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1. Chines food picture : http://gigabiting.


Come and follow 2.Chinese noodles picture:
my advices! 3.Panda Express picture:
4.Food of China:
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6. Kongpao Chicken:

7. orange chicken:

Help you find awesome

Chinese food

If you love Chinese food or you

are am international students

Primary Business Address: ASU

adelphi Commons 2
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4 Introduce the Chinese
Phone: 480-330-2558
Fax: 555-555-5555 food in Tempe
Chinese Food In Little Szechwan 1. 777s college Ave 2.908E
Tempe Broadway Rd 3.4750 S
Location: 524 W University Dr,
Szechwan Palace 48th St Monday-Sunday:
Tempe, AZ 85281 Mon-
day-Friday: 11am-9:pm Satur- 10:00am-8:30pm
day Sunday: 5:00pm-9:00pm Panda Express is really like Chinese
food and
Little Szechuan is a good place for
young people especially young Ameri-
food. The
cans because the flavor of the food in
most ad-
Little Szechwan has more American
vantage of
style, like sweet Konpao Chicken, but
Panda Ex-
still tastes really good!
press is that it is really fast and also
Location: Chinese Cultural Cen-
most of the food tastes good like or-
ter, 668N 44th St#108, Phoenix, ange Chicken, Chaomian and Kong
AZ 85008 Monday-Sunday: pao chicken etc.

11:00am-9:15 pm
Contact person: linshan Du
Come to Szechwan Palace if you love
spicy Chinese food especially hot pot!
Take my advice and find the Chinese

This is the first place to recommend food you like right now!
for Chinese food because most of the
food are as same as in Chia! Panda Express Primary Business Address: ASU adelphi Commons 2
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Phone: 480-330-2558
Fax: 555-555-5555