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Perpetual Travel Journal

A Purple Cows Designer Project

by Michelle Jackson-Mogford

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator #3025
Purple Cows 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer #1040
We R Memory keepers Crop-a-dile
Purple Cows Hot Pockets 8.5"x11" #4040
Purple Cows Hot Pockets 8"x8" #4030
Purple Cows Hot Pockets 6"x6" #4025
Purple Cows Hot Pockets 3"x5" #4010
Imaginisce Let's Roll crafting collection
Bazzill cardstock in various colours
Coredinations cardstock in various colours
Helmar 450 quick dry adhesive
GlueArts Glue glider pro with repositionable tape
black journal pen Creative solutions for Hobby, School, and Home Office!
Alphabet printed from my computer
book rings
Perpetual Travel Journal Creating a perpetual travel journal to record all your vacation memories,
plan your trips and to keep all your memorabilia safe to scrap when you
get home is so easy with the Purple Cows Hot/Kool laminator and the 2
in 1 combo trimmer. Using a white board marker you can record all your
memories on the laminate day by day and then simply wipe clean when

Step by Step: your done creating your memory book on your return!

1. For the front cover trim a piece of the Imaginisce paper from the let's roll collection 8.5'' x 11'' using the scallop blade in the
rotary side of the 2 in 1 combo trimmer. Because it is double sided it will create the inside page of your book too!

2. Cut a piece of cardstock from Bazzill or Coredinations again using the scallop blade 7'' x 9'' and another piece in a contrasting
color with the guillotine this time 6.5'' x 8.5''. Mat and layer these 2 mats on to the base paper that will be the front of your book,
tacking in position with the glue glider pro w/ repositionable tape. Decorate the mat with some stickers from the Imaginisce Let's
roll collection and add some doodling with a black journal pen.

3. Before you laminate the cover create the mat for the inside of
your book and stick it to the back of the base paper of your cover.
My mat is 6.25'' x 9.25'' cut from a green cardstock with the guillo-
tine and a yellow cardstock trimmed to 6'' x 9'' using the scallop
blade in the rotary trimmer of the 2 in 1 combo. I then printed my
wording out onto some white paper using a font on my computer,
trimmed it with the guillotine and made a mat with contrasting
cardstock and trimmed it with the scallop click blade again. Once
the front and back of the front cover are assembled put it into a
#4040 8.5'' x 11'' hot pocket and leave it to one side to laminate later.

4. The next few pages of my book consist of laminated information

of my trip with maps and sight seeing points and important
information about the resort. This is where it becomes a perpetual
journal as you can change this information for each trip! Also
because the maps are laminated you can take them out of the book
and around with you when they are needed and they will stay
perfectly preserved to add in to your scrapbook at a later date. The
ear basic
'our trip' page also serves as a great place to recordYthe
te e flight
information about your vacation like the resort name,nhotel,
details etc.

5. Next up we have a double sided notes page, one side after the
printed information can be a place to record all your plans of places
to visit and the other side forms the 1st page of your day by day
journal. Simply trim a piece of cardstock 8.5'' x 11'' with the scallop
click blade and 2 mats (one for either side) in a contrasting colour
7.5'' x 10''. Tack the mats in place using the glue glider again and
decorate the pages with some of the Imaginisce stickers and rub ons.

6. The next thing is to create the pocket pages, these will have a
'blank' page on the back which forms the following days area to
record your day by day memories. Create as many pages as you wish
in exactly the same way to cover the amount of days you will be on
vacation for. Trim a piece of coloured cardstock 8.5'' x 11'' using the scallop click blade, and on the reverse trim a mat 7.5'' x 10''
again using the scallop blade, tack in place and decorate with stickers and rub ons. On the pocket side of the cardstock print
off 2 title plates from your computer to record date and place, mat these on some contrasting card and trim with the guillo-
tine, can you see how thin the borders are? what other guillotine could give you such a sharp precision cut? Tack these in place
near the top of your page. Insert this into a #4040 8.5'' x 11'' Hot pocket and leave with the others to laminate later.

Purple Cows Inc.

3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA •
Perpetual Travel Journal
7. To create the photo pocket trim a piece of the Imag-
inisce paper 8'' x 8'' using the scallop blade and print off
a title plate putting this on a mat trimmed with the
scallop blade again in a contrasting cardstock. Tack this
near the top of the paper and insert the piece into a #
4030 8'' x 8'' Hot pocket.

8. To create the momentos pocket trim another piece of

the Imaginisce paper, again using the scallop blade, 6'' x
6''. Printoff a title plate and mat it onto some contrasting
cardstock, trimming a fine border with the gullotine.
Tack to the paper and put it all in a # 4025 6'' x 6'' Hot

9. And lastly create the ticket pocket in the same way, this time trimming the
paper with a scallop edge 3'' x 5''. Again print of a title and mat it onto some
colored cardstock trimming it with the guillotine. Put this in a # 4010 3'' x 5'' Hot

10. Ok time to fire up the laminator on the hot setting at 3 mil. Because you can
laminate up to 1/8th'' thick with the purple cows laminator even the pages that
have 4 layers of cardstock and stickers on them will go through easily and
perfectly and how much fun is it to have all those crafting size Hot pockets to play

11. Once the laminator is up to temperature (only a couple of minutes!) Start

feeding your pages through. This is a perfect late evening crafting activity as the
Purple Cows laminator makes no noise!
12. Now you have all the pages laminated assemble the pocket pages byeapplying
a thin line of Helmars 450 Quick dry adhesive around the outside of each n te pocket.
Start with the 8 x 8 and work to the smallest layering up your pockets. The
Helmars will dry crystal clear and is as strong as the laminate so will hold

13. With all the pocket pages assembled

and trip information gathered punch 2
holes on the spine of the book and join
with book rings, these will allow you to
take pages in and out as you want and add
pages for those longer trips.

14. Decorate the front of the book with

some of the fabulous 3 D Imaginisce
stickers and tie some of the pretty ribbons
through the book rings.

15. And that's it, you're good to go with

your perpetual travel journal. Remember
to record all your memories to make your
fabulous scrapbooks when you return,
thanks for playing and Bon Voyage! Love

Purple Cows Inc.

3210 North Canyon Rd. Suite 307 Provo, UT 84604 USA •

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