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Date/Time of Observation: July 13, 2016, 9:00am

Court: 7th Municipal Circuit Trial Court, Calbiga, Samar
Case Name: Recovery of Possession and Ownership with Damages
Defense Attorney: Atty. Pedro M. Labid
Public Attorneys Office: Atty. Minerva V. Siosana
Acting Presiding Judge: Ritchie B. Reyes

I observed the commissioners report by Geodetic Engineer Lea A. Reyna, Chief Survey
Mapping Division, DENR, CENRO-Sta. Rita as she was appointed as Court
Commissioner to conduct the survey over a parcel of land situated in Brgy. Malabal,
Calbiga, Samar.

Since I came late, I wasnt able to witness how the court trial started but I was able to
observe the rest of the proceedings.

When I came in, the commissioners report was already half-way read by the Court
Commissioner. According to her report, the defendants insisted and instructed the
survey team not to survey the whole area. In conclusion of her report, she
recommended that the Assessors Office should cross check their Tax Declarations
issued on the subject lots which must tally on the correct adjoining owners based on
their respective possessions on the ground for a clearer view of the land claimed by the
plaintiff. The acting presiding judge asked the defense party if the report was true; not
allowing the team to survey the whole area. The defense attorney reiterated that the
survey should be conducted only on what is mentioned in the ORDER that based on the
compromise agreement. The fiscal insisted however, that the defense party should
allow the survery team to conduct the survey for the whole area for they are the best
knowledgeable persons to conduct such. The judge ordered the court commissioner to
resurvey the whole area without the defendants desisting them. The Court
Commissioner scheduled the resurvey on July 29, 2016. She was given one (1) month
to submit the report.

After the trial, the stenographers wrote the ORDER stated by the acting presiding judge.
With regards to the courtroom, through the conspicuous arrangements of the benches
and spaces, it draws a clear layout that distinguishes various roles in the courtroom.
The courtroom itself is rather small yet compact; voices could be heard across the
room. There were three (3) stenographers taking notes about the case and the ORDER
of the presiding judge. The judge appeared to have things well under control in his
courtroom and kept the proceedings moving forward efficiently. He spoke clearly and
distinctly so that everyone in the courtroom could hear. Outside the courtroom, a Case
Calendar was displayed right beside the door.