah
scooped the Polari First Book
in the whole of Daniels begins with Prize for her 2012 novel, The
Britain that hasnt Hannah turned to the discovery of the Murder Wall, in recognition of
played host to a writing following body of a young man, its exploration of the LGBT
(fictional) corpse. an on-duty assault well known as a experience. Hannahs novels are
which ended her Inspector stephen Ramsay
Thanks to Mari career as a
champion amateur about a profession in which finds death on his doorstep,
Hannahs latest probation officer. wrestler, whos openly gay people still suffer in the quiet former pit village
novel, any tour of she based DcI found hanging from from the sort of discrimination of Heppleburn, during this
literary crime scenes Kate Daniels on the gibbet. This thats largely died out in other 1991 novel from another
her civil partner, a of northumberlands
will now have to former detective. mystery has DCI fields. She writes superbly about queens of crime.
take in Winters Daniels searching Daniels struggles with her

1 04  C r i m es c en e


eeva OHara is quite front. As OHaras children
a character the despair of her antics, eldest
matriarch of Martina son Aiden makes his way in
Coles 23rd novel is a drunken, Londons organised crime
unmarried mother scene. The first 150
whos about to have pages fly by as he
to her fifth child,
which is scandalous DID Yo U rises through the
ranks, forms a
behaviour for 1981.
When OHara KN oW? gangland power
couple with a
smokes dope during former prostitute
the birth, she could and recruits his underwritten. For Reevas
be straight out of a Over the last 25 younger brothers. latest lover, Tony Brown, Cole 30 years and 125 chapters. At
cartoon in Viz. years, Martina cole The problem is conjoined the names of two its best, this is a slow-burning
has spent more
Cole sketches weeks in the top
Aiden, a womanising Prime Ministers but forgot to psychodrama with the nasty
OHaras character slot of the UKs psychopath, is never furnish him with a personality. violence, devious gangsters and
with clarity and original fiction as interesting as his While her previous novel, Get lairy lingo that are Coles
compassion her bestseller list mother. In fact, Even, was a consistently sharp trademarks. It would probably
than any other
aggressive persona adult novelist. several of the male revenge thriller, Betrayal feels make a good mini-series.
is actually a bit of a characters are like a family row extended over By AN DR E PAIN E

CRASH LAND including Finn injured and

Maddie unaccounted for.
Johnstone is never an author
By DOUG JOHNSTONE who wastes time or energy
FABER & FABER OUT NOW with literary throat-clearing.
From the start, its clear to
the reader, if not to the

n iconic approach herein is effective gin-drunk Finn, that
archetype and intelligent. Maddie is fleeing more
through The femme in than just the lecherous
much Western DID YoU question is Maddie interest of a fellow

K NoW?
fiction, especially Pierce, who steps passenger. Finn, inside
crime noir, is the into the life of whose head we
femme fatale the jewellery student experience events, is a
beautiful, mysterious Finn Sullivan in the young, somewhat
and seductive Doug Johnstone
departure lounge of self-centred
woman who turns co-founded the Orkneys airport. character (as
the heroes lives scotland Writers Sometimes life is shown in a lack of
upside down. It isnt Football club in dramatic, she tells enthusiasm for
2011, which has
an archetype that since played
him, although his supposed
Scottish author Doug numerous games neither anticipates girlfriend) whom we might
Johnstone, who around europe, the horrendous not initially like but come to from Johnstone, a gripping
explores the edges of usually alongside plane crash that sympathise with in extremis. read that never underestimates
more traditional
domestic noir, has literary events. follows, leaving Crash Land is another the readers intelligence.
used before, but his seven dead, three assured, sharply written novel By PAU L F. C O C K B U R N

Cr imescene 105
pOst mOrtem



hen it comes to Sold to multiple territories last
whodunits, the year, this book arrived in the UK
investigation cuts with a buzz. Chirovicis English-
both ways: as the protagonist language debut sees him
delves into the mystery, making taut, tense work
readers interpret of living up to that
their fractured
identity. In this DID YOU hype and his own
ambitions. This
seamless mix of
literary experiment KN OW? skilful mosaic
of problematic
bristles with noir-ish riffs on
obsession and jealousy, deftly one anchoring theme; the others
and page-turning memories and layered with clues, twists, include memory and the power
mystery, Romanian- missing manuscripts deferrals and rug-pulls. of storytelling. Chirovicis
Hungarian author Chirovici has begins with a As the truth looms, the brisk prose style never allows
Chirovici explores previously written student-written manuscript dramatically cuts self-reflection to become self-
short stories and
that idea with great mystery novels in
novel, concerning off and the perspectives of a regard, and this is a meta-novel
lan, unpicking Romanian. His the killing of a reporter and a retired detective which possesses ripping
the truth about debut novel, The Princeton professor, take hold, revealing a three- momentum and brims with
a 25-year-old Massacre, sold being sent to a ages-of-man structure: student, ambiguity. A high-grade mystery
over 100,000
murder from copies. literary agent. mid-lifer and wise old-timer. thats ripe for investigation.
three viewpoints. That novel within Troubled male psyches provide By K EVIN HAR L EY


assimilate into her new
family and school are
hampered by the
BY ALI LAND scarring reality of
As Milly narrates
the story, chillingly

ll teenage girls have However, Millys new home addressing her
their secrets, but isnt quite the safe haven shed absent mother
15-year-old Millys hoped for. The motivation throughout, the
is diabolical. Her of the father, Mike, horrors of her
mother is a serial a psychotherapist, past are
killer whos dubbed DID YOU isnt as clear-cut as revealed by a

the Peter Pan Killer pure altruism, while sinister drip
by an excited media matriarch Saskia is a feed of
the victims were booze-addled mess, memories.
nine small children. and their daughter, Although
Milly turned her Phoebe, is a vicious her plight
mother in to the Ali Land spent a bully, one whose wrenches
decade working
police herself and, as a mental health
calculated cruelties the heart, Millys
her true identity nurse for children towards the incomer damaged psyche gradually raises and tension. An
concealed, has been and adolescents, are brilliantly drawn. questions about her complicity. incredibly powerful debut
fostered by an at hospitals and As her mothers Subject matter doesnt come thats, in turn, disturbing,
schools in the UK
affluent West and Australia. trial approaches, much darker and every perfectly heart-rending and haunting.
London family. Milly attempts to paced page seethes with menace By DE IR DR E O B R IE N

1 06  C r i m es C en e


issing children are a imagines, might make good experience life
mainstay of crime examples for his display case. despite the health
fiction, though The prime candidate is a risks may put him in
Fiona Cummins gives that six-year-old boy from the path of the killer.
agonising scenario a Blackheath with a With his private
clever twist in her progressive illness ossuary and flesh-
highly promising
debut novel. The DID YOU known as Stone Man
Syndrome, which
eating beetles for the
ghoulish striptease
nightmarish killer is
The Bone Collector, KN OW? causes muscles and
joints to fuse
of human bodies,
The Bone Collector
a connoisseur of together to form a is a memorable,
human skeletons second skeleton. carefully deployed
who considers his Rattle features a Cummins captures villain albeit one
sinister hobby a crime reporter the complex with the same name as a
whos chasing the
family tradition. story for the Daily
emotions between Jeffery Deaver malefactor. families. Powered by a
Stalking victims in Mirror. Cummins Jakey Friths Rattle isnt merely a creepy procedural element which
South London, he also worked for the quarrelling parents page-turner, its also an affecting builds towards a bold and
singles out children paper but covered as they care for their exploration of the inner lives of chilling climax, this is as heart-
suffering from rather than crime. fragile son, whose the female detective, the missing rending as it is gripping.
conditions which, he childish desire to children and their shattered By AN DR E PAIN E

lady with more admirers
than common decency
decrees, Ruth wraps
BY EMMA FLINT herself in self-disgust to
PICADOR OUT 12 JANUARY keep the wrong part of
her, the messy part,
hidden the Little

hile poor writing forth in time, with every Deaths of the title
trips over its own moment since Ruths first awful also referring, it
feet and realisation of her seems, to her
good writing moves loss disappearing constant self-
nimbly, great writing
travels. Newcastle- DID YOU into an endless,
after-shocked now.
Much more
born Emma Flint
has successfully K NOW? This is less a
whodunit than a
and less
conjured the humid howl of outrage at compelling, is
drear of 1960s New how women are put a subplot
York in her heart- Ruth Malones on trial for what following a
sick debut novel. plight was inspired they are, rather than reporter, Pete
by the real-life
The tale of Ruth case of Alice
their actions, and Wonicke, who gets too close
Malone, a single Crimmins, who Little Deaths is to the case and has to shoulder a literary elegance,
mother whose two was repeatedly particularly good at little too much exposition. But is often hard to bear.
young children go convicted, then getting under Ruths this is Ruth Malones story and, This is one writer whos
exonerated, of
missing, Little Deaths similar charges. itching skin. in the main, the rawness of her definitely going places
dances back and A brittle, bird-like grief, combined with Flints By MAT T G L ASBY

Cr imesCene 107
post mortem

starts to unravel with terrifying plot. Here and there, a few

speed. Within a few weeks, incidents strain credulity a
Steinmeyer has lost her fianc little, and the occasional loose
and job. In addition, her end is left hanging. But these
apartments been violated and are minor flaws in a novel that
dog cruelly maimed. Oh, and exerts a chilly grip right from
shes been jailed for assault. the start. Without letting up
Someone, with cool efficiency on the tension, Minier seasons
and for no fathomable reason, is his tale with satirical elements,
systematically destroying her not least his portrayal of
life from the inside, like some Steinmeyers parents, who
kind of malignant parasite. are smugly self-satisfied in
Before long, suicide starts to their mutually complacent
seem like the only way out. perfection. Miniers prize-
This is the third novel to winning status as one of
feature Miniers conscientious, Frances foremost crime
Mahler-loving Toulouse cop, writers is well deserved.
Commandant Martin Servaz By Phil iP K e mP

This is a novel ThaT

exerTs a chilly grip
righT from The sTarT
DONT TURN the previous titles being The

OUT THE LIGHTS Frozen Dead and A Song for

Drowned Souls. However, this
time around, Servaz appears in
a secondary role, following a
N oW reA D
parallel line of investigation that
TRANSLATED BY ALISON ANDERSON eventually converges with the
central narrative stream.
The main focus herein is on

s the old saying is a popular and successful Steinmeyer, as she struggles to
goes, just because breakfast show presenter at a comprehend the inexplicable
youre paranoid, Toulouse radio station, nightmare thats engulfed her.
it doesnt mean that Steinmeyer heads Minier insidiously weaves his
they arent out to out to meet her plot, keeping us guessing along
get you. Christine
Steinmeyer is
DID YoU fiancs parents on
Christmas Eve but
with his heroine, and only very
gradually do we start to perceive
evidently paranoid
in the extreme
KN oW? discovers an
anonymous letter in
the outline of the vicious
conspiracy that has chosen her
at least according her mailbox. Its as its target. And even then, the
to her fianc, her from a woman who canny author keeps several
colleagues, the Before publishing announces that shes unexpected twists up his sleeve
his first novel in
neighbours and the 2011, at the age
about to commit for the final chapters. Thilliez, who trained as a
police but it turns of 51, Bernard suicide and accuses The Midi-Pyrnes make a computer engineer, writes
out that shes got Minier worked as Steinmeyer of being vivid setting for the drama, and polars (French crime novels)
good reason to be. a senior customs the reason why. Toulouses status as centre of featuring strong scientific
Inspector with the backgrounds and Syndrome E
An attractive French douane. From there on in, the French aerospace industry is a gripping example.
young woman who her successful life furnishes a key strand of the

1 08  C r i m es c en e


ow far would you go mine in northern Finland. But
to keep your secrets The Mine requires you to dig
buried? How deeper. Indeed, as Vuori
deep do you have to sifts for information,
bury the past to stop and starts to find
it clawing its way DID Yo U himself buried under
into the present?
On the surface,
Antti Tuomainens
KN oW? the weight of
revelation, he
discovers that the
titular mine is a case has a personal
literal one. Its the Tuomainen has element one want to step on one. And, as shifting perspectives start to
centre of a plot been labelled The which makes the Vuori gets closer to the truth, merge and different media are
which sees Helsinki king of Helsinki investigation very the more Tuomainen steps up introduced, the reader also
noir by the
Daily investigative Finnish press.
much his own. Or, the stakes, making this an becomes an investigator,
journalist Janne Despite having to him, mine. increasingly tense and watching connections spread.
Vuori receiving an written six books Of course, the potentially explosive read. This is a smart, beautifully
anonymous tip about in the crime genre, books title has a Tuomainens fifth novel might translated novel that you
he is yet to use a
some illegal activity police protagonist. third meaning lets feel fairly traditional during its should make your own.
occurring at a nickel just say you wouldnt first few chapters but as the By Sam aShu r St

That is hardly a promising
set-up for a crime novel but

TUSCAN HILLS dont underestimate Vichis

ability to manoeuvre this
former anti-fascist Partisan
BY MARCO VICHI into intriguing and dangerous
HODDER & STOUGHTON OUT NOW scenarios. When Bordelli
supposed suicide of a
young aristocrat in a

ith this, longer a serving neigbouring castle, 14
his fifth police officer. In the years earlier, its obvious
Inspector Bordelli is DID YoU wake of a troubling
case that involved
that he hasnt lost his
natural instinct for
shaping up to be a
detective whose K NoW? the savage murder
of a child, a break-up
working cases and
righting wrongs.
investigations are, with the girl of his The supposed suicide turns
like the Montalbano dreams and the out to be a classic locked-room series those cosy-looking
novels by Andrea Florence-born catastrophic 1966 mystery, though Vichi cleverly covers are a little misleading
Marco Vichi was
Camilleri, required nine when the city
flooding of Florence, twists this private investigation but the crime element is
reading for fans of suffered the flood the ageing detective into an opportunity for Bordelli contrasted with lingering
Italian crime fiction. of 1966, which was has chosen to retire to pursue revenge against a descriptions of Italian cuisine
However, Death In the subject of his and move to the killer who evaded justice. which offer some welcome
previous book,
The Tuscan Hills Death In Florence. countryside, to tend Death In The Tuscan Hills is relief from the dead bodies.
finds Bordelli no his vegetable patch. by far the darkest book in this By an dr e Pain e

Cr imescene 109
post mortem

Franchise, which employs young moral quandaries of working

women the titular Sirens undercover, and also delineates
who discretely collect drug the murky drug culture. We
revenue while apparently learn of a product called eight
socialising in a string of city (heroin, which begins with the
bars controlled by the dealers. eighth letter of the alphabet),
DC Waits is plunged into this troubleshooting (the risky
underworld following a serious testing of a batch of the drug)
error of judgement, one which and the UV lights in the
enables his boss to use him to Franchises bars that make it
flush out the dirty cops on the easier for addicts to find a vein.
payroll of Manchesters drug Waits first fictional outing is a
kingpin. The young detective shadowy, disturbing narrative,
has been publicly disgraced and and once you start reading its
appears to be damaged goods. hard to resist the call. Sirens is
So he has the perfect cover story the best British crime debut of
with which to inveigle himself the last five years.
into the gang run by Zain Carver By AN DR E PAIN E

(a man of charm and cold,

SirenS clean malice), whos gentrified

the drug trade but is still
definitely not to be crossed.
This perilous investigation is
N oW reA D
DOUBLEDAY OUT 12 JANUARY complicated by the 17-year-old
daughter of a vodka heiress,
whos run away from home and

hile many The novels opening page become part of Carvers party
contemporary finds disgraced detective Aidan crowd at his house in a suburb of
crime authors Waits having received a blow South Manchester. The girls
aspire to write noir, few to the head and his life father, a slippery government
manage to capture about to unravel. minister, then tasks Waits with
its bleak essence and
dark poetry. With DID YoU It may be a familiar
scenario the
keeping an eye on her. Of course,
things dont go to plan, as Waits
his debut novel,
Joseph Knox has
achieved something
KN oW? compromised cop
taking a walk on the
wild side but Sirens
own demons surface after hes
obliged to take drugs to make
his undercover role believable,
remarkable a is unusual for a and hes also accused of going
totally modern, Joseph Knox is the British novel, as it method actor by his boss.
Manchester-set noir pseudonym of possesses literary Waits also faces the threat of
Joseph Knobbs,
thats atmospheric, who knows his
heft comparable to a rival gang, the Burnsiders, He Died With His Eyes Open,
hard-hitting and stuff when it the US fiction that though it may be the political Derek Raymonds brutal noir
immensely readable. comes to noir shines a light on the and police establishment who novel, is the first in his series of
Sirens signals the his day job is drug trade. In Knoxs he has to really worry about. Factory novels, concerning an
crime-buyer for unnamed detective involved in
arrival of a major Waterstones. case, its an illegal Knox convincingly portrays murky cases in 1980s London.
new talent. operation called the the psychological impact and

1 1 0 C r i m es c en e

love murder

ix years on from her story, with the latest gruesome
first adventure, in killings interrupting fellow cop
The Killing Lessons, Nick Blaskovitchs attempts to
Saul Black picks up the propose to Hart, and
story of Detective the horrific tale of a
Valerie Hart, who
remains haunted by DID Yo U serial killer on the
rampage. As the
her nemesis, the
beautiful killer,
Katherine Glass.
KN oW? spate of killings
commences, it is
clear to Hart that
Although Glass is they are connected
safely behind bars, saul Black is the to the murders from
for the horrific pseudonym of six years ago and, receives from the killer is to
murders in which a British author, more frighteningly, re-engage with the enigmatic personal nature of the killers
Glen Duncan. He
she played a part, recently wrote The
this time the carnage Katherine Glass. However, the vendetta begins to emerge.
her partner in crime Last Werewolf is very personal. personal impact on Hart may As with The Killing Lessons,
is still on the loose. trilogy, which The only chance cost her more deeply than she this is an easy read, with a
The second book concerns a that Hart has of realises, as her relationship compelling plot that develops at
long-lived, lonely
in Blacks series lycanthrope. understanding the with Blaskovitch becomes pace until its chilling climax.
combines a love cryptic letters she increasingly strained and the By ZIllAh By N g -Tho R N E

chaoS young woman who has

been brutalised with
unprecedented savagery.
BY PATRICIA CORNWELL Puzzling calls suggest that
HARPERCOLLINS OUT NOW Interpol is involved, but
Scarpetta suspects a
cyber troll named

ince making her Needless to say, with such a Tailend Charlie
prize-winning debut prolific output, Cornwell has who has been
with Post Mortem made the occasional electronically
in 1991, Cornwells misstep, and there stalking her.
23 novels starring
Kay Scarpetta, the DID YoU may be those
readers who feel
Scarpettas usually
reliable niece,
brilliant forensic
pathologist, have
put the writer firmly
K NoW? that Chaos finds the
author not quite at
her most involving.
Lucy, cannot
crack the
at the top of the Nevertheless, the Charlies
crime fiction tree, Fictional serial ticking clock identity, and a
with her heroine killers aside, scenario here second murder in
cornwell claims to
laying open human know the identity
maintains a grip. a different county uncovers limits,
malfeasance as of Jack the Ripper: Scarpetta and her bizarre facts which are unlike and a bloody finale
unflinchingly as the painter Walter partner, Pete anything Scarpetta has ever involving a drone delivers
she examines sickert. Her revised Marino, become encountered before. the kind of closure that
Ripper book is out
the innards of in January. involved in the case This book sees Scarpetta Cornwell aficionados expect.
murder victims. of a dead cyclist a pushed far beyond her usual By BAR Ry Fo R ShAW

Cr imescene 111
post mortem

explores how fear can colour face-off between Priddy

a persons perception of the and a (quite frightening)
world around them, and why psychopath, we get a bit of
adrenaline can make them wheel-spinning, as the same
misjudge risk. scenes play out multiple
Our heroine has already times, from different angles.
pushed herself out of her Its a real pity that Swanson
minuscule comfort zone by doesnt hit his mark because,
accepting a house swap with a otherwise, this is a compelling
distant cousin in Boston, so whodunit with a pleasingly
after making the journey from unconventional heroine and an
London to the US, only to find incredibly twisted antagonist. It
that a neighbours been killed, feels wrong to even suggest this,
well, thats just one more thing but its possible that Her Every
to add to a long list of worries. Fear would be a more satisfying
With a premise that strong, read if you ripped out a handful
Her Every Fear should be a nail- of pages towards the end.
biting read, one where Priddys By Sar ah Do b b S

swanson explores how

fear can colour a persons
perception of the world
HER EVERY inability to discern a well-

FEAR meaning neighbour from a

potential murderer leads her
into difficult and dangerous
situations. In its better moments,
N oW reA D
FABER & FABER OUT 19 JANUARY thats pretty much exactly what
this is, but although her fears are
grippingly rendered Swanson

ate Priddy is of a murder investigation, it manages to capture the exact
suspicious of looks like her tendency to irrational terror of a panic attack
everyone. imagine the worst may there are also chapters told
Shes always been finally prove useful. from other characters
the anxious type, DID YoU Swansons latest perspectives, where things go
and after her
abusive former
boyfriend left her
KN oW? thriller (his previous
bestsellers are The
Girl With A Clock
awry. Not only are none of the
other characters as interesting,
but as the narrative hops from
locked in a cupboard For A Heart and The one to another, the identity of
for days, shes Kind Worth Killing), the killer becomes glaringly
developed a whole previous novel, The finds him painting a obvious, and all of the tension
new set of phobias. Kind Worth Killing, queasily accurate in the plot seeps away.
Priddys default won a new portrayal of what its During the final few chapters,
england society
response to any Book Award, and
like to live with Swanson attempts some cat- Patricia Highsmiths The Cry
unfamiliar situation was nominated for anxiety every day. and-mouse creepiness, but Of The Owl sees a heartbroken
is terror, and who the crime Writers However, Priddy thanks to some misjudged man attempt a fresh start in
could blame her? But Associations Ian isnt positioned as a structuring, the reader already a new town, only to succumb
Fleming steel to anxiety, voyeurism, and
when she finds Dagger. helpless victim, knows what the killers going sexual jealousy.
herself in the middle rather Swanson to do. Instead of a climactic

1 1 2  C r i m es c en e


n London Fields, a who already has her hands full
prostitute in a cheap with a multiple rape case. The
blue rabbit-fur coat is pattern of her future career is
struggling with an assailant who soon clear: taking on the CID
holds a knife to her throat. and putting herself in danger.
But this woman isnt This follow-up to La
who she seems in Plantes successful,
fact, shes a young
Jane Tennison on an
DID Yo U 1973-set Tennison,
which depicted her
assignment. Soon
KN oW? longtime heroine
not as the tough,
afterwards, a woman mature copper we
is discovered dead in know from the
a bath, with her child Lynda la Plante is Helen Mirren-
an energetic
left crying in the multi-tasker: a
starring TV same vivid detail of London and readers will be grateful for
next room. Was it writer, producer incarnation but as during that dingy decade, another chance to experience
accidental death of crime shows an inexperienced and again foreshadows the Tennison as a vulnerable
or murder? That based on her own Met probationer, woman she was to become. heroine whos slowly acquiring
material and an
question soon erstwhile actress. this second prequel The rites of passage depicted her grimly resilient character.
engages Tennison, bristles with the in the previous novel arent over, By bar rY Fo r ShaW

SINNER MAN the killing, Barshter/

Crowley also decides
on a career change:
BY LAWRENCE BLOCK organised crime.
HARD CASE CRIME OUT NOW Seeking out trouble
and sexual adventure
(Block started his

ost for nearly After sitting out the career writing erotic
half a century, weekend with her body fiction, and it shows)
Lawrence in a cupboard, the he soon comes to a life-
Blocks debut crime DID YoU remorseless changing realisation: It

K NoW?
novel is a bracing Barshter empties was a hell of a lot more
blast of early 60s their bank accounts fun being Nat Crowley.
noir from an author and flees to Buffalo Blocks novel is set
who would go on to under a new mostly at night and
become one of the Lawrence Block
identity, that of Nat captures the period
genres greats. The was so prolific that Crowley, something subculture of beatniks,
Sinner Man in he lost track of as apparently easy as jazz cats and blues
question is Don Sinner Man, which taking a concealed freaks. His relentless
was belatedly
Barshter, a bored published as
firearm on a plane first-person narrative is
insurance salesman Savage Lover during the 1960s. dominated by its tough,
in Connecticut who in 1968, under Influenced by the chilling protagonist,
accidentally kills his the shared gangster movie he whose company you might another essential reissue
pseudonym of
wife during a sheldon Lord. skipped work to see secretly enjoy. With its pungent, from Hard Case Crime.
drunken rage. on the afternoon of hardboiled prose, Sinner Man is By aN Dr E PaIN E

Cr imescene 113
Famous Last Words
The piThy sign-Offs ThaT sTay wiTh us, frOm screen and page

This doesnt mean were back together


ne of the best cult crime movies
in recent years is also among the
most baffling. Based on a
psychedelic detective novel by
US author Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice
even had its own director suggesting that
critics may well dub the film Incoherent
Vice. But thats probably to be expected
when the hero of the tale is stoned out of
his mind for most of the time.
Larry Doc Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix)
is not your typical detective. Its 1970 and
the mutton-chopped private eye is working
the mean streets of Gordita Beach, Los
Angeles, where he is despised as hippy
scum by the local police, including the
belligerent Bigfoot (Josh Brolin). With
his sandals, unkempt appearance and
incessant dope smoking, Docs hardly
Philip Marlowe. But then again, Raymond
Chandlers plots could also be meandering
Inherent Vice certainly has shades of
adaptations of the classic hardboiled novels
The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye.
Writer/director Paul Thomas Andersons
stoner noir has its madcap comedy
moments, though theres an undercurrent of
menace, as the idealism of the 60s is about
to be swept away. Paranoia alert scribbles
Doc in his notebook, as he begins to make

The hero of the tale is stoned out By the end, the pair are
reunited in the Californian

of his mind for most of the time

sunshine and Doc repeats a
line from earlier: This doesnt
mean were back together.
connections during his investigation. It dentist and a secret society thats Of course, if you wanted to get
almost feels like this could be one last job known as The Golden Fang. really paranoid, perhaps his
for the unlikely sleuth, who isnt cut out A glamorous woman in danger meaning is literal theyre not
for the harsh realities of the dawning 70s. is often central to Chandlers back together because Docs so
Docs certainly taken on his toughest stories, and Hepworth is at the stoned that hes hallucinating
case yet. Visited by his ex-girlfriend, Shasta heart of this adaptation of Pynchons this romantic reunion. Inherent Vices
Fay Hepworth (Katherine Waterston), hes 2009 novel. Having appeared at the happy ending is the final disorientating
tasked with helping out a real-estate mogul beginning of the film, Docs lost love crops twist in this neo-noir classic.
who may be in danger. But Doc ends up up occasionally, to bring glimmers of hope
running into Nazi bikers, a cocaine-addled during his strange and sinister case. By A ND RE PA INE

1 1 4  C r i m es c en e