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ELA Homework: Multi-Syllable Words with VCE Pattern

High-Frequency Words: Language Conventions:

Use the phrase to write a complete sentence. Be sure to use

son nothing something
the correct capitalization and punctuation.

1. Read each word. 1. after the reptile

2. Place a heart over the letter or letters that are _______________________________________
3. Spell each word aloud while looking at the word. _______________________________________
4. Spell each word forward and backwards aloud without
looking at the word. 2. hit a homeroom
5. Spell each word aloud correctly without looking at the _______________________________________
Parent signature: __________ _______________________________________

Complete the boxes using a word from the box For each word, separate the syllables.
below. Not all words will be used.
base grime bone ____________ ____________

________________ _____________ ____________

_____________ ____________

First Read Second Read Third Read Fourth Read
Parent Signature Parent Signature Parent Signature Parent Signature

admire costume inside

athlete dispute invade

backbone enclose invite

backstroke enclose mistake

baptize escape pancake

baseball explode pastime

complete ignite reptile

concrete include sunrise

confiscate inflate sunshine