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Steven Yoon

Writing 2

Professor Wilson


Cover Letter

Dear Matt,

I would first like to say that this course was really helpful and interesting especially

because I was able to learn and research about a topic that I was curious about. This course

taught me how each genres are formed and the different ways authors communicate with the

audience. Through multiple writing projects and revision process, I discovered that the most

important aspect is choosing the right topic. A good writing begins with a good topic and

therefore, I learned to select an interesting subject that others can relate to.

Among numerous things I learned through the reading and in-class activities, the most

significant skill that I acquired was reading like a writer. I was able to observe and identify some

of the choices and techniques that the authors used to present their main idea. Also, I was able to

explore the unique conventions of different genre, including tone, diction, and organization.

After observing how authors incorporate conventions to target a specific audience, I applied

these techniques in my writing to improve my use of evidence and develop my thesis statement.

Regarding my thesis statement, I noticed that it was unclear in most of my writing

assignment. From your feedbacks, I learned that my thesis statement should reflect an argument

rather than an observation. In my revision process, I focused on using the problem model to

introduce an argument and connecting it to my thesis statement.

Two writing projects I revised were writing project one and two. I chose to edit the first

project because I felt that I needed the most improvement in this area. Because I did not know

what you were expecting and had difficult time understanding the prompt, I failed to explain how

different genres communicate with the audience. Also, I edited the second project because I spent

the most time on it and felt that I can improve my writing by applying the skills that I acquired.

In my revision process, my main emphasis was on fixing the introduction and stating the

thesis statement. I noticed that my thesis statements did not describe an insight; instead, they

briefly described an observation that was obvious to everyone. I rewrote my introduction

paragraph using the problem model and explained how my thesis statement answered the


Reduced page number required me to include only important evidence, and analysis that

accurately conveyed the authors argument. Therefore, I eliminated unnecessary evidence, and

analysis that may appear repetitive and unclear. Reduced page numbers also affected the overall

organization of the paper. On my writing project 2, I stated the authors purpose, use of evidence,

and how credibility plays an important role in persuading the readers. I also included the authors

use of rhetorical analysis in developing his argument.

The most difficult part to this writing was balancing the references I drew from the

sources and my analysis to the observation. One of my peer graders commented on the lack of

evidence used when supporting my argument. I noticed that my draft paper sounded opinionated

and unreliable although I was referring to the studies to prove my point. Therefore, I focused on

using the appropriate sources in to clarify the authors intention. I was also not sure how much of

the actual topic I should comment on without making seem like a summary of my sources and

writing about the methods and conventions used without making it seem like writing project one.
If I had more time I would integrate how these methods, conventions, and themes

contribute to and support these articles more. I would focus more on how to balance out the

struggles I mentioned in the paragraph above.

From this course, I learned that there is no such thing as a perfect essay because all

writings are flawed. Not everyone will agree or understand your writing. Only through careful

revision, advises from others, and by reading more writings, one is able to write an effective