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FORD FIGO Lxi TDCi. Regn.# WB06D3909, Line Stability and Minimal Body roll.

The Key
bought from Victoria Ford, Kolkata Dealership to the same is the sharply swooped down rear
in May 2010. It has been driven 3200 kms so roof complimenting the aerodynamics and a
far with a fairly equal mix of City/Highway substantial wheelbase. I have still not been
Driving cycles. Fuel efficiency City: 10-15 kmpl able to 'fish-tail' / 'Drift' the vehicle during U-
and Highway: 20-30 kmpl. turns even with stock tires during test drives.


The interior space and comfort levels are as

optimized as possible to the extent that the
engineering proves itself in every nook and
corner. The Black Theme of dash and seats
makes it easy to maintain.


The exterior styling and design of the FIGO is

impeccable with a respectable 'Road-
Presence'. I decided on the vehicle after taking
8 (eight) test drives in 3 different cities, namely
Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata. There was
no better option in this segment and beyond.

The Plastic’s quality may not be the best

among the competition but this is a VFM
vehicle, contrived to minimize kerb-weight and
enhance usage economics. The interior design
and quality is just what is necessary in this fast
paced age of short-life-cycle vehicles.


As regards the front seats, I am 5’11” and seat

myself 6 hours every-day on an average on a
sustained basis devoid of any discomfort.
For the TDCi Engine, amazing would be an
understatement. The negligible Turbo-Lag in
fact makes it feel overpowered in the city that
you need to get used to managing the surge.
The Diesel Torque steps up ones adrenalin
levels and its razor sharp handling and torque-
steer enables you to swerve in and out of
obstacles. At 150 kmph the NVH is still
bearable and the car does not feel 'running out
of breath'. Even with 5 people the vehicle
propels up a Fly-Over/uphill in-hesitantly,
something which I have not found most of the
vehicles I have driven before. Superb Straight

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The front seats are actually engineered to grip shoes, first-aid kit, chargers, flip-flop, a large
the body during C-Curve maneuvers and 12" Bass Reflex Box, 4 Channel AMP, 'Ready
prevent one from swaying by perfectly to Eat' Nitrogen Packed Food and many more.
contacting the shoulder-plate(s).
And yet there is so much space left behind
that a Full Size suitcase can fit in addition to 5
Full sized adults.


The FORD Authorized Service Centers have

no less 'Industry Best Practices' & Systems in
place. Just that the dealers need a little more
attention and encouragement from FORD
India and be rewarded for the same.

It is incredible how FORD has been able to

achieve a rear seating experience within such
a confined space that challenges even the
best-selling sedans of India. With this kind of a
compact design, other manufacturers might
have arrived at designing a cramped rear.

Suspension is a shade bumpy but in turn

maintains the composure of the vehicle.
Anything softer and it would compromise
safety and with a reduced suspension life.

The HVAC performance is more than I believe an 'informed owner' need not face
adequate and has shielded me from the issues with Ford Service if he communicates
extreme climatic situations I have been in. accurately with the Authorized Service Centre.
Recently my vehicle’s Radiator Fan failed
INTERIOR SPACE prematurely and it was promptly replaced on
priority basis under warranty. No questions
asked and minimal paperwork.


Every Vehicle Brand has its own merits but

what matters us how much engineering and
detailing effort that has gone to it. And FORD
struck the right chords at the opportune phase
when what most hatchbacks aggressively
pitch on Fit & Finish, Fuel Efficiency and
The cabin is so very resourceful that I have Resale but compromising on engineering,
converted it into a Mobile-Office-cum-Lounge performance and perfection.
cum-Bedroom with so much space and
FIGO is the best hatchback available in India
versatility with towel, air-pillows, tissue paper,
as of 2010. Else an erstwhile SUV owner like
soap, hand sanitizer, deo-spray, air-
me would not have gone in for a FIGO. In fact,
compressor, mini-laptop 10.5", tire inflator,
I personally don't feel like expect anything in
tool-kit, camera, tripod, set of clothes,
addition to what I got for what I paid for.
business stationery, 220V 80 Watt Inverter,
Office Automation, Refrigerator, toiletries kit,

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