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CURRICULUM VITAE (abbreviated)

23 March 2017


First degree (2004) Biochemist, Universidad de Concepcin, Chile

Postgraduate (2007) MSc (Biological Sciences), P. Universidad Catlica, Chile
Postgraduate (2009) PhD (Physiological Sciences), P. Universidad Catlica, Chile

Actual position (from 6/2009) Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Faculty of

Biological Sciences, Universidad de Concepcin, Concepcin,

Research aim

My main interest is focused on elucidating mechanisms regulating vascular tone and deterioration
suffered by these mechanisms when tissues are exposed to conditions that produce oxidative stress in
normal or pathological conditions. My experimental approach seeks to explain pathophysiological
phenomena from molecular and cellular levels. Therefore, our students are training in classical
techniques of vascular physiology (wire myography, placenta perfusion), cell culture (human
endothelium and smooth muscle cells), biophysics (membrane transport), molecular biology (RT
-PCR, qPCR, promoter cloning, transfection), biochemistry (western blot, cell fractionation, etc.).
Actually, one of my objectives is the identification of mechanism and biomarkers for diagnosis and/or
treatment of cardiovascular disease associated with the development of obstetric pathologies such as
gestational diabetes mellitus or preeclampsia. Also my findings can be extrapolates for understanding
chronic diseases with high incidence in world population, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and

Research Group (at present)

Students and support personnel

MSc: Andrea Saavedra, Victor Durn (MSc in Human Physiology, University of Concepcin).
Undergraduate: Natalia Vallejos, Emerita Basualto, Jos Merino, Walther Ide (Biochemistry, U.
Research assistant: Susana Rojas.

Associate researchers
Carlos Escudero (U. Biobo), Victoria Gallardo, Claudio Aguayo, Katherina Fernndez, Mara
Mondaca, Marcela Cid (U. Concepcin), Enrique Guzmn-Gutirrez, I Rodrguez (U. San Sebastin),
Marcelo Faras, Luis Sobrevia (P.U. Catlica), Leandro Ziga (U. Talca).

Clinician associate researchers

Marcela Cid (U. Concepcin)

International Collaboration (at present)

Mark Wareing (Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre, Institute of Human Development,
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK).
Thesis Supervisor
MSc: Pa vila, Lissette Cabrera (MScRes in Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences,
University of Concepcin), Ivn Rodrguez, Tamara Ortiz, Sebastin Dub (MSc in Human
Physiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Concepcin).

Undergraduate: Astrid Haensgen, Andrea Saavedra, Roberto Villalobos, Carlos Palma, Cristina
Valenzuela (Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, U. Concepcin), Pamela Careaga, David Gallegos,
Rubn Grandn (Bioengineering, Faculty of Biological Sciences, U. Concepcin).

Teaching: General physiology, cardiovascular physiology, signal transduction, reproduction,

endocrinology, plasma membrane physiology for undergraduate (Biochemistry, Medicine, Nutrition,
Chemistry & Pharmacy, Nursery, Obstetrics and perinatology, Kinesiology, Odontology, Medical
Technology, Bioengineering) and postgraduate (PhD in Molecular Biology, MSc in Biological
Sciences, MSc in Reproductive Health, MSc in Clinical Biochemistry). Topics: gestational diabetes,
fetal vascular dysfunction, cardiovascular pathophysiology, endothelial physiology, cell signalling.

Full member of Scientific Societies

UK: The Physiological Society. Chile: Chilean Society of Physiological Sciences (SCHCF), Chilean
Society of Pharmacology (SCHF).

Academic/Scientific Merit Recognitions

2013: Academic Assignation, University of Concepcin, Chile. 2013-2015: Elected Board Member of
Chilean Society of Physiological Sciences.

Executive Committees Membership

Chile: Scienfic committee coordinator of the First Meeting of Innovation and Research of Vascular
Health Scientific Committee (Congress 2015); Member of Academic Committee of Obstetrics &
Childcare Undergraduate Career (U. Concepcin, from 2013).

Invited Speaker (selected)

Chile: P.U. Catlica, U. Biobo, Chilean Society of Physiological Sciences. UK: The Physiological
Society, Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre, Institute of Human Development, University of
Manchester. Austria: Medical University of Graz.

Research Visitor
UK: Kings College London (2003), University of Manchester (2011). Australia: Baker Research
Institute at U Melbourne (2008).

Reviewer for Scientific Journals

Biological Research, Frontiers in Pharmacology, Frontiers in Physiology, Placenta.

Associated Editor for Scientific Journals

Frontiers in Physiology

National and International Congresses (selected from 2008)

2016. Argentina: IADPSG 2016. Chile: SChCF. 2015. Argentina: SLIMP 2015. Chile: XXX
Reunin de la Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Fisiolgicas (SChCF). 2014. Brazil: 1st Panamerican
Congress of Physiological Sciences. Chile: International Post Graduate Summer School-UDEC,
International Postgraduate Workshop (IPW) 2014. 2013. UK: 37th Congress of International Union of
Physiological Sciences (IUPS). Chile: SChCF, SCHF, IPW 2013. 2012. UK: The Physiological
Society. Switzerland: International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP)
World Congress. Chile: SCHCF, IPW 2012. 2011. UK: The Physiological Society. Chile: SCHCF,
IPW 2011. 2010. UK: The Physiological Society. Chile: SCHCF, IPW 2011, International Federation
of Placenta Associations (IFPA), 1st Meeting of Free Radicals and Antioxidants Group. 2009. Chile:
SCHF, IPW 2009, Chilean Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, II Latin American
Meeting of Physiological Sciences. 2008. Chile: SCHCF, Chilean Society of Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology.


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Book chapters

1. Gonzlez M. Regulation of expression and activity of L-arginine transporters by nutrients and

hormones: A focus in transcriptional mechanisms regulated by glucose and insulin. In Arginine
in Clinical Nutrition. Eds. Patel V, Preedy V, Rajendram R. Ed. Springer, Switzerland. DOI:
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pp 98-115.

Manuscript(s) under review

1. Ortiz T, Mosso C, Escudero C, Gonzlez M. Pathophysiological mechanisms of preeclampsia and
supplementation with L-arginine as a therapeutic option. Frontiers in Physiology.

Abstracts (with editorial committee and published in ISI journals from 2010)
1. Saavedra A, Rojas S, Gallegos D, Valdivia L, Cid M, Gonzlez M, Faras M. (2015). Role of
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Research Grant(s) (current)

VRID-Asociativo 217.033.110-1.0 (PI) (2017-2018). Estudio de las alteraciones elctricas y
mecnicas de membrana plasmtica de clulas endoteliales de vena umbilical humana en
respuesta a la diabetes gestacional o condiciones estresantes relacionadas con la hiperglicemia.
VRID-Enlace 216.033.108-1.0 (PI) (2015-2016) Caracterizacin de la expresin y actividad de
hCATs, NADPH oxidasa y KCa en vasos sanguneos de placenta humana proveniente de
mujeres con diabetes gestacional.
VRID-Asociativo 213.A84.014-1.0 (CoI) (2014-2016). Correlacin entre caractersticas clnicas,
resultados perinatales y marcadores moleculares de disfuncin endotelial en pacientes con
Diabetes Gestacional (w/M Cid, UdeC).
FONDECYT 1120148 (CoI) (2012-2016). Evaluation of novel technologies for the extraction,
purification and stabilization of natural proanthocyanidins: functionalized as possible
phytodrug. (w/ K Fernndez, UdeC).

Previuos grants:
FONDEFIDeA CA12I10374 (CoI) (Chile, 2012-2014). Bio-obtencin de nanopartculas de selenio
encapsuladas en polisacridos para su potencial uso como suplemento alimentario. (w/ M
Mondaca, UdeC).
FONDECYT 11100192 (PI) (2010-2013). Regulation of expression and activity of hCAT-1 by
reactive oxygen species in human endothelium exposed to insulin and high concentrations of
DIUC 210.033.103-1.0 (PI) (2010/2012). hCATs and NADPH oxidase roles in vascular dysfunction
induced by high extracelular D-glucose in human umbilical vein.
DIUC 211.032.015-1.0 (CoI) (2010/2012). Participacin de Agmatina como Neuromodulador en el
Proceso de Tolerancia y Dependencia de Opiaceos.
CONICYT AT-23070213 (PI) (2007-2009). Transcriptional regulation of SLC7A1by insulin in
human fetal endothelial cells exposed to high extracelular D-glucose: Roles of NF-B, Sp1 and

Fields of Specialisation
Vascular function, vascular reactivity, endothelial physiology, membrane transport, diseases of

Research lines
1. Role L-arginine transporters on vascular function
2. Role of insulin as modulator of cardiovascular system
3. Oxidative stress and vascular dysfunction
4. Role of potassium channels in placental vasculature


Marcelo Gonzlez
Laboratorio de Fisiologa Vascular (LFV)
Department of Physiology
Faculty of Biological Sciences
Universidad de Concepcin
Barrio Universitario s/n, PO Box 160-C, Concepcin 4070386, CHILE.

Tel +56 (2) 2661207 (Direct)

Mobile: +56 (9) 85263058 (Personal)

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Professor Luis Sobrevia

Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile

Dr. Mark Wareing

University of Manchester