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SMART Goal: Amelioration of French Proficiency

SMART Goal Strategies and Action Steps Responsibility Timeline Evidence of Effectiveness
(add rows as needed)
Goal 3
1. Research local
List of dates and course
Reality/Rationale statement: French courses to June 20th, 2017
Myself listings.
Being fluent in two languages enrol in.
allows for greater
opportunities in finding a
permanent position as an
educator. 2. Make an
appointment for the Confirmation email of
Myself June 21st, 2017
Goal: By September 2017, I proficiency appointment.
will have increased my diagnostic test for
French proficiency by French placement.
enrolling in a French course
with the intent of renewing
and ameliorating my French
speech and writing. 3. Take the French
Paper copy of results from
proficiency Myself June 30th, 2017
diagnostic exam.
diagnostic exam.

4. Enrol in the
corresponding course
Confirmation of enrolment;
(level determined by Myself July 4th, 2017
receipt for tuition.
the diagnostic test)
and pay for tuition.
5. Attend course Myself
August 1st, 2017 Record of attendance
regularly. Course Instructor

6. Study for course August 1st September 1st,

Myself Test Scores/ Exam Results
examinations 2017

7. Pass the course and

upgrade to next level
Course Instructor September 7th, 2017 Course Transcript
of French