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Official Newspaper of Woodland Community College

The Eagle’s Call
March 20, 2017 Volume 3 Issue 1

INSIDE THIS ISSUE NASA Space Grant Awarded for Drone Project
NASA Space Grant……….......1/2 by Gurtaj Grewal
ASWCC Council…………….….…..2 Earlier this semester, Woodland Community College was awarded a The project itself explores the use of drone technology in the field
Faculty Interview.………………….3 prestigious NASA Space Grant for a drone project designed by WCC of agriculture. “We [plan] to plant a
students and Math Professor Shawn Lanier. According to Prof. field, and take half the field and just
SI Program Spotlight..……………3
Lanier, the California Space Grant Consortium Project was a grant water and fertilize it like farmers
Faces of SSC……..………….……….4 offered to community colleges in California to help boost the STEM normally do. In the other half of the
Accreditation Interview…..……4 and MESA Programs. field, we would use a drone to scan
Professor Interview....…………..5 the ground for water and fertilizer to
According to Prof. Lanier, this has been an entirely student-driven get data to see what would help the
Meet DJ Oasis…..………..………..5
initiative. “A group of [students] heard about the grant and came to crop the best. We want to try to
Ink Magazine……..…………….…..5 me asking if I was willing to write it with them and If I would be their strategically water that half of the
WCC Club needs you!…….……..5 mentor on it. So, we met over the break and we put it together. Had field, and then see if it makes a
Club Corner…………..………………6 a few ideas to tweak their project after reading the grant proposal, difference”. The team’s hypothesis is
Editor’s Note………….…..………..6 but they drove almost the entire thing. [On the team we had] that drones could create a cost
Brandon Baeza who is currently over in San Jose working at NASA savings because “we would save
Eagle’s Call Contact………….……6
and he has done a NASA Internship in the last summer. Bernard Water because you wouldn't just have
Campus Calendar….…….……….7 Stanhope, Eduardo Garcia, David Haddad, and Lucas Talbot were the to blanket water the whole field. We
Community Sponsors…….……..8 original students that wrote the grant with me. Since we learned we would save fertilizer because you
Professor Shawn Lanier
were awarded the grant, we have had a number of students express wouldn't need to fertilize the entire
@wcceaglescall interest in helping work on it.” Field.” …Continued on Page 2

Poetry Corner Know Your Rights Forum - By Ali Harder
Sponsored by the Poetry Club of WCC

Woodland Community College
By Marcos Estrada On Thursday, February 16th, Woodland Community College partnered with the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation (CRLAF) to
host a Know Your Rights Forum for students and their families. The forum was attended by approximately 70 students, faculty and
The Eagle soars above the palm trees administration and focused on important immigration rights—what may change and what will not change. As President Trump has
Down the long walkway promised to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), understanding our rights is the utmost importance . To help inform the
It’s perch is in the center student body and ensure this information reaches all students and faculty, I would like to share with you how you can find out more
Where many Eagle’s come to hang information or contact the CRLAF for legal assistance.
From the trees and rest their wings
The Eagle’s busy day takes him
Our campus is also a Safe Zone with a pledge to keep our campus a safe and open environment for everyone. You may have spotted a
Along the path of greatness
He shoots above the stars letter from our President, Dr. White and members of the Board of Trustees around the campus that answers a few frequent questions.
When he achieves his goals If you would like to view the pledge or the letter online,
The only place this happens is WCC please visit…
The place where Eagle’s fly free
Free to spread its wings You can find a video of the forum and a link to the CRLAF
The buildings a perfect home below. You can also find the “What Immigrants Should Know”
For the Eagle’s to roam handout from the event on the Eagle’s Call Blog at…
To complete their tasks .
With every subject from Accounting to
The Eagle’s home is a perfect path Know Your Rights Forum, videos of presentation:
Another time the Eagle flies free .
Is when it has graduated to infinity
The poetry club meets at noon on
Tuesdays in room 843 Thank you friends, stay informed and, as always, keep smiling.
March 20, 2017 THE EAGLE’S CALL Page 2
(continued from page 1)…According to Prof. Lanier, what makes this project so exciting are all
of the ways it can positively impact our campus and larger community. “The main goal for me
is just to bring the math and science students together and give them a common problem to
work on and try to solve. But, the ultimate goal would be to try to save farmers money and to
try to deal with drought in California. To do what we can to help in any way possible.” At WCC, we are lucky to have faculty who really want us to be successful during our time on campus
but in our futures as well! That is why we sort out one of these dedicated individuals to chat with
Time has been, and continues to be, a challenge for Prof. Lanier and his students. “They them about their role here and a few pieces of advice for students! We are pleased to bring you a
announced the grant the first week of December and it was due a month later. So, we had interview with our very own, Jose Vallejo, a WCC Professor and counselor!
less than a month [to get the proposal together] including Christmas. So, we put the grant
together and we had to talk to the President of the college and the Vice President to make
As a counselor and a teacher at WCC, what is your favorite part of your job? My absolute favorite
sure they were on board and were in support of the project. Then, we submitted it. We found
part is working with students. I really enjoy that. I enjoy the diversity of the student population we
out we got it [earlier this semester], and so now we have to find a field, plants, and find the
have at Woodland Community College. Everything from ethnicity to age and the various majors. So I
parts we need to build the drone. So, the struggle right now is just kind of getting it all
really appreciate the opportunity to work with students and sit down and help them in guiding them
planned out. We haven't really started full steam on the project yet so I don't know what the
towards their academic objective. So, that’s really the highpoint of my work at Woodland
struggles will be during the project. Right now it’s the space, job assignments for everybody,
Community College. The opportunity I have of reaching out to students and working with them and
and getting the pieces and parts put together”.
being part of their journey. I am just one part of it because we have some wonderful staff here that
students can access as they travel their journey towards their ultimate goal and on to their
Putting together a project like this has been a goal of Prof Lanier’s since he first came to WCC.
professional lives.
“I have really wanted to do is to have students feel connected. I want students to feel like
they belong and they are part of something bigger than themselves. So I am always willing to What advice do you have for those who want to be a counselor one day? My advice to one who
do whatever the students want to try if it increases their excitement about learning and gets wants to be a counselor one day, is to make sure that they are certain about this goal. I always tell
them involved. So when they came to me and asked me, I thought it would be a great students to find where your passion lies. If it is working with individuals and one day you want to
opportunity to get a group of students not in a class, not for grades, just having fun and become a counselor, and you feel passionate about working with people and helping people then
learning something new together, so I completely supported that”. pursue it. My advice would be, to prepare yourself academically and also through internships and
talking to other individuals that are in the profession. Go beyond a bachelor degree because I think

when you go beyond a bachelor degree, into a masters degree, It really broadens your options and
your opportunities and helps solidify what you want to do in the future. So, I would say keep
moving forward and follow that passion. If it’s counseling, do it but find what you like.
2017-18 Officer Elections I know you like to eat food since you talked about it a lot in the Counseling-10 class, so what is
your favorite food? That's true. When it comes to favorite food, I would have to say, that's an area
The Associated Students of Woodland Community College (ASWCC) represent and advocate
where I don't have a favorite because I enjoy eating. I enjoy eating good food that is healthy and
for the students of WCC. The next elections are fast approaching, and there are a number of
trying different types of food. So it's very broad I guess you can say. Broad and I am consuming
seats open to any student who is interested and eligible. For more information regarding
different ones and a always open to trying new types and kinds of food.
eligibility, deadlines or candidate applications, please contact Ali Harder at Were there any moments in college in which you struggled or thought it was tough, but preserved
through it? Yes, there were. More than once I felt that it became challenging economically and at
 February 27th – March 24th: Nomination Period (Candidate Information Sheet/Wavier, times felt like you know, do I really want to do this? I think what carried me through those
Statement of Candidacy, and Photograph due). challenging times was my passion for what I wanted to do. And knowing that my parents set the
 April 3rd – April 14th: Campaign Period foundation so that I could have better opportunities. It was important for me to take that example
 April 18th – April 19th: ASWCC Officer Elections of what they provided me. They were farm workers, so seeing them work so hard physically, it
reminded me that I can do this work when it's not physical, just more mental. What helped me
persevere is understanding that there's been individuals who set the path for me to help propel me.
I accepted the challenge; I said, “You know what, I will do this,” and that’s when I realized that I was
going to successfully complete my goals. There’s always people on that journey who are going to
help you to continue moving forward. And so, I had that from instructors, counselors, and family
members that helped me persevere and continue reaching toward my goal.
In your opinion, would you recommend students to go to graduate school to get a master’s or
PHD? Depending on what they want to do professionally. If you want to teach in higher education
then obviously you need to go beyond a bachelor's degree. I tell students that if you really want to
broaden your opportunities economically, the more education, the more income you're going to
earn. Those higher levels of education help develop you as an individual as you transition into the
profession. So, I usually do, but then again it depends on what the student wants to pursue.

Any advice to new students at WCC? Oh yes, I tell students to be ready to accept the challenge and
be prepared to take on this level of education. You are going to have to change some habits and
have some more grit. Not give up on your path. There's always gonna be challenges, but there's
Pictured above from left to right: Juan Landeros - Senator of Career & Tech. Education, Eduardo Garcia – always a way to address those challenges, and know that you are not alone here. We have a lot of
Senator of Math & Science, Kate Zaiger – Director of Communications, Jake McCollum – Vice President, resources and a lot of help. So, don't ever go without asking for help. Don't suffer in silence. There’s
Breeann James – Director of Finances, Ali Harder – President, Gustavo Perez – Senator of the Student a lot of people on this campus who really care and that would help you, and want you to be
Body at large, Juan Bonilla Vera – Director of Sustainability, Lawrence Rirao – Senator of Social Sciences.
successful. So don't be afraid of reaching out and saying, “I don't understand this”. Everything from
(Not pictured: Sandra Castillo – Senator of Arts & Humanities & Student Trustee).
financial aid, counseling, an instructor, anybody on this campus can be helpful. Don't be afraid to ask
Interested in getting involved in student government? for help because that's why we are here for. We are here to help you to succeed and to fulfill your
Attend an ASWCC meeting - goal. We want you to be successful so don't give up. Reach out and get help. Like I said earlier, you
Every Tuesday at Noon in the ME Center (RM 101)! should never travel this journey alone. There's always people throughout the journey that are more
Please stop by our office (RM 809) or than willing to help you.
email for more information.
March 20, 2017 THE EAGLE’S CALL Page 3

The Student Success Center (SSC) has been working hard to provide more innovative ways to support student learning. In addition to tutoring services, we have launched a new student
service program – Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI is a peer-facilitated academic assistance program that incorporates collaborative and hands-on learning activities for students enrolled in
targeted courses. In regularly scheduled group study sessions, students discuss assignments, review course concepts, and prepare for exams in fun and engaging ways. SI sessions are
facilitated by “SI Leaders,” students who have recently successfully completed the course, enjoy helping other students, and are training in teaching methodology.

The SI Purpose: WCC now offers SI for various courses including math, English, and Biology. All
1. To increase retention within targeted historically difficult courses. students enrolled in SI-supported courses are encouraged to attend. The Fall
2. To improve student grades in targeted historically difficult courses. Course Catalog will indicate if a course will be SI-supported. For more
3. To increase the graduation rate of students. information, please visit our website:

Anna Jaya Shah Gustavo
Chin Professor Perez
Anatomy of Human Former SI
and Anatomy student at
Physiology and WCC
SI leader at Physiology
“SI leaders gain a better perspective of the subject, “Both the leader and the student get benefit from
both from a student's perspective and from a participating in the SI sessions. The leader gets first
“As a nursing major, my Supplemental Instruction
teacher's perspective. Students benefit from SI hand experience in instructions. The leader learns
Leader made the biggest difference. The
sessions by gaining a better understanding of the both the content information and pedagogy styles
Supplemental Instruction Leader helped me better
material through various learning styles. One of my from the instructor, which he or she can deliver to
my understanding of Anatomy and Physiology,
favorite games that I like to use to help people the students. The leaders help all levels of students
while also doing it in a fun and friendly way. Dr.
review for upcoming exams is Jeopardy. It helps at their own pace. The sessions by SI leaders helps
Shah’s classes and my supplemental instruction
students realize what they know and what they "A" students keep their "A", and it helps struggling
leader helped better prepare me for my dreams as
don’t know so that they can focus on the areas they students pull up their grades. Ultimately students
a Registered Nurse.”
need to study. It also brings out students’ achieve better grades because SI leaders bring both
competitive side, which makes it fun!” instructor and students perspectives to the student.”

Check the facts!
 SI was developed in 1973 at University of Missouri, Kansas City and
has been implemented in higher education institutions internationally.
 SI has a proven track record of success when implemented under
the UMKC guidelines. Students who attend SI regularly tend to earn
higher grades than those who don’t participate in SI.
 SI helps students develop not only a better understanding of course
material but also transferable study skills.
 SI leaders are trained, attend all class lectures, and work closely with
faculty and SSC Staff.
 In addition to helping students enrolled in the class, SI provides an
opportunity for SI leaders to develop communication, leadership, and
professional skills.
 SI is free, voluntary, and open to all students enrolled in a targeted
March 20, 2017 THE EAGLE’S CALL Page 4

THE STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER! Librarian and Faculty Member Dena Martin has served on five
accreditation teams at colleges all across California. She has also
You can find more friendly SSC faces on our contributed writing and evidence to WCC’s last 2 accreditation ISERs.
webpage… This interview is part of a regular series of articles and interviews
planned to provide WCC students with information about the
accreditation process. If you would like more information about
accreditation or would like to get involved, please contact the ASWCC
Sandeep, why did you become an SI Leader? “Well I at or speak to Vice President Al Konuwa at
was actually directed towards SI by my English
Professor, at the time. But once I became a part of
SI it helped me discover that maybe, just maybe, I
might want to become a teacher.”

What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is a peer review process that ensures the quality and effectiveness of an educational institution by
Sandeep, setting minimum standards based on educational best practices that institutions are required to meet in order to
be accredited. The peers who review our college are from other colleges in the Western United States. The peers
SI Leader include faculty (professors, librarians, counselors, etc.) and administration (college presidents, district chancellors,
etc.). They have a website, if you would like more information about the ACCJC, that you can find it at
Solomon, why did you become a MESA Clerk?
“Well, I like MESA a lot. MESA is one of the main
Why is accreditation important to WCC?
reasons that I would keep coming to this college
It is important because this process gives colleges the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate what they do and
and I thought it would be a really good way to
make improvements that ensures students are learning and are supported in their success. For that reason, being
contribute to the college. So, I applied, got called
accredited adds value to your education. Additionally, in some cases, employers look for candidates that have
in, and got the job, and I thought It was great to get
graduated from an accredited institution knowing they received a quality educational experience.
the MESA Clerk Position.”

Solomon, How does it work?
MESA Clerk Colleges, like WCC, conduct their own self-evaluation and write up an Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER).
The ISER includes input from all levels of the district and college: employees, from classified staff, such as the
Raul, why did you want to become a friendly faces in the Financial Aid Office, to faculty (college professors, counselors, librarians, etc.), as well college
Tutoring Center Tutor and library clerk? “I administration and students. Then, it is approved by the Yuba Community College District (YCCD) Board of
became a tutoring center tutor and Trustees, a group made up of faculty, staff, and students from the different campuses in the district. Once
subsequently a library clerk to further approved, the ISER is published and sent to a peer review team. This peer review team, made up of faculty and
foster my professional abilities and to learn administration from other colleges outside our district, reads the report and reviews the provided evidence. After
how to apply my expertise in those areas the review, the peer review team will visit the campus and conduct interviews with individuals or small groups of
and learn from them. Also, to gain people to determine if the campus is meeting the standards agreed upon by the Accrediting Commission for
experience in effectively collaborating with California Junior Colleges (ACCJC). The ACCJC grants accreditation to colleges throughout the Western region of the
others in a professional setting.” United States. The peer review team will then write up their own report on the college for the ACCJC, which will
use that report, in addition to other information they may have to determine if a college is going to keep their
Raul, accreditation. This explanation is oversimplified, but generally this is the process.
Tutoring Center Will students see things happening around campus related to accreditation?
Tutor/Library Clerk Most students will probably not notice anything different. However, there will be more talk on campus and
increased activity about accreditation. When the peer review team comes to campus, students may see people
conducting interviews or even see a visiting team member observe their classroom. If a student is involved in
Jennifer, what made you want to become a ASWCC or any campus committees, the student could be asked to be interviewed by the team.
RAWC tutor? “I chose to become a RAWC
Tutor because I thought it would be a great Should students be involved? If so, how might a student get involved?
way to give back to the campus. I enjoy Yes! Students should have a say in the quality of their education. Since we are working at a public institution, it's
reading and writing and have developed a lot especially important, so WCC wants to have student input and feedback.
of great skills that I like sharing with peers.
Writing comes very natural to me and I If a student is interested in getting involved, the best way to do so would be able to contact the Associated
sometimes find it fun. I do my best to help Students of Woodland Community College (ASWCC). The ASWCC assigns students to campus committees to serve
students have fun with their writing while still as the student representative. If you're a member of a committee, you might end up being asked if you're available
meeting teacher expectations. Having to be interviewed by a peer review visiting team. Contact ASWCC at for more information
students comes back to me sharing how good about how to get involved.
they feel about their paper after I helped
Jennifer, them gives me a really good feeling , ad its my Additionally, during the accreditation visit, there will be two open forums where anyone may speak to the peer
review visiting team members about the college. Students are welcome to attend and speak at the open forums.
RAWC Tutor favorite part of the job.”
The peer review visiting team will visit WCC in October 2018.
March 20, 2017 THE EAGLE’S CALL Page 5

WCC is proud of being on the list of the top 25 community colleges in California,
(which means total bragging rights, by the way!) but what helped to get us there was Mikey: First of all – what up Compa, aka DJ OASIS (Yeppa Yeppa Yeppa) and thank you for taking the time our of your super duper
the small faculty to student ratio. We are lucky to have small class sizes that allow us busy schedule to meet up with me at Temple Coffee here in beautiful Downtown Sacramento! Let the peeps know who DJ Oasis is:
to really get to know our professors, and for them to know us.
So, we here at The Eagle’s Call are pleased to bring you an interview with WCC’s DJ Oasis: I am a DJ/Producer which over the years turned into an event coordinator, entertainment director, and a thriving name in
very own, Gregg Gassman! Sacramento. Mikey: Brotha you the DJ Khaled of Sac right now, “All you do is win.” Running things in the night life and concert scene
of Sacramento. That’s not counting the nights you have in San Francisco and Super Bowl Weekend events you did in San Diego.
Was your journey in becoming a history teacher difficult? No it was not. I always Ayyyyy!! DJ Oasis: Thanks man! I’m just trying to expand and better my career everyday.
loved History, even when I was a kid. I just was
fascinated by the Ancient times. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mikey: Where were you born and raised? DJ Oasis: In Sacramento, California. Mikey: Who or what go you into wanting to be a DJ? DJ
Greece, Alexander the Great, the Roman Times, just Oasis: When I was 10 or 11 years old, my cousin was into the four elements of hip hop , which was : graffiti, DJ’ing, break dancing, and
amazed me too. Also, the Medieval Period: the castles, mc’ing. I had my Grandpa buy me my first set of turntables back then. At 12, people started knowing that I had the equipment. In my
the knights in armor. As a kid, I loved all of that stuff. high school years is when I really started to DJ though, that’s when I started DJ’ing garage and birthday parties.
Of course as a kid, you look at it in a romanticized way.
Very romanticized, but that was my start. Then while I Mikey: Who do you look up to as a DJ? DJ Oasis: Local guys like DJ Epik played a big role on my path on what I wanted to do as a DJ in
was in college, I did well with History, I took other Sacramento. Mikey: Man, I love Epik myself. I look up to him just as a person hustling and doing what he loves as a career as well as
courses with other disciplines, but History worked the just being an amazing human being. It doesn’t hurt that no matter where he plays at, he plays nothing but banger and has has me
best for me. I just really enjoyed the material and dancing and enjoying the night – not thinking about stress from exams and daily life. DJ Oasis: On to world wide known DJ’s like DJ AM
understood it well. So, when I got through my degrees and DJ Jazzy Jeff inspired me to cross over to the clubs and bigger events.
in History, teaching it seemed the best fit. It just came
naturally. My interest in history, studying and learning Professor Gregg Gassman Mikey: Do you feel you have changed who you used to be before becoming a head honcho in this game? DJ Oasis: Um, first I feel like
it, and teaching it—it all seemed to be automatic. there is definitely not a top spot. I feel that there is always more you could do and a next level you can achieve as an entrepreneur,
but for all the achievements and things I have been having going on I can definitely say that personal time is very limited and stress
Your favorite moment at WCC so far? There are a lot of favorite moments. Every level is at an all time high. I feel if reaching your goals and achievements changes you, then you were never in it for the love of it.
time I go in and teach a class, it is a favorite moment for me. Learning about who my
students are and when students come by to pay me a visit in my office; those are Mikey: How do you handle doing over 23 events every month. If it was me, there is no way I could handle that. I would always be
also favorite moments. Lot’s of favorite moments. Just from a personal point of drinking and hungover more than half of the time. DJ Oasis: Definitely as far as drinking and partying goes, you have to choose your
view, a favorite moment was when I got the full time job position here. I know that is battles. I have limited my drinking to twice a week and if I drink, it is to show my cliental a good time. Working so many nights a
a personalized interpretation of the question, but it was a very big moment when I month, you have to keep your health both mentally and physically up to par because being drunk isn’t good for your health.
got the full time job. Mikey: What has been your most memorable concert? DJ Oasis: I feel that every concert has been a great memory that I will always
Any advice for students who want to be a history teacher one day? If you want to cherish, but one that I always look back on and stands out to me is when we brought Kendrick Lamar to the Sunrise Event Center. I
be a history teacher someday, prepare yourself to go to graduate school. You will remember being backstage in the green room, kicking it, chilling on the couch and them asking me if they can have some of my
most likely at least work on a master’s degree or maybe even a doctorate degree. A Hennessy bottle. At the time, Kendrick was barely starting to be known everywhere and I thought School boy Q was just a family
teaching credential is another possibility. So, be ready for more education. Learning member that came with Kendrick. Come to find out two days later, Kendrick signed to Dr. Dre and sky rocketed through the industry
more. Also, you're going to have to be patient because there aren't a lot of jobs along with School boy Q ad the rest of TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment).
when it comes to teaching history. So, be prepared: take the advanced classes, and Mikey: How did FVME Squad get started? Who is part of FVME? DJ Oasis: I got approached to start a hip hop night at Dive Bar on
also be patient and persistent. You are going to have to keep trying to get yourself Sundays which originally was me, the manager, and Lindsey handling promotions. Eventually, the other crew members came one by
out there to land a good job. one. FVME is me, Joseph One, Neko, and Lindsey. Joseph One is a DJ, Neko is a host and a promoter, and Lindsey is a promoter.
Did you know that Clear Lake Campus & Colusa County Community College are
Mikey: Do you have any advice for the youngsters who want to be DJ’s? DJ Oasis: If your heart and ambition isn’t in to it, I’d say you
WCC’s Sister Colleges? That means they are family! Check out their home pages at…
may have a fun time trying to become a DJ but you will never be able to turn it in to a career. Mikey: Sas, well said Brotha! 
Lake County Camps:
Colusa County Campus:
DJ Oasis
Future Business Leaders of America Find out more about
him and his schedule
Students at Woodland Community College are establishing a chapter of PBL (the collegiate
version of FBLA). PBL is a student business organization for young people preparing for
success as leaders in business, government, and their communities. Its mission is to bring @DEEJAYOASIS
business and education together through innovative leadership and career development
Below is the events DJ Oasis is doing for the
The WCC chapter of PBL is currently working on opening a Café that offers food and coffee, month of March. If you guys wanna have a good
solving the problem of having to go off campus. This club is also working on reaching out to time, take your mind off of them books for a
the community to raise awareness of the business potential of the students on this campus night or just for a few hours - definitely see
and sponsor elite guest speakers from the business community in hopes of gaining career where DJ Oasis is going to be at and slide
insight, networking opportunities, and internships. The FBLA/PBL is a national fraternity that through. We all deserve a night to celebrate
holds events passing our exams, midterms, and finals!
nationwide, and as part of the MARCH SCHEDULE:
organization PBL members will 3.21.2017 – Taco Tuesdays (EL Rev)
have access to all of the amazing 3.22.2017 – Cake (District 30)
National events, programs , and
3.24.2017 – OTL (Highwater)
networking opportunities.
3.25.2017 – Infusion Lounge (SF)
For more information contact: 3.26.2017 – Fortune Sundays (Vanguard) 3.28.2017 – Taco Tuesdays (El Rev)
3.29.2017 – Cake (District 30)
3.31.2017 – Momo Lounge
March 20, 2017 THE EAGLE’S CALL Page 6

WCC CLUB CORNER The Eagle’s Call
Check out the student run campus clubs below! Editor–in-Chief
Interested in joining or attending a meeting, find the information below! Alexandria J. Harder

→ THE POETRY CLUB | Meets Tuesdays 12pm-1pm in RM 843 | contact: Marcos Estrada Co-Editors
→ THE AGRICULTURE LEADERS CLUB | Meets 1st Thursday of each month in RM 402 | contact them at: Sandra Castillo Gurtaj Grewal
→ THE EAGLE’S CALL | contact us at: | Gustavo Perez
→ THE VETERANS CLUB | Meetings: Thursdays 12:30pm in Veterans Center | Contact: Kate Zaiger at; Editors in Charge of Online Content
→ MESA CLUB | Meetings: 3/17, 4/14, 5/12 in the MESA Center RM 815 | Contact: Gustavo Perez at; Gurtaj Grewal Gustavo Perez
Campus Clubs on the horizon!
→ WCC Chess Club | Contact: Nathan Hines at; On-Call Writers
→ WCC PBL Club | Contact: Faiza Muzammal at; Omar Portillo
Gurtaj Grewal

From the editor’s desk Photographer
Rogelio Barajas
Dear Readers,

The Eagle’s Call Team & I are happy to release the first issue of Volume 3 – the second edition to
be printed in the new tabloid format! Our beautiful newsletter was created with the students in Michael Torres Jr.
mind, our goal is to create a community environment on campus where we share and support
each other as we pursue our passions. In a time where it is so easy to hate, let’s raise each other Staff Resource
up and help bring positive, lasting change to our campus, community and country. I am calling on Jolene Torres
each of you to share a story with us and your peers about your triumphs or struggles, about your
passions, interests or achievements - you might be surprised by how much we each have in Faculty Advisor
common! We hope you enjoy our most recent edition! Please see our contact information below Aree Metz
to submit content!
Sincerely, Alexandria J. Harder
The Eagle’s Call is part of the ASWCC Media
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The purpose of the Campus Newspaper is to report, inspire and connect. First the newspaper reports events, activities, developments, and Associated Students of WCC, Woodland
issues related to the campus to provide up to date and useful information to the student body. Second, the newspaper inspires students to Community College, or Yuba Community
overcome struggles and celebrate successes. Lastly, the newspaper connects individuals to each other, to information and to their campus. College District.
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Calendar Key Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
 Campus Deadlines
• Graduation Events/Deadlines 20 21 22 23 24 25/26
 Current Issue Research • ASWCC Meeting • Graduation Workshop • Graduation Workshop ○ Cal Grant/FTSSG 1st **Spring Recess Mar
o Financial Aid (844).  Current Issue Research 11am – 1 pm (809). 12pm-1pm (809). payment 27th – 31st
 ASWCC Meetings /Events (844).  Intros & Conclusions  Intros & Conclusions ○ Foundation Scholarships (Campus Closed)
 Academic Success Workshops ⃝ CSU Sacramento (814). (814). 2nd payment
 Poetry Club Meeting ⃝ UC Davis TAP/TAG  ASWCC – Film Heads ⃝ UC Davis
 Poetry Club  Cesar Chavez Event (RM 727) Up, 12PM (101)
⃝ Counselor/Advising Visits
 WCC Events / Ambassadors
∩ Misc. Events
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Workshops 3 4 5 6 7 8/9
 Officer Campaign  ASWCC Meeting  WCC Spring Bash . o Foundation Scholarships
Academic Success Workshops Period (3rd-14th)  Poetry Club Meeting Award Date 2
Library, Reading & Writing o Foundation
Across the Curriculum Scholarship App. Due

 12:00 – 12:50 pm Library Classroom 10 11 12 13 14 15/16
(RM 810, unless noted).  Blood Drive 10am-3pm  Candidate Forum /  Know Your Rights  Deadline to apply for
(800). Club Day 12pm (800). Forum Spring 2017 Graduation

Graduation 2017 Poetry Club Meeting
 Let’s Paint: What is

Diversity to you

17 18 19 20 21 22/23
 MLA Basics  ASWCC Elections  ASWCC Elections  ASWCC Earth Day o 2nd Financial Aid
• March 22nd &23rd: Get Ready to  MLA Basics  MS Word for MLA  MS Word for MLA Disbursement begins
Graduate Workshops (Eagle’s  Poetry Club Meeting (844). (844).
Perch, 809) ⃝ CSU Sacramento  Indigenous People
• April 14th: Deadline to submit
Petition for Graduation or 24 25 26 27 28 29/30
Certificate Award  APA Basics  ASWCC Meeting  MS Word for APA  MS Word for APA  Last day to drop class(es)
 APA Basics (844). with a ‘W’ grade on record
• May 5th: Si Se Puede Latino (844)
 Poetry Club Meeting ⃝ Career/Financial Aid o Cal Grant/FTSSG 2nd
Student Recognition Dinner, payment
5:00pm (Community Room, 800)
• May 9th, 10th, 11th: Grad Week
• May 18 : Certificate Program

Award Ceremony & Luncheon,
12:00 pm (Community Room 800)
• May 26th: Brunch/Rehearsal for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Graduates only, 11:00am-1:00pm 1 2 3 4 5 6/7
• May 26th: Commencement!  Test Prep  ASWCC Meeting  Grammar/Punctuation  Grammar/Punctuation • Si Se Puede Latino
Graduates arrive 6:00pm /  Test Prep Jeopardy (844) Jeopardy (844). Student Recognition Dinner
Ceremony begins at 7:00pm ⃝ CSU Sacramento 5 pm (800).

Want to stay up to date on campus
8 9 10 11 12 13/14
events? Access campus information
 Engl-105 Exam Prep  ASWCC Meeting  Eng 51/1A Exam Prep  Eng 51/1A Exam Prep • Graduation: Student
on the go? Share and chat with  Engl-105 Exam Prep  Veterans Appreciation  Last day to drop with Speaker Competition
friends? Dinner “w”

DOWNLOAD THE 15 16 17 18 19 20/21
 Closing date for  ASWCC Meeting • Certificate Program • Honors & Scholarship
WCC MOBILE APP! International Student ∩ Student Research Award Ceremony 12pm Award Banquet 5pm (800).
Applications for Fall 2017 Symposium (800).
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