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Nahda High School Full name:

- Ahfir - Score Number: Duration: 55 minutes

Academic year: 2016 - 2017 /20
Common core class/ Test 1 semester 1

Read the text and answer the following questions:
Marias classmates
Marias classmates are from different countries. Like Maria, they are university students, and they are in
London English Institute to learn English. Both Lola and Silvio are from Italy. Silvio is from Varese, but his
school is in Milan, in the north of the country. It is a big school for journalists. Lola is from the south. She is a
university student in Naples. Alberto is from Spain. His uncle is a cook in a big restaurant in London. Alejandra is
Spanish, too. She is Albertos cousin. They are in the same university in Seville. Pierre is from Bordeaux, but he is
a student in a school for pilots in Paris. He is very smart and his favorite subject is mathematics. Johan is in a
business school in Amsterdam. Keita is from Cameroun. He is a student of foreign languages in one of the
universities in Paris. His father is a diplomat in France.
1) Read the statements and write T (true) or F (false). Justify : (4 pts.)
a) Maria is a tourist ...... ..
b) Lola is from Spain. ... .
c) Alejandra is Albertos sister. ... .
d) Johan studies in Amsterdam. ... .
2) Read the text and answer the following questions: (3 pts.)
a) Where is Naples? ...........
b) What does Albertos uncle do? .
c) Where is Pierres school? ..
I. Complete the exchanges (2 pts.)
1. You: .?
Tom: I get to school by bus.
2. You: ..?
Ben: I have Physical Education on Wednesday.
II. Complete with the correct preposition of time. (2 pts.)
a. We never go to bed ______ midnight.
b. I was born ______ 2000.
c. We always study English ______ 8 a.m. ______ 9 a.m.
III. Correct the mistakes in these sentences. (1 pts.)
a. Mrs Greens husband is americane. .
b. What is your hobbies? ..?
VI. Put these words in the plural: (2 pts.)
Singular Plural
Child .
Tooth .
Leaf .
Mouse .
Write your first letter to your pen-friend: (6 pts.)
Introduce yourself.
Give personal information about yourself (name, age, school, city and country, family, favorite subjects, favorite
sports and your hobbies)
Ask for the information you want to know about your friend.
End your letter. Good luck
Instructor: FATMI Abderrahim