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Al-Ameen Engineeing College

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

MCS 10 304(P): Mini Project
Teaching scheme: 4 hours per week Credits: 2

Objective: (Refer Syllabus )

To develop project as per the detailed problem formulation. Perform analytical and comparative
analysis of the developed system. Submit a report at the end of the semester covering details of all the
phases of project preliminaries, project work and result.

Guidelines and mark Distribution (Refer Syllabus )

Review Field Guide Mark Review & Last Date of Writeup

Distribution submission Submission

1 Topic Selection 17/02/2017


a. Journal paper (Base Paper)/ Proof 5 + 5

of Industry Defined problem.

b. Problem Definition

2 Detailed Study of Existing Solution for the 5 + 5 28/02/2017 (First Review)

selected topic


a. Literature Survey with proof of


b. Abstract and Introduction of your


3 Implementation 10 24/03/2017 (Final Review)

Includes: Simulated Results

4 Report submission 10+10 31/03/2017


a. Publishing paper in a

b. Final Report
Internal Continuous Assessment (Refer Syllabus )

Guide Evaluation Committee

First review 20 20

Second Review 30 30

Total 50 50

Procedure - MCS 10 304(P): Mini Project

1. Students are directed to undergo all four reviews.
2. Objective of the review 1 is to identify topic and problem definition
3. After the review 1 students are required to submit the IEEE paper of their project consisting of
Abstract and Introduction and check for plagarism using the following links within a week after
the 0th review.
4. After the completion of review 1 students should maintain a weekly progress report (refer:
document [2]). In the weekly progress report students are required to mention completed
modules and developing modules. The weekly progress report should be verified and signed by
the project guide.
5. Before the presentation of 2st review and 3nd review students are directed to submit the
document [2] furnishing the status of completed modules and to be verified by the project
6. Project report format is already circulated to students.
7. Tentative dates for submission