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Client Case Study

Developing a Corporate Philanthropy Initiative

How a corporate client's "culture of focus" shaped the corporate giving program
The following account is a true story based on a client’s of volunteers. EIG performed additional analysis of
experience with Excellence in Giving. Identifying details each organization's leadership, finances, and future
have been changed to protect anonymity. plans. The executive committee then narrowed the
field to two organizations in each of the following
Many corporations offer an employee matching gift focus areas: (a) inner city youth, (b) extreme urban
program. Traditionally a company matches dollar-for- poverty, and (c) international relief and development.
dollar up to a set amount per year to eligible
organizations. Eligible organizations typically need no Employee Participation
more than 501(c)3 status. This “portfolio approach”
All employees were invited to attend 2 lunch-time
did not appeal to our client. In the client's world of
briefing sessions designed to introduce the 6 potential
private equity investments "over-diversification"
Charitable Partners. The executive leadership even
delivers average results. That is why their company
hired a temp so that the receptionist could also attend.
invests large amounts only in a few carefully-researched
Each organization presented
their respective programs in a “The executive committee
options. They wanted their corporate giving to
employ the company's philosophy of delivering
25-minute time period. EIG wanted their corporate
superior performance through focus.
directed the organizations to giving to employ the
Corporate Philanthropy Focus include a video and end with company's philosophy.
Q & A to more fully engage
To create a focused corporate giving program the the employees.
EIG made that possible.”
executive committee had to limit the eligible
organizations. Based on EIG's advice they decided to Following the presentations, employees completed a
select three locally based organizations using a two- confidential online survey to vote for their preferred
step process. First, the executive committee would organization in each of the 3 focus areas. EIG gathered
review a list of 10 recommended organizations from the data and informed the executive committee of the
EIG. Second, the employees would vote for 3 from a results. The three selected organizations have now
reduced list of 6. become the company's Charitable Partners. The
employees were educated by the non-profits and
The executive committee asked EIG to create a developed a sense of ownership through the selection
recommended list of potential charitable partners process.
using the following goals for their giving program:
(1) to encourage giving and volunteering, To encourage employee involvement, the company
offers a two-for-one match for the first $2,000 given
(2) to serve those in desperate situations such as per employee. One matching dollar comes from the
extreme poverty or crisis, and company and the other matching dollar from the
executive leadership. The employees are also given two
(3) to support organizations ignored by corporate
days PTO per year to participate in service projects
with the selected organizations. These policies
EIG used these corporate goals to screen dozens of demonstrate the executive leadership's belief in the
organizations based on their purpose, results and use importance of giving.

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