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Each question was scored using 1-10 A score of 10 being the highest score. A scoring of “I” was an incomplete or unanswered question. A Scored 10 Answer equals, The most through, complete, thoughtful, specific and responsive answer that demonstrated a strong level of understanding and commitment to constitutional conservative ideas. Answer(s) to Question 1 “What are your reasons for running AND Question 10, “What is your definition of limited government’ ARE THE CANDIDATE’S OWN WORDS Please refer to the M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire by clicking the link http://www.scribd.com/doc/31010498/M-A-P-S-CandidateQuestionnaire for the reminder of the questions

Results of M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire for Tim Walberg Candidate for District 7 House Congressional Seat

1. What are your reasons for running for office? The federal government has grown far too large and we need principled leaders who will work to reverse the current course of

higher taxes and massive spending and borrowing. I am the only candidate in this race with a record of working to reduce the size of government, cut taxes, and limit government. Incumbent Mark Schauer has voted for the $862 billion stimulus, government takeover of health care, ‘cap and trade’ national energy tax, and Speaker Pelosi’s budget that contains trillion dollar deficits. In 2008, I outperformed the top of the ticket by over 10,000 votes against Mark Schauer, but still lost by 2% because of the Obama wave. In the latest poll, I am leading Mark Schauer by 10%, while another Republican candidate trails Schauer by 8%. We need to take this seat and our country back from big government liberal Mark Schauer. Because of my proven, principled conservative record, I am the best candidate to take this seat back on behalf of those of us who support freedom and our Constitution. 2. 9 3. 9 4. 7 5. 10 6. 10 7. 10 8. 10 9. 10 10. What is your definition of limited government?

The purpose of the federal government is outlined clearly in the Constitution. The federal government’s role is to protect our liberties, defend our nation and carry out a few, limited activities as stated in the Constitution. The federal government has reached far beyond these boundaries and the result is high taxes, trillions in debt and a loss of freedom. I will work to reduce the size, scope and cost of the federal government. 11. 10 12. 10

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