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Annual Report 2015-2016


To provide quality affordable housing and

support for people who have experienced

Ecuhome reflects the diversity of our city,

recognizes and respects the value of all
people, and empowers tenants to regain
their place in the community.

Ecuhome houses over 700 men, women

and children in 58 shared houses, an
historic rooming house, and six apartment
buildings throughout Toronto.

What does
success look like?
When the Ontario Government and City of Toronto measure successful housing programs,
they start with housing stability. Thats what Ecuhome starts with too.

We take applicants straight from shelters and the street and offer them a secure affordable
home. Over 30% of our tenants including many who had been homeless for years have
lived in Ecuhome five years or more.

The supports Ecuhome offers make this success possible. But they do much more.
DAVID TAYLOR We look for five good outcomes for our tenants:

1 The life skills that foster independence and confidence

2 Increased health and well-being
3 Meaningful activities where every tenant has a sense of purpose, and
recognizes the contribution they have to offer
4 A sense of belonging, starting with their home and their neighbourhood
5 A greater resilience to weather the challenges that face us all, but especially those
living in poverty

In this report we look at what these outcomes mean for our tenants, and for the everyday
work we do.

David Taylor Angie Hains


Improved life skills
It takes skills to survive on the street, navigate the
shelter system, emigrate to a new country or make
the best of a long stay in an institution. But it takes I stepped up to
another set of skills to succeed as a tenant. this house. We
know how lucky
At Ecuhome, we work one-on-one with tenants to we are and we
help them acquire the skills needed to succeed, not keep it this way.
just at Ecuhome, but anywhere.
Marc Cassie
This year, a team of managers and staff tackled the
challenging issue of hoarding. The team researched
best practices to find consistent and practical
approaches that will break the hoarding cycle.

Ecuhome has made a

big difference in my
life. It was a happy
relief to find my home.
Dan Salloum

Greater health and well-being
Ecuhome promotes healthy living at any age.
Our supports are Six years ago, Ecuhome tenants formed their first baseball team a great
affordable. But they chance to get some exercise and have fun. Today, Ecuhome fields co-ed
arent free. baseball, soccer and volleyball teams, and organizes a walking group.

Cost of supports for an Ecuhome We also know that people who have been homeless, age earlier than the
tenant: $6.49/day general population. So this year we set up a management/staff team to plan
Increases in Ecuhomes funding the best outcome possible when a tenants medical appointments multiply,
since 2010: ................................................0
stairs become challenging or they begin to have trouble caring for themselves.
The more costly alternatives:
Cost of visiting housing first
supports: ..................................$20.63/day1
Costs of a stay in a homeless
shelter bed in Toronto: ..................$75/day2 I was homeless and broke in
Costs of services for someone 2013 when I was referred to
living on Toronto streets: ....up to $131/day3
Ecuhome. Since then Ive had
Costs of a stay in jail or a
detention centre: ..........................$143/day4 several heart attacks.
Costs of a psychiatric Ecuhome staff visited me in
in-patient stay: ..............................$665/day5 the hospital, and when I
came home they got me a
1 Mental Health Commission of Canada, Toronto Final Report,
At Home/Chez Soi Project, 2014. place on the first floor so I
2 Report to the City of Torontos Community Development and wouldnt need to climb stairs.
Recreation Committee, Infrastructure and Service
Improvement Plan for the Emergency Shelter System, March Both tenants and staff helped
9, 2015. take care of me. I left my
3 Staff Report to the City of Torontos Executive Committee,
door open and they brought
January 19, 2009. me breakfast. . . . Even if I
4 Statistics Canada Juristat, Provincial average expenditure
per inmate, cited in a Staff Report to the City of Torontos
had lots of money I would
Executive Committee, January 19, 2009. pick this as my home.
5 Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario Case Patrick Casey
Costing Initiative, Average for Toronto Central LHIN, cited in
a staff report to the City of Torontos Executive Committee,
January 19, 2009.

Meaningful activity
Every life has meaning. But it can be
hard to find that meaning if you cannot Neil was the highlight of my Janes Walk,
lean on work or family routines, or on Homelessness Ends Here. His warm welcome to
the traditions or social circle you grew Pembroke Street, his moving story, and his
up with. thoughtful answers offered a dignified counterpoint
to some of the myths about homelessness.
Ecuhome can help engage tenants in Joy Connelly, volunteer leader, Janes Walk
activities that bring purpose to the day.
For some, it is free passes to the Art
I am entering my second year at McGill University in the Life Sciences program
Gallery of Ontario. For others, it is
and soon to be starting my major in Physiology this fall. Exactly one year from
learning new skills through volunteering
today, as I finally packed my bags and said my goodbyes, it would be my first
with the Garden District Residents
time living away for an extended period of time as a semi-autonomous adult
Association. And for others, it is drawing
walking on a tightrope between school and the real world. I was nervous, a
on their experiences to educate others.
little homesick but excited to be starting a brand new adventure.
Merve Younussi grew up in Ecuhome

A sense of belonging
Ecuhomes shared houses and apartment buildings
The Board, residents of the GDRA, and me in
create an opportunity for instant community, but
particular, thank you sincerely for all youve done to
that community doesnt always gel by itself. Thats
help us keep our community gardens beautiful this
summer. Your guys did a super job. They were why Ecuhome staff visit each of our houses twice
great to work with, particularly Claude Sicard - he a week to help tenants work together to sort out
was so dependable and co-operative... As you any living together issues, and host tenant
know, the GDRAs garden program has received workshops in our apartment buildings.
many compliments and kudos from many sources.
That wouldnt have happened if it hadnt been for all Belonging also means belonging in a
your support. neighbourhood. Ecuhome does its part to make
Glen Simourd, Financial Administrator & Gardens sure our tenants can feel proud of their homes.
Coordinator, Garden District Residents Association And some tenants have taken the next step, with
gardens voted best in the neighbourhood.

From time to time, each of us faces challenges and people who live
in poverty, have a mental health issue, or have been homeless face
more challenges than most. At Ecuhome, we know that the stability a
good home offers is the platform for healing. But many tenants also
value tools and techniques to cope with struggles past and present.

This year Ecuhome launched a Womens Recovery Action Plan

program for women. At the weekly meetings, Ecuhome staff provided
child care while an experienced facilitator led discussions on
assertiveness, managing anger and anxiety, boundaries, self-love and
sexuality. Graduates of the program can receive further training to
become certified WRAP facilitators.

Through the Workmans Arts Organization

I have produced and directed several
short films on the subject of mental
health. This year I have submitted three of
them for consideration of inclusion in the
Rendezvous with Madness film festival
I am awaiting their decision.

I enjoy my weekly sessions with my

Housing Support Worker Ossie. With
depression I tend to isolate a great deal
I came to Ecuhome 5 years ago not and the weekly contact helps keep me
having two nickels in my pocket. Five grounded.
years later I am employed, have
Gerry Mackenzie,
benefits and a pension. . . . Ecuhome Ecuhome tenant since 1993
staff have all been and continue to be
supportive. Should I ever need support
in the future I know who to turn to.
Phillip Binder

A platform for
the future
Protecting the Using our own A sustainable
homes in data to prepare housing sector
Ecuhome for the future The City of Toronto regularly includes
Ecuhome in their consultations as it
Many of Ecuhomes houses have new This year
responds to a changing housing
windows, roofs and furnaces thanks to Ecuhomes Finance
sector. This year, Ecuhomes Executive
grants from the Citys Toronto Manager Gabe
Director Angie Hains participated in the
Renovates fund for rooming houses Lawrence
Housing Provider Advisory Group to
and grants through the Federal launched Phase 1
inform the Social Housing Unit's
Governments Homelessness of our new
Raising the Bar initiative. Ecuhomes
Partnership Strategy. Enterprise
Finance Manager Gabe Lawrence
participated in the Citys Financial
Ecuhome depends on these and Planning,
Viability Working Group and
similar grants to keep our buildings in GABRIEL LAWRENCE Management
FINANCE MANAGER Maintenance Manager Amanda Keenan
good shape. Among our 65 buildings, Information
participated in the Building
twelve receive no operating funding System. Thanks to NetSuites $60,000
Maintenance and Improvement
from any level of government, and waiver of licensing fees, Ecuhome will
Working Group to develop standards
another eleven rely on rent have a sophisticated new system that
within this initiative.
supplements to cover costs. That unifies our tenant, property
means that, unlike many other social management, financial and
housing developments, these houses maintenance management records,
cannot build up reserves to cover increases our capacity to produce
future capital needs. internal reports and those required by
our funders, and enables us to use our
own data to meet the changing needs
of our tenants.

Ecuhome Corporation
Financial Statements


Current Assets: Subsidy $ 5,511,354
Cash & short term investments $ 735,069 Rent 1,298,195
Accounts receivable 127,032 Capital Grant Revenue 64,484
Government subsidies receivable 261,271 Other revenue 27,342
Prepaid expenses 83,425 $ 6,901,375
Capital Assets: EXPENDITURES
Capital cost, City of Toronto funded houses $ 30,883,168 Human Resources 2,802,703
Less accumulated amortization 12,206,779 Mortgage interest & amortization 1,778,436
18,676,389 Repairs and Maintenance 765,334
Restricted Assets: 4,162,255 Utilities 636,970
$ 24,045,441 Organizational Services 231,872
Tenants 200,355
Office 167,319
LIABILITIES, FUNDS AND SURPLUS Capital Grant Expenditures 64,484
Current Liabilities: Appropriation to Reserve Funds 234,764
Due to reserve fund $ 387,105 6,882,237
Accounts payable 351,650
Current portion of mortgages payable 2,382,072 Excess of revenue over expenditures $ 19,138
Deferred revenue 62,116
Mortgages payable: 16,294,317
City of Toronto
- Social Housing Unit Replacement Reserve 1,481,531
Unfunded Houses Capital Reserve Fund 1,335,835
Reserve Fund 1,114,553
Affordable Housing Capital Reserve Fund 125,089
Affordable Housing Reserve Fund 72,108
Burgess Fund 33,139
Surplus: 405,926
$ 24,045,441

2015-2016 Thank you,
Board of Directors Lorna Lennox
Lorna Lennox joined the Ecuhome
David Taylor board in October 2002. During her
President time on the Ecuhome board Lorna

our David Cameron

Vice President
was a member of the Finance
Committee, and served as President

leadership Donald Armstrong

from October 2010 to 2013. Lorna's
down to earth, practical approach

team Secretary/ Treasurer

Peter Farmer
Alice Greifenberger
Lorna Lennox (until October 2015)
was very much appreciated around
the board table. Her interest in the
wellbeing of tenants and staff was
always evident. Thank you Lorna for
your commitment to Ecuhome.
Rev. Fr. Michael Michael
Nancy Sidle (until February 2016)
Grace Stephens Nancy Sidle,
Rev. Barbara White
(1941 2016)
On February 2nd this year, we were
saddened to learn of the death of
Management Team Tenancy Administration Team Rosario Baluyot Nancy Sidle. Nancy was in her third
Executive Director Lystra Alexander Rhonda Davis
year on the Ecuhome board. She
Angie Hains Jacqueline Beckford Khydup Gyatso
brought with her a wealth of
Genise Webster Danuta Guzylak
Program Managers Kyoko Khaneja experience as an occupational
Garvan Herbert West End Support Team Annie Li therapist in the mental health field
Sally Murphy Catherine Champion Yakoub Risaan and her understanding of the people
Noah Coones Yael Tochez we support and the social services
Properties and Kim El-Telet Sue Venditti sector was invaluable. Nancy is very
Maintenance Manager Anna Krasilshchik much missed by her friends at
Amanda Keenan Ossie Labora Maintenance Team Ecuhome.
Gilda Martens Pedro Antillon
Finance Manager Susan Mravunac Clem Baculio
Gabe Lawrence Elizabeth Plank Eddy Carli
Debbie Pottinger Briks Creag 10 Year
Human Resources Manager Jess Tantoco Ian Hinds
Anne Hertz Stephen Hinds Service
East End Support Team Dale Hudlin Award
Executive Assistant Shevon Alli Samuel Minero
Janet Bryan Amjad Al-Jawhary Alana Rom Susanna Venditti
Don Bint

Thank you to:
Our funders, the City of Toronto, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration.

We would especially like to thank:

Leslie OReilly and Marta Chisu, our Social Housing Consultants and Tracey
Smith, our Agency Review Officer, Support to Daily Living, for their support.

Our donors:
Mary K. Bull
David P. Chernos
Chernos Flaherty Svonkin LLP
Danuta Guzylak In memory of David Guzylak
Norbert Megler In memory of Eleanor Brown
Doug McMillan Photographer
Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for Diocese of Toronto
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
David Taylor

A special Thank You to the staff of Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP. Their
generous donation funded and bought toys for Ecuhomes Childrens
Christmas Party.

Thank you to Ecuhomes contractors who donate every year to the Annual
Tenant Christmas Parties. You help make Christmas at Ecuhome special.

73 Simcoe Street, Suite 308
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1W9
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#118892785 RR0001