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Search for Dean of the Levin College of Law

Interview Topics and Questions

We are so pleased to have you join us, and look forward to getting to know you better
during our time together today.

We have had the opportunity to review your materials and understand that you are
prepared to lead off our conversation today by briefly summarizing (5 minutes) what
makes you most interested in the position of dean of the law school, highlighting those
aspects of your background and experience that have best prepared you to assume this

Members of the Search Committee ask questions in these areas over the course of a 75 minute
interview, asking for specific examples throughout.

Vision & Leadership:

1. What major issues do you see for legal education in the 21st century in a global
2. What are your thoughts on the type of lawyer that a law school ought to produce?
How would you go about preparing students for that?

3. How would you ensure that the law school has sufficient resources to implement its
vision? How will you secure any additional resources needed to implement that
vision and where will you find them?
4. Where would you take the law school in the first year?
5. What differences do you anticipate between your current job and the Deans

Excellence and Scholarship:

6. What does faculty excellence consist of and what would you do to promote that?
Development and External Relations:
7. Development and external relations are important parts of this position. Please tell
us about your experience with - or your possible approach to - fundraising and
alumni outreach.
8. How much cultivation, solicitation and stewardship do you expect to do on your
own, and how might you involve others in development efforts?
9. How would you continue to build a culture of caring and giving back at the law
school, both among students and alumni?

Management Style and Values:

10. What do you see as a Deans role in enriching diversity in an institution? Please
share how you have worked to enhance diversity at your institution.
11. Please describe your experiences with and guiding principles on shared

Personal Style and Cultural Fit:

12. What was the best decision youve made in the last three years? Why? What was
the worst decision youve made in the last three years? How might you approach
that decision or the communication of that decision differently now?
13. What role does culture play in the success of an organization? What is your
approach to understanding organizational culture?
14. What do you think is most distinctive about you as a candidate?

15. Are there any questions we should have asked you but did not?
16. What questions do you have for us?