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2.0 Conclusion
With these cultural comparisons we can draw conclusions about each subject. In what religion concerns,

Mexico remains an absolute catholic country that shows little tolerance towards other religion aspects even within

the three roman churches (judaism, christianity, catholicism) , which is actually similar to what is seen everyday in

the USA with christianity and the UK with the same religion, although the latter have a deeper understanding of

religious tolerance.

The second subject was food culture, in which we can say that Mexico comes out with a positive

comparison as both the UK and the US have no absolute food heritage worth noting in contrast to Mexican

delicacies such as tacos or chocolate.

Thirdly we have relationships in which Mexico has a good point of view for long relationship and thus

maintains family values above many things which is not exactly the case as in the other two as being single or at

least not married is something that people delay as much as possible, however Mexico is in a low stance as we have

not yet accepted fully other sexual points of view.

Next we have education, in which we can see that even if higher education is not as good in Mexico as in

the other countries we can proudly see that ours is fully accessible and that our basic education is in a high standard

at least mirroring the US.

Finally we get to the comedy part of our cultures in which we can say that the complexity of jokes advances

in the following order: US, Mexico, UK, which is not to say something good nor bad about a country but is still an

interesting fact.

It would appear easy to compare these three culture now that the table has been completed but to be honest

the opposite appears to be true. With current social media trends, and globalization it is everyday that we are losing

piece by piece even if it is in small ways, our cultural heritages, and it is our duty to keep the cultural aspects of

Mexico that are worth keeping,such as our food; eliminate those which affect us, such as discrimination; and to not

accept the negative ones from others, such as consumerism,


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