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Social Justice/Change Project Final

Criteria 9-10 points 6-8 3-5 points 0-2

Community Need Determined by Determined Determined by Community
This activity meets or discovered or making a guess needs
an actual need in through discovered as to what the secondary
the extensive through community to what
community/world research and basic needs may be. student
and is coordinated collaboration research No collaboration wants to
through with group and with group do. Project
collaboration with members; a collaboratio members. A considers
the community. need in the n with community need only
community is group is not fully student
extensively members; a addressed. needs. No
addressed. need in the collaboratio
community n

Quality of Life Student activity Service Service mainly Service

This activity will facilitates activity decorative, but mainly
provide the student change or provides activity provides decorative,
the opportunity to insight, helps some some benefit to but service
enhance the quality solve a change or community provides
of life for those problem, meet insight. served. limited
individuals served. a need or Service community
address an enhances benefit or
issue in an already does not
community good offer any
served. community new or
situation. unique

Student Students Student Student share No time

Reflection actively reflect reflection minimal given for
This activity will on their provides reflection on true active
provide students an learning and basic service learning reflection.
opportunity to think, share, insight into and produce no Student
reflect upon their and produce their individual provided
own learning and reflective learning. reflection only a
their role in society. products based Students projects or summary of
(This may be upon those produce evidence of how events.
shared at the end reflections, minimal they can be part Student
of the including how reflective of change shows no
presentation). they can be products outside of their evidence of
part of change based upon classrooms. how they
outside of their those can be part
classrooms. reflections, of change
including outside of
how they the
can be part classroom
of change setting.
outside of
Social Justice/Change Project Final


Content Content is Content is Content is Content is

The student accurate and accurate questionable. inaccurate.
addresses the all required but some Information is Information
required content information is required not presented in is not
criteria for this presented in a information a logical order, presented
activity: logical order. is missing making it in a logical
*What issue are and/or not difficult to follow. order,
you addressing? presented making it
*Why did you in a logical difficult to
choose this issue? order, but follow.
*How will you put is still
this project into generally
action? easy to
*Reflection piece at follow.
end of
Presentation Presentation Presentatio Presentation is Presentatio
This activity will flows well and n flows unorganized. n has no
allow the students logically and well. Tools Tools are not flow. No
to choose the reflects are used used in a tools used.
format of their extensive use correctly relevant manner. Insufficient
presentation of tools and and Presentation information
(poster, Power contains at presentatio contains 1-2 . No
Point, Prezi, iMovie, least 3 images n contains images, but the imagines.
etc.) to present that enhance 2-3 images images are too Layout
their proposal the that few or not needs
before a panel of presentation enhance relevant/distracti much
peers. material. the ng to the improveme
Layout is presentatio presentation nt.
pleasing to the n material. material. Layout
eye. Layout is needs
satisfactory. improvement.

Mechanics No spelling Few Some spelling Many

Students will go errors. No spelling errors. Some spelling
through their grammar errors. Few grammar errors. errors.
presentation before errors. Text is in grammar Most of text is in Many
presenting it before authors own errors. Text authors own grammar
the panel of peers words/text from is in words/text from errors. Text
to correct outside author authors outside author is copied
grammar, sentence is cited. own cited, but with without
structure, and words/text errors. citing
punctuation errors. from outside
outside author at
author is all/correctly
cited. .
Social Justice/Change Project Final