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College of Law Dean Search

Stakeholder Meeting Alumni

November 5th at 5:00 pm
Deans Conference Room

Dean Jerry was very good at outreach to alumni, this will be very important
to continue as college moves forward
New dean needs to understand the job market challenges of job market,
placement of students
Someone who may not come from an academic background judge, leading
jurist, practice
Law School and law community have lots of challenges and change
Placing students in small to medium firms; prepare students to walk in and
begin work from day one
Unable to bill for time training recent graduates, they need to hit the ground
running at a higher level
Bring more of a national perspective to the College; more attractive to
students across the US and send them out nationally after graduation
Tax Institute
Perspective outside of Florida
Frank about strengths and weaknesses; transparency about all processes
Merging of all groups together (faculty, staff, students, alumni)
Build on strengths
Strong academic attract elite faculty
Gives perspective od having been in field
Ability to have relationship with President, Provost, and other Deans
someone who can push agenda without burning bridges
Fight for budget on ever changing ground
Flexibility and transparency