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College of Law Dean Search Committee Meeting

October 15, 2013

11:00 am to 12:30 pm
226 Tigert Hall Presidents Conference Room


Present: Glenn Good, Chair

Mary Adkins
Judge Anne Conway
George Dawson

Scott Hawkins
Rachel Inman
Lyrissa Lidsky
Paul Ortiz
Milly Pena
Elizabeth Rowe
Provost Joe Glover
John Amer, Korn/Ferry International
Amy Hass, General Counsels Office
Fallen Walker, Assistant to Chair

All search committee members present. Provost Glover called the meeting to order
at 11:01 am, following which all present were introduced. Provost Glover presented
the charge to the Search Committee outlining the key items he would like the
committee to keep in mind throughout the search. He closed with thanking the
committee for their service and turned the floor over to Amy Hass. Amy gave a
review of the laws relating to meetings and open records laws. All members were
notified that they needed to complete the online training required by UFs Human
Resources. The search committee reviewed the proposed search timeline. It was
agreed that there would be four stakeholder meetings, one each for faculty, staff,
students, and alumni. These meetings would allow those within the College of Law
to express to the chair of the committee what they think are important attributes for
the next Dean to possess. It was agreed that the committee members would review
the draft position description and return all the suggested edits to John Amer by
5:00 pm on Friday, October 18th. It was recommended that the next meeting occur
the week before or after Thanksgiving and that a Doodle Poll would be sent in order
to secure a time that worked best for the most members. Meeting ended at 12:39