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_“Nahn iii FULT Providing Gainful Employment Rete mina eae eke gee) The Doe Fund More thon 30 years ogo, George McDonald noticed a major problem in his hometown of New York City, New York. In the early to mid-17805, the streets were floaded with homeless men and women who were unable to find wore due to drug addiction 2+ past criminal records. For 700 nights, he handed out sancwiches and distributed clothes to the homeless—but that didn't seem to solve the individuals main problem of not having a root cover their heads or a job to pay the rent. McDonald set out to change that by stating the Doe Fund in 1985. The nonprofit organization provides pathwoys to selhsuliciency and independence for individuals wha are homeless or at rak of becoming homeless The basis of the Doe Funds Ready, Willing & Able program for formerly homeless and incarcerated men is ‘rantitional housing, job training and steady incomes. Meanwhile, its atiordable and supportive housing program provides vial services 10 those with histories of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, physical sabilties, manta ness and HIV/AIDS, “We pay people to go to wok.” says John McDonald, son of George and Chiat Operating Officer (COO) of the Doe Fund. “Those programs we run help people change ther lives.” SECURING A PLACE TO CALL HOME The Doe Fund ensures residents have a safe, clean ond secure ploce to live. The organization currently maintains four affordable and supportive outing developments and thee transitional developments across several New York City boroughs. The first permanent housing development the DDoe Fund opened in Manhattan is called A Better BENCHMARK «YOUR MEASURE OF EXCELLENCE Benchmark Tie ic a fll service tile company and New York State cortified worman- ‘owned business In the pact 18 monthe wehave clozed over $I billion of raneactions, ranging from single family homes to very large commercial projects This includes ‘aver 2,000 unite of affordable housing built under New York City* affordable housing programe Along with Benchmarks commitment to exceptional customer sence, we ‘hare wath The Doe Fund a focus on communety engagement BENCHMARK TITLE AGENCY, LLC Thomas DeCare, Bernard Carr, President SVP for Affordable Housing Face. The 28-unit property mainly serves formerly homeless individuals ving with HIV/AIDS. The Dee Fu Hausing Tax Credits (UHTC3. nizatione that provide affordable housing, the Doe Similar to most Fund leverages funding from multipole sources the [New York City] Department of Homeless ts fora large rajoiy oft "We have @ cont Senvicas, which ac ‘says. “We have other earned revenue from city council routes, and we also seek donations, The Doe Fund plans to open twa mare developments in 2018 and then ‘one more in 201 nt problem with de sfordable housing i The most signif nding the right piece of | tho righ ‘The conditions were perfect to start redeveloping a ste in May 2016, Crystal Towers, located in Brooktyn, will oficialy open in 2018 When the $57 milion, 123.uni development is complete, will be able to secommodate 423 people, Sixty units will be for people with cisab have HIVIAIDS, the land from 8 to develop, but 1 finding the right The Doe Fund sce businessman who who wat having 3 portner, The Doe Fund jumped an the opportunity “With the prices of real estate today, Ihonestly di nat know we would be able te do comething like (Crystal Tower];" McDonald says. “That piece of land is probably worth double today. Its just incredbe." READY, WILLING & ALE The individuals the Doe Fund sees through 11990, the program fist started placing individvals PAC AAAS chicos @..., Oieinticts, 9 Stability. Experience. Integrity. Performance. in sentation jabs. Since then, the progrem hes grown to encompass work placement with 2 small catering business and a provider of extermination services. ‘The nine to 12month paid work program has graduated more 23,000 ‘men, who now have permanent jobs in various industries—atong with ‘their own apartments “We really had faith and a belief that we could change somebody’ life bby getting them back to work,” McDonald says, “There's power in work tnd there are so many lessons that can be leamed just by getting up and having a place to go to every day.” Ready, Wiling & Able provides the structure the Doe Fund team Dolievot it necessary to succeed in the: modern world “Not everyone has the benefit of a level playing field,” McDonald says “its just nice to be able to give back and help people in a society where cveryone is kind of looking out for themselves. That's what makos UE unique” The Dos Fund looks to continue expanding the erganization’ property holdings across Now York City. Eventually, they would Ike to set up Ready, Willing & Able franchises across the country “We really havea great reputation out thera in the industry, and we have other development des|t inthe pipeline. We're always lovking for new landl, and we also have some assets that we are looking to redevelop in our own portfolio,” MeDionald says. “Our mission & pretty clear— we're going to develop transitional housing, We're going to develop permanent housing.” El PROUD TO HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH THE DOE FUND 4 Building the American Dreom Since 1912 @