Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway

A Next Generation Network Building Block

the Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway is ideally suited for a centralized network model that requires huge gateway capacity. Designed for the highest port density and scalability. . the Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway provides seamless interworking of voice connections between the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and IP networks.As one of the key components of Alcatel's next generation network (NGN) solutions. concentrated at a few points of presence (PoPs).

each step path you pick. Because it performance. optimized for VoP Gateway (MG) facilitates the evolution of the based transport network. the Alcatel 7510 MG elements in an NGN. To succeed. must immediately generate value for the network operator.THE FOUNDATION FOR YOUR NGN As a single platform offering multiple media An NGN contains three main building blocks: As a single platform gateway applications. No matter where you start or which evolutionary Networks are evolving. setting the foundation uniquely addresses supports Internet offload. reliability.248 and SIGTRAN. Based on its TDM switching and voice Media gateways are the primary hardware Alcatel 7510 MG over IP (VoIP) capabilities. Media gateways provide voice bringing together uses open and standardized signaling and control over packet (VoP) capabilities and serve as key voice in circuit and protocols such as MEGACO/H. as well as NGN Class 4 for voice quality. transitional elements between today’s circuit. the Alcatel 7510 Media softswitches. media gateways and a packet. the manner. This value can include: > Cost reduction > Additional revenue > Growth > Improved asset productivity A L C AT E L 1 > . the Alcatel 7510 MG has the right taken in the evolution from circuit-switched business solutions to ensure immediate value. and TDM switching PSTN to a voice over packet network in a unique applications. it can be deployed with Alcatel softswitch and switched and tomorrow’s packet-switched media gateway controller (MGC) platforms as telephony networks. scalability and the challenges of and Class 5 packet voice solutions. in packet form. well as integrated into any multivendor NGN. networks to packet-switched voice networks and allows you to mix and match them as needed.

In addition. TDM-to-PRI Grooming VoIP Trunking Internet dial-up traffic often causes congestion Service providers can exploit a unique opportunity on a network’s transit-switching layer. IP telephony and vice versa. (LEXes) connected to our media gateways no longer need inter-LEX TDM connections. resulting in significant there — generated from IP phones in corporate cost savings. this traffic without a costly expansion of the transit switching capacity of your TDM network. Switching VoIP Termination of calls between such LEXes can now be done at There is a tremendous volume of VoIP traffic out the media gateway level. users can reach any PSTN phone worldwide. Thanks to the Alcatel 7510 MG. The to reduce costs and improve asset productivity Alcatel 7510 MG TDM-to-primary rate interface by using IP networks for long-distance and (PRI) grooming application allows you to reduce international voice connections. the international gateway environments or residential PC-Phone applications switch feature offers a very cost-effective way to — and tremendous revenue opportunities as a convert a-law TDM traffic into µ-law TDM traffic result. FUTURE PROOF YOUR NGN The Alcatel 7510 MG facilitates the evolution TDM-to-TDM Hairpinning of the PSTN to a voice over packet network The TDM-to-TDM hairpinning capabilities of in a unique manner: multiple media gateway the Alcatel 7510 MG mean that local exchanges applications on a single platform. > 2 A L C AT E L .

PBX Access Digital Loop Carrier Access To expand your customer base and grow your (Centralized Access Gateway) revenues. bypassing LEXes entirely. The ability of the Alcatel 7510 MG Alcatel 7510 MG allows for provisioning of to directly access DLCs makes true NGN Class 5 ISDN PRI interfaces and provides direct access solutions possible and smooth LEX replacement to public branch exchange (PBX) systems. access nodes — also known as digital loop virtual private network (IP-VPN) are key to the carriers (DLCs) — you need to be able to access success of an NGN in this market space. SIGTRAN A L C AT E L 3 > . The those DLCs. you need to attract businesses and To further improve the asset productivity of an large corporate customers.248. Figure 1 . Business voice and NGN while protecting your investment in TDM enhanced services such as Internet protocol .One Platform with Multiple Media Gateway Applications PSTN PSTN LEX LEX TDM Hairpinning IP Backbone LEX 7510 MG 7510 MG LEX DLC Internet Access Offload Alcatel Softswitch 7510 MG VoIP Trunking 7510 MG RAS TDM DLC Access PBX VoIP Access Termination IP Phone Internet PBX MEGACO/H. scenarios a reality.

A media gateway has a definite challenge: maintaining superior quality when establishing telephony connections across disparate networks. business customers. GO BEYOND IP TELEPHONY Extend Telephony Services In addition to telephony services. Depending on the quality As a result. the Alcatel PSTN/IP interworking. ing of voice connections across these disparate networks. the Alcatel from PSTN to IP without 7510 MG establishes fax and modem connections any Compromises across IP networks without any restrictions. the Users demand trouble-free access to voice mail Alcatel 7510 MG ensures the best possible systems and effective interactive voice response speech quality. the 7510 MG applies a transparent tunneling of a fax media gateway allows for a seamless interwork. IP-based services are gaining momentum. especially for deployed. The Alcatel 7510 MG meets those demands by ensuring proper transport or relay of dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) tones across network borders. In the NGN model. both in private and public networks. as well as in-band signaling such as DTMF. > 4 A L C AT E L . The Alcatel 7510 MG goes beyond that by ensuring the same quality for fax and modem services. (IVR)-based services.38-compliant fax relay service. connection or a T. there is an increasing need for parameters offered by the IP network. Using the latest VoIP features. and The seamless support of analog fax machines more and more IP telephony solutions are being or Group 3 fax services is critical.

By fully incorporating the SIGTRAN standards. As a result of its open The NGN architecture strictly separates the control. and allows detection of any failure of DS0 channels.248 for gateway control as well as SIGTRAN for signaling transport over IP is key to make this network model work. the Alcatel 7510 MG can be vital maintenance and supervision functions. RFC 3015 (MEGACO/H. The Alcatel MEGACO/H.248). the Alcatel 7510 MG ensures reliable and secure Open Up the Future with transport of SS7 or ISDN signaling between the Industry-Standard Control PSTN and the NGN. using the industry-standard media gateway control protocol. The use of standards-based protocols such as MEGACO/H. 7510 MG fully supports COT functions. A L C AT E L 5 > . media and transport layers of a network. and Signaling Interfaces The Alcatel 7510 MG fully supports the NGN model by providing an open interface to the control layer. The deployed in NGN solutions based on an Alcatel SS7 network requires continuity tests (COTs) to softswitch and MGC platforms or any third-party conduct loopback and tone check testing on the media gateway controller (MGC) that supports path before a circuit is established.248.True PSTN interworking includes the support of architecture.

and of less than 5. Also. guarantees maximum signaling and routing. Tolerance Application Manger (FTAM) software: tions of the Alcatel 7510 MG are fully redundant > Detects internal and external outages and hot swappable. field replaceable voice networks to Through fault tolerance based on extensive cooling fan trays. To achieve high fault tolerance.Equipment and Line Protection Principles Equipment Protection Principle Line Protection Principle Active Module Fails Working Line Interface Fails xIM Any Line Interface Module line line xIM APS EPS EPS EPS Equipment Protection Switch (active) xIM xIM xIM APS Automatic Protection Switch SF Switch Fabric line line working BP Back Panel xIM APS EPS EPS (spare) xIM xIM SF SF BP BP BP BP Reconfiguration Reconfiguration > 6 A L C AT E L .CARRIER GRADE RELIABILITY AND AVAILABILITY Carriers cannot afford Generate Revenue While Your The carrier grade design of the Alcatel 7510 MG is to compromise the Network is Up and Running fully Telcordia GR-63 and NEBS Level-3 compliant.999 percent carrier grade reliability system availability. The Alcatel redundancy concepts and carrier grade design.3 minutes per year. power feed and n+1 redundant. These measures result in industry-leading system availability. 7510 MG ensures the Alcatel 7510 MG offers 99. clock module and clock distribution. The Alcatel 7510 MG Fault network uptime. > Automatically restores service by initiating uration of the system. software for system control. with a system downtime The Alcatel 7510 MG also offers fully redundant and availability. as well as a fully redundant NGN. redundant revenue-generating to support continuous operation and offer DC power supplies with 1+1 redundant dual services when migrating the highest system availability in the industry. call processing. In the event of failure of an > Notifies the management system of the active module. and ensure stable call preservation in case of failure. Figure 2 . extensive equipment protection existence and nature of the fault switching (EPS) mechanisms ensure seamless > Isolates the fault switchover to the spare module and reconfig. all system func. line protection via the appropriate corrective action automatic protection switching (APS) is sup- ported for optical interfaces (SDH or SONET). availability of their The Alcatel 7510 MG has been engineered The chassis supports hot swappable.

the Alcatel 7510 MG provides cooling make up a VoP media gateway applications.064 DS0 per circuit space.536 14.016 concurrent With VoP port density VoP connections with G. Table 1 . The recurring gateway’s footprint: maximize its port density. optical. sizes. the Alcatel 7510 MG in a single rack. With an optical TDM interface cost of office floor The Alcatel 7510 MG provides the industry’s connectivity of up to 8. per configuration (e. Alcatel 7510 MG — four active plus one hot spare — provide dramatically reduces 16. PSTN Interface: 32-port E1/T1.808 TDM switching 64. power and leading port density for both TDM switching and interface card. a total of five media conversion modules is clearly best in class. the scheme. central office footprint.384 7. Power and Cooling optimizing the chassis configuration for TDM expenditures often Requirements.640 A L C AT E L 7 > .936 23.. E1 configuration) Per chassis Per rack Per chassis Per rack VoP media gateway 16. in fully redundant 1+1 configuration.Minimize Central Office Floor The port density is increased even further by Over time.512 193.128 48.711 coding per slot.384 DS0 By applying the most efficient n+1 redundancy in a standard telco rack. are needed.512 DS0 per significant portion of media conversion modules are offered in two chassis.Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway Port Density Maximum port density PSTN Interface: 4-port STM-1/OC-3. Its high-density a TDM port density of up to 64. operating expenditures.880 44. OC-3 configuration) (e.032 or 2.g. Allowing up to three chassis to be mounted of up the 48. operating Space. electrical.. Maximize Profit switching applications because no packet exceed capital expen- There is one clear way to minimize a media interface and no media conversion modules ditures.g. supporting either 4.128 concurrent VoP connections per chassis.

the evolution from circuit-switched to > Signaling and management interfaces circuit to packet. Its revolu. design guarantees unlimited scalability within Packet interface module (PIM) the system with no performance degradation. The result: Based on a star topology.032/2. As a consequence. over time. > Ethernet interface to IP network > 1-port Gigabit Ethernet. allowing each connection to be > Circuit Switch Fabric (CSF) utilization of digital treated in the most efficient manner. Media conversion module (MCM) tionary architecture both domains need to be adequately supported. and packet-switched voice networks is happening in > 2-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet it delivers. optical Figure 3 . This > 32-port E1/T1. electrical ance and flexibility. > DSP-based voice processing offers native circuit The Alcatel 7510 MG uniquely addresses this > 4.016 DS0 per card as well as packet requirement by offering dedicated. incremental steps. optical packet voice perform. provides dedicated bandwidth to each slot. high capacity Switching fabric module (SFM) switching combined switching fabrics for circuit as well as packet > Native TDM and packet switching with the most economic connections. > Data path Packet Switch Fabric (d-PSF) signal processor (DSP) Circuit interface module (CIM) resources.System Architecture Overview VoP media gateway function SCM CPU TDM switching function CPU c-PSF Packet Switch 1+1 MCM CPU DSP Cluster 1+1 CIM PIM CPU CPU CPU SFM 1+1 1+1 CSF c-PSF CIM STDM Packet PIM CPU CPU Switch Switch 1+1 1+1 1+1 > 8 A L C AT E L . the high capacity > TDM interfaces to the PSTN guaranteed superior packet switch interconnects all modules and > 4-port STM-1/OC-3.BUILD YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE The Alcatel 7510 MG A System Architecture Optimized System control module (SCM) has been engineered for Packet Voice Applications > Control and signaling protocol stacks to provide superior As with most migrations from one technology to > Control path Packet Switch Fabric (c-PSF) voice mediation from another.

It is flexible In the evolution of circuit-switched networks minimum configuration. Filter A L C AT E L 9 > . ranging from a cap tion. With its generic slot concept — 16 out of the different locations. For the remaining 10 slots. or manner. and grow scenario (a smooth and stepwise expansion scenarios are feasible based on a whatever the market. there are for a fully redundant VoP media gateway applica. will likely proceed processing features. many different network growth. In a control.To deliver superior packet voice performance appropriate NGN softswitch and VoP media In some areas. total 20 slots within a chassis can be flexibly A smart investment Scale and Trim Your used for any combination of line cards and is a media gateway Network Equipment voice processing modules — the Alcatel 7510 MG that allows you to take for Maximum Efficiency offers maximum flexibility and scalability. Equipped cially media gateways — needs to cover a broad scale. Penetration with high density DSPs and leading-edge voice range of capacity and scalability requirements. to accommodate your several possible scenarios. base) to a replacement scenario (complete additional voice processing capacity. these modules are the heart at different paces in of the media gateway. only 6 slots are occupied and scalable enough to packet-switched voice networks. introduction of VoP for accommodating network combination of additional PSTN connectivity in the most efficient growth while maintaining the installed PSTN in STM-1/OC-3 or E1/T1 configurations. the gateway components). introduced on a small dedicated media conversion modules. replacement of a legacy TDM switch by an Figure 4 . network equipment — espe. voice while maximizing port density and flexibility.Sample Chassis Configuration Fan Tray 1 Fan Tray 2 Fan Tray 3 #20 #19 #18 #17 #16 #15 #14 #13 #12 #11 #10 #09 #08 #07 #06 #05 #04 #03 #02 #01 M M M P P C C S S S S C C P P M M C C C I I I I F C C F I I I I C C M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M Air Intake. To accommodate these over packet may be Alcatel 7510 MG hosts pooled DSP resources on different scenarios.

including an Alcatel MIB for remote integrated network management of the complete SNMP-based element management. NGN solution. MANAGE YOUR SUCCESS Comprehensive Management Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway Completes the Solution Element Manager For element management the Alcatel 7510 MG The Alcatel 7510 MG Element Manager (EM) can be managed using the text-based command communicates with the SNMP agent to provide line interface (CLI) or the graphic user interface comprehensive remote element management of (GUI)-based Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway the Alcatel 7510 MG. The Alcatel 1300 CMC addresses The Alcatel 7510 MG provides a comprehensive set of open. applications. The Alcatel 7510 MG EM Element Manager (MG EM). these capabilities simplify new service installation and provisioning tasks while reducing operation and maintenance costs. A maximum of eight simultaneous logins to the CLI are possible. Alcatel 1300 Convergent The Alcatel 7510 MG includes an embedded Network Management Center simple network management protocol (SNMP) The Alcatel 7510 MG EM can be seamlessly agent and supports a complete list of standards. or by a local console. It offers an easy-to-use GUI and a The Alcatel 7510 MG command line interface comprehensive suite of element management (CLI) can be accessed using IP Telnet sessions. supplies the flexible service capabilities that large and growing network service providers Alcatel 7510 Media Gateway require while reducing network management Command Line Interface complexity. providing (MIBs). integrated into the Alcatel 1300 Convergent compliant management information bases Network Management Center (CMC). Working seamlessly together. standards-based element management functions and interfaces that allow full integration with network management and operations support systems. > 10 A L C AT E L .

trunk management acting on the Alcatel softswitches and gateways) Figure 5 . the Alcatel 1300 CMC provides: > A network map with animated alarm status of all network elements > An integrated alarm list > Provisioning functions (e. ment functions..the entire operations and maintenance needs of Open interface support guarantees that the the Alcatel softswitches. gateways and Alcatel Alcatel 1300 CMC can interface with your 1000 PSTN switches.g. existing operations support systems. In addition to local manage.Alcatel 1300 CMC A L C AT E L 11 > .

and 7510 MG combines the reliability and simplicity power and cooling requirements of voice with the speed and efficiency of data > CAPEX savings – Maximum scalability networks. availability and quality. Deliver more today and tomorrow.THE ALCATEL 7510 MG SEAMLESS EVOLUTION FROM CIRCUIT TO PACKET By enabling voice services to be transported over > Future-proof investment – Single platform data networks.999% system availability voice applications together with carrier class > OPEX savings – Highest port density reliability. service providers can maximize offers multiple gateway applications with the the value of their current investments while most deployment flexibility. > 12 A L C AT E L . yet without cost enabling future service rollouts that incorporate penalty the latest technologies. floor space. the Alcatel minimizes channel cost. Featuring an advanced > Maximum network uptime – Due to carrier architecture and interfaces optimized for packet class reliability and 99. ensures efficient capacity expansions in gradual steps > Optimized system architecture – Native TDM and packet switching for high- performance packet voice applications Explore the Alcatel 7510 MG’s unique capabilities in the converged networks of the future.

Glossary CIM circuit interface module NEBS Network Equipment Building System CLI command line interface NGN next generation network CMC Convergent Network Management Center PBX public branch exchange COT continuity test PIM packet interface module CSF circuit switch fabric PRI primary rate interface DLC digital loop carrier PSTN public switched telephone network DSP digital signal processor RAS remote access server DTMF dual tone multi-frequency SCM system control module E1 2.048 Mb/s interface SDH synchronous digital hierarchy FTAM fault tolerant application manager SFM switch fabric module GUI graphical user interface SIGTRAN signaling transport IP Internet protocol SONET synchronous optical network ISDN integrated services digital network SNMP simple network management protocol LEX local exchange SS7 Signaling System No. 7 MCM media conversion module TDM time division multiplexing MEGACO media gateway control protocol. RFC 3015 TFTP trivial file transfer protocol MGC media gateway controller VoIP voice over IP MIB management information base VoP voice over packet .

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